Vancouver Urban Forestry Commission announces Silva Bolds-Whitfield Award for 2019

Dale Erickson has been a dedicated, lifelong supporter and advocate for trees throughout the community

VANCOUVER — The city of Vancouver’s Urban Forestry Commission recently named Dale Erickson as the newest recipient of the Silva Bolds-Whitfield Award for his commitment to the community’s urban forest and open spaces.

The Silva Bolds-Whitfield monument plaza, located at West 13th and Main streets in downtown Vancouver, recognizes those who have contributed to the ongoing growth, health and protection of Vancouver’s urban forest. The award is given by the Urban Forestry Commission on a meritorious basis to honor citizens who have gone to extraordinary lengths to inspire and enrich the quality of life in Vancouver through the benefits of trees. Erickson’s name will be added to the list of award recipients whose names are etched in stone at the plaza.

Erickson has been a dedicated, lifelong supporter and advocate for trees throughout the community. As Chair of the Parks and Recreation Commission; he served as parks liaison to the Urban Forestry Commission from 2002 through 2006. Erickson later returned to the Urban Forestry Commission and served as Commission co-chair and chair from 2012 through 2017.

Erickson was instrumental in helping to build the strong Urban Forestry program that Vancouver enjoys today, championing it as a benefit to not just parks, but neighborhoods and the entire city.

“A true ‘community builder’, Dale is an inspiration for all of us to find ways, big or small, to make our community a better place,” Susan Sanders, Urban Forestry Commission Chair Susan Sanders said.

Vancouver Urban Forestry, part of the city’s Department of Public Works, recognizes trees as a valuable asset to our community and an important component of managing stormwater. Visit the webpage at for more information about this program.

Questions? Please call (360) 487-8308 or email

Information provided by city of Vancouver.

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