Main Street stylist recruits Vancouver filmmaker to tell her story

VANCOUVER — Bee Sam, a hair stylist in Vancouver, has released a short film entitled “From the Runway to You.”

The film is a classical story of a young woman who overcomes adversity by rising to the occasion with the helping hand of a local Vancouver beautician. Filming began in November in 2016 with the final cut premiering on social media on March 22, 2017. All locations chosen for the film are in Vancouver, including Niché wine bar, which serves as the opening café scene. The film opens with a large cast of local talent from the runway who serve as waitresses and café patrons in the opening sequence.

“This film is written and dedicated to the behind the scenes people, the hair and make-up artists, who always make film look so beautiful,” said Levon Guiragossian, writer and executive producer on the film. “This is a story that Bee Sam lives and relives at the salon multiple times a day with her clients. We wanted to capture her story cinematically.”

The film’s main character, played by runway model Miranda Dowler, dazzles the screen in her debut acting role.

“Miranda Dowler is such a multi-talented individual and we instantly thought of her for the lead role while writing the story,” Bee Sam said.

With the guidance of local filmmaker and director Amanda-Rob Goff of Silver Keys Media, the film was organized and filmed into a tantalizing visual of cinematic expression.  

“She instantly took our story and organized and directed the piece with creative vision and acumen,” Sam said.

“It was amazing to be part of this process and help Bee Sam visually bring to life her story and share the magic that she experiences on a regular basis,” said Amanda Goff, director and owner of Silver Keys Media. “As a beautician Bee Sam not only helps people feel beautiful on a daily basis, but she gives her clients so much more. She unlocks confidence in her clients and this is what I worked to capture and tell in a cinematic way.”

“From the Runway to You” can be viewed at:

To learn more about Bee Sam, view this recent article by ClarkCountyToday reporter Kelly Moyer.

This information was provided by Bee Sam.

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