Dr. Peter McCullough: Official COVID ‘narrative has crumbled’

Dr. Peter McCullough
Dr. Peter McCullough

‘The vaccines should be pulled off the market, they clearly are not solving the problem’

Art Moore
WND News Center

Dr. Peter McCullough – a renowned cardiologist and highly published medical scientist whose confrontation of the government’s COVID-19 policies has drawn more than 40 million views on Joe Rogan’s podcast – told WND in a video interview Thursday night the official pandemic narrative that has been fiercely guarded by establishment media and social media censors is “completely crumbling.”

That narrative, he said, included “false statements regarding asymptomatic spread, reliance on lockdown and masks – which obviously didn’t work – the suppression of early treatment, the mass promotion of vaccines that failed.” 

“And now here we are, almost in complete free fall,” McCullough said, referring to the record number of COVID-19 cases as officials acknowledge the vaccines don’t prevent infection or transmission. McCullough noted that in California, with the more contagious but much milder omicron variant now dominant, health care workers who tested positive for COVID-19 and had symptoms were told to go back to work. 

With that, I think that’s it. I think that’s the end. The narrative has crumbled. People don’t want these vaccines,” McCullough said. “The vaccines should be pulled off the market. They clearly are not solving the problem.” The focus, he said, should be on “treating high-risk patients who develop symptoms” with some of the early treatments that he and other physicians around the world have found to be effective, including ivermectin and a new drug granted emergency use authorization by the FDA, Paxlovid. McCullough cited a study from Denmark and data from the U.K.’s health agency showing that the vaccines have zero effectiveness against omicron. 

“That’s not misinformation,” he said. “I’m just quoting the data. All of this can be looked up. Fact-checkers can look at it. I know I’ll never have any problems with allegations of misinformation, because I just quote the data.” 

President Biden clearly had McCullough in mind when on Thursday he urged social media companies and media outlets to “please deal with the misinformation and disinformation that’s on your shows. It has to stop.” 

McCullough pointed out his work has been relied upon by courts across the nation, including the U.S. Supreme Court, and he has testified to the U.S. Senate and will be back there later this month. “I think America knows who is giving them the straight story.” 

In the half-hour video interview with WND (embedded below), McCullough also discussed: The punishment of physicians who counter the official COVID narrative and use clinically indicated, FDA-approved drugs off-label such as ivermectin to treat COVID-19 patients, including a colleague in Maine whose was ordered to undergo a psychological examination after her license was suspended; His participation in a rally in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 23 protesting vaccine mandates; The Supreme Court’s rulings Thursday on vaccine mandates; The possibility that omicron could spell the end of the pandemic, serving as a “universal booster;” Data showing that vaccination has backfired, making the pandemic worse in nations with high vaccine intake; The lethality of the mRNA vaccines; His view on Biden’s mass testing program; His take on new FDA-approved treatments and his simple, inexpensive, over-the-counter protocol for treating omicron; The unwillingness of so many doctors to “come off the sidelines” and treat patients for COVID-19; The “crisis of competence” among top government health officials; Where to find resources and support for physicians and patients, and for employees confronting mandates. 

“I think Americans are going to understand that their individual choice is really what’s going to matter in the end,” McCullough told WND in conclusion. “If Americans decide that they’re not going to take any boosters or any more vaccines, it doesn’t matter how many mandates or how many court decisions that happen. The vaccine program is going to crumble. I think it’s just a matter of saying no.” 

He emphasized that the vaccines are still “research.” “No one can be forced into it,” he said of vaccination. “And they’re not turning out to be safe or effective. So, if everybody just stands firm and declines the vaccines, I think that will be the quickest way for us to get out of this.” 

See the WND interview with Dr. Peter McCullough:

Video courtesy Art Moore • WND News Center

McCullough, in a video interview with WND in December, called for a “pivot” from the current policies to early treatment and “compassionate care” for those who have COVID or have suffered vaccine injuries, which have included myocarditis, neurological issues and blood clotting. 

“Now is the time for doctors to step up. Now is not a time for rhetoric or harsh statements regarding scientific discourse,” he said. 

Many of McCullough’s 600 peer-reviewed publications have appeared in top-tier journals such as the New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical Association and The Lancet. He testified to the U.S. Senate in November 2020 against what he described as the federal government’s politicization of health care during the pandemic, curbing or blocking the availability of cheap, effective treatments. In a speech in September, he told of having been stripped of the editorship of a Swissbased journal after having lost his position with a major health system, “with no explanation and no due process.” 

Baylor University Medical Center fired him in February. And Texas A&M College of Medicine, Texas Christian University and University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Medicine have cut ties with McCullough, accusing him of spreading misinformation

“I’ve been stripped of every title that I’ve ever had in that institution. I’ve received a threat letter from the American College of Physicians, [and] a threat letter from the American Board,” he said in September. All because of his “lawful” participation “in a topic of public importance.” He said there are “powerful forces at work, far more powerful than we can possibly think of, that are influencing anybody who is in a position of authority.” 

McCullough is the chief medical adviser for the Truth for Health Foundation, a physician-founded charity that says it is “dedicated to following the Oath of Hippocrates to serve individual patients to the best of our ability and judgment and to uphold the highest standards of medical ethics.”

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  1. Fred Shaw

    Over 2000 people a day dying and almost all unvaccinated. Is he crazy advocating for pulling the vaccines off the market! By the way, he is vaccinated and has had Covid so easy for him to say

      1. Fred Shaw

        Why do you think it is from CNN? I heard him say it himself in an interview on Joe Rogan.

        if people want to take the higher risk of being unvaccinated that’s one thing but to keep spreading lies to justify their choice is another and actually dangerous especially when you are a doctor who does one thing (gets the vaccine) and pushes another. Why – could it be $$$?

        why can’t you respect the choice of the vaccinated?

        1. John Smith

          When the Delta variant was running, 80-95% of the hospital beds in use were by vaccinated sheep and that is per the CDC. With omicron, everyone is in this and no stupid mask or fake vaccine is going to save you.
          Why can’t you get your news from the source?

          1. christine darges

            CDC hasn’t been tracking vaccinated people that are hospitalized since May 2021. They tell the hospitals what they want them to report. You cannot trust CDC corrupted and manipulated data. Masks do not work. You appear fearful.

          2. Fayshola

            This man is saying the truth the bible tell you you shall know the truth and it shall set you free stop being stiffnecked and wake up and REPENT Christ is coming the kingdom of heaven is at hand

          3. ShieldmaidenEowyn

            Revelation 18:23 “…[F]or with your drug craft were all the nations deceived.” Just sayin’. (The original Greek for “drug craft” is “pharmakeia”; some English translations render it “sorceries”.)

          4. nina emerson

            If masks don’t work then why are my pollen allergies much better if I wear a surgical mask when outside during heavy pollen counts. And why do I not get colds in large gatherings when I wear a surgical mask. When I didn’t wear a mask I always came down with colds and bad allergies. Just saying.

          5. Elaine

            Most masks people are wearing is of no use. You can blow out a candle wearing some of these masks. A virus is microscopic and goes right through these masks.

          6. Dave

            I’m triple vaccinated and wear a mask where appropriate. I go wherever I want to, which is almost exactly where I went before Covid. I doubt you can say the same.

            I don’t eat inside restaurants and I don’t stand around in crowds. I’m fine with markets, movies, meals with vaccinated friend and family, carpooling with the vaccinated, etc.

          7. Rosemary M.

            I never got covid, never got the shot, ate at restaurants and did everything I did before covid. This doctor is absolutely right in what he is stating, this shot does not work, and now 10/2022, even pfizer admits that it doesn’t stop the spread.. you all were lied too.. I’m feel sorry for you!

          8. D.leckron

            MASKS…don’t work…the virus is small enough to pass right thru the mask…it may stop a droplet if u sneezed but if you cough…the virus blows right thru the mask. The mask is a bio hazard…it can cause increase of BP….affects diabetics…breathing your own CO2…can in turn cause major respiratory issues.

          9. Christopher Kidwell

            No, documented by various studies over the years that for viral transmission, cloth and even surgical masks do nothing.
            Documented that they DO impinge on breathing however by those same studies.

          10. Virginia Hall

            You have been deceived! Just recovered from Omicron…no big deal! Had early treatment with infusion of Sotrovimab and took Ivermectin, hydroxichloriquine and azithromycin. We both are in our 80’s with comorbities. We are doing just great!

          11. Brian

            Great news Virginia I’ve been on ivermectin for months and I’ve never felt better glad to hear you and your partner are well.

          12. Ellen

            One thing they didnt tell the public, hospitals turned away patients because they were holding empty beds for potential covid emergencies in ICUs. So the ICUs were not over whelmed, they lied.

          13. Dave

            What’s your own source? You’re completely off base. Please show a source with the data you are pushing.

            The reality is that the unvaccinated are most likely to be hospitalized. It’s a world wide reality. They are most likely to die, too.

            You’re wearing blinkers put on you by Fox, News Max and your like minded Facebook friends.

          14. Martin

            I’m unvacinated, 65 years old and took 3 days to get over Covid-19. Oh yeah…..I didn’t die or have my genes altered. Either the luckiest man on earth or Ivermevtin works!!

          15. Sylvia

            Thank you, Martin, for sharing! It has been proven time and again that Ivermectin is effective against Covid-19. The objection to its use in humans because it is a ‘horse dewormer’, ie an anti-parasitic, is an absurdity. It works, and should be acknowledged as such.
            After all, a virus is an obligate parasite.
            Ketamine is a veterinary drug used to anaesthesize or restrain animals. It is also widely used to treat humans for various conditions. Yet there have been zero objections to its use in humans to date. Ivermectin is a No-No simply because it is so much cheaper than Remdesivir (RunDeathIsNear).
            Congratulations on your recovery, and please continue to nurture your wellness.

          1. Fred Shaw

            Never heard the Malone interview but did hear McCollough say what I said. Check it out for yourself.

