Opinion: Mandated Vaccinations — Who is responsible for their risks?

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler shares her thoughts on the repercussions of COVID-19 vaccine mandates

If I am mandated to receive a COVID-19 vaccine in order to keep my job, and subsequently experience an adverse event, who is responsible? Who is responsible if I have neurological complications, a heart attack, or a stroke and am never able to work again.  Who is responsible if I die? 

Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com
Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ve read that neither the vaccine companies, the government entities imposing the mandates, nor the employers themselves will be held responsible in any way if the worst happens. In fact, from what I’ve seen and read so far, it will take a Herculean effort to prove that my adverse reaction was caused by the vaccine. Correlation does not equal causation, they say. But when you are counted as a COVID-19 death, correlation ALWAYS equals causation.

Recently there was a lawsuit filed against the federal government accusing the government of covering up the fact that 45,000 people have died within the first three days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. There are over 13,000 deaths reported to VAERS (vaccine adverse event reporting system) on the CDC website. This number is widely believed to include only 1-10 percent of the actual deaths that have occurred. And then there are hundreds of thousands of transient to severe reactions reported to VAERS.  That being said, I can easily find article after article debunking the accuracy of these statistics.  Anyone can report anything in the VAERS system, they say, so obviously it is not going to be perfect. But it is the ONLY avenue people have to account for their experiences. A line item on a discounted reporting system is the ONLY recourse one has when they believe they’ve lost their loved one to this “safe and effective” vaccine.

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler shares her thoughts on the repercussions of COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
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If the validity of every single one of these adverse events is going to be questioned, then can someone please direct me to the “verified” information? Where can I find the non-refuted deaths, heart attacks, blood clots, and neurological problems that HAVE been associated with the vaccine?  You can’t expect the general public to believe there are zero. So where is the data? In my mind, for each doctor, government official, and layperson to claim that these vaccines are safe, the risk of death needs to be zero. The risk of an adverse event needs to be zero. If that is not the truth, then the truth needs to be spelled out in black and white. Where is it? Informed consent. Where is it?

I’ve heard the following argument for getting the vaccination a nauseating amount of times. The argument is that the deaths and risks from the vaccine pale in comparison to the deaths from COVID-19. If you knew ahead of time that you or your child were going to die from this vaccine would your heart be comforted by the fact that “so many more people died from the virus?” This debate is illogical on a personal level. This is a decision that should be based on each and every one of our own personal risk and benefit analyses. Speaking of children, in the 2017-2018 flu season 643 children died. To date, 332 children have died from COVID-19. Mass vaccinating children with an experimental product, who are at little-to-no risk of harm from this virus, is in my opinion, grossly negligent.

There is now compelling evidence that the vaccinated spread the virus with the same viral load as the unvaccinated. So what the heck does it matter if I get the vaccine or not, if it is not protecting the people around me at all. The argument that the vaccinated are protecting the unvaccinated is moot. Why are the same ineffective vaccines still being pushed? And now there is talk of boosters. Government contracts perhaps. 

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler shares her thoughts on the repercussions of COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
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Another argument is that the unvaccinated are getting sick more often and taking up hospital bed space. I’ve heard the opposite as well. The truth is elusive. To this I say, 78 percent of those who have been hospitalized with COVID-19 are overweight or obese. As many as 95 percent of those who die are obese. So before we blame the unvaccinated for hogging up all of the hospital bed space, let’s first blame the obese. But that’s not appropriate to mention.  It’s much more acceptable to call those that are concerned about the side effects of the vaccine, selfish and deserving of death. Additionally, 80 percent of those that get COVID-19 have low Vitamin D levels in their body. How about we focus on this metric and see if we can drastically reduce the number of those that are becoming ill? But there’s no money to be made on Vitamin D.

I have watched countless videos, and read many more stories from health care professionals as well as individuals who believe these vaccines are causing grave harm. And this is only in the first year. Many more virologists, doctors and scientists purport that the majority of the deaths are still to come due to clotting, antibody dependent enhancement and a general weakening of the immune system. And the coming boosters will increase these risks. This information continues to be censored and suppressed. I’ve written in this space before about the global suppression of early treatment options and how 85 percent of those who have died from COVID-19, died needlessly without the aid of effective early treatment.

And why in the world are we not talking about natural immunity? Testing for natural immunity? Accepting it as an alternative to the vaccine? Natural immunity is robust and durable. They say “we don’t know how long it lasts.”  Well then I hope they are testing vigorously to find out. We already know the vaccine is failing before natural immunity. Conservatively, 100 million Americans have been exposed to this virus and are therefore immune. Those who had SARS-CoV-1 in 2002-2003 were still immune 17 years later, and those who survived the influenza pandemic of 1918 were still immune to the H1N1 outbreak in 2009-2010 a stunning 92 years later. Why is this conversation non existent? Especially when we are at a crossroads between those who are willing to get the vaccine and those who aren’t. My family has already had the virus and under normal circumstances, the medical community would agree that we are now most likely immune. For some reason natural immunity through infection is all of a sudden questioned. 

You aren’t being forced to get the vaccine, they say. You just can’t have a job they say. Well if that’s not medical coercion, then please tell me what is. Most people need to make money to eat.

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler shares her thoughts on the repercussions of COVID-19 vaccine mandates.
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Lastly, there is the issue of variants. Variants of viruses with animal reservoirs such as COVID-19 will exist until the end of time. They will never go away. I’ve read that vaccinating during the height of a pandemic causes stronger variants. The virus has not had a chance to weaken, which normally takes 2-3 years. The vaccine is applying non lethal pressure to the virus, which is encouraging the creation of stronger variants. This could help to explain why we have a nation with a fairly high vaccination rate, dealing with a strong variant. 

If my choice to not get vaccinated, ends up with me dying from COVID-19, then that has been my choice. That should remain my choice. No one needs to protect me from myself. In all honesty, I am terrified of the vaccine. Just as many are terrified of COVID-19. We need to demand the adverse event statistics they are gathering and refusing to release. This is a continuing trial period, so you know they are tracking everything and have copious data. People are hesitant because calling it completely safe is irresponsible and untrue. The suppression of known risks is nothing less than malfeasance from our government and medical professionals. We won’t know the gravity of this experiment for 10 years or more.

As long as 480,000 Americans die from tobacco-related illnesses each year, and we still have tobacco products on the store shelves, you will never convince me that the government cares about my health. Which is fine by me. That’s freedom. This is about power and control that they never want to relinquish and it will take every single one of our voices to overcome that. 

