A Sandwich Story: Union coach tells his family’s legendary Disneyland tale

For years, Union basketball players have had to listen to coach tell them the story of how a sandwich nearly ruined a family vacation, but in the end, saved the day

The story remains the same but the legend grows.

The Union boys basketball team goes to southern California for a holiday tournament every season. And on one of the off days, the team visits Disneyland.

This is when many of the players, year after year, find time to try the Monte Cristo Sandwich.


Because longtime assistant coach Todd Spike tells them this story, how the quest for the sandwich nearly ruined a great vacation with his family, but in the end, saved the day. 

So in honor of the Titans going to the Class 4A state tournament for the sixth consecutive season, here is The Story of the Monte Cristo Sandwich.

Before allowing Todd to share this legendary story (yes, it is a bit long, but it is worth it), let’s also give a salute to Nicki Spike, Todd’s wife — the true hero to this sandwich story.