Opinion: Reykdal defies the Parents Rights Law

Nancy Churchill believes there has been a methodical effort to destroy the traditional American family using attacks on masculinity and fatherhood.

Nancy Churchill believes there has been a methodical effort to destroy the traditional American family using attacks on masculinity and fatherhood

Nancy Churchill
Dangerous Rhetoric

In a recent interview with Tucker Carlson, author Vincent Everett Ellison described the long history of the Marxist-Democrat war on the American family. There has been a methodical effort to destroy the traditional American family using attacks on masculinity and fatherhood. Strategies of attack include no-fault divorce, the substitution of government programs for husbands, easy access to abortion, the degradation of the education system, the removal of religion from the public square and the promotion of drug and gang culture in music.

Nancy Churchill
Nancy Churchill

Ellison links the culture of the civil war era “house negro” to today’s black Democratic politicians and civic leaders who want to remain in power over the rest of the blacks on the “Democrat plantation.” In Ellison’s opinion, the Marxists’ primary goal is to remain in power, and the destruction of the family is a primary tool in achieving that goal.

Selling lies for political power

The current efforts to promote transgenderism in literature, social media, music and entertainment further damages family bonds by teaching children to ignore social norms, scientific facts and the values in the family home. These efforts confuse children’s innate knowledge of themselves by telling them lies about the scientific facts of human sexuality. One’s sex is determined at conception, and sex-specific hormones start influencing brain and bone development as early as eight weeks of pregnancy. It is impossible to change one’s genetically determined sex, but the war on families is selling a lie of confusion and medical transition to our society in exchange for political power.

In Washington state, parents’ rights to be informed about their children’s education and healthcare at school have been under attack from both Democratic politicians and progressive educators who have created “secret” LGBTQ+ clubs and pathways for easy access to both abortion or gender-affirming care at school. In some school districts, these dangerous medical interventions are being provided without the knowledge of parents/guardians. These are all ways to attack the stability and strength of families.

Washington families are fighting back

According to Washington Parents Network, “Senate Bill 5599… basically killed parents rights in Washington state. It was the first bill and worst bill in the history of the U.S. to undermine the crucial relationships between children and their parents … Senate Bill 5599 allows the state to legally hide runaway children from their parents if the parents don’t consent to their child’s ‘gender transition’ or abortion. No allegation of abuse in the household is required.”

In response to SB 5599, “… on June 15, 2023, a group called Let’s Go Washington filed a Parents Rights Initiative (#I-2081) and began collecting signatures. The Initiative requires that parents be kept informed about materials their children are taught in K-12 classrooms and information about medical services public schools provide to their children. On December 12, 2023, the Initiative sponsors turned in 423,399 signatures which was 100,000 more than required.”

During testimony on the initiative during the 2024 legislative session, 98 percent of the comments were in favor of parents’ rights. Student success in school and in life depends upon the involvement of the family in important life choices. “On March 4, 2024, the Parents Rights Initiative passed in the House 82 to 15 and in the Senate 49 to 0. Crucially, not a single representative or senator claimed that the Parents Rights Initiative

violated any current law or constitutional provision.” On June 6, the Parents Rights Initiative became the law in Washington state.

Reykdal defies the law

In a shocking public statement on June 5, State School Superintendent Chris Reykdal recommended that school districts across the state ignore the new law. “Reykdal’s office…suggested there are protections in federal law that the parental rights bill is in conflict with.”

The Silent Majority Foundation has filed a petition to intervene on legal challenges to Initiative 2081 on behalf of the sponsors of the initiative. According to the Silent Majority Foundation, “In directing school districts to ignore the law, Mr. Reykdal ignores that the People and the Legislature have already spoken on this matter so there is no confusion as to what IS, in fact, Washington state law.”

The family knows best: Action items

No one knows their children better than the parents and guardians who care for them. Families alone have the right to help minor children navigate important and life changing health care decisions. If a family chooses transition for their minor child, that is one thing, but if the state, using the public school health and social services, chooses to transition a minor child without the knowledge of the family, that is clearly against the law.

If you support parents’ rights to be fully informed on their child’s in-school healthcare and education, there are some important actions that you can take next. You can get involved in the Washington Parents Network and help spread the word in your community.

Call or email your school board members, local school superintendent and school principals in order to understand more about what’s happening in your school district. Every district in Washington is a little different, so your district may not be as progressive as Seattle Public Schools. Make it your business to find out more about your school district. and then work to support parents rights. If you pay property taxes, you have the right to be involved in your local school district.

You can also financially support the Silent Majority Foundation and their efforts to support parents’ rights. Finally, you can work to remove Superintendent Reykdal from office by supporting conservative challenger David Olsen (electdavidolson.com), either with donations or by getting actively involved in campaign efforts. Remember, as activist Glen Morgan likes to say, “the future belongs to those who show up.” Be sure to show up to support strong families and parents’ rights.

Nancy Churchill is a writer and educator in rural eastern Washington state, and the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at DangerousRhetoric@pm.me. The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own. Dangerous Rhetoric is available on thinkspot, Rumble and Substack.

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