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    1. Brian
      1. The problem lies in the fact that this intelligent lady is attempting to use rational logical and critical thinking skills and asking what are Hard questions of self proclaimed “experts” and their very much non use of science. The lady from Clark county is correct imho👍👍. The answer is going to be far too much truth for many I’m afraid
  1. Christine

    I wish this article would have touched on the corruption of pharmaceutical companies, they will never have our best interest in mind. Pfizer for example is a “habitual offender” persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results. Since 2002 the company and its subsidiaries have been assessed $3 billion in criminal convictions, civil penalties and jury awards. 

    1. Heidi Wetzler

      I strongly encourage you to write an opinion piece on this subject and submit it for publication. This sounds like important information for our readers.

      1. Debra

        I would love to hear Your opinion on Ivercrmtin treatment for preventative and positive Covid patients. The data shows It’s extremely successful! This medicine is widely available and is already fda approved for treating Conditions like parasites and other skin conditions. Other countries are using it and has 98.9 success rate. Other than that not being financially beneficial for Bug Pharma I’m not sure why it’s not being spoken about?

          1. Angelika Dumanski

            I know a Dr. in the US that helps out patients ,they go home in no time,,,and he dosent let them go to hospital…Dr.Vldimir Zelenko, he is well known. An amazing man, who many look up to…he also uses Ivermectin,,and more…

          2. caprice

            He is in Monroe, New York but if he is licensed to practice in your state you can contact him for a telemedicine appt here:
            https://vladimirzelenkomd.com/about/ however wait times could be long. Another option are the protocols I-MASK+, MATH+, or I-RECOVER which you can find at Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) https://covid19criticalcare.com/ivermectin-in-covid-19/how-to-get-ivermectin/
            Here they also provide a list of medical professionals who are also available for telemedicine appointments.

          3. Gloria

            There is no such thing as a Delta Variant and for sure NO WAY to test for it!!! SO. How then can the Media focus the fear NOW, on HOW rampant and dangerous this Delta is?

          4. Darrell Witcher

            pfizer has ties with the Wuhan Lab, Fauci and Obama were their in 2017 in which Obama donated over 2mill.to the Wuhan lab. The virus was manf.in the lab, and covid was intentionally released on us, I wouldn’t believe nothing Pfizer said. Trust me a lot more going on behind this than u realize!! Getting rich on a vaccine and depopulating at the same time!! Bill Gates has a hand in it as well. Do some research!!

          5. Lance

            “who paid the largest fine in history and why?”
            Its going to surprise you. Some pharmas will go to great lengths to make a profit.

          6. JonRon

            Smugly dishes out medical advice and tells others to “do some research”…

            …spells at a fifth grade level.

            I believe the phrase is “only in America”.

          7. Lily Powell

            So exactly “where ” did you go to do this research !!?? That’s a very important question? To your normal place of info !? The gov depts , or the CDC , or who , or FDA !? Or did you actually do real research outside of those areas serving this government operators !? I bet not at all !! The information for research cannot come from the already paid by gov, medical depts, Gates, FAUCI , Soros , Zuckerberg , or other so called millionaire person who support the vaccines ! That’s not research ! Your just going back to the source of the liars who are all in position to gain financially from the sale ,manufacturing , distribution , and other related vaccine areas !! You can only get real info on the complete situation by doing actual research , as we can clearly see you have not ! As with all people who prefer lies to the painful truth, you do not want to know that very painful truth ! Here’s one you cannot hide from …. These vaccines have NOT been tested ! Not at all , they have not been proven safe ! You are their lab rat ! That goes against the Nerumberg Code !! Now , go look that one up ! By the way , the punishment for that , is , DEATH !!

          8. Orb

            Why would you cast insults. Interesting, you’ve successfully proven it’d be better to spell incorrectly then prove to be an jerk! And should you fail to understand, as I’m most positive you will, where the hell do you see the commenter, “dishing out medical advice?” So actually your an jerk and an IDIOT! What was your point anyway! Were you needing attention? Regardless Sherlock, many will notice you now!

            Go find the Troll site! Oh… and should there not be one, take then lead!

          9. Barb

            How do you know this? Did you see his vax card? As much as they have lied I wouldn’t believe his “word”

          10. Josie M. Boatwright

            Im with Heidi. I will not take one willingly. I believe its made to depopulate the world, & make sheep out of people by having them under subjection to the govt. I would bet that the ruthless leaders only take a saline shot if they take one in front of the public trying to encourage others of their safety.

          11. Cid Miller

            Exactly. Just like Fraudci told his staff in the lab. “Do not take the vaccine”.
            When asked why by one of his employees, Fraudci got angry.
            He claimed he had too much $$ and time invested (our $ btw) to allow his team to die from them.
            This was a whistle-blower that recorded the conversation.
            Crazy, it’s not allover the internet, instead it’s been banned.
            Banned just like Fraudci claiming how effective Iverictim is in treating SARS when it was around.
            Now he denies both after thousands have seen the videos.
            No where to be found now.

          12. Simon Stavrou

            He did say he didn’t need to take it.. ‘I am a healthy 55 yr old not at risk’. Do you really believe he’s taken the Pfizer jab knowing the marketing optics on his position?

          13. GLENN LAMBERT

            Wonder why as he admitted the Vax “has little to no efficacy” but promised the next Booster will be better ?

          14. Rubicon

            Nor with the wealthy amongst us. Didn’t you see Nancy Pelosi give a speech in Napa, California with a large group of her sponsors paying $30 thousand for a plate of food. NONE of them were wearing masks, and “social distancing” was seen no where there.

          15. Diane

            She is absolutely one of the most evil and horrific persons on planet earth. Ole Nance and Joe are not ghb oing to make Heaven they proudly like to boast of!!!

          16. Bonnie Hawkins

            Trump isn’t evil…the ones in the Washington are…Biden, Hilary, Nancy, several others. They are the evil ones. Quit listening to the media, they lie like dogs!!

          17. Wesley Coburn

            Who are you referring to? The Pfizer CEO didn’t take it at first because he wasn’t in the age group and didn’t want to butt in line. That was in December of 2020, but he took it in March of 2021.

          18. Tonto

            You actually bought that line of garbage? Right……the billionaire risked death to make sure some unknown old person got the jab first…..WAKE UP MAN

          19. Matt

            I doubt the ceo of a company that has paid 3 billion in settlements and fines cares about waiting in line for anything. He had made millions since Covid started. He may be one of the few who gets paid to get the vaccine. To him it may be worth it. Now that’s he’s severely profiting on this atrocity.

          20. Lissa Hufford

            HUH?? Um, yes Gloria there is a way to test it’s called genomic sequencing. Different to PCR, but this is how variants are tracked. Positive tests are run through genomic sequencing to identify the source and variant in an outbreak, and determine stats.

