Opinion: Why you should make a stand in Washington state

Nancy Churchill believes the social choice facing every community is anarchy-and-destruction or order-and-prosperity.

Nancy Churchill believes the social choice facing every community is anarchy-and-destruction or order-and-prosperity

Nancy Churchill
Dangerous Rhetoric

I’m a regular listener of the Dan Bongino Show. I like his tough attitude, the show’s research, and the in-depth analysis of issues. However, on one topic, I completely disagree with Dan. Whenever a deep-blue state like Washington passes another terrible law, he urges his listeners to “GET OUT NOW!” Bongino believes that conservatives will have more impact in the politics of red or purple states. He thinks the deep-blue progressive states, like Washington, Oregon, California, and New York, are a lost cause. Last week’s news featured the passage of Washington’s SB 5599, a law that will allow the state to hide runaway children from their parents. Even if the parents traced their child to a location, the shelter will be obligated to deny he or she is at that location if the child is seeking “protected medical care.” It’s hard to believe such a sick and outrageous law could be passed.

Nancy Churchill
Nancy Churchill

Yet, here we are. The Marxist Democrats in control of the Washington legislature are coming for your children. They think the state knows how to raise a child better than loving parents. Knowing that the state could legally hide your child from you creates an alarming new consideration. Should you stay or should you go? There’s nowhere to hide from the culture war.

Why stay? Well for one thing, there’s really nowhere to run long-term. You may have noticed the entire country is in the middle of a culture war. You can’t escape the fact that radical Marxist ideologies are being promoted in every aspect of our society—from sports, to entertainment, to education, to the evening news. Everywhere in every state, traditional American culture is being demonized and mischaracterized as “extreme white nationalism,” while racism and communism are being exalted as equity and inclusion. Our society is being turned upside-down.

Just because some states are worse than others, doesn’t mean you’ll find safety anywhere else. Our deep-blue states are laboratories for the implementation of truly awful ideas. Once something passes on the west coast, it won’t be long before you’ll see the same outlandish policies promoted at the national level. If you can’t run and you can’t hide, it’s time to stay put and get involved in the battle between good and evil.

The harvest is plentiful; the laborers are few

It may seem cliché or overly simple, but getting involved in your community is the best way to have a far-reaching impact on the culture war. Using your particular skills and your particular interests, get out there and do something to give back to your neighborhood or town. Every time you meet someone, smile at someone or encourage someone, you have an impact. Encourage others to hold on to empathy, honesty, fairness, exceptionalism and enthusiasm by being a role model for these qualities. Run for office, be a volunteer, spend time with your kids, go to church. Pay attention, hold a door open, start a conversation, lend a helping hand. Talk to your friends, neighbors, and acquaintances about your concerns about today’s fracturing society. Form an action group. Organize an education pod. Sponsor a community event. Work to become more outgoing, more social, and more deeply involved.

Above all, be joyful

It’s probably normal to want to retreat to the wilderness and hide out when the world seems to be insane. But, when you have deep roots in your community, you’ll build a network of positive connections that will help you and your community survive and thrive in uncertain times. You can do this, even behind enemy lines in deep-blue Washington state. Little by little, we’ll create communities of joy, common sense and sanity that will grow and spread.

The social choice facing every community is anarchy-and-destruction or order-and-prosperity. Our communities will naturally prosper when we work to improve them and help each other. The culture war is ours to win.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at DangerousRhetoric@pm.me. The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.

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