White House asked why Biden’s lawyers still involved in classified docs scandal

Photo courtesy Jeanine Pirro/Twiter
Photo courtesy Jeanine Pirro/Twiter

‘It’s strange he did not use security officers or the FBI to conduct further searches’

Bob Unruh
WND News Center

Attorney General Merrick Garland appointed a special counsel to look into Joe Biden’s latest scandal – the discovery of classified government documents in the garage of his Delaware home and in a foundation office he used before his campaign.

So why, at this late date, are Biden’s personal lawyers still searching for more illegally stored national secrets?

That’s the question coming from U.S. Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., the chairman of the House Oversight Committee.

According to Breitbart News, over the weekend Comer asked that question of the White House.

The designation of a special investigator presumably puts the jurisdiction over those documents in his hands. And besides, has the government no lawyers or investigators with classified ratings who could do that search?

Some of the documents found without the required security precautions are considered top secret, and the blunder by Biden in having them already is being mentioned as a potential reason for him to fail to seek a second term.

“The committee is also concerned White House aides and President Biden’s personal attorneys searched the Wilmington residence knowing that the Department of Justice was already investigating the matter,” Comer noted.

The fact that the attorney general was told a special counsel was needed, and appointed one, “did not dissuade the president’s attorneys from accessing his residence … or White House counsel from accessing his residence …,” the report explained.

Constitutional expert and noted legal commentator Jonathan Turley also questioned why Biden’s personal lawyers were involved at all.

“It’s strange Biden did not use security officers or the FBI to conduct further searches,” he told the New York Post. “The president has a host of people who regularly handle classified material. So why use the lawyers?”

The report explained, however, that using private lawyers would, in the future, let Biden claim attorney-client privilege should those documents be the reason that any sort of case would develop.

“It also allowed Biden to control the discovery and initial record of the discovery of classified information,” the report said.

Biden apparently has lost the support of even his Biden-adoring leftists with the scandal.

Mediaite reported that Don Lemon, of CNN, confirmed Biden is failing to show voters any difference between classified documents being found at his Delaware home and classified materials being seized at former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago property.

Trump kept documents from his presidency, and their custody was disputed by the government, under Biden. The difference in the cases is that Trump had the power to declassify the documents he had, Biden did not, because he was vice president at the time.

“The response from the president has been concerning for many people, both Democrats and Republicans, especially the comment about the garage and the Corvette,” Lemon charged.

Biden claimed the secret documents were safe because they were in a locked garage along with his collectible Corvette.

But Lemon, long an advocate for Biden, said he’s losing the fight.

“If you’re explaining, you’re losing because they’re trying to explain the difference and we know there is a difference, but as we said, to most folks at home, this guy did wrong [and] this guy did wrong.”

At Fox News a report explained Washington Post reporter Carol Leonnig charged that the Biden White House looks like it is trying to hide something.

Leonnig said, “In the Biden White House and even among Biden’s personal lawyers there is no concern that the president of the United States has any criminal or legal liability here, no concern. Now we don’t know all the facts and we have to be careful about that, but that’s what I’m hearing from sources. There is a concern, however, with how this is drip, drip, dripping out of the White House and makes the Biden White House look like its hiding something because it did not share the November discovery, it did not reveal the December discovery.”

The trove of documents illegally held by Biden was found days before the November 2022 election. It wasn’t made public until just last week.

She said, “This isn’t just any old person with classified records in their garage. It’s the president of the United States. And so the idea of letting the Department of Justice do its work quietly doesn’t work because, as you know, reporters have one by one been disclosing, revealing, uncovering these facts, and it’s going to keep happening.”

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Anna Miller
Anna Miller
2 months ago

What sickens me the most is the absolute hypocrisy of those nitwits in the White House.

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