          21. Jen

            Yes but, genomic sequencing isn’t widely available. Most places where people are getting tested (unless it’s a genome sequence lab) do not have capabilities for genomic sequencing lab tests and therefore don’t have the means to properly test chemical makeup of differing variations of a virus. So…. If the symptoms look exactly the same and they are in fact using the PCR tests, because that’s all they have available, then how can the general clinicians and even hospital ER’s tell you it’s a specific variant above another with absolute certainty? The answer is, they can’t.

          22. Jennifer Tritt

            As someone who recently got out of the hospital with Covid, my doctor told me “he could not tell me which variant I had”. He said there was no way for him to tell. And they send them off and never get the results. Trust no one. There’s way too much money involved in all of this.

          23. Yall R Ridiculous

            Yeah, no way for him to test, because genomic testing takes a specific set of tools that not all hospitals or labs are equipped with. Explain to me how this relates to “money being made” off COVID? I don’t trust “no one”—I trust people trained to do this work. What I don’t trust is your logic.

          24. caprice

            Since the vaccine contains “zero” attenuated covid virus,how can it be a vaccine? The vax also contains a computer-designed spike protein that “looks like” the one on the surface of the virus, but is a pathogen (specifically created through gain of function research to be fatal to humans) which is responsible for the clotting/epithelial and heart damage/neurological issues/spontaneous heavy bleeding/etc. and yes, Antibody Dependent Enhancement. Every person who has received an mRNA vax is a walking spike protein factory. This vax which was injected into muscle does NOT remain there, and most certainly enters your organs, your blood vessels, and crosses the blood-brain barrier. When the vaxxed come in contact with Covid, their body may not show symptoms and if they are tested in the early days of the illness nothing will be detected on a PCR test. Just look at the travelers in and out of South Africa that passed their tests yet within days developed symptoms and tested positive. That means even with triple-vaccinations, and PCR testing, they still potentially passed the virus to others. The un-vaxxed, however, will not have their symptoms masked, and will not be able to “unknowingly” make others sick. They will also have the advantage that their natural immune system will never need a booster.

          25. Barb

            My coworker is back from having covid. He said they could not test for any variant and they have no idea. He also mentioned both his fully vaccinated inlaws had worse symptoms than he and his wife who are not vaxd

          26. Brian

            They never had an isolate of a novel virus. They admitted as much from very beginning when the scientist tasked with designing a test asked for it,they plainly said there was no isolate of novel virus available,so they ran out a genome sequence on computer model. Same way they came up with 10s of millions were gonna die.

          27. Vanessa

            They don’t have a way, 9 days of having my blood drawn for tests in the hospital.. my records state “suspected variant” ..they didn’t know

          28. Tammy

            And as we know, genomic testing can come up with the tiniest fragments of any illness one ever had!

          29. Giopizza head

            There’s only one fda approved Covid test, and it’s the least used test not available to me. Could not procure one.

          30. Yall R Ridiculous

            I don’t think you know what gaslighting means. You don’t have a medical degree, so she can’t be gaslighting. Gaslighting involves making someone think they’re crazy, by making them question their reality. She’s just pointing out that your “common sense” isn’t actually that. If you had attended medical school, or were a epidemiologist—shoot, even a lab tech—you’d know why what you think you know is false. But instead, you read “articles” like this one, full of conjecture and half truth, and think you have the answers.

          31. Fountain O. Knowledge, LLC

            I’m disgusted with this whole mess. Why don’t we take these useless tax and spend politicians, put them on a beta test to Mars, they can all screw each other over and tell us what to do from there. Wouldn’t have to worry about that new fence around that domed bldg. They can populate the place all they want. We can stand around, drink coffee, wait on our next check and smile&nod when they call for a vid conf. Come on Elon, you know you’re my hero, big boy.

          32. Yall R Ridiculous

            Would you also. E interested in that, Dee? Well I’d. E interested how your critical thinking skills became so flawed.

          33. A Brown

            Could the “Delta Variant” be a title manufactured by someone to cover up a failed vaccine? Blackrock and Vangaurd the top two major investors in the vaccines have a lot to lose if this vaccine fails. I would love to see the dna markers proving a variant but you cannot find that information. Also, if the variant is real does it too contain CGG-CGG sequence? This vaccine seems to have failed yet it is still being over promoted. Great Article!

          34. Patricia

            They approved Blackrocks vax today. So everyone who said no because none were approved by the FDA, now have a reason not to take the “one”. I felt all along it would come down to 1. Now it has.

          35. Paulianne

            The FDA doesn’t do any of the testing for drug approval. NIH does and provides its findings for FDA approval.
            Christine Grady is the Head of NIH Bio Ethics. Can you guess who her spouse is?? Coincidence??? 🤨

          36. Yall R Ridiculous

            Who the fuck is Andrew Fauci? If you’re gonna slander the man, at least get his name right. Better yet, just don’t say anything, because you haven’t a clue what you’re on about.

          37. Fountain O. Knowledge, LLC

            Neither does he, big pharma boy. Wonder where I can get an abortion pill for real cheap? I’m sick of the opioids and my kids scarf up the edibles faster than Little Joey can throw you under a bus

          38. Eliza

            Funny how people believe everything they read. What was the source of that information, a Reddit thread? First of all, these claims are totally false. Secondly, she is a highly-educated PHD-holding woman and did not earn her spot at the NIH by coincidence. Reducing her to “Fauci’s wife” is demeaning and misogynistic. She is highly qualified for her position. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/factcheck/2021/08/30/fact-check-faucis-wife-has-no-role-vaccine-approval/5616304001/

          39. Tonto

            Fauci himself is highly qualified on paper, but in reality, nobody could have done a worse job predicting what was coming and guiding us through this. He’s grossly incompetent at best, and deeply evil and corrupt at worst. But the point of mentioning that his wife is in that position is just to illustrate that the entire system is corrupt and all connected. It has nothing to do with her gender. And specifically, what claims are false? Provide the facts. Is that not her position?

          40. Eliza

            I provided a link above. That is her position, but she does not contribute to the FDA approval process. Whoever claimed that in the first place had no source.

          41. Fountain O. Knowledge, LLC

            which position is she in now? Last time I saw her, she had her legs pinned back like a Christmas turkey and talking gobble gobble down on Lolita Isle with Killary

          42. Sputnick Spooner

            The approved shot does not even exist. It will be manufactured by a partner company in Germany sometime in the future. There is no approved vaccine period.

          43. Lily Powell

            Just because ” THEY” approved some thing doesn’t ever mean it’s safe ! As testing a vaccine takes years before it can be used on the public ! It has not been years !! And when I say years ..your looking at ten years on average ! Like on Rats !! Not humans ! Last time I looked in my mirror I didn’t see a rat looking back at me !

