Opinion: Dirty green lies drive massive wealth transfer

In her weekly column, Nancy Churchill reports that there is a group of ‘dirty green’ politicians who are weaponizing everyone’s shared desire for a healthy environment.

In her weekly column, Nancy Churchill reports that there is a group of ‘dirty green’ politicians who are weaponizing everyone’s shared desire for a healthy environment

Nancy Churchill
Dangerous Rhetoric

I believe that everyone on earth wants a clean, healthy environment. We need clean water, clean air and clean methods of production to stay healthy and thrive. It’s our individual responsibility to take good care of the resources we have been blessed with. It’s our collective responsibility to try and work together to develop good policies to achieve those goals.

Nancy Churchill
Nancy Churchill

Experts like Dr. Bjorn Lomborg have proven that as a society’s prosperity increases, that society is better able to divert resources to tackle its environmental challenges. One of the biggest drivers of economic prosperity is access to energy supplies that are abundant, reliable and inexpensive, like the abundant hydrocarbons (oil and natural gas) that lie under the United States.

Unfortunately, there is a group of “dirty green” politicians who are weaponizing everyone’s shared desire for a healthy environment to engineer the greatest transfer of wealth in our lifetime.

This wealth transfer is from the working poor to the bureaucratic elites and their political cronies on both the right and the left. This wealth transfer is from your wallet, your 401k and your business to a bloated, out-of-control government bureaucracy.

At the global level, we see this movement led by the World Economic Forum. At the federal level, Joe Biden has done everything possible to hamper our domestic production of hydrocarbons, while depleting our strategic oil reserves and begging foreign enemies for more oil production.

This summer, the U.S. Congress passed the “Inflation Reduction Act” which, in Governor Inslee’s words, “will pour an unprecedented $375 billion over the next decade into fighting climate change.” That’s quite a transfer of wealth, since the taxpayers are on the hook to come up with that money in the end.

This past week, Governor Inslee pledged to continue his alliance with other West Coast politicians to “continue the fight against climate change.” And while these politicians gloated about our region’s abundant green hydropower, they failed to mention that our governor and Democrat Senator Patty Murray also want to remove the Lower Snake River dams without any plan at all for replacing the power and economic prosperity that these dams provide Washington citizens.

Governor Jay Inslee and his dirty green Democratic state legislators have led the charge towards destroying the wealth of middle-class Washington citizens by passing laws and rules that will make ALL energy unaffordable. These new laws include a cap-and-tax program on carbon emissions, a low carbon fuel standard on transportation fuels and the requirement that electric utilities phase out coal.

Washington Policy Center reports the new climate change laws will increase gas prices you pay at the pump significantly over the next 10 years: “…So drivers in Washington will pay an extra 99.3 cents per gallon in hidden taxes on gasoline in addition to the actual state gas tax of 49.4 cents per gallon and federal gas tax of 18.4 cents per gallon, for a grand total of just over $1.67 per gallon.”

And that’s just gas taxes at the pump. Building codes are also slowly being changed to force the electrification of new structures and outlaw use of natural gas. These policies will increase the burden on the electric grid (thereby increasing the cost of electricity) as well as the cost of new homes (which will deepen the housing crisis). Then there’s the new mandate to outlaw the sale of gas powered vehicles, which will also increase the demand for electricity and increase the cost of the electricity we do manage to produce. No politician appears to care that mandating the use of EVs will automatically increase the price of those vehicles, which are in short supply. Electric vehicles are already too expensive for most people, even if we wanted to make the switch. Policy makers also turn a blind eye to the dirty green environmental impact of mining for the minerals needed to make the batteries. Then there’s the fact that slave and child labor is being used in the production of dirty green batteries, solar panels and wind turbines!

Mark P. Mills, of the Manhattan Institute, lays out the need for practical, sensible energy policy in his excellent essay titled “The ‘Energy Transition’ Delusion: A Reality Reset.” The website WattsUpWithThat.com provides current climate science research which debunks the entire “global climate crisis” myth. There is no need for these draconian energy policies. It’s all a scam designed for the transfer of wealth from us to them. If you are tired of politicians, policy advisors and NGOs like the World Economic Forum destroying our economy, driving you into bankruptcy and stealing your family’s wealth with dirty green lies, then it’s time to participate in politics. Donating to your favorite conservative political candidate would be a good investment that might pay off at the gas pump. Volunteer time and get involved. Be sure to Vote on Election Day, November 8th. Your economic future depends upon your participation in our republic.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at DangerousRhetoric@pm.me. The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.

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  1. Susan

    There will be a domestic civil war, if not another world war, within the next 5 years unless major policy shifts are enacted. Biden and the woke democrats are bringing this country to its knees… and are gleefully celebrating it. Just keep this in mind as you vote in the upcoming election.


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