Letter: Former Washougal councilor offers support for Dan Coursey in race for mayor

Connie Jo Freeman on Coursey: ‘He serves the social needs of folks’

Connie Jo Freeman
Connie Jo Freeman

Thanks, Washougal, for allowing me to serve as Washougal councilor, 2012-2015. Now, Dan Coursey sits in the seat that I served in.

Please allow me to recommend to you Dan Coursey, for Washougal mayor. Dan is highly qualified professionally with his background in computer systems engineering and banking, including financial analysis and commercial lending.

Service to the community shows his heart: Alzheimer’s Association, InterFaith Treasure house, Run for the Hungry, West Columbia Gorge Humane Society, Salvation Army of Washougal, Camas/Washougal Pathways Pregnancy Clinic and Shared Hope International, rescuing girls from sex trafficking.  He serves the social needs of folks.

Dan’s campaign theme, “Respectfully Putting Citizens First,” is more than a slogan. It’s a pledge to Washougal.  You simply can’t go wrong by voting for this smart, experienced, ethical businessman.

Vote Dan Coursey for Washougal Mayor. Character does matter!

Connie Jo Freeman,
Washougal City Council member 2012-2015


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