          44. Katie

            Blackrock and Vanguard? You do realize they are investment managers (i.e., you give them money and they invest it) and thus, they don’t have an ownership stake in any pharmaceutical company. They make money by taking a annual fee for their services of managing your money. BTW, Blackrock and Vanguard run the largest index funds in the world and thus, you’ll see their names everywhere with respect to public company “ownership”, however, the real owners are individual investors who the Index funds they manage.

          45. Patricia

            I know a person who has no immune system who lived through the supposing Delta variant. 20 days it took but no jab.

          46. Fountain O. Knowledge, LLC

            yall gotta calm down, there’s enough of that poisonous shit to go around. Sure am glad I took that job as crash test monkey for Kawasaki last year…I dont have time to worry about it. Like to hurry up every chance I get. Last crash of the day…my turn to poke the pig down at Big Berthas Topless Car Wash & Saloon, I love working on the weekends.

          47. Offthepink

            She would have recovered faster if she were healthier. Covid mainly kills elderly and unfit and fat people. Everyone else just gets a cold or flu for a couple days.

          48. Amy

            this is completely incorrect, they can map the genome of the virus you have and tell exactly what variant you have.

          49. Brenda Fender

            Yes, and it happens during a second run of the positive swab. They can now rapid test for positivity … the swab is then tested for variant to track the movement of the virus.

          50. Yall R Ridiculous

            I’m surprised this has any upvotes. People here do not seem interested in facts. Just conjecture. But yes, of course, you are correct.

          51. Don

            It’s all bullshit made up by the left side! These people are all satanic and have had this plan to kill us for years! Just look up about the Georgia stones that was erected in Georgia by the new world order assholes!! It tells there plan about the future they want! Depopulated to five hundred million by any means!! Number one Covid vaccine!!

          52. Wesley Coburn

            That’s BS! I have close family that works at the local Health Department. They send samples off and they come back as to which variant it is.

          53. Diane

            No one is going to care because Ole’ Joe just made the whole world a very dangerous place! It’s called terrorism and in Bible Prophecy America is not on the world stage and I wonder how God was going to take us off while the others take over Now We Know! People please listen get saved and Know Christ the Rapture of all Believers is imminent! I pray for all people to come to know our Risen Savior but sadly many do not! Pray!😊✝️🕎

          54. Yall R Ridiculous

            My best friend is a doctor—you folks using Jesus as your vaccine are begging for their shot once they’re told they’re dying from Covid. It’s heartbreaking. Your “Risen Savior” hasn’t a thing to do with this pandemic.

          55. Matt

            Isn’t there a BLM rally or a trans parade you should be at? A young naive, impressionable and vaccinated Greta Thunberg like yourself with all this debating prowess surely must have bigger fish to fry. Or… and this is just me spitballing here. Your comments sound impulsive, poorly formed and immature. So I don’t think your getting anywhere. And not just in life. I meant in this forum.

          56. Maggie

            You can test through a PCR which is done via randomly selected samples. However, you usually will never know yours was among them. My brother happens to run a lab which is the only way one might find out 😉.
            Delta is currently the reining variant in the US, accounting for approximately 98% of cases tested since August. That is quite a difference from Jan 2021.
            Mu-uuuuve over, Delta, Gamma, and Beta! Mu is the baddest belle of the ball this side of the firmament’s divide.
            Mu has the ability (“they” say “potential”) to evade the immune response in both convalescent and vaccinated sera! Both vaxxed and unvaxxed are in trouble. Mu is now in all 50 states.
            Granted, many variants form and many are outshined by more contagious or more deadly versions, but Mu is deadly. Time will soon tell if it becomes the next delta. But, I think it just might. There are currently only around 2400 cases, but, that may change. Or…may not! Again, only time will tell.

          57. Mike

            Why are you Suggesting something that is used to treat Worms, for something that is a respiratory tract infection? I would also think you would make mention of other pre-existing issues patients had that was the actual cause to them dying. Just because they had COVID-19 and died, doesn’t mean they died because of that? If that is the thought then I could easily say that people that died from Cancer, didn’t die because of Cancer, but because of their Asthma. Its Ridiculous, no matter what is said and done people will fight. The main point is that the World is affected and fighting this Disease. Just like all other Diseases that can spread, we have Vaccines for them, Scientists are trying to figure out the best way to fight it. Regardless if we can find people that have a natural immunity to or not is hard.

            Its Ridiculous to say that this is Our Freedom that is being affected. Its not, This is something that everyone is going through. There’s no issue if you have to present your Vax Card for school or when your kids go to school is there? There’s no violation of rights if its the same all across the board. You can still out out and do the shit you need to so. yea, its limited, but Just wear a mask, if a Store asks to wear a mask, regardless if you have been vaccinated for Covid or not, that’s their Business and their right to request it, and their Right as the Business to refuse you service, its a Public Business, but their business and have the right to say no. Just as the signs used to say “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service”. This isn’t a Discrimination against anyone, it just the store owners running their business as they see fit. I am sure there is no skin off their teeth if you don’t use their services or products. Just as if you wanted to have your business and not allow people with Masks on, just don’t go there then. But know the virus and any for that matter, doesn’t care who you are.

            If you use sun screen while out on a Sunny day (The Beach, Race Track, etc…) to help prevent Skin Cancer, then wear a mask, its a similar ideal to aiding you not getting the virus. Just as Sun screen can’t 100% prevent you getting Skin Cancer, the mask is affective with helping. Everyone has their options, this is mine. All I ask is research and have open ideals to watching, reading different articles and such and just think about this. It can’t be gotten rid of without the help of everyone just like Measles and rubella and similar diseases that have been handled with Vaccinations.

            All of us are tired of this, we just want it to be safe.

          58. Julie

            Mike, it’s a virus. It doesn’t go away. It’s not like “measles and rubella and similar diseases.” The vaccines do NOT prevent the virus; they claim only to lessen the symptoms. This is in contrast to, say, a smallpox vaccination which prevents the disease. This is here to stay; fortunately, viruses weaken as they age.

            Again, the main point is that NONE of these vaccines prevent a person from getting Covid. None.

          59. Eliza

            The vaccines do prevent contraction of the virus actually, hence the reported efficacy of 95%. They don’t ‘guarantee’ you won’t get it, and that is the same as any vaccine, contrary to what you have falsely claimed. No vaccine or drug is 100% effective. No process in general is 100% effective or efficient – that’s impossible. But your chances of contracting the virus are drastically reduced when you are vaccinated. Data shows that +90% of people getting the virus right now are unvaccinated, because even if vaccinated people contract the virus, the symptoms are so mild they don’t know they have it.

