Unvaxxed 14-year-old rejected by top hospital for life-saving surgery

Yulia Hicks
Yulia Hicks

‘A horrible injustice in itself’

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

A problem that already has become so severe in America’s health care industry that a physicians’ group has launched a campaign demanding that Congress intervene has flared again.

This time it is affecting the life of a 14-year-old girl who needs a lifesaving kidney transplant – but has been refused medical care by Duke University Hospital because she is unvaccinated.

WND reported earlier that situation had developed so often that the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons created an online process to allow Americans to email their members of Congress.

The AAPS is demanding that transplant centers be legally prohibited from “treating an individual as ineligible to donate or receive an organ” or assign “a lower priority to an individual waiting to receive an organ” if that individual has declined to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Rep. Ben Cline, R-Va., said his proposal to do just that is in response to “several reports from across the United States of individuals being removed from the organ transplant list or moved to ‘inactive’ status as a result of being unvaccinated.”

It is the Gateway Pundit that has reported on the most recent travesty, involving Yulia Hicks, 14.

She was adopted by North Carolina Army Veterans Chrissy and Lee Hicks in 2021 after being brought from Ukraine to the United States in December 2018. But she has a genetic kidney condition and now Emily Grace, who has created a fundraising campaign to help with the costs, confirmed the hospital’s refusal to even treat her.

“Duke University Hospital REFUSED to conduct Yulia’s kidney transplant surgery because she is not vaccinated. A horrible injustice in itself, now the Hicks family must pay for out-of-state travel and lodging expenses for not only Yulia and her mother but also her potential donor! The transplant process is not easy nor quick. Between the numerous pre-surgery tests, the procedure itself, recovery, and the years of regular appointments, the whole endeavor is now financially IMPOSSIBLE for the large Hicks family,” Grace said.

Chrissy Hicks, on social media, confirmed.

“Today we were told that Yulia cannot have a transplant at Duke even if we have a live donor for her because of our refusal of the HPV and Covid vaccines. The HPV is new, we just learned of it yesterday. So here we sit contemplating our next steps.”

She continued, “Today we are sad. Tomorrow is a new day, and God is there with an answer for us.”

Previous cases have been so numerous some don’t even make headlines any more.

But WND reported over the summer when a judge in Alberta, Canada, ruled that a woman did not have her rights violated when she was denied an organ transplant due to not being vaccinated against the Wuhan coronavirus.

Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Paul Belzil ruled that Edmonton, Alberta woman Annette Lewis had not had her fundamental character of Rights and Freedoms rights violated by being denied an organ transplant over her vaccination status.

And there was the case of DJ Ferguson, who needed a heart transplant.

“But since he has not been vaccinated against COVID-19, he has been removed from the transplant list at a Boston hospital,” a report said.

Also, an entire health system in Queensland, Australia, announced those not vaccinated won’t get potentially life-saving treatments there.

Back in the U.S., officials at health organizations in the leftist state of Colorado took an especially harsh course.

They told Dawn McLaughlin, a woman with polycystic kidney disease, she was being kicked off the wait list to receive a transplant because she hadn’t gotten the COVID vaccine.

Just days earlier, another Colorado woman, Leilani Lutali, despite having stage 5 kidney disease, found out her hospital won’t approve her kidney transplant surgery until she’s gotten the COVID-19 vaccine.

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  1. Van

    There’s a simple solution: She can get the vaccines. Why should they waste a valuable organ on someone who won’t accept basic health precautions like getting well tested vaccines? I don’t see any stated justification for her refusal in this article. Also, I looked up the AAPS and in the various references I found, they are noted for medical misinformation. I’d be interested to hear what other medical organizations say about this.

      1. Van

        What? Abundant evidence shows that the vaccines are highly protective. Do you understand that there is always a shortage of available kidneys, so in these programs they select those that are most likely to benefit? She would have to take immune suppressants for the kidney that would make her more susceptible to infection and more likely to die if she gets an infection. It’s reasonable to pick recipients that are willing to take basic health precautions over those who won’t. It would be different if there were enough organs to go around,

        1. Greg Spangenberg

          Van EDUCATE yourself on the lies surrounding this non-vaccine.
          You are as heartless as Hitler, like it has been pointed out she needs a kidney not a vaccine jab. This is about $$$ that Duke receives from big pharma to subsidize its programs, both you and Duke need to stop this support of Satan.

          1. Paul Johnson

            You’ve been lied to. Do you honestly HONESTLY think they are turning her down so they can make $100 on a vaccine? They would make $200,000 on the transplant.

            The vaccine works, it’s neccesary for her health and the health of the staff.

            You’ve been brainwashed.