            I bet all the Doctors who promote all the anti vaccinated stuff are just like all the Fox News hosts. It is all about the $$. Mercola makes 9 million a year. If he was still a Dr it would only be 200k

          2. Monica

            Mercola doesn’t force vaccines on people, nor does he, or can he, force his supplements on people. At least his supplements & his valuable information that he has been sharing with people for years for FREE is actually good & healthy for you unlike the crap that these pharmaceutical companies produce. & if he’s a good entrepreneur & a successful author, good for him!

          3. Jen

            He said he’s vaccinated, but not for covid. Go back & listen. He has taken all the vaccines except covid. He has had covid twice (omnicron in dec). His point being he’s not anti vaccine.

          4. Kathleen Hallenbeck

            No, he did vaccinate with the mRNA tool way back when doctors in Texas were availed of it and he has continuously treated his patients throughout the pandemic. This “vaccine” injected into the bodies of a huge number of human beings is an unfolding experiment….it’s like a wild ride and the data is pouring in. Keep your eyes on the world-wide data.

          5. christine darges

            McCullough had Alpha variant and recovered. It protected him from Delta which he was exposed to. It didn’t protect him from Omicron if that’s what he has now. Vaccines also don’t protect anyone either. They barely worked for Delta and don’t for Omicron. People getting boosted now are just hurting themselves.

          6. Brian

            Exactly Jen he’s not anti vaccine he’s just pissed how the big pharma and government have neglected to tell the world that this so called vaccine is pure garbage and is hurting and killing people sadly the people don’t want to hear the true because they got the death shots well I guess we will see down the road hopefully the world is ready for what’s to come after they find out they have been lied to time will tell.

          7. christine darges

            Doctors that are censored and under legal battles trying to keep their licenses aren’t doing it for the money. They have lost a lot of $ paying lawyers. What is wrong with you? Comments like this are made with no basis at all.

          8. christine darges

            People that are vaccinated or recovered from a previous variant aren’t necessarily protected from Omicron. The variant is highly mutated. Thankfully, early treatment is what most people know to do now to avoid hospitalization.

          9. christine darges

            Correct. Malone had covid in February and was on his own to figure out how to treat himself before anyone knew what was happening. Malone later got the vaccine (not sure which one). Mccullough is not vaxed.

        2. Pamela Warden

          2000 a day?? So really with the new admission coming out of CDC 40-60% are with covid. 600 a day is not a pandemic. Time to listen to this guy and start early treatment. Too many deaths and injured from the vaccine, they’re being silenced with no help or protocol at the hospital to be ready for them.

          1. TonyRim

            And most of the people who have died supposedly the LAB-CREATED SARS-COV-2, have actually died from other health conditions or CO-MORBIDITIES, not from the virus. And since the RT-PCR TEST has been PROVEN TO BE TOTALLY USELESS AND EXTREMELY INACCURATE especially when the CYCLE THRESHOLD is set at 40 CT as the amount of FALSE POSITIVES are estimated to be > 90% based on other testing.

            That’s why there are so many CASES since beginning of December as it’s now WELL KNOWN that the RT-PCR TEST is tremendously INACCURATE and FAULTY and cannot accurately determine a normal FLU VIRUS or Common COLD VIRUS from the lab-created SARS-COV-2 MORONIC variant.

            So now that the CDC which announced back in July that the RT-PCR TEST is being phased out starting from December 31st, 2021, you are already starting to see a SIGNIFICANT DROP in the Case counts in the US. And I predict by the beginning of March, it will be < 4% Positivity as the PCR TEST RESULTS cannot be used anymore to INSTILL MORE FEAR into the American SHEEPLE to provide the impetus for more vaccinations of the EXPERIMENTAL, UNPROVEN SAFE FOR LONG TERM USE, Gene Therapy.

          2. Bob Hobbs

            Early treatment aren’t working. I have patients coming in begging for monoclonal antibody therapy because there ivermectin tx did not work. They don’t understand that most mono antibodies are not effective. Funny how patients lean towards real science after their pseudo treatments don’t work.

          3. Ann E

            Early treatment works when the physicians treat their pt with what they need for treatment. That doesn’t mean toss ivermectin at everyone it means treat the symptoms use the knowledge as an MD was given in school. That’s a blanket statement u tossed out there I hope u are not a physician.

          4. Bob S

            And how are you going to do that when hospitals are overwhelmed with patients, while severely understaffed? How easy do you think it is to customize treatment for thousands of people all at the same time?

          5. Scott

            100% .. People have primarily dies over the stupidity of allowing people to go untreated until they get into the ER. “Early treatment doesnt work” that just shows you how stupid people are..try telling that to the people of Uttar Pradesh

          6. christine darges

            The health of the individual can make a big difference as to how effective early treatment can be and also how early something like Ivermectin or HCQ is taken. Povidone nasal spray worked well for me as well as a nebulizer.

          7. Rod Voss

            Perhaps if your a real Dr you arent prescribing correctly. Perhaps if the vaccines were actually proven vaccines there wouldnt be break through cases. Just imagine if other vaccines had the level of break through as these do, as a society we wouldnt be trusting “vaccines”.

        3. Jimmy Jones

          I can respect the choice of the vaccinated. It appears .gov and large companies can’t. You can’t work and in places like NY you can’t even buy a cup of coffee without a vaccine. So, you are vaccinated and therefore “protected” so what do you, the government or anyone else care about what the unvaccinated do? How does preventing me or anyone else from getting a cup of coffee or eating at a restaurant help you?

          1. Ann E

            That should tell you right there that something is wrong when the govt micromanaged who is vaccinated. Better yet if this was so deadly why has the govt ok’d certain people like the post office workers not to be mandates. Red flags all over. These vaccines are damaging a huge population esp the young adults. More heart attacks in the 40 yr age group than ever in history

        4. nerdhub

          As others note below, McCullough is not Covid-vaxed. Malone is, and his 2nd dose nearly killed him. He now wishes he were not vaxed, not only for that reason but because the long term effects are unknown and possibly dire.

        5. Ray Donnelly

          It is the so called vaccinated that fail to respect the rights of others to choose to pass on this specific jab. It is governments forcing the issue and deliberately creating a divide. It is governments that are pushing propaganda & censorship that people like yourself believe and trust in. When we stand against tyranny we do so for all – that All have the right to be fully informed and the right to then decide for themselves.

        6. Christine

          Dr.McCullough has stated he got the vaccination in the very beginning of the Plandemic!! He is an honest person and brilliant doctor. He has 600 peer reviewed papers published. He has enough $$ to survive.

        7. Nancy Earles

          What a joke! It is you not respecting the choice of the unvaccinated, not John Smith disrespecting yours. You also totally missed his reference to CNN! Hundreds of thousands doctors have proof from research, trials, studies within their own practices, and other resources that backup everything Dr. McCullough is stating. As he indicated he only speaks from facts. Many of them have lost their jobs and have lawsuits because they spoke up.

          I don’t care if you and millions of others want to be vaccinated, I have even taken several elderly and disabled people that can’t drive to get theirs. But the unvaccinated don’t get that same respect. I personally have spoken directly to over 100+ physicians, nurses, medical aides, covid unit medical staff, chemists, and my own personal physicians. Only 1 was adamant about the vaccine until I mentioned I had blood clots caused by the virus and then he joined the others in saying do not take it because it can kill you.

          I had a good friend of 44 years die a horrible agonizing death from taking his. The last doctor I saw this month told me about the death of two of his friends from taking it as well. He told me he loves his work and doesn’t consider it to be a job but if the government requires him or his family to take it he will give up his practice and refuse. I have heard of many more and read the comments of people that have also lost loved ones or they had permanent injury from taking it. Look at the CDC and VAERS reports to see how many have died that they count (many have not been included) their numbers alone should be enough to pull the vaccines.

          Doctors and nurses have told me they have a script they are required to say to their patients per the government and then they follow that with their true thoughts after asking not to tell anyone they said it. The ones that get caught are fired. Why do you think so many medical personnel are choosing to be fired instead of taking it?? If it were truly safe and effective do you really think they would jeopardize their jobs over it?

          Many of the things you said are untrue but you believe them because your government says so. I come from a very large family and have numerous relatives in the medical field and I know from talking with them and reading reports from other medical sources that it is the vaccinated that are filling our hospitals because the vaccine kills off your body’s natural immunity. The news and the government are not being honest with the public.

          I will not be disrespectful to you as you are to the unvaccinated but you really should do some research and don’t believe everything you hear on the news.

          1. Gale

            Agreed. Ive been reading roughly 40 hrs a week from many scientists and peer reviewed papers for 8 months now. No way in heck would I get those shots!!!! The dangers are immense.

          2. Wheeler12

            I think you are talking about yourself discarding facts you don’t agree with… not the good doctor.. Try critical thinking and research .

        8. D.leckron

          Why is it OK for a vaccinated …boosted person comes up positive….but yet they can still care for pets in the hospital…would you want a positive nurse taking care of you….think about it.


          Why can you not respect the choice of the non vaccinated. I use Ivermectin as prophylactic and 2 years no covid. It was designed for human use in the first place. Sa has been on top of early treatment from day 1. Our kids had covid Xmas 20 an early treatment and oxygen concentrator helped for home recovery. No hospitalisation. And they were very ill.

      2. Ed B

        You can always tell an ignorant commenter by immediately referencing CNN. Yes, CNN is a news source, though not the best for medical information. Most informed people read, and don’t get fed nonsense on any TV platform, certainly not Fox, or OAN.

        Read journals, medical sources if you want accurate information.

        1. D. C.

          John merely stated that the vaccinated are filling the hospitals and CNN is lying. I happen to agree. We are being lied to, that is why I do not watched MSM. There are only two sides, us and them. Who is looking out for you? It sure isn’t them.

