Ridgefield to face La Center in Week 3

Spudders have split their first two non-league games

Ridgefield Spudders (1-1)

Week 1: Ridgefield 41, Castle Rock 0

Week 2: W.F. West 33, Ridgefield 13

Next: Ridgefield at La Center, 7 p.m.

The Spudders faced a good team as well as some adversity without injured quarterback Dawson Lieurance.

Great plays not always rewarded:


Ridgefield will try to slide by La Center in a Week 3 matchup against the Wildcats. Photo by Mike Schultz
Ridgefield will try to slide by La Center in a Week 3 matchup against the Wildcats. Photo by Mike Schultz

W.F. West’s first touchdown came after a very tough break against the Ridgefield defense. On a third-and-10 play, the Bearcats threw a pass downfield, toward the sideline.


The receiver was trying to make the catch and get one foot in bounds before falling out of bounds. The official can be seen looking at the foot and also is spotting where the receiver finished the play.

What the official did not see was Ridgefield’s Matthew Torres, who ended up making a play on the ball. The receiver never had control of the ball. Torres had punched it out of his hands. However, with the receiver falling and the ball coming loose, the ball hit the ground and bounced right back into the arms of the receiver. It was quick. The official was looking at the spot. He never saw it.

The play picked up nine yards for W.F. West. The Bearcats went for it on fourth-and-1, got the first down, continued the drive, and scored.

But coaches, and now fans, know that Matthew Torres made a great play. Should have been incomplete. Tough break.

(By the way, I am not watching these games to call out officiating. Instead, this was a quality play and I wanted to point out a quality play. Officials understand they are not perfect. And in this case, it was a tough play to see, while trying to do all the other things.)

Brock Boom:

Brock Harrison had another signature moment in this one, too. He got a first-quarter sack when W.F. West tried to use a running back to block him. Not a good idea. Harrison brushed past the running back like he was nothing, then got to the quarterback.

In the second half, same thing happened. This time, Harrison went through the running back and hit the quarterback as he was passing the ball. I believe it was Ethan Wirchak who came up with the interception for the Spudders.

Coach Speak:

What did Kim Ulman learn about his team in Week 2? “We played hard the entire game despite the score and being without our QB. We need to improve in our mental preparation.”

Coaching staff’s pick for MVP of offense: Jeremy Martin. Had to be moved to quarterback for the week.

Coaching staff’s pick for MVP of defense: Brock Harrison. “He was everywhere on the field.”

Thoughts on Week 3 at La Center: “Another tough game for us,’’ Ulman said. “They play a very physical style of football and are well coached. We need to decrease our mental mistakes. Stop beating ourselves on a play-by-play basis.”

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