Opinion: Vaccine Mandates — A permanent fix for a temporary problem

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler discusses why she believes that ‘if the mandates aren’t forever, then they shouldn’t be for today either’

It seems we have come to a crossroads regarding workplace vaccine mandates more quickly than most people anticipated. With the high transmissibility of the most recent COVID variant, and the large number of people who have been infected with it, our population is obviously experiencing a very high percentage of people with natural immunity. 

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler discusses why she believes that ‘if the mandates aren’t forever, then they shouldn’t be for today either.’

I remain terribly curious as to why the concept of herd immunity through natural infection is still a virtually non-existent topic in the scientific community. And for me personally, with my husband under the thumb of the federal government’s oppressive employee vaccine mandate, I wonder when those in authority will realize that the path they are on, needs to be abandoned. Thankfully, the most recent Supreme Court ruling overturning the federal vaccine mandate for private employers with over 100 employees is a step in the right direction. And now the pause on the federal employee mandate is encouraging as well. But what about those who have already been fired or have made career-ending choices due to a temporary situation? They most definitely deserve to receive just compensation if the mandates are ever repealed.  

Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com
Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com

Joe Biden announced his historic vaccine mandate for federal workers on Sept. 9, 2021. And today, nearly five months later, in typical sluggish government style, my husband’s future employment and that of his coworkers is as confusing and unknown as on Day 1. Even in light of the “pause,” the carrot of continued employment through “vaccination” continues to be dangled in front of the noses of long-time, loyal employees. Deadlines for exemption requests and responses, and punishment and termination dates have been changed again and again. The psychological toll these months have had on his coworkers is real. It is palpable amongst a closed social media group created for those affected. The group has offered one another information and emotional support — a vital lifeline to stay in touch with the reasonable and the sane.  

As most people would agree, the benefits that come with being a federal government employee, are many. But even so, many people chose to quit as soon as the mandate was announced because they were uncomfortable with receiving an experimental gene therapy. They gave up a secure, career position with good pay and pension. We asked early on if my husband lost his job over this, and then one day the mandate ceased to exist, would he be offered his job back? Not surprisingly, the answer was no. But why? The only reason that makes sense, is that these terminations aren’t really about health. They are about control. If the government can’t force you to get an injection, then they don’t want you on their payroll.  

Why aren’t we looking into the future, and understanding that the COVID pandemic will one day be only a distant memory?  And now that we know that vaccines don’t prevent transmission, why are we still only talking about the danger the unvaccinated present to the workforce? I’ve given up on those in charge … but why can’t most people see how this doesn’t make sense? 

There were a group of federal employees from my husband’s workplace who retired early on Dec. 31, instead of going through the exemption and termination process. They had been informed of the timeline to termination, and instead of waiting around for the process to unfold, they decided to leave on their own terms with dignity. Now the timeline has been revoked, and they are still permanently out of a job. Their working lives are forever changed. Their pensions are forever reduced. And who bears the responsibility for that? No one? I’m waiting for the ads to start appearing on TV, “Did you lose your job due to unlawful vaccine mandates? Then you are entitled to compensation.”  

Many, many of his coworkers have received the vaccine under duress. The stress of losing a job that provides for their families was just too much. What a dangerous precedent this has set. Calling it a criminal violation of the Nuremberg Code is not an exaggeration. For working age individuals, the chance of surviving a COVID infection is better than 99.5 percent. As I’ve written about in this space before, my husband has had COVID. Why does he need a vaccine for an illness he’s already had? Since when is that science? Instead, today, the “science” is really about complete control of the populace. The “science” is actually about giving up the freedom of bodily autonomy in order to have a job. The “science” is egregiously about endless streams of money for Big Pharma, politicians, and compromised doctors — and the ensuing power and control that will come from coercing an entire world to sign up for a potentially dangerous product as their ticket to participate in life. 

One of my husband’s coworkers did not want to get the vaccine. He ended up getting COVID last fall and then gave in to the pressure to get vaccinated shortly thereafter. He died from a stroke shortly after that. Of course, we will never know if the two were related. But we also will never know that they weren’t.   

The VAERS system now shows over 22,193 deaths and 39,150 permanent disabilities after vaccination. As long as there is a chance of an adverse reaction, there should most definitely be a choice. I was aghast when I heard the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Rochelle Wolensky, discount the VAERS system by claiming during her Jan. 7 congressional testimony, that someone could die in a car accident and their death could potentially be reported to VAERS. What a false and flagrant comment. Why would anyone take the time to report a death from a car accident to VAERS? If you don’t trust your own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System, Ms. Wolensky, then whose fault is that? 

Our tyrannical leaders have played God over people’s lives and the majority have allowed it. We should be demanding to know what is next — and what the end game is. It is abhorrent for COVID vaccines to be mandated in the workplace at all, but especially now, after the worst of the epidemic is over.  If the mandates aren’t forever, then they shouldn’t be for today either. How will we ever properly reconcile the financial devastation people are experiencing if the vaccine policies differ in the future?  Doctors with hundreds of thousands in student loans, have been stripped of their ability to work. Public servants close to pension milestones have been stripped of their known financial future. Professional athletes dying of heart attacks on playing fields have been stripped of their very lives.  I can’t imagine the mandates ever being let go of, because all of these atrocities will need to be reckoned with. But if we don’t at least demand a change in protocol with the change in risk from this virus, then we are simply signing over what is left of our inherent human freedom. It is with great personal sacrifice that my family continues to stand for medical freedom for all. We invite you to stand strong with us, and choose to never ever comply. 

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