      3. Dave

        Neither are you. Dr. M has deluded himself about Covid and vaccines. And perhaps you have, too. I’m thinking your “news” sources include heavy doses of Fox and News Max

    1. saraB

      If it’s day 13 after you had the “vaccine” and you die, you’re considered unvaccinated. The majority of deaths from “vaccines” happen in the first 48 hours. So even though all those people were vaccinated, they are still considered “unvaccinated deaths.” This is the way our Administration, the US “health” agencies and mainstream media counts. More about this by Alex Berenson: https://bit.ly/3fp55iF

    2. Judy

      My friends who are fully vaccinated met with their friends who refused any vaccine couple weeks ago. The beloved wife is dead and the spouse barely pulling through with lung rage. Thanks to Dr M. foraking money off his rhetoric

      1. TonyRim

        It’s NOT RHETORIC, he deals with actual CLINICAL TRIAL RESULTS and FACTS and he is a journal editor for a Cardiac Journal and also a Renal health journal as well. So NOTHING that he says is “RHETORIC” as he knows much better about the SARS-COV-2 TRUTH based on FACTS and LEGITIMATE CLINICAL RESEARCH. PERIOD.

        1. Gale

          And… he treated 1000s of patients and I think all but a couple did well! Covid must be met day 1 and individuaized. People are now sadly afraid of drs. Hospitals became protocal and remdesiver and more often than not remdesiver kills, Faucis drug that he earns money off of.

      2. Joe

        With early treatment wouldnt be the case. My nephew had a heart attack at 19 because of the vaccine. My sil parents, one made it, the other got put on vent, now the data says vents are bad, niether were given the option of early treatment, when the data shows it works. Do more research before you take the time to comment nonsense unless your a troll which you probably are

      3. D. C.

        They caught it from the vaccinated, their dear friends brought the plague right through the front door. Who exactly do you think is spreading this so rapidly with the majority vaccinated? Wake up! The majority of the unvaxed, have ironclad natural immunity.

    3. Monica

      He got the flu vaccine, NOT the Covid vaccine. He’s not against all vaccines, just the mRNA gene therapy treatments for Covid. Also, he is Covid recovered, so he has natural immunity. Get your facts straight.

      1. Armor of light

        Heard from a reliable VA technician that they’re putting covid in the flu shot since so many are refusing it! You can’t make this stuff up! They want you vaccinated, controlled, then dead IF you don’t obey! Klaus Schwab said it worse, you’ll own NOTHING and be happy! Be wake up!

      1. Fred Shaw

        I heard him say so on the 2 hour plus interview on Spotify. I do not want to waste my time trying to find it again but I welcome you to do so

        1. Casea

          You should consider editing your comment at the top of the thread since it has been proven false. It’s the right thing to do. If you were right more people would’ve supported your claim. We all need to be accountable for what we write and post on the internet. None of us are perfect.

    4. Karen Chambers

      You are wrong and I know two Doctors that were threatened that if they didn’t go along with CDC protocol then they would lose their medical license. You can also go to the CDC website and get the ingredients that are in the vaccines, write them down ( at least 7 or more ingredients) and call poison control and give them the ingredients… See what they tell you!! Do you’re own work.

    5. AnotherLover

      That statistic is just a lie. For one thing, people that recently got the shot — they are considered unvaccinated by the goons telling us these lies, but not by nature. Nature knows these people are poisoned. Most of the death reports to VAERS come within 72 hours after the killshot. So there’s about a 2 month window in which people are weakened by the shot — sometimes killed — and still considered unvaccinated.

      Then, when those people go to the hospitals, they’re treated differently than the vaccinated. In some hospital systems I’ve heard about the unvaccinated are all tested for covid, but the vaccinated aren’t. Think about that. How are you going to tell if the vaccinated have covid if you aren’t testing them? And by now, you surely won’t argue that the vaccinated are less likely to catch covid, right? That chickens left the coop. It’s gone. Now the pro-vaccine argument is almost purely that it will help an individual — not that it will stop the spread of the disease. Yet they don’t test the vaccinated for covid. So comparing the two groups in this context is an apples-and-oranges comparison.

      So for both of those reasons the “unvaccinated hospitalized” numbers will be greatly exaggerated.

      1. Fred Shaw

        I read that everyone is tested when admitted. It makes absolutely no sense not to if you are treating patients. All these I heard stories are costing lives as they never come from actual medical people treating patients.

        1. christine darges

          Testing everyone doesn’t make sense because the tests generate false positives. The reason the hospitals are testing is that they get $ for positive tests. This is why we have so many “covid deaths”. the 8-900K is grossly wrong. Plus, over 2/3 of those numbers were people with 4 or more comorbidities. It’s sad we cannot trust the CDC and FDA.

        2. Nancy Earles

          I tested positive May 1st and given no treatment. I entered a covid unit at the hospital on May 15th. I was told I had done a great job of dealing with covid on my own at home (I did not tell them I had been using Ivermectin and Dr. McCullough’s suggested supplements) but now I had the left over bad affects caused by covid.

          I was NOT tested in the hospital and told I no longer had covid (past the days cycle). So in order to get home health care as non-covid I had to go to CVS and test on my own. I was negative and then allowed medical care. Stupid way of treating the sick but it is fact.

    6. Afra Hall-Beers

      Dr McCullough has not been vaccinated and he openly admits he’s had both Alpha and Omicron. He regards the exposure to both to have provided him with the natural immunity he needs. In a sense he has been “double vaxxed”. For anyone who has not been vaccinated and gets either of these variants or the Delta and Omicron combo they are considered naturally immune going forward.

    7. Heather Worthington

      The point is that these experimental shots do nothing prevent infection or spread or infection. In addition they are causing sickness and death. So the so called vaccines are not vaccines since they do not prevent infection or spread (definition of a vaccine) and therefore they are part of the problem, not the solution.

      1. christine darges

        nobody is saying otherwise. Your comments don’t make sense as they relate to the comment, so take a rest and leave it be. You seem to be arguing with yourself.

        1. Nancy Earles

          Whoa, don’t be so rude, you end up proving their point about the unvaccinated. Heather Worthington is stating a fact that is in agreement with all that you have been saying. So why are you attacking her???

    8. Fred

      Thee vaccinated are dying not the unvaccinated. Stop believing the media and do your homework. I have witnessed family and friends die from this vaccine.

    9. christine darges

      Your death data is wrong. You better evaluate what’s going on and not what the cdc and fda are telling and reporting. You must verify.

    10. Michelle

      I disagree, respectfully. I am grateful Dr. McCullough is speaking out,, & any other brave people. The information is so toxic regarding the deaths. The brave men and women who are sharing the other side have no financial gain. However big pharma and all of fauchi’s clan are making millions off the lies. There are treatments that work!! I know this personally. The fear mongering over this and emotional abuse is disgusting.. this is and has been about big pharma & the communists/ socialists agenda!! The stupidity of regarding letting the nurse go , I have no words.. this virus is not the problem of the help shortages, THE WAY IT’S BEING HANDLED IS WHAT THE PROBLEM IS. From the start!

    11. Colleen

      Where did you get this information. Its false. There are more vaccinated infections than unvaxxed. If you are vaccinated you have a higher chance of contracting and spreading covid. I could not catch it from my unvax’d daughter. I caught it by talking with a vax’d person in about 5 min.


      Pfizer CEO on film says vax is no help. You need a booster do how is that helpful? Wake up and smell the roses. South Africa most not vaccinated and Omicron storm over. Please explain that.

    13. Susan Wells

      How do you know that deaths from COVID do not occur because effective early treatments are suppressed or banned? See Dr. Theresa Lawries testimony before UK Parliament. https://committees.parliament.uk/writtenevidence/36858/pdf/
      Testimony before UK Parliament — excerpt:

      6. Given the safety record of ivermectin at a range of dosage regimes, why was the government so
      reluctant to trial ivermectin when the worst that could have happened was that trial participants would have been rid of any parasites they may have had?
      7. Finally, and most importantly, why is ivermectin not part of the toolkit for clinicians against Covid19?

      SUMMARY Except of Interview with Dr. Lawrie and America’s Frontline Doctors by
      David Charbonneau, Ph.D. CHD published by Children’s Health Defense (link follows)

      Dr. Theresa Lawrie, MBBCh, Ph.D., discussed the efficacy of ivermectin for treating COVID. She also questioned the safety of COVID vaccines.

      Lawrie, a UK medical doctor and research analyst who served as a consultant for the World Health Organization, founded the British Ivermectin Recommendation Development initiative (BiRD International) and is co-founder of the new World Council for Health, a coalition of more than 80 international health advocacy organizations in more than 30 countries.

      “We are completely independent, funded by non-profits,” Lawrie said. “We have never done any pharmaceutical industry-sponsored work.”

      Lawrie reviewed the results of her co-authored meta-analysis of 24 controlled trials of ivermectin, published in the American Journal of Therapeutics. She said the results showed ivermectin was 62% effective in preventing COVID mortality and 86% effective in preventing infection when taken preventatively.

      “There have been misleading posts on the web,” she said, including one by a journalist, posing as a med student, purporting to debunk the meta-analysis.

      Lawrie said the original, professionally published article was ignored by the mainstream press, but this “debunking” by a non-scientist received extensive coverage.

      Lawrie’s peer-reviewed article also was taken down from her LinkedIn account.

      “You have these social media sites removing scientific information done by people who are experts in their field,” Lawrie said. “Why are social media companies so intent on suppressing scientists trying to communicate info about new medicines?”

      While Lawrie said she would take ivermectin herself and “give it to her children,” she could not say the same for the vaccines.

      “I was very concerned when I heard in the middle of last year that they had a vaccine at the ready because there’s just no way a vaccine could be developed so quickly,” she said.

      She questioned the mRNA mechanism for producing the spike protein — “when does it stop?” — and cited the lack of published results of animal trials of the vaccines.

      “You don’t need experimental vaccines if you have safe and effective treatments,” she said, advocating instead for more research to repurpose “old medicines” for “new diseases.”