          60. David Gault

            Isn’t that the case before the vaccine came along as 99.7% of infected people recovered and 90% of them didn’t even know it or feel it. Talk about distorting the truth.

          61. Yall R Ridiculous

            Ummm… no Julie. Sorry. It doesn’t always prevent infection, but it absolutely does protect against infection for the majority of people with a vaccine. To say it “does NOT” prevent infection is a straight-up falsehood. Not sure where you heard that. Care to share your source?

          62. Diane

            You would not be tired or fighting if you knew the Bible. Pestilence, Weather such as floods, fires, tornadoes and much more around the world in places you would never expect landslides and earthquakes are going to salvage the West. This is NOTHING compared to the Wrath or judgment he will put down during The Great Tribulation! So before the Great Tribulation can happen Christ will sound trumpets that only Believers will hear that is The Rapture we Believers do not go through the Great Trib. So know Christ he is the only way! We are the generation to live out Bibical Prophecy for Believers it’s exciting knowing we are going home but for those who do not know what is happening it is a very scary time. I pray for you all to know Christ he came for The World however a lot did not accept his gift of SALVATION and are lost and will be forever.
            In his service,

          63. Ga heinz

            ALL medicines have to go through 10- 15 years of study and trials before they are approved by the FDA to use for the specific disease, disorder or malady THEN they CONTINUE to study it because NOW there are other individuals outside of the study groups that have all sorts of other medical conditions not included in the study/ test groups and interactions with other drugs etc… (then sometimes these drugs get removed from the market because of new data) AND THEY EXPECT US TO LINE UP LIKE SHEEPS BEING LED TO SLAUGHTER FOR A VACCINE THAT WAS “CREATED” IN A MATTER OF MONTHS!!!!! I personally have several auto immune disorders which basically means my immune system is confused and attacks itself and I’m just supposed to HOPE this vaccine doesn’t create havoc.. NO THANKS

          64. Living in the real world

            Look up yourself how long they have been working on RNA technology. 50 years, not a few months.

          65. Lily Powell

            This is true , the Supreme Court of the U.S. even put out a statement saying exactly that because the vacs have not yet been properly tested for years ! That’s why parents can legally refuse school vaccines ! It because of that very fact !!

          66. Lily Powell

            Yes I listen to the two hour long interview with Doctor Malone , who was the scientist that worked on the creation of that vaccine ! And your wrong ! He even says don’t take it ! He is being censored because he speaks out against it ! It was put together for the military , but has never been properly tested ! Was not made for this virus today ! But hey … I guess ” he” doesn’t know what he’s talking about either according to ” you “!!!

          67. Lily Powell

            I’m with you dear ! I have Lupus ! No way could you make me take any vaccine !!! Not even their flu vaccine ! The only time I ever got sick with flu like symptoms was after a flu shot ! And not was I sick !! Even today my dumb doctor tried to push me to take it !? I don’t know what his problem is !? He wants me to take that lousy virus vax ! I just laughed at him !! I had that virus , and now I’m immune , thank you very much ! By the way , I am 72 years old ! I survived without doctors help !?

          68. Yall R Ridiculous

            Are you really asking why? I’d think you’d have figured it out by now—these folks have been thoroughly steeped in horseshit for two years straight. Now they have those “worms” you speak or in their brains. But thanks for the cogent remarks! Not much of that going on here.

          69. Rob E

            I don’t read anything hear about masks. Whether they work or not people are wearing them. The problem is when you have a governor like Newsom who mandates mask wearing and distancing only to be seen dining at one of the most expensive restaurants in the state not following his own mandates. Or when our president says he won’t trust a vaccine created under the Trump administration and that he doesn’t trust the FDA while mandating that I get the vaccine or lose my job. Do you not see the hypocrisy? Do you truly believe that this virus isn’t man made? Maybe it was released by accident but boy does one have to be awful trusting to think that it’s all a coincidence. Everything is about money and it always has been and always will. Money equals power and control and the more they have the more they want.

          70. Lily Powell

            Ivermectin has been used for other things besides worms honey ! Read something beside the trash out out by government stooge’s ! My goodness it’s sold in some countries over the counter ! You must be a lefty as you just ate to hear opposition to your perceived imaginations !! Come on wise up !! Never take all of your info from one source !! Good research rules !!!

          71. Thehorsesmouth

            And this is where misinformation runs rampant.. I am a horse person.. yes, I give Ivermectin for worms to my horses…in their animal dosed form. However, I was treated at a young age with Ivermectin. It is considered a human wonder drug that treats so many things. Nobel prize winner for it. Please read the MEDICAL REPORT from Feb 2011. ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3043740/. The news has misinformed you. May I suggest a possible reason why a parasite drug works so well? But don’t start a conspiracy theory please cause I am not an expert, I just research sources other that news article to find the facts. But in this case I will use big news thoughts on where this virus came from. Simply a bat or bat virus..? Hmm. Drug for parasites, virus thought to come from bats (with or without parasites who knows?) If I’m in the hospital dying from covid give me one of those doctors. Not the ones who can’t use common sense and think for themselves and do some RESEARCH THEN ASK ME FOR MY CONSENT! Don’t force me or threaten my livelihood.

          72. Matt

            I know you get all your news from cnn. Billions of doses to humans in the last 50 years . Nobel prize awarded to the inventor. A drug with antiviral properties is reduced to horse dewormer by freaking Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon and Scotty P. You guys should work together more often.

        1. Shanna


        2. Ryan

          Just used Ivermectin to get through COVID and it was a game changer for me. I am very thankful to have been able to connect to a doc that was pro-Ivermectin because they are few and far between.

          1. Lily Powell

            Our pharmacy told my husband to get a script , and they would gladly fill ivermectin !! Only my doctor is an idiot and has no time he says to read research !!!?

          2. Lily Powell

            I guess I’ll have to research that as any address like emails doesn’t work from here ! So If another virus “gets out” We will have something to fight it with !! Can’t trust hospital’s anymore !! They get paid extra thousands of dollars for every death certificate that list COVID as the cause of death ! How do I know this , well nurses , doctors and whistle blowers all tell the same story over the last year and a half , so numbers and sources count to me ! Yep I believe it !!!

        3. Patricia

          It was spoken about when Trump was in office and they shut him down. If there is an alternative to the mnra shot then they can not give it. Only if nothing else is available. That is clear here. Nothing Trump created still remains.

        4. Rubicon

          Better yet, simply go to http://www.globalresearch.ca. Many worldwide medical specialists have extolled its virtues. Currently, parts of India have started using this treatment, while sueing an Indian doctor at WHO for her malfeasance in distributing numerous lies about all these “vaccines.”

