POLL: If an employee is terminated because they are unwilling to get a COVID-19 vaccination, should they be eligible to collect unemployment benefits?

If an employee is terminated because they are unwilling to get a COVID-19 vaccination, should they be eligible to collect unemployment benefits?
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  1. Josh

    I’m sorry, but if you’ve been working through all of covid and paying into unemployment, you should be able to collect on it. People who didn’t feel like working so they could make more on unemployment are still able to collect and they’re not being forced to take the vaccine.

    1. AVGB

      YOU do NOT pay a penny into unemployment benefits, it’s not paid by the employee but entirely by the employers and the Government.

  2. Rick

    First of all, no one should be fired for refusing the vaccination. But if that happens I certainly think they should get unemployment because they didn’t do anything wrong in the performance of their job. This is a lawsuit avalanche waiting to happen

  3. James

    My wife works from home. She never has to go into her office. Jay the Snake Inslee demands that after 30 years of service that she get the jab or lose her job. This is total tyrannical insanity and unconstitutional.

  4. Pete

    Employer sets the conditions of employment (subject to union contract, if one exists). An employer may change conditions of employment as circumstances change. (e.g. the river floods, so we move our business to higher ground or we require vaccinations when there is a pandemic of a disease with serious potential consequences.)

    In this case, there are FDA approved vaccines that have a good record of safely preventing/reducing effects of COVID-19. One would hope that the employer has given careful consideration to a policy requiring vaccination and that there may be reasonable exceptions made for documented cases where it is medically inadvisable for a person to take the vaccination. (Simply “disliking” needles is not a valid consideration.)

    Workers may chose not to accept changes in the conditions of employment that their employer has made. Thus, those who choose not to accept the new conditions of employment are voluntarily leaving their employment. Unemployment benefits have never been available to those who voluntarily quit their jobs.

    I don’t believe that employers should be forced by a Governor’s “dictate” to change their conditions of employment. This is something that each employer should consider in connection with the facts and circumstances of their needs. (e.g. One employer may not have much direct exposure to the general public and/or many (or most) of their workers can work remotely — Another, such as workers in a restaurant or grocery store, might need to be in direct contact with the general public, and a vaccination would likely be helpful to preventing illness.) In other words, common sense should prevail.

          1. Cynthia Berg

            Thank you for siting this source. However it comes from an alt right writer so I am reluctant to give the opinion as fact. My friends in Florida just had their daughter fly in from Israel. According to her, these “statistics” are false. I checked in with her.

            next, I will google the Israeli newspapers on line.

            but again, thank you for taking the time to site your source.

          2. Cynthia Berg

            For you, Mike. A local Israeli newspaper. A conservative paperhttps://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/israel-s-covid-czar-calls-to-limit-gatherings-says-hospitals-are-heavily-burdened-1.10161861.

          3. Cynthia Berg

            Finally in re Israel. I follow two relatives who live in Israel. Population is highly vaccinated. The idea that Israelis are getting sick, just not true

      1. Pete

        That’s only helpful if you survived the initial bout of COVID-19. Since the only way to improve your chances of catching and dying from COVID-19 in an initial infection is to get vaccinated. Those with co-morbidities (elderly, overweight, high blood pressure, etc. etc.) take a substantial risk of death without vaccination. However, I accept that there are those who wish to take that risk. The “science” seems to reflect that those who’ve successfully recovered from COVID-19 have activated anti-bodies in their nasal cavity, something that the vaccine does not accomplish.

        So if getting hit by a car is more likely to be survived than getting hit by an 18 wheeler truck, does it then make sense to play on the freeway. (I think not.)

        People can make their own choices about getting vaccinated. An employer can then choose to establish a vaccination requirement (and perhaps waive that requirement for those who can show proof of having survived COVID-19). Then it is the employee’s choice to either comply with the employer’s “conditions of employment” or not. The non-compliant employee should then be terminated “with cause” and thus be ineligible for unemployment benefits. The same rule that exists for an employe who ignores safety rules or other conditions of employment.

    1. James

      People are being severely punished for not taking the shot and rewarded and even bought off for taking the shot. There are scientific studies (Israell) that have proven that the shot doesn’t work. There are scientific studies that prove that people have suffered severe side effects. There are scientific studies that prove masks are worthless. People who have taken the vaccine are still getting sick and even spreading variants to others. This is all about political power and control. You talk a good talk but seem too be in total denial about the truth that is being hidden from Americans about the vaccine. Inslee is a power hungry, corrupt to the core, Tyrant. If you are ok with that great. Many of us are not and we are going to fight for our constitutional rights.

      1. Pete

        I agree with you on many points. I can’t say that I accept that the shots are “worthless” as the numbers tend to indicate that many people have avoided serious illness for having taken the vaccine. With any medication or vaccine, there are always some side effects and cases where it proves less effective than anticipated.

        As for political corruption and tyranny, Inslee is right up there with a lot of other left-leaning politicians. He is certainly a blight on our state.