      1. Your Neighbor

        Everyone should pause for a minute and stop putting one another down, this creates stagnation, not progress. Fear does the same thing. Surely we’ve heard the term a second opinion, read both sides and make your choice. But government healthcare will have limited choice, it’s government and one size doesn’t fit all because of genetics. I was infected by a vaccinated co-worker, thank God for reasonable good health. For the US government not to provide prevented at home care list with at home treatment is not acceptable, 2 years later. Go home and good luck, we’re better than that but we’re not doing it, how sad

    14. Svetlana Konovich

      You are ignorant. Listen to Congressional hearings with lots of testifying doctors and scientists present. Maybe you will understand something. Dr Malone got a vaccine, as he didn’t know/understand its ineffectivness and dangers right away. So what? A lot of people did and bitterly regret it.

    15. Virginia Hall

      Who says 2000 people are dying daily and almost all unvaccinated? Substantiate your claims! That’s why I don’t like blogs…just a bunch of hot air being passed around.

    16. Brian

      Where did you get that information from I’ve seen most if not all of his shows he’s been on and he did not take the COVID vaccine.

    17. Ernest Egan

      More people dying from fentanyl everyday and enough just came in to kill every american, but they arent closing the border or no outcry. Another friend now 9 have died from the vaccine perfectly healthy athletic people I know, youngest 18 oldest 59.

      They would not have died if they didn’t take the vaccine and the narrative “almost all unvaccinated” is simply a lie to promote your fear which obviously worked but I don’t blame you since 99% of the media feeds you the crap you believe!

      Many others I know now with debilitating side effects. Oh but your media tells you otherwise! Mind your own business let people do what they want to do to their own bodies or I could be President one day and decide people that think like you should be terminated or any other psycho that gets in power. Yes I’m crazy beware! Everyone one of you that pushes anything on anyone else is a bully and should be stopped! Bullies make me crazy!

      Enjoy this post while you can I’m sure they will remove it they own the media big pharm and you buddy!

      Why can’t you respect the choice of the unvaccinated! Who cares anyway you are a subhuman now with the vaccine and you don’t have the same rights as us real humans. Look it up loser, you lost your freedom but enjoy your slavery I’m happy you found what you want in life! And you don’t think those that sell the vaccine are making money? The most? They did reprogram you already, check your self, but hurry up and get booster #4 or booster #380 or all the boosters on the way and you will be safes s it’s not about making $’s! Lol

    18. Sarika

      Respectfully,you should consider,that individuals are only caused vaccinated 14 days after vaccine, according to the rule,you can look it up, don’t have to wake for my word for it

      And the second contributing would be that early treatment is being suppressed in countries such as American,there is an over 90% proven recovery rate in countries that are implementing early treatment

    19. Michelle

      That is not true show proof It’s a vaccine works it’s not even a vaccine it does not prevent anything when was the last time you did a study

    20. Linda Jones

      Huh, you don’t know what you are talking about in any way. Dr. McCullough is not vaccinated for Covid. He is vaccinated for childhood diseases and the flu. And, unvaccinated are not dying anymore than vaccinated. What is the reward benefit of the vaccine vs not getting the vaccine. Most people don’t get really sick from Covid and for those that do there is early treatment.

    1. Judy

      I don’t need to dig deeper for the truth. I am a Frontline medical worker. I see the lung disease from COVID, I see the heart failure on echo when scanning from COVID. I see the patients that had second case of Covid, no pre-existing and now in acute renal failure and new diabetes at age 40.. Go to the clinics/hospitals and work. See how many come in daily with COVID, see how many skipped vaccines thinking a couple cases would protect them.

      1. Fred Shaw

        For all of you who don’t believe in the mainstream media or the government will you believe the nurses and doctors who work in the hospitals treating Covid patients?

        The only agenda they have is your welfare. They all say the same- almost all the critical patients are unvaccinated. However, they don’t have time to do the talk shows as they are too busy. Also, they are not controversial enough to get asked to appear unlike McCollough

        1. AnotherLover

          Dr. Peter McCullough along with the rest of the Frontline doctors have treated thousands upon thousands of patients — successfully, early — at GREAT COST to themselves. But you will accuse THEM of having ulterior motives.

        2. Armor of light

          They all say the same because of communist take over. Remember about 3 years ago ALL newscasters stated on TV @ same time that they will be truth ful? I found that very disturbing that it looked more like a deep state ad campaign to brainwash the masses!

        3. christine darges

          The issue is the protocols hospitals are following. instead of listening to doctors, they are being told what they can and can’t do because of funding issues. That’s what happened to people who wanted medications in hospitals by patient primaries, but the hospital wouldn’t allow it. since when does the cdc tell doctors what to give a patient. Never has this happened before.

        4. Lori

          You MUST take the time to look at and listen to the nurses, doctors, scientists, and so many others who provide true information and real statistics along with whistleblowers.
          Look at those who have been murdered. Hints- Graphene Hydroxide. Nagalaise. PCR tests whistleblower. And more.

      2. AnotherLover

        Do you also see the fast-acting cancers?
        Do you see the pulmonary embolisms in the vaccinated?
        Do you see the strokes and cardiac arrests in the vaccinated?
        Do you receive the vaccinated patients that suddenly collapsed?

        1. jim

          no but we see it with the non vaccers. Hands down % of critical patients in ICUs in 2 previous hospitals that Peter worked that I now were and my wife are the non vaccinated. Both fully vaccinated neither of us nor any family members have gotten COVID despite being exposed to it every day. No assurances that we will not get it, but clearly statistically likely we wont end up in either of our ICUs.

      3. David

        What early treatment was done on these patients before they got to the stage of needing to go to the hospital? Dr. McCullough is in no way denying that Covid is a serious, deadly disease. What he IS saying is that it should be treated early. But what is the typical protocol across the entire U.S.? You are having symptoms so you go and get tested. If you test positive, you are told to quarantine at home. If you get deathly ill, THEN you are told to go to the hospital, where in many instances, it’s too late, the patient gets put on a ventilator, and they die! You frontline doctors and nurses should be furious that the CDC and Fauci have lied to you all for the sake of $$$. Had early treatment been a primary focus all along, the vast majority of the hospitalizations and deaths could have been avoided. Hospitals are being overrun and healthcare workers exhausted, because of Fauci’s failed policies. But, until this tunnel vision of believing every damned word out of the mouth of Fauci as the gospel truth is ended, I guess you can count on this status quo to continue.

        1. Sammajane Way

          You are right. EVERYONE should read Robert Kennedy’s book on Fauci. What he has done is criminal and he should be in jail. Everything Kennedy says in his book where he quotes someone or state something has the date in place and who said it. It is behind every chapter. It is well worth reading. Also Rand Paul has gone after him and it shows that he is hiding everything. He Is completely repeating what he did for the aids virus. And many people died there as well, had they listen to the doctors who were treating a lot of the patients and they were surviving. Once again he didn’t want anything to come out that would go against his prescription that was going to be on the market, because he has a royalty of every single one of them. As a side note , my husband and I both had COVID before all this vaccine stuff came out. We had just moved to Tx and luckily found a doctor who put us on Ivermectin and a steroid, and we were good after a week. My husband had absolutely no symptoms whatsoever but was tested positive and they put him on the same medication as well. We are both 82 I don’t know how it would’ve been if we just done nothing as they suggest.

        2. Nancy Earles

          That is 100% what happened to me. Now all my doctors are telling me the long lasting affects of covid would not have happened if I had been treated early. I wasn’t even allowed to see or talk on the phone with my PCP.

          I was told by the PA to drive 27 miles to the building and get tested at the curb. They forgot I was there and waited 1.5 hours in the heat and finally called back in and was told they thought I left. I guess most people would have by then!! They never even came to see if I was there!

          Thank God I had the sense he gave me to listen to the advice of the front line doctors and treat myself with what I could get my hands on OTC which at least saved my life. I would have preferred to have been treated properly and do more than just save my life.

      4. TonyRim

        And then find out if these patients were treated with REMDESIVIR pharmaceutical drug by GILEAD that has been shown to have some serious ADVERSE EFFECTS such as MULTI-SYSTEM ORGAN FAILURE, ACUTE KIDNEY INJURY leading to KIDNEY FAILURE in many people, and that subsequently can cause PULMONARY EDEMA which can directly lead to death from build-up of large amounts of fluid in the lungs, SEPTIC SHOCK and HYPOTENSION or Low blood pressure.

        Then tell me what you find if they were treated with REMDESIVIR it’s not a SAFE DRUG and has ACUTE KIDNEY FAILURE as a major ADVERSE EFFECT.

      5. Eric Pointer

        I don’t doubt your experiential knowledge, but what Dr. McCullough is advocating for is early intervention as it reduces viral replication and hospitalizations. It’s precisely after nine days with no intervention where the virus has had time to take residence in the lungs and in other major organs where early intervention is most helpful. Further, and to the point of this video in particular, he’s saying that the omicron variant is highly contagious and everyone is going to get covid, vaccinated and unvaccinated, and both groups will experience essentially head colds so there’s no need to take a vaccine with unknown longterm effects when it will have no real impact on this variant. Respectfully, E

      6. christine darges

        Honestly the chances of getting out of the hospital, if you are unfortunate to be in the hospital is a death sentence because protocols don’t support early treatment and then remdesivir is given. Hospitals are killing people.

    2. Fred Shaw

      I would like to know the sources you have as obviously it doesn’t jive with the mainstream. Especially about the vaccinated getting sick and hospitalized

      1. jennie walsh

        The mainstream media is owned and run by the Globalist Power-Elite ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE. The Globalists’ United Nations’ Agenda 21 Depopulation Plan calls for the elimination of 90% of the world’s population. Big Pharma is owned and run by the Globalist Power-Elite ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE. Globalist Bill Gates said that vaccines could reduce the world’s population by 15%. The toxic “vaccines” are a part of the Agenda 21 Depopulation Plan.