        5. Diane

          Big Pharma can’t make money on therapeutics or vitamin C, D3, Zinc, hydroxychloriquin, intervectim. Or remdesavere. Ask your Dr
          To write you a script incase you have symptoms if he say’s no get a new Dr.

        6. Larry delancey

          Parasites in farm animals. The side effects are horrible !!! And people getting really sick already . Also covid isn’t s parasite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s ok tho thin out the herd . Let the stupid die off

          1. Lily Powell

            Yes dear it is part of this unfortunate global Kabal !! How else will they get control of a whole world !? Get poor dumb sheep to believe that scary lie about a virus that can only be cured with a crazy yet untested shot , that still doesn’t do that , and destroy all evidence of a very cheap easy drug that’s been on the market for 40 years , and has no serious side effects ! Works fast ..but no body will get rich or famous with it’s use ! And that extremely honest TV news shows talking heads gives the drug an ugly story dumb sheep believe it because they heard it on TV !!? From trusted talking heads ! Ok they are not doctors !! But their nice !! Yeah ! That’s the ticket !! Oh who cares if people like Gates , Soros and others like Zuckerberg gives them millions upon millions to tell this story !! Money talks ! Don’t you know that !? Who cares if the doctor …Malone , who made that vaccines says do not take it , and then they censor him ! Yeah !! I’m sure he’s just lying !! Ok ! Sure ! But God didn’t make me a sheep , thank God !! Hehehehe ! So I have a brain who questions everything I put into my body ! Like I would think anyone who has a brain should do !! No !? Why not !? My mommy didn’t birth a fool !!!

        7. caprice

          Its not being considered because the EUA for the vax is only valid if there are no other preventative treatments available…

          1. Lily Powell

            But Hydroxychloriquin and Ivermectin was available and shown to work , well before that awful yet untested vaccine was put out there as a ” maybe fix”!? So which came first !? That’s easy !! Not the vaccine ! So those drugs where available first ! By your own words … Should have been used first ! Not the later yet untested vaccine ! ( By the way that RNA vaccine was not developed for this virus ! It was an experiment designed by the Scientist Doctor Malone for a military use (Incase of germ warfare by the way !) So it was not yet tested on humans or tested at all before this virus !! So it still breaks the Nerumberg Code ! The punishment for that is still Execution !! FACT !!!

        1. Austin Boil

          “Snopes”, give me a break. If YOU do some research you will find who all these so called “fact checkers” really are and who they are paid by.

          1. Lynne Luker

            Yes Snopes is actually run by the media- so whatever the media is claiming to be true is what snopes supports.

          2. Scott Pilgram

            I love when people try and get on their liberal soap box quoting snopes ….that’s like using MSNBC as your Guage for truth telling.

          3. Tillman Bunch

            I did my own calculations based upon CDC data and determined the 45,000 was not at all credible. I am not a doctor or a scientist. I can do simple math and usually know when something does not pass the smell test. Forget Snopes! That misinformative figure, 45,000, should not have been included in a serious article about the vaccines. Our objective should be to seek the truth as opposed to scaring people to our side of a debate. For those who remain unconvinced, here is a better explanation of where that imaginary figure of 45,000 originated.

          4. Isme

            I understand where she was coming from. Maybe some don’t care about poor people and elderly who do not have access to VAERS, but I do. No-one is checking with those folks, are they?

            Really now, stop being on a side. People are being scared out of their minds no matter which side of this issue they are on.

            Imho none of the facts bear out to ANY truth. Every single medical situation is completely different because of genetics, diet, environment and lifestyle.

            All a person can do is read as much as they can, and then make up their own minds about what to do for the health and safety of their family and selves.

            We all really need to stop treating this as a “us versus them” issue. The last time that was allowed to go on and on a war was fought and millions died.

            What made America great was, above all – working on tolerance. Both sides acting out with hatred and violence is tearing the country apart. Don’t let hatred into yourself, if you must feel something for the “other side” feel pity.

            At least that way if “your side” is proven wrong in the end, you won’t have to live with any guilt that was primarily given to you by others.

            Don’t follow the crowd; educate yourself; keep your own counsel; advise don’t chastise.

            Old wise saying; You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink.

          5. Lily Powell


          6. Lily Powell

            Yeah .. that’s all well and good , as that would be great if we had the freedom to choose , but we don’t ! They say get that vaccine or else !? Get your babies vaxed as well or else !! Now there is no freedom ! And no choice !! Now what do you have to say about that ? Our freedoms gone our jobs are under threat , our children are under threat , our lives are as well ! Forced is not choice!!! The world’s economy has been destroyed , people have died needlessly , good drugs are denied us ! What’s wrong with this picture ?? If you can’t see the real problem , you never will !! THAT IS THE REAL ISSUE HERE !!!

          7. Tom

            Saw “Fact Checkers” and I laughed. Fact Checkers are there to push agendas. They are not there to set the record straight. They are there to protect the current administration. If you look up who makes up the fact checkers they are from NY Times and other left leaning “news” (I use that very loosely) organizations. You should read fact checkers articles on how they are protecting this administration as it comes to the Afghanistan debacle.

          8. Lily Powell

            Look outside this country for any information ! If your able to understand how to do this !! Never ever use a TV news show as your source !!! Thats just silly !!

          9. Lily Powell

            Yes that’s another unfortunate FACT !! FACT CHECKERS WORK FOR WHO ? THATS A QUESTION YOU MUST LOOK INTO BEFORE YOU EXCEPT THEIR CONCLUSIONS !! A SMART HUMAN WHO USES THEIR BRAIN AND , DOES THEIR OWN RESEARCH , AND LOOKS BEYOND THE GOVERNMENT FOR INFORMATION ( considering how untrustworthy we should all know by now this government is !) SHOULD KNOW THIS ! that is if you REALLY DO WANT TRUTH !! Today people must trust no one , particularly when those who want your trust , have so much to gain financially !! Think about THAT for just a second !!!

        2. Victoria

          Snopes has been discredited completely as it’s been proven to have a far-left bias (one of the founders is openly far-left). It’s not a good idea to use this for any fact checking as it may as well be another branch of MSM at this point.

        3. Shawn M Slatter

          Yeah… cause one can trust Snopes…. the site that has been proven to be biased and caught lying many times, and its President was recently fired or something for getting caught lying………..

          1. Eric Fearon

            So how many deaths from the vaccine are you willing to accept. Like your bs snopes article said swine flu vaccine was pulled after 53 deaths…..

          1. Tillman Bunch

            I did my own calculations based upon CDC data and determined the 45,000 was not at all credible. I am not a doctor or a scientist. I can do simple math and usually know when something does not pass the smell test. Forget Snopes! That misinformative figure, 45,000, should not have been included in a serious article about the vaccines. Our objective should be to seek the truth as opposed to scaring people to our side of a debate. For those who remain unconvinced, here is a better explanation of where that imaginary figure of 45,000 originated.

