Vancouver resident James Clark provides a reminder of the ‘bad memories’ of the pandemic.

Vancouver resident James Clark provides a reminder of the ‘bad memories’ of the pandemic

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This is probably the most blunt and harsh post I have ever written, but I think it needed to be said. I’ve been listening to “The Real Anthony Fauci” on Audible and it brings back so many bad memories from the pandemic.

James Clark
James Clark

I have too many friends and acquaintances who had family or friends who ended up in the hospital during COVID and died … from a lack of antibiotics due to secondary bacterial pneumonia, or they died from inflammation because were denied corticosteroids, or they were put on a ventilator and died, or they suffered kidney and liver failure from Remdesivir, or they weren’t offered readily available monoclonal antibodies when they first sought help, and they certainly were denied access to any of the blacklisted off-patent treatments like IVM or HCQ.

I know friends who smuggled remedies into the hospital in smoothies, teas, and even toothpaste. And often this resulted in their loved one making a miraculous recovery in hours that mystified their doctors. Hospitals were paid a variety of bonuses for each CDC-sanctioned COVID measure, and if the patient died, that might translate into as much as $36,000 per COVID death from what I’ve heard. That is criminal.

I think these hospital protocols were murdering as many as 15,000 people per day during the height of the crisis by withholding cheap and effective treatments … treatments with stellar safety profiles where no harm would have been done by using them. Even if ineffective, the risk was more than acceptably low. There was no downside and only upside, and many countries did use them with great success. But there was no money in those treatments, and they competed with Big Pharma’s patented experimental treatments. So, 15,000 people died per day during that time so that drug companies could capitalize off of their captive and fear ridden victims! Pause and let that sink in. And it gets worse…

1. No early treatment was offered by the hospitals and medical establishment, and when independent doctors tried to offer it, they were aggressively persecuted and every effort to block those treatments was made.

2. So patients went home and either survived and often got long COVID, or they got worse and were hospitalized.

3. Once in the hospital, they were denied useful treatment and provided with toxic “treatments” like Remdesivir that were more likely to kill them than help them.

4. If they survived, the hospital made money from the government from following the CDC guidelines, and if they died, the hospital got an even fatter bonus from the government. Everyone benefited from the hospitalization except the patient and the shocked nurses and doctors who started to realize what was going on.

The astonishing callous disregard for human life and suffering during this time should not be understated or diminished. The extent of this horror is breathtaking and all the more terrible because it happened right in our faces and right under our noses. This pandemic could have been brought under control by the spring of 2020 if all doctors had had the freedom to practice medicine the way that many courageous independent doctors did.

This indifference to human life is only matched by the organ-harvesting industry of political prisoners in China. The fact that we allowed this to happen here in America should be very alarming. The truth is coming out, and the facts are ever-more damning. When the dam breaks and people are forced to grapple with the enormity of this crime … I don’t know how people will process it. We collectively experienced a holocaust that will have killed more people than Hitler, Mao, and Stalin combined and that realization just hasn’t dawned on most people yet. But the truth usually comes out eventually, and history will not be kind to those who orchestrated this assembly line of murder for greed and power.

The banality of evil is no better displayed than in this interaction between Dr. Andrew Hill and Dr. Tess Lawrie.

Dr. Hill seems like a nice guy who caved into pressure exerted on him by bad people. And he was willing to sacrifice the lives of 1,680,000 people over a 6-week period because he lacked the courage to do the right thing. I’m certain that a lot of Nazi’s looked just like this guy – not inherently evil – just huge cowards and cowardice is a very deadly bitch or so it seems. How many thousands of Andrew Hills took the cowards way out during the pandemic? How many millions of people died unnecessarily because of their cowardice. I shudder to think of what it must be like to know that your inaction killed millions of people. How do you carry that kind of guilt around? Millions of faceless human beings. Millions of holes left in the fabric of families left behind. Millions of image bearers of Almighty God that you snuffed out so that some greedy psychopaths could rake in billions.

And then to go from murdering the elderly and unhealthy with hospital protocols and turn your murderous energy towards murdering healthy young people and little children with the worst experimental vaccines in the history of medicine. We live in a world where everything is recorded and I hope there will be an accounting and a reckoning. It might be tempting to try to sweep all this under the rug and forget about it, but what happens when a rapist rapes and gets away with it? They keep raping. People keep getting hurt. And with all due respect to all rape victims, this is many orders of magnitude worse. How many Jews did Hamas murder? A thousand? Fifteen hundred? These hospitals were doing 10x that number every single day for weeks on end!

Have these murderers come to acknowledge the error of their ways, make amends, and walk righteously in the light of evidence and truth? Has there been any repentance? Not very often. Every so often a doctor, who was initially fooled into being an unwitting accessory to the crime, will wake up and change course, but the profiteers just keep doubling down. They keep jabbing every child they can get their hands on. They keep raping and they will go on raping unless the rape victims come forward and put a stop to it! We are the rape victims in this story. Our children are the rape victims. The rapists are war profiteers, the pharmaceutical industry, big food, big oil, Davos, the WEF, the CCP, the UN, the CIA, big ag, big polluters. Will you be a David and stand against Goliath like Dr. Tess Lawrie in the video above? Or will you be a rapist and murderer enabler like that coward Dr. Andrew Hill?

I hope you have an answer to that question because the saga is ongoing and how you answer that question may determine your faithfulness or lack thereof, and your eternal destiny. If you are staying silent and playing it safe now, where will you be when your very eternal life hangs in the balance of a choice to follow Christ or betray him like Judas? Where will you be when the persecution comes knocking?

The blood of millions cries out from the ground! It cries out for you to break your silence and shout for justice. Will you be like the children of Israel who shut their ears to the pleas of the prophets? Judgment is coming whether you are ready for it or not! Don’t be a coward! Say the hard and scary things now while you still can. Be diligent in seeking truth and then speak the truth boldly. God does not request that of you, He demands it! As Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, Silence in the face of Evil is itself Evil. If you keep silent about the bloodshed of this pandemic holocaust, you are being silent in the face of evil. And that is itself evil. And evil is from Satan. Don’t be an instrument of Satan. Speak up. And if you choose to keep silent, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

James Clark

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