    3. Bill

      OK, not CDC, not a news source. In NC, the NC Dept of Health and Human Services reports that unvaccinated People Are More Than 15 Times More Likely to Die From COVID-19 Compared to Vaccinated People. You can find similar reports from every state. But you choose not to believe anything that contradicts your thinking. Why is this not a fact to you?


  2. Leonid

    When science mixed with politics it bad for science, but when medicine mixed with politics it becomes deadly. How many people died because hospitals refuse give medicine prescribed by your doctor? Hydrochloroquin was one of them declared deadly. It was produced since 1950th and was considered very safe.

    1. TonyRim

      Yes, if Hydroxychloroquine is used at the appropriate dose and early on in the Virus, it can be VERY EFFECTIVE against the lab-created SARS-COV-2 virus. And the IVERMECTIN can even be used PREVENTATIVELY and is EXTREMELY SAFE and shown especially in INDIA to be EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE for treatment of SARS-COV-2. Look at the studies from INDIA with a population of 1.4 Billion people, the amount of Deaths is about 1/2 of the United States. What does that tell you?

    1. SeattleBizOwner

      @mark Schaffer- LOL. A lot of us suspect just the opposite. Let’s check back in 36 months or so and see who is right.

      in the meantime I’m keeping Vitamin D levels up, exercising a lot, living without any co- morbidities.

      How about you?

  3. David Bossert

    McCullough is the voice of reason and science; over 90 peer reviewed studies back early treatment – India’s largest state U.P. population 230M + used a cocktail of inexpensive treatment including IVM with so much more success than Fauci you must wonder why we pay his salary. Every mask study shows McCullough is right; lockdowns have thousands of years proving ineffectiveness; the vaccine is good only to be on the cool kids team. Everyone will get Omicron until we hit herd imm., vax’d or not. Wake up to the facts and science.

    1. Judy Mikovits

      McCullough is wrong about COVID-19 vaccines, which should not be pulled from the market. Ivermectin failed double-blind randomized clinical trials with inert placebo for SARS-CoV-2 patients in India and every other country. Lockdowns save lives by reducing SARS-CoV-2 respiratory droplet transmission.

      1. TonyRim

        You aren’t looking at LEGITIMATE RESEARCH about IVERMECTIN, but the TRUTH IS BEING ACTIVELY CENSORED SPECIFICALLY TO PREVENT PEOPLE FROM SEEKING IT’S USE. And it’s been FDA APPROVED for > 40 years for River Blindness and other Parasitic diseases and is on the WHO organization website of ESSENTIAL DRUGS for these conditions. What more proof of safety and effectivness do you need to find on other countries research into their own people who have been using it for > 1 year with extreme SAFETY and EFFECTIVNESS against the LAB-CREATED SARS-COV-2.

  4. Judy Mikovits

    COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective, reducing the risk of hospitalization and death by more than 12-fold. Focus on reduction in severe COVID-19, not asymptomatic or mild disease.

    1. David

      Over 21,000 deaths from the vaccines. Not safe! And certainly not effective! If the polio vaccine required two full strength vaccinations and a booster shot, all in the same year…and you STILL got polio, it would have been taken off the market faster than you can say Covid!

  5. Eddie

    This guy has been fired from his job for false information. He falsely claimed he worked for Baylor. They got a restraining order to make him stop. This guy is a clout chasing quack.

  6. nerdhub

    thanks so much to all alt-media that hosts these informative posts and of course to the courageous principled doctors, nurses, and scientists who are prepared to speak up

  7. Nazrul Islam

    Thanks for your great effort to helping the community wakes up. Still here in Bangladesh ongoing Vaccine programs. Even now students , children over 12 ages forced to get Vaccine to admission and classes. And already it’s continuing…. please support us to stopped this fake Vaccine policies programs.

  8. Lillian Gascon

    My respect goes to the doctors like Dr. McCullough, who are giving their 100% to do the early treatments, stopping the false narrative and fear regarding COVID-19. We need more of these braved physicians who are not corrupted with politicians and big pharma.

    1. Fred Shaw

      Check out the website: sorryantivaxxer.com

      There you will see real life stories with a familiar refrain. Person posts antivax memes, info, etc. denigrating medical and health officials. They strongly feel that their immune system or treatment with Ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine, both of which are big pharma drugs, will protect them.

      When it doesn’t they turn to the same medical people whose advice they ignored. Things go south and you can see horrible pictures of them in the hospital. Relatives post pleas for prayers. When that doesn’t work and the inevitable happens you see posts of relatives extolling them ignoring the fact that their willful narcissism has left their spouse a widow(er), children parentless, parents childless. Even sadder is the pleas for Go Fund Me since a breadwinner has died.

      1. Casea

        What exactly are your credentials as a front line worker? Using that website as a point of proof of something doesn’t seem credible. It is a highly biased site with obvious political leaning.

        1. Fred Shaw

          The stories contain the actual postings of the people themselves. The website does not make any claims, just shows what is happening to people. I never claimed to be a front line worker just opinionated.

    2. Mike Bluett

      It is interesting how you are so wiling to accept McCullough’s perspective without evaluating his claims. He talks of data from a recent Danish study that he says supports his claims that the vaccines are useless in conjunction with Omicron. I have looked at that study and it DOES show evidence that the vaccines, especially a booster shot, are effective at reducing the effects of Covid.

  9. ClaraBanker

    I’m so thankful for his continued hard work!! I will keep sharing this and his other articles and podcasts. Keep working to end this politicized health narrative.

  10. J greene

    I’ve got more information from Dr McCullough than from the media. The narrative is definitely on a cliff edge and the public are definitely waking up to the scam of the vaccine push?

  11. Jay

    Why are you writing articles containing misinformation from one of the doctors who has been fired and pretty much lost his reputation for spreading misinformation for profit during this pandemic? I thought you were supposed to be a news source with integrity.

    1. Yeah Right

      How do you know it’s misinformation? Because other doctors, who are less qualified and financially motivated, tell you so? Because he was fired by those same less qualified and financially motivated people? Or are you just omniscient?

      Look, I’m no doctor. I have no idea if what he’s saying is misinformation or not. The same goes for every other piece of information we hear about COVID, from both sides. How could any of us know? So for you to claim that you do know is ridiculous.

  12. Joel

    In the main this is a narrative packed with lies and cherry-picked formation and is largely unhelpful in getting us through what is still a virulent pandemic.

  13. Eric Pointer

    Dr. Peter McCullough has been a sherpa for many from the very beginning and for me in particular.

    I have followed his recommendations verbatim and adjusted my self-care when he adjusts his approach.

    Here we are two years plus in to the pandemic and I remain covid free. The most recent adjustment has been the oral/nasal wash using (for those who tolerate iodine well) 1% provolone iodine twice a day as a prophylactic and up to four times a day for acute care (experiencing symptoms).

  14. Emma

    The Frontline Doctors are sticking to their guns, and I applaud them for continuing to proclaim the truth. Their predictions are beginning to come true.

  15. Ivermoron

    You have to be unimaginably stupid to think that vaccines are a failure. This guy is an embarrassment to the medical profession. Hospitals are over-run with the unvaccinated, but go ahead keep selling your ivermectin.

  16. Michael J Stevens

    If there was ever a hoax and evil propaganda, it is this so-called vaccine. Dr. McCullough and many other doctors who are being grossly censored is on point. This country is feeling like communist Russia and Nazi Germany with this level of censorship. Keep the truth out there Dr. McCullough, it shall set many free!

  17. Sammy

    The fact a cardiologist who absolutely knows better, who has himself admitted he and his family are all vaccinated, now wants vaccines pulled just goes to show how far he’s willing to go to push his own agenda. What a disgrace to medicine. 🤷‍♀️

    1. Sue

      You watch his videos too fast. He is not vaccinated because he overcame delta as well as omicron so he does have a natural immunity. Some of his family members are vaccinated. Dr Malone is vaccinated. Maybe you just mix up doctors. He does not push his agenda, he only presents his facts and experiences and all studies around the world. Bottom line is you can take the vaccine if you want it but after all the studies currently available, it would be surprising who would still want to take them, especially now with zero coverage against omicron.

  18. gina

    remember back when Semmelweis advocated handwashing??? not really taught anywhere, they put him in an insane asylum and kept on with their killing spree, after all they were gods in white and washing hands between corps dissection and delivering a child was just too much to ask! It would have cut into their corpse supply. Medicine is not a distinguished science, do not be fooled. For the few upright doctors there is a myriad of sickos out there: follow the orders, do not think, make money….. really not much has changed.

  19. Debi Montgomer¥

    Bidon died last Jan 6 2021heart attack and at Trump rally last night in Arizona the lady that got shot was in audience behind Trump I was live on tik tok the vax is a frog protine piggy back on í different strains of HIV if vax get HIV test !!!!

  20. VrRoxanne

    went to nursing school to be told by a soaft wear programmer how he is going to help my health with a ? kill shot! common sense is so not common anymore! worked with AIDS patients yet had no Formal training regarding AIDS and never contracted AIDS! GOD gave me an Immune system! not Pharma ! i choose – my immune system! over any one bulying me into taking a KILL shot!

  21. A Moore

    People believe this nonsense at their peril. Don’t want to get vaccinated? Please stay out of the hospitals and die at home. It’s that simple.

  22. Raewyn Smith

    We in nz have Been forced. There were 5 children who collapsed in one center today it’s the first day of the 5 _11 YEAR OLDS please tell the world NZ is a Totalitarian state. The media was chased up the street by a woman demanding they report it but they ignored it
    Media refuse to report any truth. They are dispicable@ we are bombarded with Government lies and propaganda. We have our first political prisoner. A pastor Brian Tamaki imprison r d for breaching bail he’s not allowed to attend protests. So now he’s in prison. It’s dangerous to protest now and have free speech in NZ please speak out for us. I’ve been banned for 3 days again on fb.
    God bless you Dr Mc Collough

  23. Fred Shaw

    Well, this has been an interesting experience. I had heard Dr McCollough’s interview with Joe Rogan so when I saw this one I decided to check it out. I was flabbergasted to see him advocating for the pulling of the vaccines because they don’t work and made my thoughts about that known. I found out that the vast majority of commentators on this site are antivax as I got a lot of flak about my comments.

