Letter: ‘This particular election is about small numbers which makes your vote the most important you will ever cast’

Vancouver resident Ellen Townsen offers her thoughts on the upcoming election

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

Dear centrists & traditional Republicans:

Ellen Townsen
Ellen Townsen

This United States of America, in order to preserve its democracy, well-being, and normalcy, is giving you permission to vote for the candidates who take their public roles seriously, even if that vote goes against principles you’ve held dear in the past. Please vote so that your steady conscience, high moral compass, and common sense are reflected in good people whose intentions are to govern this community properly! 

If you don’t vote this way, the MAGA extremists (such as Joe Kent), will have a better chance of instilling their delusional beliefs by using outrageous behavior, deceptive tactics, and inaccurate rhetoric! Their personal hate and fear of the world will be wielded to distort ours. And that’s selfish and deranged! Our nation desperately needs your vote to tip this election toward a body of governance that will steer our country back to what our Founding Fathers envisioned. 

This country and this community cannot withstand any more MAGA enthusiasts governing any part of it. This particular election is about small numbers which makes your vote the most important you will ever cast. Please put country before party. Cast your vote wisely, and thank you!

Ellen Townsen

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  1. Susan

    Yea, Ellen, keep drinkin’ that kool-aid.

    Please don’t tell us that you, with a straight face, can show we are all being better off after two years of democrats and their policies.


    Hey Ellen, Have You been Smoking that has Screwed up your mind to think STRAIGHT… Your a RINO with the way your write your Letter… We need Change in Clark County good people not the same old BS we’ve seen for many years. Come one Where is your COMMON SENSE!!!! Don’t You think for yourself or does your Government think for your.


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