      2. Alastair McLoughlin

        To Christine and Heidi. The hiding of “negative data” results from pharmaceutical trials is well documented. An excellent resource on this subject can be found in a book called ‘Doctoring Data’ published (Columbus Publishing Ltd) in 2014 by UK’s Dr Malcolm Kendrick. He mentions specifically vaccine result data that is never published. So I ask the question: Who would be so naive as to believe we have been presented with all the research results from the mRNA tests? Cover-ups have happened in the past and they’re happening right now.

        1. Isme

          Agreed. Really dislike this reliance on polls, surveys, and statistics that aren’t fact checked as to how they were carried out.

          I’ve worked in marketing research (and quit) in the past and it is very simple and easy to skew the outcome of any poll, survey or set of statistics by simply claiming one set of resulting data as irrelevant.

          Irrelevant that is to the aims of the people or company doing the research.

          No, after seeing what I saw I don’t put 100% trust in any such research.

          To those who may not understand it’s as though 10,000 people are asked “Is the sky blue?” and the research company wants the result to be green. Anyone who says, “sometimes it’s teal (or aquamarine, or turquoise)”, those answers are kept while any answers where it’s stated “Yes, it’s blue” are thrown out as irrelevant. Only the answers kept will be counted as “respondents” and that’s how 70-100% answers on their “side” are gotten.

    2. Adam D

      Another irritating point, and the article does touch on it, the medical reporting and data is laughably unreliable with regards to both covid deaths, VAERS, and what these numbers would be with correct early treatment methods. Treat most illnesses incorrectly and the hospitalization and death rates would spike. Sadly, follow the money….

        1. Adam D

          Didn’t realize there was a word limit (thank you) and the article was absolutely fantastic covering a very broad range of issues to consider.

    3. Paul

      The CDC is a For Profit company (even says so on their web site) so where is the profit coming from?!?! Is it not the pharmaceutical companies?

      1. Darcy

        I was wondering how long it would take before the FDA was brow-beat into approving the vaccines. Well, one for now. With all the money to be made I would imagine more will follow. One thing I am annoyed by is how many seem to think it is everyone else’s responsibility to protest their health. “It’s her job, his job, the county, state, or federal government’s job to protect me.” Yeah good luck with that. Pfft. Where is personal accountability? I kind of know the answer to this. At least in many cases.

        As a person with an auto-immune disease and no immune system, I feel it is my personal responsibility. There is no way I am going to put my health in someone else’s hands. My body…my health…my immune system. Period. Also, my doctor has told me, no way on getting vaccinated. At least for now. She added in time, with more data we can revisit the matter. Consequently I honestly can’t tell you the last time I had the flu. My last cold was in 2017. I am careful and very cautious. With no immune system I need to be. I am not an anti-vaxer, but right now I do not feel comfortable getting any of the available vaccines. If I get Covid, I will either get better and have at least some natural immunity…or I won’t get better. I can’t cower and live in fear anymore. To some extent I have done that since I was diagnosed with my auto-immune disease. I am done with living like that.

        1. Lily Powell

          Too bad we now do not have an option to choose ! You need money to buy food to eat ! If you are threatened with losing your job if your not taking that shot … What do you do now ? They will not except any reason or excuse ! And if that shot kills you or disables you in anyway , you have nowhere to turn ! The vax people pharma company and everyone associated with these vaccine have total immunity from prosecution , now what do you do !? You cannot say I object on religious grounds either ! Now what !? Tell us , “all you take that vaccine pushers !? ” Tell us what YOU would do !?

    4. Lorraine Steen

      And it’s not a vaccine. It contains mRNA. It is changing us. It can be manipulated. True vaccines do not do this, do not work this way.

      1. Austin Boil

        True vaccines kill the virus, these “treatments” being sold as a vaccine are ludicrous! Jabbed people are still catching Covid & spreading it. Nobody knows the long term affects & nobody will accept any liability for resulting health issues or death including Health insurance companies who deny claims because it’s an experimental, non-approved drug. If they approve it this week as we are hearing it’s another falsehood just giving politicians a tool to control people.The SARS jab had less than 20 people die and they pulled it off the market. These Covid jabs have killed thousands and resulted in long term health issues for many more than that. Politicians making my health related decisions isn’t going to happen!

      2. Nic North

        Are you a scientist? Doctor? Immunologist? How long (in terms of years) have you studied communicable diseases?

        1. Lily Powell


    5. Polly

      it is NOT necessarily the drug companies, themselves.Bill Gates, George Soros, Dr. Fauci and others, are making money hand over fist with this vaccine.

    6. Linda Adams

      I don’t know what to believe.sure not sure about taking it. I guess it’s like the flu shot you get every year it’s not as bad if you take it.im gonna keep praying about this until I get peace.i guess if they have to come to the door with a gun.you can shoot me either way I know where I’m going. So it doesn’t matter. Until then.it took my husband forever to get me to take the flu shot.

    7. Katie

      Christine — So, you’re saying Pfizer and the other pharmaceutical companies created COVID-19? Have you ever taken a prescription drug before? Birth control, etc.? Thanks.

    8. Debra Hagen

      I wrote a paper in graduate school on how to fix the pharmaceutical company problems and decrease drug costs. I have been thinking about pursuing that further.it is a huge problem. They should not hold the amount of power that they do. Where are the non- bias control studies? The only way to have control studies in mass vaccinations is to have an equal amount of people unvaccinated.

    9. shirley

      hi this is dona. wright we should stand for ur governor and president for a new president now we have in the white house good donna.

      1. RN with autonomous thinking

        I hear you loud and clear. Some in my family including one of my adult kids took the jab. I was shocked. They won’t even look at the truth.

        1. Wesley Coburn

          Very strange that you should feel that way. My own teenage son has 2 Cardiologists that said they recommended the shot over getting Covid. That’s based on what they actually see every day in the clinical setting. You are seeing the opposite of truth, but I’m sure you don’t care as long as people look to you for your expert opinion.

          1. Julie

            Interesting. My cardiologist says the opposite. According to him, the risk of death is considerably higher from myocarditis (sp?) and clots than from dying from COVID. Unless your son is obese, I can’t imagine the statistical risk being low enough for a teenager to take the jab. Remember, it was never to prevent COVID, only to lessen the symptoms.

            But I wish your son the best of luck. It would be heartbreaking for him to develop complications.

        1. Ell

          I don’t get tge first part, CNN=M-ind K-ontrol…my brain hurts trying to figure out what that is supposed to mean.

  2. K.J. Hinton

    I guess I missed it. “Mandated” is no different than any other job requirement. You ALWAYS have the choice to refuse.