    I still stand by my provaccine stance as the overwhelming evidence from a statistical viewpoint is that depending on your age you are from 10 to 60 or more times less likely to die from Covid if vaxxed. Admittedly, it has been disappointing that with omicron a lot more vaccinated people are catching it but still hardly any vaccinated so far are having serious cases. A few more weeks as the death and hospitalization rates are known will see what the true story is.

    I will agree with Dr. McCollough that it is disappointing that protocols have not been developed other than the monoclonal antibodies to administer early on to avoid a serious case. How do these protocols develop normally? I don’t think it is the government’s role normally. Hospitals are concerned with cases in the hospital. Academia? Doctors who publish papers? Hopefully we will have more answers.

    I also do not have anything against people trying Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine but the results are definitely mixed on their effectiveness. Remember that despite the horrific numbers it is true that the 98% plus survive so just because you take these drugs and survive doesn’t necessarily prove they are wonder drugs. But, they are safe so I do not see any reason not to use them. My unvaccinated wife had Covid but triple vaxxed me did not catch it. This proves nothing as every case is unique. She is ok now but still feels tired.

    I also stated that in the Rogan interview McCollough said he was vaccinated. I am sure that I heard that but I have not sat thru the 2 hour plus interview again to find out if I am correct. I searched thru a transcript and admittedly did not find it. The comments on this have been mixed as most say I am wrong but some agree with me. It would be good to know whether he is or not.

    I still think that the vaccines are safe and effective. If you do not want to get it that’s fine but you shouldn’t spread lies and disinformation about them to discourage others. After almost two years we all know multiple people who have had Covid with all kinds of results both good and bad. Just let everyone make their own choice. If that was the case then I wouldn’t feel compelled to point out false information as it bothers me when people hear stuff that fits their viewpoint but is in reality totally false or exaggerated.

    Excellent example is that Dr. McCollough stated on Rogan’s show that there was a large incidence of myocarditis from the vaccine with 13,000 confirmed cases. A couple minutes search revealed that it as 10 less than that and almost all of those who got it recovered soon after. Then, Rogan just recently had a guy from Australia who stated that the same age group was 8 times more likely to get myocarditis from Covid. Rogan didn’t believe it and checked on air himself and lo and behold that is correct. So, Dr. McCollough twisted facts to justify his antivax stance. That is unprofessional. But, not all that he says is necessarily wrong like the lack of protocols for Covid.

    So, the bottom line is be discerning and even though what you hear jives with what you want to hear check it out before spreading it as gospel.

    1. Nancy Earles

      Thank you for remaining calm and having mostly civilized conversations on this subject. Although I disagree with you I respect your courtesy and your right of choice. I have a few points I want to make:

      Protocol is determined by the government when they say what drugs can or cannot be used for a specific illness. The FDA would not approve the use of drugs that were helping people and Fauci (and Biden) were mandating lock downs that resulted in clinics and hospitals not letting you in. So testing was done on a curb side and you were told to go home and deal with it yourself and if you get to the point you cannot breath or collapse then go to the ER.

      This was what the government was requiring doctors to do because they wanted everyone to stay home and have beds available at the hospitals for the extremely sick. I almost died and now have a list of problems as long as my arm of long covid symptoms. I now am spending thousands of dollars to see doctors that are helping me that are like Dr. McCullough and actually care about their patients and not what the government is requiring them to do.

      The stupidity of that Protocol is it killed many and injured many more like myself by not giving treatment to the sick. My doctors are telling me if I had been treated early on instead of spending 5 months in bed, I would not have long covid and suffering now.

      As far as the vaccines are concerned this is where the two sides disagree greatly. First of all we are supposed to be a free country and yet our new president wants to mandate a very controversial vaccine and if you don’t take it you can’t get a job, etc. So basically government is controlling our lives. You want to believe the shots are safe and effective and have been vaccinated and you are able to do as you please because of it. I respect your right to that choice.

      There is a lot of science that proves it is not safe or effective and most likely will cause serious illnesses and deaths within the next 3 years because of killing your immune system. The government and people that believe them like you, say we are spreading lies and misinformation when we make these comments but thousands of doctors are in agreement that these shots are poison and detrimental to our health. So we believe the government and people that believe them are the ones spreading lies and misinformation.

      The government is censoring and demanding lose of jobs when doctors and nurses speak out against it. So they are winning the fight and keeping the reality out of mainstream media by creating fear among those who need to make a living. The young and gullible are falling for it because “if the government says so then it has to be true”.

      If the vaccine were so safe and effective why would educated doctors, nurses, and other medical staff and researchers chose termination over taking the vaccine? Doesn’t that tell you something? One of my doctors told me last week that if the government forces him and his family to take the vaccine he will close his very lucrative practice because there is no way he will put his family in that kind of danger.

      When I was in SICU with covid 100% of the doctors, nurses, aides, and other medical staff had gotten covid and some had it 2 and 3 times. Every single one of them had the exact same story and advice. They had a script they were required to use from the government and after using it they would say, “Please don’t tell anyone I told you this because I can get fired (which is why I won’t name the hospital but it was a large one in the medical center of Houston).Then they would tell me their personal experiences with covid and a couple of them were even in congested heart failure. They also told of patient experiences they had taken care of. Then they would advise me not to get the shots because I already had massive blood clots and the shots could cause more and kill me. So again why would 100% of medical professionals on a covid floor say that if the vaccine was safe and effective?

      As I have mentioned in previous comments, I have spoken with 100+ medical professionals and 100% had the same advice and were following that advice for themselves, their families, and their patients. Why would so many refuse a vaccine and go against the government requirements putting their jobs in jeopardy?

      We don’t like being called anti-vaxxers because we are not that by definition. The majority of unvaccinated for covid are true believers in vaccines and have had all required and voluntary vaccines in the past. We also get the flu vaccine every year. I had every intention of getting this one as well. The only vaccine I and others refuse to take is the ones for covid because of the science that proves it isn’t safe. So we are unvaccinated but not anti-vaxxers.

      My brother was a medical engineer designing heart pumps and opening a huge manufacturing plant in Mexico and one in Japan. He was highly sought out in the medical field because of his vast knowledge of medical procedures. He was a week from his death and told me not to take the vaccine and don’t let anyone give it to him either. This is what prompted me to do my own search for both sides of the issue and to change my mind*. I have been reading and listening to medical professionals for hundreds of hours and continue to take heed of their advice. This is my only reason for not taking it. Therefore,I agree with your last sentence for both sides.

      So it seems your main objection is the spread of lies and misinformation. However, at this time there are two very valid sides that should be working together to find the perfect answers to prevention and cure instead of all the bickering back and forth (which in my opinion is the government’s fault for refusing to listen to any evidence that doesn’t fit their agenda and censoring those that don’t follow the rest of the sheep, labeling us with unworthy name calling.)

      At some point the truth will come out but how many more will die or have permanent injuries and disabilities because of such childish behavior on both sides? Seems our government wants to split us all up and has forgotten the idea of team work in order to take control of our lives.

      1. Fred Shaw

        Thank you as well for your courteous reply to my post. Nice to have a civil discourse about a very touchy subject.

        A few rebuttals however. I don’t believe that Fauci (and Biden but what about Trump who was in office for 10 months of the pandemic) mandated that you be sent home after testing. My wife and I had the test early on and it was run by the state. We also did at home tests. You got your result and decided what to do. I realize you can’t get certain drugs in the hospital but if you have a cooperative Doctor you can get Ivermectin and others prior to hospitalization. Unfortunately, lack of beds has been an issue with this but blame that on a for profit system where excess capacity is a waste of money except when it is an emergency.

        I personally have never seen any science that says the vaccines are unsafe only people who go on talk shows like McCollough spouting about supposed studies and tons of anecdotal evidence. As I am writing this the total number of vaccines worldwide is 9.37 BILLION doses with 50% of the world’s population fully vaccinated. Where are all the people with severe side effects? I know personally of only one who refused her second shot because she didn’t feel right but is now fine. However, I know tons of people who have had Covid and many of them with major issues as do you. There is no comparison.

        The government doesn’t say it is so. They and many other nongovernmental organizations gather data and publish it. Any reasonable person who looks at the statistics without preconceptions sees the evidence is overwhelming in favor of being vaccinated. Don’t forget the CDC runs VAERS which is used constantly by the antivaxxers to cherry pick statistics for their arguments while ignoring the overwhelming statistics from the CDC that they don’t like.

        The amount of health care workers resigning is only 1% at most. I see posts from health care workers all the time and none of them have stories that you say they tell you. I certainly don’t want to imply you are lying but why don’t I see stories like yours from health care workers at least anonymously?

        One last observation. I know many antivaxxers personally and they are mostly liberal or libertarian. So, this is just one more vaccination they won’t take. The difference with Covid is that the conservatives have turned it political and they won’t take this one even though their idol has. And, the people who make tons of money from their antivaxx views and love the adulation have suddenly found themselves with an audience that has grown at least four fold.

        But, the bottom line is we are all in this together and we have to get through it together.

  24. Rehak

    Does McCullough really trust anything out of Pfizer? Why? They lie! Can any tests they report be honest? Doubtful! “The Little Boy Who Cried Wolf.” I don’t trust Big Pharma!

  25. Bill

    Amazing how facts are glossed over. People are getting Omicron, yes. You are vaxxed but can still transmit, yes. But look at who is on ventilators. Almost all are unvaccinated. Why is this not mentioned?

  26. David Heil

    My wife and I live in South Florida. I’m retired, she works selling cosmetics at a large chain department store.At times, she had to wear a mask; now no longer. At times, I had to wear a mask in some stores. Now, she wears no mask and neither do I. We’ve both had two vaccine injections and a booster. Neither of us has had Covid. None of our near neighbors have had it. None of our friends have had it. We seldom eat in restaurants.

