Increased DUI enforcement in Clark County July 4 weekend

If you plan to drive, Target Zero asks you to do so responsibly.
If you plan to drive, Target Zero asks you to do so responsibly.

If you plan to drive, Target Zero asks you to do so responsibly

While most adults in Washington do not drive under the influence, over 50% of all fatal crashes are due to driving under the influence. 

Washington Traffic Safety Commission (WTSC) preliminary data shows that 2021 had the highest number of polydrug drivers in fatal and serious injury crashes in state history. 

Research Director Staci Hoff, Ph.D. with WTSC said “The problem with impaired driving does not lie with a single substance or policy, but the increasing availability of multiple impairing substances. The poly-drug driver is the most common type of impaired driver in fatal crashes and we have measured over 100 unique substance combinations among this high-risk driver group. Poly-drug drivers reached their highest number ever in 2020 with over 180 drivers in fatal crashes positive for multiple substances. This number has increased nearly every year since 2011 when poly-drug drivers became more frequent than drivers with only alcohol use.” 

Act and keep families and friends safe this July 4 weekend and every day, you can save lives.  

Clark County law enforcement agencies participating in extra DUI patrols:  

Clark County Sheriff’s Office  

Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency  

Battle Ground Police Department 

Vancouver Police Department  

Washington State Patrol 

In Washington, the goal is to have ZERO people in your household involved in a serious or fatal injury crash. MAKE A DIFFERENCE in the community by PLEDGING to: 

  • DRIVE 100% SOBER, always 
  • PLAN AHEAD, ensure a safe and 100% sober ride  
  • INTERVENE, if someone has used alcohol, cannabis, or other drugs, stop them from getting behind the wheel 
  • BUCKLE UP, always, lack of restraint use was up 57% in serious and fatal injury crashes from 2019- 2021, buckling up reduces your risk of fatal injury by 45% 

If you are driving and see a suspected impaired driver, call 9-1-1. If you or someone you know struggles with substance abuse, there’s help: Call 1-800-662-HELP (4357).

Information provided by Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

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