          2. Jonathan

            You need to educate yourself. The Covid vaccinated are vastly more likely to develop Omicron than the unvaccinated, as we’ve known from governmental data from Israel, Germany, Denmark, the UK, etc. You just don’t hear about it on the mainstream news, as those media outlets were paid by Big Pharma to disseminate the narrative that their products were “safe and effective” (although not having gone through the usual animal trials to prove that claim). https://stevekirsch.substack.com/p/new-study-shows-vaccines-must-be

            And you need to face the fact of the huge amount of excess mortality that is evident in countries with high Covid vaccination rates and that tracked the vaccine rollouts. https://rwmalonemd.substack.com/p/the-dilemma-of-the-vaccinated

            UK Government quietly confirms COVID vaccinated children are up to 137x more likely to die than unvaccinated children

          3. Sandy

            The “gene therapy”, does not work, if fact it’s responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands around the world and life changing injury to millions

        2. Kirk

          Experimental vaccine that kills people..vaccine claims to keep from infection/transmission. Biden has all vaccines and keeps getting covid ..by all means let’s kill this girl, just because she has natural immunity. Sadsadsad

    1. Jennifer

      It has been proven over and over that the vaccine doesn’t work. It is more likely to harm or kill you than help you. People have literally dropped dead after being vaccinated and they have found the vaccination is causing myocarditis which resulted in these deaths. There has also been catastrophic neurological side effects caused by the vaccine. Why should this child jeopardize her health by receiving a pointless vaccine? On top of that, she has already had Covid and therefore has natural immunity which is way better than any so called vaccine. People are just trusting our government and pharmaceutical companies, who don’t have our best interest at heart. The pharmaceutical companies care about profits not your health or life.’The government is in bed with these companies. It is a win win for everyone involved except for those people who are hurt or die from the vaccine.

    2. Vicktor

      WOKE!!!! Did you know that DUKE does AIDS patients? Why not this little girl who has a future? Duke does gays with AIDS and not this straight little white girl??????
      Shame….Go woke, go broke!!!

    3. Ann

      If she tested negative for covid why make her get vaccinated? These Shots in the Arms of everyone isn’t doing anything but causing disention, mis information & blatten disregard for human life. Its not a vaccine yet its just a shot full of God only knows what.

    4. Becca

      The vaccines cause harm and do nothing to help the person. They follow pharma science and not real science. They love people like you! Good little rule follower. Go get another booster!

    5. Susan

      Too bad you drank the blue juice.. the truth has finally come home to roost… we purebloods are not the ones dropping like fillies from blood clots and heart attacks. … your precious CDC has finally confirmed what we already knew!

  2. Trish Webster

    Baylor Scott and White in Temple Texas does not require vaccine. I just texted one of the nephrologist. I work there…
    Dr. Doherty, Dr. Moritz, Dr. Jie. 254-724-2111

    1. Teresa Bolton

      I too would give a kidney if I could but my kidneys are damaged due to tumor but I hope & pray this is a successful endeavor for you your are a wonderful human ❤️

  3. Sue

    This is no different than the absurd rule by the CDC regarding Lyme disease and treatment. I am refused treatment here in Florida because I do not have 5 positive bands on a test that is now considered outdated, archaic and completely unfair. Read any Lyme literate doctor’s compassionate care based on clinical symptoms of this disease and the treatment finally given and how they feel about the CDC. ABSURD and many people suffering in this country.

  4. Vicktor

    Duke is another WOKE situation. An institution that will go down in quality by going WOKE. Dishonoring your hippocratic oath is disgusting. Duke gladly takes AIDS patients for transplant but not unvaccinated little girls?????

  5. Dan smith

    Against safe vaccine that has prevented millions of deaths, but in favor of stuffing another person’s organ into her along with years of immuno depressive drugs? You wacky!

  6. Ian MacFarlane

    I fail to understand why many people in the USA seem to think they can refuse normal medical advice and practice and refuse vaccinations and then complain when medical facilities tell them they do not want to subject their rational patients with the poor medical decisions of the vaccination deniers and their dangerous practices.

  7. Fidget omalley

    Parents are dragging their feet with a child who needs a kidney transplant?! I would set myself on fire and jump through icy death hoops to get this done. Potential vaccine side effects vs no kidney transplant…. Is this really a decision?
    Stop wasting time; everyone wants more of it. Get the kid the vaccine and move on to the really serious thing that is ahead of you. Good lord.

    1. Becca

      Where have you been? The vaccine kills. The vaccine damages much worse than what she has. They are protecting their child and are damn good parents! They did their research unlike bad parents like you.

  8. Mark Freitag

    What happened to do no harm. I wouldn’t wish this on any. Family. Is there no other hospital that can help this family out the thoughts that I have for this hospital and there administration I can’t put down because children might read it but I think others feel the same way. Be so ashamed may bad happen to those who are holding this up.


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