4A GSHL All-League teams for volleyball, soccer, football

Class 4A Greater St. Helens League
All-League Teams

Coaches have selected the best of the best


Players of the year:

Bella Forncrook from Heritage
Bella Forncrook from Heritage

Bella Forncrook, Heritage; and Aubrey Stanton, Camas.

First Team:

Keelie LeBlanc, Camas
Maddy Pfaff, Camas
Whitney Quist, Camas
Kirah Boynton-Brown, Union
Grace Brenner, Skyview
Payten Kaysner, Skyview
Natalie Birch, Union

Second Team:

Battle Ground: Sydney Miller; Kali Ferraro

Aubrey Stanton
Aubrey Stanton

Camas: Marianna Payne
Heritage: Irina Bejan
Skyview: Lia Hawken, Savannah White.
Union: Lauren Gehrmann, Madelynn Culp.


Coach of the year:

Courtney Yamamoto, Heritage


Players of the year:

Camas standout Maddie Kemp was named the Co-Player of the Year along with teammate Perrin Belzer in a vote of the Class 4A Greater St. Helens League coaches. Photo courtesy of Kris Cavin
Camas standout Maddie Kemp was named the Co-Player of the Year along with teammate Perrin Belzer in a vote of the Class 4A Greater St. Helens League coaches. Photo courtesy of Kris Cavin

Maddie Kemp, Camas (offense)
Perrin Belzer, Camas (defense)

First Team:

Forwards: Jazzlynn Paulson, Camas; Jenne Efraimson, Camas; MaKayla Woods, Union.
Midfielders: Justine Pauly, Camas; Carla Jooste, Camas; Kiani Pandoliano, Union; Allison Owen, Skyview.
Defenders: Courtney Cutter, Skyview; Macee Woods, Union; Chloe Brusseau, Union; Aliya Ponder, Camas.

Goalkeeper: Darien Walton, Heritage

Second Team:

Forwards: Taylor Witthauer, Skyview; Remington Riley, Skyview; Isabelle Morales, Union.
Midfielders: Liz Parker, Camas; Mehrija Selava, Heritage; Isabel Gahan, Battle Ground; Brin Wolvert, Union.

Defenders: Julianne Hutley, Skyview; Sydney THomason, Heritage; Ally Turkington, Battle Ground; Madison Antell, Battle Ground.

Goalkeepers: Regan Smith, Skyview; Falissitie DePasquale, Camas.

Coach of the year:

Kelcey Burris, Union


Players of the year:

Offense: Lincoln Victor, Union, QB

Riley Miller
Riley Miller

Defense: Riley Miller, Union, LB

First Team:

QB: Kyle Allen, Camas
RB: Will Schultz, Camas; Jojo Siofele, Union
WR: Cole Grossman, Skyview; Drake Owen, Camas; Darien Chase, Union.
TE: Aiden Nellor, Union
OL: Solofua Vercher, Heritage; Noah Hellyer, Skvyiew; Austin Martin, Battle Ground; Jordan Howes, Camas; Tanner Greene, Skvyiew.
K: Andrew Boyle, Camas
AP/KR: Braedon Ensley, Union

DL: Ja’Michael Shelton, Camas; Jayden Chatman, Skyview; Aksel Fridriksson, Battle Ground; Zion Fa’aopega, Union; Aiden Nellor, Union.
LB: Taylor Adams, Camas; Luke Bruno, Camas; Alex Vallejo, Union; Michael Lundgren, Skyview.

DB: Angelo Sarchi, Skyview, Darien Chase, Union; Isaiah Abdul, Camas; Jovon Sewell, Skyview.

P: Andrew Boyle

Second Team:

QB: Michael Taras, Heritage
RB: Brock Robinson, Battle Ground; Jalynnee McGee, Skyview.
WR: Ryan Rushall, Camas; Robert Meadors, Heritage; Tavis Pinkney, Skyview.
TE: Jayden Chatman, Skyview
OL: David MacDonald, Union; Giovanny Rojo, Union; Everett Kuhnel, Camas; Jevon Kelly, Skyview; Michael Lundgren, Skyview.
AP/KR: Drake Owen, Camas


DL: Andrew Thom, Herirtage; Ian O’Callaghan, Skyview; Jackson Saylor, Union; Blake Harris, Battle Ground.
LB: Austin Nolan, Skyview; Alishawuan Taylor, Union; Skyler Scoggins, Heritage; Josh Joo, Union.
DB: Ammon Garrison, Heritage; Trevor Bentley, Camas; Dustin Nettles, Union; Tyrek McCullum, Union.

P: Cooper Barnum, Skyview

Coach of the year:

Rory Rosenbach, Union


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