‘That’s a scandal’: CDC knew COVID shots caused deaths, but lied with public denials

A new report from the Epoch Times reveals its investigation shows that the CDC knew of the links between the COVID shots and death – and lied about them.
Air Force Staff Sgt. Daniel Monzon-Kazhe holds a box of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines at Yokota Air Base, Japan, Dec. 26, 2020. The 374th Medical Group received 800 doses as its first wave of COVID-19 vaccine shipments. Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force by Staff Sgt. Gabrielle Spalding

‘You have information like this and you continue to put out this dishonest line’

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

A new report from the Epoch Times reveals its investigation shows that the CDC knew of the links between the COVID shots and death – and lied about them.

The report explains officials at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “found evidence that the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines caused multiple deaths before claiming that there was no evidence linking the vaccines to any deaths.”

It was CDC employees who tracked down reports of deaths post-vaccination “and learned that myocarditis—or heart inflammation, a confirmed side effect of the vaccines—was listed on death certificates and in autopsies for some of the deaths.”

That is confirmed, the report said, in an internal file the publication obtained.

The Times explained “Myocarditis was also described as being caused by vaccination in a subset of the deaths. In other cases, the CDC workers found that deaths met the agency’s definition for myocarditis, that the patients started showing symptoms within 42 days of a vaccine dose, and that the deceased displayed no virus-related symptoms. Officials say that after 42 days, a possible link between the vaccine and symptoms becomes tenuous, and they list post-vaccination deaths as unrelated if they can find any possible alternative causes.”

But the report noted Dr. Clare Craig, a British pathologist, said in cases with the three features, it is absolutely safe to say the vaccines caused death.

However, while the findings were determined by the end of 2021, the CDC in subsequent claims alleged it saw no signs linking the RNA and mRNA shots to deaths “reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.”

Further, the CDC claimed in a letter to the Times in 2023 there were “no deaths reported to the VAERS for which the agency determined ‘the available evidence’ indicated Moderna or Pfizer vaccination ’caused or contributed to the deaths.'”

The Times reported Dr. Andrew Bostom, accused the CDC of “concealing” deaths.

“That’s a scandal, where you have information like this and you continue to put out this dishonest line that there’s only seven deaths and they’re all unrelated to the mRNA vaccines.”

The CDC had confirmed seven deaths from thrombosis suggested a link to the Johnson & Johnson shots.

A CDC spokesman responded to the evidence with a comment that a cause of death is done “by the certifying official, physician, medical examiner, or coroner,” but declined to explain why the CDC doesn’t consider autopsies or death certificates as evidence of the cause of death.

Or what evidence is used to establish vaccine-caused deaths.

The report pointed out what has been stunning to some: in the U.S., people who die with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 cases are counted as COVID-19 deaths, including those who died from unrelated causes, and when the deaths happened years after the infection.

Craig charged, “They are taking the exact opposite approach to COVID deaths! Every death after a test was a COVID death. No death after a vaccine is a vaccine death!”

The Times said it obtained the inside-the-CDC details from a file obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. It outlines “the agency’s investigation into reports submitted to VAERS of suspected cases of myocarditis or a related condition, pericarditis, following COVID-19 vaccination.”

The CDC reported it sent employees after original medical records, death certificates and more, eventually looking at 3,780 reports. Among those situations, 101 people died.

“In one instance, a 37-year-old man started suffering symptoms that can be caused by myocarditis, such as shortness of breath, shortly after receiving a Moderna COVID-19 shot. The man collapsed three days after vaccination and was soon pronounced dead,” the report cited.

The CDC’s report said one cause of death was “acute myocarditis” but said “other findings” mean it cannot be said only the vaccine caused the death.

Multiple other documents cited COVID-19 shots and their “complications.”

The report said Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson did not return requests for comment.

The report notes that in some cases, the CDC intervened to overrule a cause of death determination, with instructions including a review of the CDC’s Infectious Diseases Pathology Branch which said, “Per IDPB evaluation, not myocarditis.”

The agency also insisted that two teens who were victims died because of “parvovirus” and “sepsis,” not the shots.

Ray Flores, a lawyer representing one victim’s family in a lawsuit over a death, charged that CDC’s dissembling resulted from it being “the leader[] of the disinformation campaign to convince the American public … that experimental vaccines were safe and effective even before they were licensed.”

“Now everyone knows they’ve unequivocally been shown to kill,” he told the Times.

More than 676 million shots have been delivered so far, and while the Johnson & Johnson was pulled from the market, the CDC maintains Pfizer, Moderna and Novavax products are “safe and effective.”

This report was first published by the WND News Center.

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