Poll: Are you willing to accept tolls as a way to help fund a project to replace the I-5 Bridge?

Are you willing to accept tolls as a way to help fund a project to replace the I-5 Bridge?
POLL: Are you willing to accept tolls as a way to help fund a project to replace the I-5 Bridge?*
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  1. Margaret

    “Recently, the Washington State Transportation Commission increased maximum one way tolls by 50 percent on Seattle’s I-405 and 66 percent on SR-167 to $15″
    Oregon Gov Kotek kills I-5 & I-205 per mile tolling, but proposed I-5 Bridge tolls remain

    $15 one way, $30 roundtrip, Could be where tolls start on the I-5 and I-205 bridges. Rates do not go down, always up over time. And the toll is by the axle, so much higher toll rates for trucks. The cost to collect the tolls has been as much as 50%, outrageous.

  2. John

    No need to replace an existing bridge. You need additional bridges, simple bridges that DO NOT include light rail. If you had 6 bridges across the river that would sure help in the traffic issues. In the time that our “educated” politicians have been talking about it and paying themselves to meet often talking about the issue there could have been multiple bridges built by now for cheaper than they have been paying themselves to talking about the replacement of one bridge and how to force light rail on a state that has repeatedly voted no on light rail in Clark County. Voting for the wrong people ALWAYS have negative consequences.

  3. Ann

    I would not oppose paying a toll as long as it is paid by Oregon residents too. When the 2nd Interstate bridge was built back in the 60s, only Washington residents paid a toll. Oregon residents did not. Since both Washington and Oregon residents will be using the bridge they both should pay a toll.

  4. Kari

    What about children or anyone who needs care at one of the Portland hospitals traveling from Washington? That’s going to be more expensive and stress for the families that already have medical bills. They’ve had enough years to put money aside for this project. No tolls please!

  5. Dave

    Replacing the old 6-lane bridge, funded by tolling, with a new 6-lane I-5 bridge is a complete waste of taxpayer money as it will not increase traffic flow at all. It will make traffic flow worse as it jams traffic while it’s being built. Other cities have beltways/loops, often multiple ones, around their cities. The obvious solution, as proven by many other cities, is to complete the west side of the I-205 beltway, adding a new bridge and freeway that will take traffic away from the existing I-5 bridge. Alas, Governmental common-sense is an oxymoron.

  6. Curtis Paulson

    40+ years since 205 Bridge was built. Should have had a bridge East of it already in the planning stage, and one West of I-5 as well. Poor job by both WASHDOT and ODOT for doing nothing but burn thru taxpayer $$$ for 40 years.


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