        I agree that government has trampled on citizen’s rights with lockdowns, mandates, etc. I agree with you that (most) masks don’t provide any protection and that we have been repeatedly lied to in this regard. N95 masks -may- be somewhat helpful to the person wearing it, if properly fitted, etc. But the gov’t was (initially) afraid that supplies would disappear, putting first responders and medical personnel at greater risk, so they lied. (The best N95 masks use a valve that allows easy exhale, but these are forbidden by the politicians. I doubt that re-breathing our exhaled breaths is beneficial.)

        I am an advocate of allowing people to use their reason (reason being a human’s means of survival) to make their own choices. I agree that people should do their best to review relevant data, though I caution that care should be taken in evaluating the veracity of any particular report. Indeed, Dr. Fauci appears to have been significantly compromised by his agency having paid for viral “gain of function” research by the Wuhan lab, where this disease was likely manufactured.

        As for employers making various things a matter of the conditions of employment, that is their freedom to do so (so long as the conditions do not violate various gov’t regulations). Employees of such an employer have a choice to accept those conditions or risk being fired. If an employee choses to not accept those conditions, then they should resign. In either case, resign or fired, such a former employee, having made a voluntary choice reflecting their freedom, then the unemployment insurance does not apply, as it was a voluntary separation, based on the employees choice. The rules for unemployment insurance are reasonably clear on this point.

        Note that “unemployment insurance” is a combination of federal and state mandated programs that is, in part, paid for by taxes on employers. Employees may (or may not) have a modest withholding from their pay, as well (this can vary by state). (I don’t know the details as I’m no longer in the workforce — and was previously been self-employed since 1997, so I haven’t seen a pay stub in some time.)

  5. susan

    Covid vaccines have proven to be unsafe. That is the truth…do your own research and find out. Also, even if they were safe, would any sane person allow an employer to permanently force a change in their body. Vaccines change your body and vaccine-change is for the rest of your life. Think; would you want to find out 10 years down the road that this experimental vaccine has changed your immune system in a damaging manner?? Is your job with that?

    1. Pete

      It’s your choice as to where you work. If an employer requires you to wear a uniform or wear particular safety equipment, then you can either quit (if you’re honest about your objection) or you can be terminated for failure to follow the rules. Requiring employees to be vaccinated with an FDA approved* vaccine is within the reasonable bounds of the employment conditions (as are uniforms or wearing various pieces of safety gear). Thus it is the employee’s choice and the payment of unemployment insurance benefits to those who choose to be unemployed is not consistent with how unemployment insurance is intended to work.

      *While I have not great confidence in government bureaucracies, we can only presume that FDA approval is an indication that a medication or vaccine is “safe” when used in approved ways. This may or may not be true, once further facts are collected (I am aware of “approved” medications having ultimately been withdrawn due to side effects not revealed until placed into general use).

      It remains your personal choice as to use the vaccine or not. It is also your choice to accept “conditions of employment” or not. That’s your choice. Make your choice and accept the consequences.

  6. Mike

    Those who continue to believe the fairy tales about the vaccine ‘s safety and who continue to spread the fake news are endangering themselves and the rest of us. If you refuse to take the vaccine, don’t ask me to pay for your stupidity.

    1. James

      Fairy tails? That’s funny. Bottom line Mikey, I will NEVER trust an administration that leaves approximately $75 billion dollars worth of lethal military weapons to our enemy that wants every single American dead, along with leaving behind hundreds to thousands of Americans behind to fend for themselves and which most likely will all be murdered. In my world, if I were to trust a government to tell me the truth about a vaccine while they are putting the whole world at risk by arming the Taliban, I would be very stupid.

      1. Mike

        I presume your distrust of the Feds also includes the four years of the previous administration (the best President the ruble could buy). The recommendations to get the vaccine go back to when it was being developed…..bleach, horsepills and sunshine notwithstanding. And FYI, that previous administration was the one that set the deadline with the Taliban. But we digress. Take the vaccine or stay in your little cave away from the rest of us.

  7. Julie Moore

    I refuse to go to a medical facility to be treated by unvaccinated people! I don’t want to go anywhere and end up around unvaccinated disease carriers. I realize we all have the potential to be carrying the disease but we’re still safer around those who are vaccinated. If people would get vaccinated these dangerous variants would not exist. We waited so long for the vaccine. Now get it!

  8. Traci Ward

    This vaccine is still under EUA use despite what everyone thinks by Pfizer getting FDA approval for Comarnity, which is under studies and will not be ready until at least 2024. VAERS reporting which is only about 1%, shows a very high rate of adverse reactions and death and I personally know of people who have had them. With early treatment, Covid can be highly survivable if given the right treatments. I will take my chance of not permanently damaging my body vs getting Covid which I can treat. If I lose my job as as a nurse, of which I can wear all of the proper PPE to protect my patients and myself, it will only hurt the healthcare field as it loses many of us who have dedicated our lives taking care of others! We do not want to walk away but are being forced to chose our own personal health vs our jobs, that is no choice. Our employers, Pfizer, Moderna, J&J nor the Government will take care of us when we get vaccine injured.


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