Letter: Federal Aviation Administration’s certified dangerous plan

Federal Highway Administration is funding a dangerous bridge

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The Federal Aviation Administration’s certification of Boeing’s 737 MAX resulted in two plane crashes and 346 deaths. The FAA issued a $2.5 billion face-saving fine.

Bob Ortblad
Bob Ortblad

In a grim coincidence, the Interstate Bridge Replacement Program (IBR) is asking for $2.5 billion in federal grants to build a dangerous bridge. During the 100-life of its bridge, there will be thousands of crashes and an untold number of injuries and deaths. A 737 software flaw was hidden in a million lines of code. 

The IBR’s I-5 Bridge design flaws are obvious to anyone who has driven across the I-205 Bridge, just upstream. Its grade, curve, rain, wind, and ice make it a perilous crossing. The I-205 Bridge is ranked by Go Save Labs as the nation’s eighth most dangerous accident hotspot. The IBR I-5 Bridge design will be almost twice as steep (4%), have the same weather, antiquated cloverleafs, limited sight distance, a 7% off-ramp to SR-14, and I-205-style curve. Bridge crashes will be frequent and over time injuries and deaths will equal a plane crash.

The Federal Highway Administration recently awarded the IBR its first federal grant, $1 million to do a redundant study on liquefaction during an earthquake. Ten years ago the Columbia River Crossing spent $12 million on a dozen geotechnical consultants and $31 million on WSDOT management and geotechnical studies. Continued funding of the IBR by the FWHA should stop until the IBR has a safe design.

The IBR continues to ignore a safer and less costly immersed tunnel alternative.

Bob Ortblad MSCE, MBA

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