Trico All-League teams for volleyball, soccer, football

Trico League All-League Teams

Coaches have selected the best of the best


Players of the year:

Laynie Erickson of La Center
Laynie Erickson of La Center

Laynie Erickson, La Center and Auna Dolan, Castle Rock

First Team:
Bailey Crawford, Seton Catholic
Logann Golden, Castle Rock
Amanda Holm, La Center
Zoe Naugle, Castle Rock
Emma Shahbazi, La Center
Samantha Tardiff, White Salmon

Second Team:

Rachel Anderson, Castle Rock
Abby Banholzer, La Center
Abby Cummins, King’s Way Christian
Ranae Holter, Castle Rock
Sydney James, Castle Rock
Sydney Mairose, La Center
Dana Snider, King’s Way Christian

Coach of the year:

Jeana Bayes, Castle Rock


Player of the Year:

Kiya Gere of Seton Catholic
Kiya Gere of Seton Catholic

Kiya Gere, Seton Catholic
Offensive POY:
Elise Schey, King’s Way Christian
Defensive POY:
Amber Kolb, King’s Way Christian
Goalkeepers of the Year:
Josie Partridge, Seton Catholic, and Kennedy O’Mahoney, Stevenson

First Team:

Forwards: Riley McDonough, Seton Catholic; Addison Newell, Stevenson; Kaia Villines, La Center; Aquinnah Wiseman, La Center; Kate Roseburrough, King’s Way Christian
Midfielders: Peighton Campbell, Stevenson; Katie Rathgeber, Stevenson; Lucy Mohammadi, King’s Way Christian; Katie Nelson, La Center; Aurora Espinoza-Chaney, King’s Way Christian
Defenders: Melina Liedtke, Stevenson; Sarah Turcic, King’s Way Christian; Rachel Balsiger, Seton Catholic; Madison Bertrand, King’s Way Christian
Goalkeeper: Hannah Moats, King’s Way Christian.

Second Team:

Forwards: Madison McCuddy, La Center; Julia Blakley, Stevenson; Kennedy Carpenter, King’s Way Christian; Tasia Roderick, King’s Way Christian.
Midfielders: Maddie Epperson, Castle Rock; Bethan Hutchin, King’s Way Christian; Tessa White, La Center
Defenders: Mikayla Wall, Seton Catholic; Serena Shier, Stevenson; Valencia Burgess, La Center; Alyssa Kainu, King’s Way Christian; Taylor Spears Vancamp, Castle Rock
Goalkeeper: Morgan Tolbert, La Center


MVP: Jack Hiller, OL/DL, La Center

Jack Hiller of La Center
Jack Hiller of La Center

Offensive Player of the Year: Wyatt Dodson, RB, La Center


Defensive Players of the Year: Evan Honore, DB, and Wyatt Siebert, DL, La Center

First Team:

QB: Hayden Williamson, La Center
WR: Evan Honore, La Center; Isaac Hoidal, Stevenson; Trenton Howard, White Salmon
RB: Lincoln Krog, Stevenson; Nathan Halladay, Castle Rock
TE: Jackson Leslie, La Center
OL: Riley Danberg, King’s Way Christian; Caiden Krout, La Center, Dayton Erickson, La Center; Jesse Aguiar, Stevenson; Alex Medina, White Salmon
K: Coby Burns, King’s Way Christian
KR: Trenton Howard, White Salmon
AP: Chandlor Bucklin, White Salmon

DL: Jarin Musgrove, White Salmon; Braeden Waymire, Stevenson; Hunter Jansen, Castle Rock; Josiah Cameron, Stevenson
LB: Nathan Halladay, Castle Rock; Parker Patching, Castle Rock; Cesar Isordia, White Salmon; Colton Dolezal, La Center
DB: Tanner Dreyer, La Center; Jackson Leslie, La Center; Thomas Dreyer, La Center
P: Josiah Cameron, Stevenson

La Center’s Evan Honore (9) was selected by Trico League coaches as the Co-Defensive Player of the Year in 2017. Honore shared the honor with teammate Wyatt Siebert. Photo by Mike Schultz
La Center’s Evan Honore (9) was selected by Trico League coaches as the Co-Defensive Player of the Year in 2017. Honore shared the honor with teammate Wyatt Siebert. Photo by Mike Schultz


Second Team:

QB: Brandon Connell, Stevenson
WR: Trenton Howard, White Salmon
RB: Jonathan Stell, Seton Catholic; Nate Myklebust, Castle Rock
TE: Parker Patching, Castle Rock
OL: Ty Morris; La Center; Bobby Voitik, Seton Catholic; Hunter Jansen, Castle Rock; Chris Huber, Stevenson; Skyler Bernt, Stevenson.

DL: Chandler Wann, King’s Way Christian; Collin Namanny, La Center
LB: Riley Danberg, King’s Way Christian; Tylan Webster, White Salmon; Dylan Seaman, La Center; Clint Smith, La Center
DB: Jonathan Stell, Seton Catholic; Desmond Phillips, Stevenson; Nate Myklebust, Castle Rock


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