  27. Ezequiel Villalobos

    Hello Dr i seen you on Joe Rogan they other day and you claimed the FDA hasnt approved the Covid19 vaccine but today i looked on the FDA website and i saw it there by the name COMIRNATY. Am i missing some thing please net me know.

  28. Roberta

    I’m loving Dr. McCullough. I’m 82 years old and have not gotten any variant of Covid by simply being careful, not exposing myself any more than necesssary. I never did “want” the vaccines because their aftereffects looked worse than the disease itself. Apparently, Ivermectin is the answer.

    1. Sylvia

      Congratulations Roberta – I admire your rationality and common sense. You very obviously respect your wellbeing and take responsibility for your health. Your chronological age is 82 – however, your biological age is likely to be much younger. Keep up the good work, and your body will look after you. All the best for a healthy and serene 2022!


    My mother, approaching 93, died in May 2020. She did not die of the virus, she died from isolation. You take a 90 year old and lock them in their apartment 24/7 — no bingo, no group movies, no group dining etc. — for months: what do you think will happen?
    I’ve been studying this from the beginning and my career was that of a Health Care Analyst. If I was president in 2020 I would not have fallen for any of this crap. I would have gotten rid of Fauci/Birx immediately. I would have made early treatment — Ivermectin, Hydrochloriquine, Zinc, ZPak, etc. — immediately available. And I would never have allowed a mRNA injection — not a real vaccine — to be promulgated on the entire world population. The VAERs database already shows us that at least 22,000 have died FROM the injection. And my main premise, all along, is the true goal of this Plandemic was forced vaccination and ultimately a global vaccine passport.
    My latest essay is a call for action against Forced Vaccination and Vaccine Passports. The wheels are falling off the Plandemic Train as the mRNA injections simply don’t work and are a form of medical rape. So it is my hope that 2022 is the year the good people of planet Earth rise up. The first national protest happens this Sunday in Washington DC. Anyone can go before their City Councils and School Boards to demand and end to forced vaccinations and masks. We can begin to boycott companies like Carhartt which is still pushing forced vaccinations on it’s employees.  

    Defeat the Vaccine Mandates and Passports: Washington DC January 23rd 2022

    The narrative has crumbled. People don’t want these vaccines,” McCullough said. “The vaccines should be pulled off the market. They clearly are not solving the problem.”


    FAUCI BUSTED! What He Was Heard Saying in Davos With China’s Xi Jinping Will Make Your Blood BOIL!
    56,262 viewsJan 18, 2022

    Covid: Face mask rules and Covid passes to end in England
    By Marie Jackson & Mary O’Connor BBC News (01/19/2022)

    Researcher Calls Out Censorship After Journal Pulls COVID-19 Vaccine Adverse Events Analysis
    By Petr Svab January 19, 2022

  30. Andrea Moore Knowles

    I saw Dr. McCullough’s speech yesterday. Yes, it is time to end the mandates. But, those of us who have lost loved ones want justice for their unnecessary deaths. Your scientific reawakening doesn’t ease the loss. My husband’s death was preventable. His mother was a nurse, his father retired Army. Our government and our health care system failed him. I am now a devastated widow.

  31. Sunae Lee

    Thank you for very needed information. Last 2 years Little man with big Napoleon complex dr. Fauci who didn’t speak like medical doctor and only forced us to be Three wise monkeys.
    who demands only obedience you know he is not worth listening to.

  32. Dave

    I wholeheartedly support Dr. McCullough in his efforts to verbalize a different viewpoint than that of the “mainstream” narrative. Afterall, that is the very nature of science, to explore, debate and scrutinize knowledge to therefore gain understanding. Plus, the “mainstream” narrative has been proven a lie. I encourage all people to stop complying with this government Covid 19 lie.

  33. Doc

    He claims vaccinations do not protect against infection. Well, we know that. They only lessen the symptons. I feel his arguments are somewhat askew. PS: I am not vaccinated.

  34. Andy P

    I am in the UK. The UK is 90% pro vaccine. We agree with the right not to take the vaccine but then don’t have any sympathy with non vaccine deaths. If you are happy to take the risk and pay your mad US medical bills, then good for you, it is a simple as that. You shouldn’t be so angry that the majority of the world disagree with you

  35. JA Offer

    “powerful forces at work, far more powerful than we can possibly think of, that are influencing anybody who is in a position of authority.” – Dr. Peter McCullough
    Yeah… not the words of a man dedicated to science. Generally if you cannot measure the force of something you are drifting into make believe. Generally if something is “…far more powerful than we can possibly think of…”, you’re being gaslighted.

  36. Ellen

    Talk about misinformation. He actually said that the vaccine has helped prevent death and hospitalization. As usual, opinions like this take things out of context. Something you’d get a warning for on social media these days. Listen to the podcast rather than some liberal rag that’s paid to suppress the truth.

    1. Sylvia

      Higher vaccination numbers somehow correlate with increasing positive cases and deaths – yes, even the double or triple jabbed. Those are the facts.
      The unvaccinated are in the minority in many developed countries. Yet authorities keep preaching that the vaccines are “perfectly safe and effective, they prevent hospitalization and deaths”. Really?
      I am neither pro- nor anti-vaccine; but the very obvious cover-up and lack of facts have created increasing suspicion.

  37. Sylvia

    Thank you Dr McCullough for your factual, intelligent and common sense analysis.
    Indeed, there are numerous options to combat or, better still, to prevent illness. It is time for governments to realize that the current ‘health care’ is merely disease maintenance in disguise.
    Those billions would be better spent in helping people maintain their own health through a healthy lifestyle, it consuming nutritious foods, regular exercise, restful sleep, and mindfulness practices. Take care and respect the human body, and it will take care of you. A robust immune system is the best defense against invasion of your terrain.

  38. Sylvia

    Whilst every person is entitled to have an opinion or belief or values, it is important to respect individual differences – be it color, race, politics, religion or health requirements. There is no need to agree with everyone, but it is imperative to have an open mind and respect individuality – you may even learn something new!
    We do, after all, live in a shared universe.
    It is unfortunate that key health authorities have thus far been unwilling to have an open, rational, public discussion on sars-cov2 with scientists who have different data based on publicly available scientific research. Yet, those authorities are the ones who dictate mandates and other edicts that have many detrimental impacts on health, the economy, and society as a whole.
    They also silence and vilify anyone who even questions their edicts, especially scientists who are equally as well, or even better, qualified than they are. Is this a new sub-branch of our democracy?
    What are they covering up?
    Data can be manipulated, and full details about covid-19 vaccines are not shared openly. Make FULL details public so that people can make an informed decision to be or not to be vaccinated.
    Deaths or injury post-vaccination may be minimal or rare – however, we are talking about human beings here. Show respect, and stop being addicted to greed. The ‘pill or jab for every ill’ has not worked at all. What is likely to have better results is a personalised medicine approach tailored to each individual to empower them to take charge of their own health, and thereby develop robust natural immunity.
    Admit it, change that greedy mindset, accept it, and implement it.
    Different opinions are neither disinformation nor misinformation in any way at all. They are just different.
    The gradual build-up of fear has been used to control society.
    The narrative has now certainly crumbled, because people cannot be fooled forever.

  39. Adela

    Thank you for providing an objective viewpoint on the covid vaccine. All the entanglements between Big Pharma, CDC, FDA, WHO, and mainstream media that’s funded by Big Pharma is mind boggling and with the censorship and suppression of thousands of doctors, scientists who sounded the alarm on the negative effects of this covid vaccine as well those who had adverse effects from this vaccine is nothing less than malfeasance from our government and medical professionals.

    The vaccine mandate does not make sense when it’s been proven that this vaccine will not stop transmission nor stop the vaccinated from getting covid, as noted through numerous breakthrough cases. It also does not make sense that natural immunity is not even considered and vaccines are automatically recommended.

    The vaccine should be available to those who feel comfortable with it but there should not be a mandate forcing everyone to comply as there is no recourse for the expenses incurred from any adverse effects caused by the vaccine since vaccine manufacturers are not held accountable and are released of all liability.

  40. Sylvia

    More people wonder what has happened to the American psyche, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave. Once upon a time America was truly the cradle of democracy – we took it to heart, we respected it and nurtured it. Since then things have changed, drastically and insidiously. What happened, and WHY????
    Since the ‘plan’demic anyone who just asks a question about vaccine and other mandates is automatically assumed to be a mis- or dis-informant or an extremist or a conspirationist. Any hint of disobedience and conformity to vaccine rules is treated as a criminal offence. Is this America? Is this democracy? Yet, American politicians are constantly demonizing any other sovereign nations that have a different style of government, and heaping sanctions on them for so-called violations of human rights. Before criticizing others, please look inward with an open mind to check whether America is so perfect internally!!!! Vietnam, Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Agent Orange, Guantanamo Bay, etc, etc – let’s reflect on these and learn. Admit and accept mistakes.
    Remember that in order to have any hope of success to lead others, it is imperative first to demonstrate success in organizing and leading oneself.
    Why are doctors, scientists, the general public, forbidden from having different opinions and from discussing these openly, rationally and freely?
    Greed leads to the demise of ethical values. Unfortunately, greed has obliterated all sense of humanity, honesty and compassion.
    It is not about being, or not being, vaccinated. It is about the right to freely choose what goes in a person’s body.
    Taxpayers are a major source of revenue, we help fund governments – we deserve respect, not mandates and punishment.
    Professionals like Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Marty Makary, and countless others deserve our gratitude for sharing their knowledge with us all. They truly embody the Hippocratic oath all MD’s took, “First do no harm” (Primum non Nocere).
    I truly hope Americans will once again strive to protect our sovereign right to freedom and true justice.

