Opinion: “Not-Democrats” need to find common ground

In her weekly column, Nancy Churchill asks: ‘Can we focus on this issue, the weaponization of government?’

In her weekly column, Nancy Churchill asks: ‘Can we focus on this issue, the weaponization of government?’

Nancy Churchill
Dangerous Rhetoric

What does it mean to be Republican in Washington state? This is a very serious question, and answering it properly is the key to winning future elections locally and statewide. I don’t have any answers, but we’ve got to have the conversation. I’m here to try and build coalitions, not blow them up. In our country’s two party system, you have to choose a team to win elections. Today, let’s consider Democrats and “Not-Democrats”.

Nancy Churchill
Nancy Churchill

Our country is currently under the control of radical, woke revolutionaries wearing the disguise of the formerly great Democratic Party. At the national level, these Democratic politicians, bureaucrats and power brokers appear to be focused on destroying our national borders, crashing the economy, looting the taxpayers, and destroying our democracy by ignoring the Constitution. They appear to be on the verge of starting World War 3 for fun and for profit.

These woke Democrats actively censor those voices who disagree with them and weaponize federal agencies against their political opponents. They have corrupted all of our institutions with anti-human, anti-family, racist and Marxist ideologies.

Our equally woke state Democratic elected officials are busy creating legislation and policy that will destroy our economy, increase homelessness, increase violent crime, reduce public safety, steal constitutionally defined rights and trap our children in the poverty of illiteracy and ignorance.

Sadly, even when we should be focused on defeating these clever and arrogant opponents, the “Not-Democrats” attack each other, rather than finding common ground and building a winning strategy for the future.

Cut. It. Out. To win elections, today’s Not-Democrats must work to find common ground and focus on our shared concerns. America’s Pledge of Allegiance includes the word “indivisible,” so why do we allow our political opponents to divide us?

Who are Not-Democrats?

Well, they’re YOU. Rather, they could be you, if you’d get involved, if you’d look up from your favorite show or computer game and consider the impact of politics on your life, family and future. You, if you’d give up being a powerless non-player character and find a way to get in the game. You, if you’d stop throwing stones and start building teams. A political party is made up of people just like you who volunteer a little spare time in order to make the world a better place. That’s it. It could be you. Needs to be you.

Not-Democrats include Trump-supporting “Make America Great Again” patriots who honor life and family, and who support personal liberty, personal responsibility and the law as defined in the Constitution. MAGA Republicans will tell you we’d win if we’d be true to these ideals and compromise less.

Not-Democrats include the “Mainstream” Republicans who are more politically practical, and more concentrated on easing regulations that throttle the economy and reduce prosperity. Mainstream Republicans are more willing to compromise and build coalitions with the political left. They think we’ll win if we’d only compromise more.

There are Libertarians who just want to be left alone and live their lives without massive government overreach and taxation. My life, my choice, in all things. They’ll tell you to get off my lawn and leave me alone. They’ve been betrayed by the political right and left and are cynical of coalition building. But they are “Not-Democrats,” too.

There are political moderates and former Democrats looking for a new political home. I would describe these people as classical Kennedy liberals. They’ve been chased out of their political party, and are exhausted with the divisive battle between the far political left and those who disagree. They would just like to find some middle ground and common sense.

There are immigrants who fled communism for the promise of the American dream only to face today’s woke communist revolution destroying that promise. Finally, we must also include people of all religious faiths who just want to practice their religion without fear of discrimination or state control.

All of these diverse groups have a place in today’s Washington State Republican Party, the Not-Democrats.

An example of an issue that Democrats are using to divide the Not-Democrats is President Trump and his candidacy in the next presidential election. Regardless of where you fall on Trump-the-candidate, can everyone agree on the idea that ANY political party that tries to throw its political rivals in jail is un-American and anti-democratic?

Take the names and personalities out of it—the weaponization of government agencies against political opponents is anathema to our Constitution. Forget Trump, it’s the Woke Democrats that have weaponized the government against the American people. Trump is not the only target; he’s just the most famous target.

Since when is the law a weapon to silence those who disagree with you? Since when do we have a two-tiered system of justice with strict enforcement for the unconnected and no enforcement for political elites? Can we focus on this issue, the weaponization of government? The people who support this corrupted justice system, today’s woke political elite, are the ones “destroying our democracy.”

Today’s “Not-Democrats” must work together to find common ground and make our future a better and brighter one. We’re not going to agree all the time. But, can we let go of the issues that divide us and focus on the issues that unite? I’d love to hear your thoughts on finding the issues that will unite Not-Democrats, so we can work together to restore a balance of power in Washington state.

Nancy Churchill is the state committeewoman for the Ferry County Republican Party. She may be reached at DangerousRhetoric@pm.me. The opinions expressed in Dangerous Rhetoric are her own.

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  1. Nike Ajax

    Our country is currently under the control of radical, woke revolutionaries wearing the disguise of the formerly great Democratic Party.”

    Uh, Ms. Churchill, WHEN was the “democrat party” ever “great”? Was it great after the Civil War? Was it great when it got us into the Spanish-American War? Was it great as the official Klan platform? Was it great when it sold the Country to the NYC Banksters with the Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax? Was it great when it got our Country into WWI? Was it great when it in kahoots with the Fed got us into the Great Depression? Was it great when it got us into WWII and supported the Soviets? Was it great when it got us into the Korean conflict? Was it great when it got us into the VietNam conflict with the FAKE Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? Was it great when it, via LBJ, forced churches to become 501(c)3 shams? Was it great when the Idiot Peanut Farmer got us 21% interest rates? Was it great with the Clintons? Was it great with the Obamas?

    And, just for drill: the republiSTOOPIDS haven’t done any better. Wake up, Ms. Churchill…

  2. Susan

    Ahhhh, yes, the ol’ argument of “just volunteer and it’ll all be better.” Lady, what drugs are you on?

    The “woke revolutionaries” as you say are now fully in control. In both Wash. State and in Wash. D.C. They will not step aside. They will continue to rig/tamper/gerrymaner/fix elections to continue their drunk-on-power existence. They will not be voted out by the masses of the uneducated or the poor. They will not be voted out by those who exist by suckling at the teat of the government.

    I am not condoning it, but I’m starting to believe that the only way the non-democrats will effect a change is by violence. It worked for the woke revolutionaries. After all, they didn’t like the police, so they rioted in the streets of Portland and demanded (and got) a change. Yes, that change has proven to be bad but that is not the point. The point is that all it took was about 8-9 weeks of violence to get the change they wanted.

    You can volunteer, you can offer thoughts and prayers, you can vote, you can preach from the highest rooftop… all to no avail. Especially here in Washington State but just as true at the federal level.


    1. Nike Ajax

      There are ONLY two things that are going to straighten this bs out: the Tzar Bomba on Olympia and the Seattle metro area, or, Jesus comes back. Not sure which would be worse for the dems and their supporters and donors, but since they are going to end up in the same place anyway, I guess it doesn’t really matter how they get there. 😉


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