Skyview in must-win mode for rest of GSHL season reporter Paul Valencia offers his weekly update on Skyview football, including a look back at a Storm victory in week 1 and a matchup this week with one of the top teams in Washington.Storm will need to scramble to reach Class 4A playoffs

Skyview Storm (3-3, 0-1 4A GSHL)

Week 1: Skyview 31, Sunset (Ore.) 20

Week 2: Eastside Catholic 49, Skyview 21

Week 3: O’Dea 38, Skyview 7

Week 4: Skyview 49, Mountain View 21

Week 5: Skyview 42, Columbia River 6

Week 6: Camas 38, Skyview 20

Next: at Battle Ground, 7 p.m. Thursday

The Storm kept it close for a long time against the defending state champions, but never fully recovered from a pick-six in the first quarter that gave Camas a 14-point lead.

Jayden Chatman was tabbed by Skyview coach Steve Kizer as the Storm defensive player of the game in last week’s matchup with Camas. Photo by Mike Schultz
Jayden Chatman was tabbed by Skyview coach Steve Kizer as the Storm defensive player of the game in last week’s matchup with Camas. Photo by Mike Schultz

Bad luck and really, really bad luck:

Early in the fourth quarter and Camas with an 11-point lead, Camas fumbled the ball in its own territory. It was one of those mad scrambles to the ball with several players getting a shot at it. Some Skyview players thought their team had recovered. Alas, it was Camas that got on the ball.

Camas would end up punting on that drive, but the difference between receiving the punt and where that fumble occurred was about 48 yards.

That was bad luck for the Storm.

The worst luck for the Storm came in the first half, though. Cole Grossman made a great catch against a defensive back in solid coverage. Then he took off running yet stumbled on his way to the end zone. That stumble allowed for the defense to catch up and tackle Grossman at the 4-yard line.

What came next was the game-changer. Yes, the play of the game came in the first quarter. Camas’ Taylor Adams tipped a passed ball and Trevor Bentley intercepted it and returned it 100 yards for a touchdown.

Instead of a 7-7 game, it was 14-0 Camas.

Never (fully) recovered:

The Storm ended up with more than 500 yards of offense. They proved they could move the ball against the champs.

So it is difficult to opine that they never recovered from that pick-six.

But here is why I’m going with that description: The Storm never again had the ball with a chance to tie or take the lead.

They made it 14-7, but it was 21-7 before they touched the ball on offense again.

It was 21-14 but it was 28-14 before they touched the ball on offense again.

It was 28-21, but it was 31-21 before … well, you get the picture.

What a half:

Jalynnee McGee rushed for 140 yards Friday … in the first half.

Unfortunately for the Storm, an injury put him on the sideline the rest of the night.

McGee had a 63-yard touchdown run in the second quarter to make it a 14-7 game.

My night:

For the first time in my career, I helped with the live broadcast on television, the analyst for Vancouver Public Schools’ telecast.

I had some good moments, as well as some embarrassingly bad ones. But I had fun.

There were technical difficulties early so the announcers could not be heard in the first two series of the game. That meant there was no real introduction for us in the booth and it made for an awkward beginning.

I stumbled over my words a few times.

But then I found a bit of a groove.

My best moment: When I pointed out that Skyview’s Cole Grossman and Camas’ Isaiah Abdul were lined up against each other, the best vs. the best. The exact play I noted them, Skyview threw to Grossman, who used his height advantage to come down with the ball for a long gain.

Later, I tried to laugh it up a few times while describing a play. You know how we do that in a conversation? Well, it sounds terrible during a broadcast. I gotta get better.

Overall, I’d give myself a C, maybe a C+ because it was my first performance. Not sure if I’ll do it again, but I had a blast.

Stats suffered:

OK, you know I love taking football stats. But that first half was a disaster for me. With the difficulties before we went on the air, to the first few series during the game when the telecast was on but not us announcers, it got a little hectic while trying to chart the game. Tried to get caught up at halftime, but later, I realized I had missed charting a few plays.

So my stats were way off at halftime. Believe I got most fixed by the end of the game for my story, but because I’m obsessed, I went back and recharted the game later Friday night.

And then on Monday, I watched the game again. My numbers should be solid now on the game story from Friday night.

Coach Speak:

What did Steve Kizer learn about his team in Week 6? “We can play with anybody. We can slug with anybody. We weren’t outmanned. We have to get more disciplined. We have to do a better job of coaching. Keep working hard, good things will happen.”
Remember, the Storm lost to Camas last season (and it wasn’t even close) yet the Storm rebounded and reached the Class 4A state semifinals.

MVP on offense: Cole Grossman. Had eight catches for 189 yards. Plus he made a lot of key blocks, “stuff people wouldn’t notice,” Kizer said.

MVP on defense: Jayden Chatman. “Did a great job containing the Camas quarterback,” Kizer said.

Thoughts on Week 7 vs. Battle Ground: “Those guys play hard,’’ Kizer said. “They have an offense we don’t see. Gotta prepare. Can’t just show up.”

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