POLL: What was the biggest reason why conservatives didn’t fare better in Washington’s election?

What was the biggest reason why conservatives didn't fare better in Washington's election?

What was the biggest reason why conservatives didn't fare better in Washington's election?*
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  1. Anna Miller

    Regarding your survey. Yes, yes, yes & yes. I’m sure they all factored in on why we didn’t see the red wave. However, I don’t think those were the main factors. In my estimation it was a mountain to climb to get out the conservative message. Liberal social media censorship of conservative views and voices, liberal newspapers editorializing for the D’s like a Super PAC, high schools and universities churning out liberals through propaganda and spin, entrenched big government R’s (BGR’s) working overtime to keep the status quo and protect the swamp. Conservative fatigue because of all of it. Having said that it is a miracle that the GOP took the US house by a slim margin. McCarthy may be a BGR, but at least we got Pelosi off the podium and the MIC.

    1. Crazy

      You do know Fox News has higher average viewership than CNN and MSNBC combined. Maybe, just maybe, its the message that is flawed. For example, we can all agree the border needs to be controlled (or at least we should be able to agree). But arguing that it needs to be controlled because all migrants are criminals and rapists does not endear people to vote for people who run on a border control platform. Who wants to vote for candidates the espouse racist bases as the need for border control expect, maybe, racists. There are legitimate non-racists reasons for border control but the Republican party candidates prefer to fear monger and dog whistle because it as an easier path to victory in the primaries (which unfortunately speaks volumes about the party base)–I think the mid terms demonstrated that this strategy is misguided at best. Likewise, election integrity is an important message and platform, but messaging it on the grounds that 2020 election was stolen and mail-in ballots are inherently fraudulent?? Very few moderates or independents want to vote candidates that present these positions whether they really believe them or not.

      1. GWO

        Crazy? Or just plain Delusional? Spoken like a true Demonut, the fact that you think that the Fox News talking points on illegal immigration argue that the border “…needs to be controlled because all migrants are criminals and rapists…” reveals a serious problem distorting the facts! Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, you would have to cite specific examples of that to salvage your credibility. Please. It would seem that your viewership lies with CNN or MSNBC. Throwing billions of $$ at Ukraine to protect their border when we spend nothing to protect our own southern border seems absolutely ludicrous!

        1. Crazy

          “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”
          -Donald Trump

          “In political terms, this policy is called ‘the great replacement,’ the replacement of legacy Americans with more obedient people from far-away countries”
          -Tucker Carlson

          Since reading comprehension is tough the great replacement theory is another delay signal conspiracy theory citied by

          I believe in border control but not because all migrants are rapist or criminals-frankly most are probably more deserving of Us citizenship then natural born citizens full of self righteous entitlement. My point, which you can’t seem to comprehend, is that the Republican message on the issue is based on racist fear mongering instead of legitimate non-racist reasons. But hey, you do you.

  2. K. E

    How about cheating!!! People are sick and tired of the crime, skyrocketing prices of everything, and wide open borders. The Biden administration has purposely destroyed this country in record time, with the help of many Republicans.

    1. Bill

      Cheating? Most of the actual cheating I see is from crybaby losers.

      Borders? Not “wide open” by any stretch of imagination…but we do have issues with people coming and staying illegally that need to be addressed, flow of illegal goods, etc.

      I agree crime and inflation are issues, and I’m no fan of the Biden administration. But he is not the bogey man and there is little that anyone in the presidency can do about massive systemic global issues causing inflation…the massive raising of the interest rates in an attempt to try and slow down demand only highlights how little control we actually have over inflation.

      We need smart politicians that understand the nuance and will work even with people they don’t agree with to resolve these problems. Putting up candidates who run on platforms of complaint means losing races or at best winning and having impotent candidates in office.

    2. Washougal Mom

      Again, this is a ridiculous comment and without proof. You lost because we’re sick of the lies and disinformation you spread. There has been no proof of election fraud anywhere. Why don’t you offer suggestions to the problems you point out instead of complaining and blocking all efforts to get something done. You had 4 years to work on resolving issues but most of your efforts failed,

  3. Nike

    Apparently the biggest reason is that McConnell and McCarthy used funds that are supposed to go to re-elect “republicans” to defeat republicans they didn’t like and thought would be a threat to their “leadership”. It seems that the rinos gaslighting all of us would much rather have to cowtow to the SF hag than actually be in a leadership position. However, we have all seen just how much “leadership” the republistoopids and rinos have shown us over the past 40 years. Throw in the massive voter fraud, and it is surprising that the SF hag isn’t still running the show. imho, of course…..

  4. Dominic

    None of the poll options are correct. Large scale fraudulent vote counting is the reason for the election results. Even if you are not aware of this you should leave a poll option “Other” for people to put a reason other than what you have provided. Otherwise you are contributing to disinformation just by your poll and the limited available responses.


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