U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley visits Clark County

U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley made an appearance in Clark County this past week and she provided some polling information while speaking to a crowd of about 150 supporters at the Clark County Republican Party’s Meet the Candidates BBQ Picnic.
U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley

Smiley tells crowd at recent gathering of Republican candidates that she now trails Sen. Patty Murray by just three percent

U.S. Senate candidate Tiffany Smiley made an appearance in Clark County this past week and she provided some polling information while speaking to a crowd of about 150 supporters at the Clark County Republican Party’s Meet the Candidates BBQ Picnic.

At the Sept. 17 event, Smiley began her comments with a claim of recent polling information in her race against long-time Democrat Senator Patty Murray.

“I am so excited because I don’t know if you’ve seen the recent polling, but I have good news for you. We are within 2.9 percentage points of retiring Patty Murray,’’ Smiley said. “That was a Trafalgar (Group) poll. And our internal polling came back within three points. So we can do this. We will do this. It is time to retire Patty Murray.’’

The event raised thousands of dollars for Republican candidates in the Nov. 8 general election. The event featured many local candidates in the Clark County area. Smiley served as the keynote speaker.  

“So many of you know I was 11 years old in this state when she was first elected,’’ Smiley said of Murray, who was first elected in 1992. “I would like to think that we are better off but we just aren’t. We have not been under her leadership. She has failed Washington state over and over and over again.’’

Smiley went on to share her personal experiences that has shaped her campaign efforts.

“I know we can win because so many of you know, my real fight began when I walked into my husband’s trauma care unit at Walter Reed Army Medical Center,’’ Smiley said. “I was 23 years old, I had resigned from my nursing job here in Washington state and they brought me into a room and they said, ‘sign on the dotted line. We will begin Scotty’s medical retirement.’ I said ‘absolutely not. I’m not signing it.’ 

“I had this crazy idea that perhaps Scotty could continue on active duty and service to our country, even though he was blind,’’ Smiley said. “So I took on the DOD. I built a coalition who believed in that vision as well. I helped Scotty make a miraculous recovery. And he went on and became the first blind, active duty officer to ever serve our country, something that had never ever been. I was a voice for Scotty’s life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. I was a voice when he didn’t have one. And that’s what we are standing up for and fighting today for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all Washingtonians because Patty Murray is destroying our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness every single day.’’

Smiley also stressed to those in attendance the differences between her view of law enforcement compared to that of Murray. 

“I am honored to be endorsed by all cops in the Fraternal Order of Police,’’ Smiley stated. “It’s a great honor and I share that everywhere I go. I am very, very proud of that endorsement. Unfortunately, Patty Murray went on the Senate floor in June of 2020 and she called for funds to be diverted away from our police force. And then she disappeared and she went into hiding and what I’m hearing all over Washington state is we haven’t seen her. She’s not around. If that says anything at all. I said it from the beginning. You’ve probably heard me say it on national media as well. There’s a new mom in town.’’

Candidates in local, state, and federal elections spoke at the event of the importance of voting this fall. Clark County Sheriff candidate Ray Reynolds shined a spotlight on the recent drastic increase in crime. Clark County Auditor candidate Brett Simpson made a case for increased scrutiny of local election practices. Local legislative district candidates Greg Cheney, Park Llafet, and Jeremy Baker pledged to reverse many controversial laws passed in the last two years regarding the education system, elections, taxes of many kinds, and police reform. The candidates described how they believe these laws are extremely radical and harmful to families here in Washington.   

Local Republican volunteer Cecil Anderson said the event was, “Getting back to basics, politicians in Washington have made a habit of hiding from voters behind masks and zoom calls. Saturday, we saw the power of face-to-face politics and the need for accountability. Voters desire a change and events like this BBQ are so rare these days.” 

Events like this may have been absent during COVID for the Clark County Republican Party. However, the candidates are changing that by hosting events each week, most of which are published on Clarkrepublicans.org website and through their @CCRP WA social media sites.  

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