  41. nina emerson

    If masks don’t work then why are my pollen allergies much better if I wear a surgical mask when outside during heavy pollen counts. And why do I not get colds in large gatherings when I wear a surgical mask. When I didn’t wear a mask I always came down with colds and bad allergies. Just saying.

  42. Dave Poole

    All of this falls in line with everything that has happened since 2016. Trump colluded with the Russians, actually that was the DNC and the Clintons. Trump asked for a quid pro quo,actually that was Joe and hinter Biden taking money from Barismia.Trump taking bribes from foregn nationals because they were staying at Trump owned Hotels,actually that was good old Joe and Hunter taking 31,000,000.00 from the Chineese secret police. Not really a stretch that the Dems would use the China Virous to silence the American people and rig the 2020 election. I have totally lost faith in the Dems and I have been a Dem for49 years. I will never vote for or support another lying Democrate Polititan

  43. Stephanie M

    As a healthcare worker for over 20 years I appreciated these doctors who give us the facts citing published studies. I wish we would see more of these approaches instead of being led by political figures. With my own experiences and knowledge of medicine, Dr. McCullough makes more sense than the messages being given by the government agencies. CDC and DOH were once my gold standard for medical information prior to covid but I have seen the mismanagement and lack of support through the pandemic and is has changed my level of respect for these agencies. Listen to doctors who are speaking with research behind their statements and strong clinical judgements that is gained through a long career of treating patients and managing disease. Covid is not the first virus that they have treated and they have the knowledge base to treat appropriately. In my career I am very active in encouraging and promoting other vaccines such as DTAP, MMR, Varicella, MCV etc. These should be considered by every parent when given accurate benefit and risk information. People need to have all pros and cons and make their own educated decision regarding what gets injected into their own bodies as well as our children’s bodies. I am vaccinated for covid but I chose not to vaccinate my children at this time. If there are ANY risk associated with vaccination, this should be my right! People need to wake up about these mandates and see that we are giving up our right to protect our children. If you feel strongly that this is safe for your children then go for it but don’t force it on others!

  44. Eugene

    Dr. McCullough, this created false Pandemic has brought harm and destruction to everyone around the Globe. When I heard you would be a participant at the indictment hearing in the UK, my eyes welled up because I then realized Murder on the Masses would finally be addressed by Highly Accredited Professionals as you are. For the lies that have come out of the WH saying “get vaccinated”. “Protect your family and community. They’re safe and will protect you”.
    More people have died from the shots than the virus. Also they aren’t truly a Vaccine. A Vaccine gives 1 immunity to a virus. None of these do. Fully vaccinated offers no protection to one from catching or transmitting the virus.
    My contact today is to let you know a New Hemeroge Virus has been released at the games in Beijing upon the athletes and others. This needs your immediate attn. to quarantine everyone in China so we don’t get it here. And we need to quarantine or ban all incoming intl flights from Asia for now. Please help us. 🇺🇸
    We need you.
    Thank you,

  45. Eugene

    Dr. McCullough its time to find out the effects of the Vx to determn why mortality and sid effects are so high. Blood work pre and post vax has to be taken and studied to see the effects of the vax. Then you can strt to uncover the truth. What do you think?
    I might add, I remember Dr. Malone said “The mRNA vaccine was not meant for use in humans”. This could be part of the problem.
    Lastly, sometime back, a Dr. said he noticed the people giving the vaccines were not Aspirating the syringe and this could cause inflammation of the heart. Shortly there after the CDC said it was n ot necessary to Asperate the syringe pre injection. I could not beleive this but I did read this. HHS recently announced confinement to anyone who releases misinformation.
    Please tell me this is a bad dream.

  46. Brian

    The vaccine has been hurting and killing people I’ve lost to family members three months after getting the second dose two coworker are permanently disabled now because of it the vaccine is an absolute failure. Wake up America you or your family and friends could be next. Big pharma and the government are not taking responsibility for the damage. And that’s criminal.

  47. Linda Shannon

    Dr. Peter McCullough,
    Thank you for telling the truth and presenting fact-based information. The FDA, the CDC, and the WHO have added to the confusing data and misinformation. They have done a gross disservice to the population. Thanks for your clarity.

  48. Joan

    My 67 year old friend had Covid a several months ago and she now has supraventricular tachycardia. She never took the Covid vax. Is there any info you have that I could share with her about the possibility of Covid as the cause of her heart problem? She asked her doctor and he said nothing about a causal connection. Thank you. (I’m posting this on March 24, 2022.)

  49. Coco Peters

    Dr McCullough is a true hero – he has paid a high price to speak and promote the truth!

    So grateful to this eminent medical specialist, Dr Peter McCullough!

  50. Barbara Burns

    Dr. McCullough….. My name is Barbara Burns from Australia, a retired Anaesthetic Nurse of 25 years. I would like to ask…… what is the difference between the first two injections of Covid-19, and the third injection (first booster), the fourth injection (second booster) and so on…. The reason for my question is that there seems to be more deaths immediately or shortly after the third injection (first booster), than after the first two injections…. Does it have anything to do with the strength of the third injection being stronger than injections 1 and 2….? Or.. Does it mean that the spike protein in injections 1 and 2 have depleted the immune system, plus erasing the arterial mucosa, to form minute clots, and the 3rd injection actually depletes the immune system further, plus damaging the heart muscle beyond repair…..? Could you please email me with an answer I can give my family, when asked about these injections….. It is very disconcerting that they do not/have not done any research of their own….. Thank you for your time, I know you are busy, but I would appreciate an answer please…. Or is their a website where I can look up the contents of injections 3 and 4 please….
    Thank you
    Blessings to you

    1. Sylvia

      It can be confusing, Barbara, but keep on searching until you find what you are looking for. Here’s one for starters:

      6 Reasons You Might Be at Higher Risk of Injury From a COVID Vaccine“https://default.salsalabs.org/T0ba62bda-765d-4980-83f8-18dfd0a3c16e/1f3f68f1-1e32-4c05-aaa5-2940af3c4f91

      Never give up; Hope is never far away!

      All the best and take care always.

  51. Lorraine

    I’m 43 years old, very healthy and unvaccinated by choice. Have just got Omicron. I’m taking all the recommended vitamins and minerals and some herbal treatments too. I’ve just been given Ivermectin. Do you think I should take it? Will it help me recovery faster or is it less important with Omicron? Anyone any experience with ivermectin for Omicron? Thanks

  52. Michael Gonzales

    I’m still looking for the “misinformation and disinformation”. How is his “narrative crumbling?? You said a lot about nothing. Just quoting him. But didn’t say anything or prove anything. How is this site legit and preferred

  53. James

    I am 67 years old. Had the original variant in March 2020.
    I have not been vacinated. Working with many other employees most that have been vaccinated and boosted have gotten covid. The few of us that havent been vaccinated have not gotten it. And now the CDC is recomending children be required to be vaccinated in order to attend school? And they are at extreemly low risk. Have you read about the ongoing problem with More embalmers report bizarre blood clots amid COVID vax campaign. Don’t trust the government.

    1. Sylvia

      Thank you for sharing your wonderfully healthy news. Congratulations, James, your immune system is clearly robust. You treat your body with respect, and it looks after you. That is the way nature intended. Your biological age is likely to be approx 55, much less than your chronological age of 67. So great!
      Indeed the oddly shaped objects found by embalmers is nightmarish, and is the subject of scientific research. They look even more gruesome in the laboratory!
      Scientific understanding of the human immune system is still in its infancy. These jabs potentially suppress or even impair the immune system.
      Yet people are being forced to have these experimental gene vaccines injected into their bodies. To inject this into children is despicably evil. Once it is injected it cannot be taken out, and the body keeps on producing the spike proteins en masse.
      Personally I am unvaxxed since birth, and have chosen to remain that way. So far I have not had any sickies of any kind. Like you, I have the utmost respect for the unparalled intelligence of the human body and its self-healing abilities.
      Joe Biden flippantly stated that this scam plandemic is “a pandemic of the unvaccinated”.
      Again he is proven wrong!
      You are an example to us all, James, truly inspiring in demonstrating that age is no impediment to optimal health.
      Take care!

  54. Lisa

    It’s amazing that when someone speaks against the party line, they are sending out misinformation. Thanks Dr. McCullough for standing up for your beliefs. The truth is if more doctors had treated the infection early on, more lives would have been saved. The other truth is, our world went into panic closing up shop due to a bad cold.

  55. Donna Hunter

    I have just discovered Dr. McCullough on Info Wars. Very interested and will continue my research into what the Dr. has to say.
    Thank you for your expertise and courage to state your beliefs.

  56. Boonie26

    They have got nearly every person who has posted on this thread completely fooled.
    There is no “deadly new novel virus”. There never was.
    People are debating over the best treatment for an imaginary disease that has
    never been properly isolated from a sick or deceased human being.
    It has never even been proven to be a virus.
    Hundreds of medical and scientific entities throughout the world have been asked
    for proof of this so called virus and despite these requests under the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) not one single entity has provided a single shred of evidence.
    Not one.
    So how can you make a “vaccine” for something that has never been isolated?
    You cannot.
    Time to realize you have all been sucked in big time.
    Even the educated academics such as this doctor have not got a clue.
    What they are coercing & forcing you to be injected with are NOT vaccines.

  57. Gary

    covid and our election system both point to the fact that Americas hallmark freedom of conSCIENCE has morphed into the free dumb from owning a conSCIENCE.

  58. robbone

    dr mccullough and others wrer spot on with this plan demic .this is all about money fauci keeps pushing remdesivir which he owns stock in the company gilead out of ca .knowing remdesivir damages kidneys and makes your lungs fill up with fluid and you basically drown in your own body.all the people who stopped information from getting to the people fake book’ twitter’screw tube. all the drs who wouldnt give ivermectin or hydroxychlorquine to patients ‘all the people who got kick backs from the vaccine makers to push these shots should be held criminally responsible .the vaccine makers knew these shots didnt stop covid and kept pushing them knowing the damage they are doing[.vaccinedamage.com]


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