    But no one ever claimed that YOUR choice won’t have consequences. You know what they are. Make a decision. Live with it.

    But stop whining.

      1. redrum

        First let me say that I agree with just about everything in this article. However, I’m going to guess that your job probably requires you to show up – and your daily commute almost certainly involves a small risk of injury or death.

        1. Jim Comfort

          But, if you and your employer agree upon hiring you that you won’t ever have to lift anything over, say 30 lbs., they can’t then turn around and put you in a position that requires lifting 50 lbs.

          Employment agreements are legal contracts.

          1. Austin Boil

            I’ve never seen an employer say they will have the right to make your personal health decisions as a condition of employment. Does that even make logical sense. I don’t go to my employer or a politician to ask for medical advice because that is insanity isn’t it? Jabbed people are proving to still get Covid and spread it, so what’s the point again? 40 schools in Florida had strict masking and social distancing, 29 schools had none of either… take a guess what the results were regarding Covid…NO DIFFERENCE. Those ‘real” case studies should tell any sane person something.

    1. Veronica Dahlstrom

      What ever happened to my body my choice? This is not A real “choice” is a forcing of the hand for something that has a small amount of information on the effectiveness.. All the maybies and mights and shoulds.. Damn huh

    2. Sanora

      Every job has a right mandate things. Job duties, dress code, or conduct. But for an employer to mandate a medical treatment is unexcusable. No one has the right to tell me what type of medical treatment I should take. And as many deaths as the flu causes every year no one even suggested mandating the flu shot. It was always a personal choice. Just as this shot should be.

      1. Gloria

        It would serve these Tyrants well; for everyone to just NOT COME IN TO Work! Then let’s see these lying fear mongering PAID LIARS and phonies would run their businesses!

        1. Gloria

          Ironical isn’t it that all the Healthcare people be forced to get it and the ramifications of them all being injured by the arm poke and then, no one to take care of them or the hospitalized!

      2. Kathy

        Right! What if Hooters mandated that all employees need to have breast implants? It would be part of their “uniform”, so I guess that’s ok?

    3. Wilson

      Hmm 🤔 whinnying? No I think not! It’s called standing up for what you believe in. Being a voice for others. What about you? Are you complaining that we disagree with you?

    4. Kaye Gorton

      When the government mandated to your job we all have to be vaccinated… it is different. I am a nurse. In 28 years I have never been mandated to do something to my body I was against. Flu vac?? I opted out and wore a mask they mandated. The Covid jab is now mandated by the government. They don’t offer a choice to wear a mask. You get the jab, and still wear a mask. I don’t hear “whining” at the hospital I work for when 1/2 the nurses refused to get the experimental jab. They were prepared to walk out. Frustrated? Yes. Angry? Yes. Overwhelmed and understaffed? Always. Doing the best we can? Daily. Whining ???? Nope not my team. Maybe you are talking about your place of business….

      1. Ang

        Whining? Save that crap. As a living soul we have the right to make our own decisions no matter what the gvmt says. As to jobs mandating you take a medication that the possible side effect is death? Laughable. Sue them. You can win if you know the law…not the maritime/admiralty law, but the real law. Ignorant comment w no thought behind it. This is the reason things are the way they are. Oh…”I’m willing to be irresponsible w my health and put it into a corporations hands…” Well some ppl are not willing to do that, and no amount of money or threats will change their mind. I Am one of those living souls. They wanna force this, and the more they do, the more I will resist it. I suggest many ppl do the same as I watch vaxxed ppl die all around me…before it’s too late and irreversible damage incurs.
        Much love to the smart ppl who question everything in this day and time. Communism is here…what say you…Comrade.

          1. Heidi Wetzler

            To this I add, where are all of the investigative journalists? The field I’ve worked in my entire life is no longer.

          2. Michael Lansdowne

            That’s a great point. You should go back and investigate the claims in your article and cite them. For the ones you can’t find sources on, perhaps reword them as being a possibility instead of facts. Raise the bar.

          3. Martin Parker

            While I agree with this opinion, Investigative journalists cite sources. This is a great article but without sources there’s nothing to stand behind. If we want to arm folks with the facts, you have to point them in the right direction. We need to be able to show these stats, show the proof.

      2. BK12

        The fact that they won’t even offer an alternative to the shot like wearing a mask like everyone has been for the last year and a half is ALARMING!!!! Especially ALARMING that they are mandating a shot for something that you can still get and still spread!!!!

        1. juliespehar

          Exactly, and them first saying “folks with shots don’t need masks” then when Delta started up, saying “folks with shots need masks” tells you all you need to know. It’s not about the virus, it’s about control; they are using a nasty virus as a means of control.

    5. cnoonan

      K.J. Hinton–you definitely missed it–whining? Why exactly are Health Care Workers and Teachers being forced to vaccinate or chose another career field but this same unfair mandate is not being levied straight across the board? Exactly what makes a healthcare worker more of a risk than a grocery cashier, a salon worker or say, a flight attendant? Exactly how less sterile of a situation is a medical facility compared to your local Walmart, Costco, McDonalds or any of the other way more compromised areas people populate on a daily? WTF is wrong with our World when some of us (thankfully we are not all SHEEPLES) think it is OKAY to force people into choosing between their livelihood or their freedom of choice. And don’t come at me with your big Pharma bullshit about the safe and effective vaccine. PROVE IT. Oh yeah, that’s right, you can’t–not yet, anyway. You have no EFFING clue why a person is not choosing to vaccinate, and you have NO RIGHT to that info, either. Listening to your bullshit, when my RN daughter is having to make the most difficult decisions about her career, lets me know EXACTLY what type of virus is really running rampant in this World, and it’s not Covid that concerns me. It’s the ignorance, like saying that anyone not happy with the mandate is a whiner. You chose to say something that ignorant. But hey–“no one ever claimed YOUR choice won’t have consequences.” right? Eat it up. I feel for you. Negative energy is sort of mind blowing to say the least. BTW–Covid is the #7 killer in the US as of the July 2021 figures, the spot right above Diabetes. Go figure.

    6. Lori

      You should consider this is relative to our personal mefical history and present condition. Would you like to share your entire medical history with your employer? I think not!

    7. Austin Boil

      So what’s the point of having your own doctor when your employer or some politician can make your health decisions for you? Actually brilliant, eliminate doctors and all those nasty bills they generate for us. Call the Governor or Senator to make your next checkup appointment. What moron agrees with an employer that they can make your personal health treatment decisions for you or you can’t work there? Not sure what Bizzaro World you are living in but glad I’m not in it.

    8. Ell

      Stop being a blind little sheep and supporting our loss of freedom. I don’t trust the government to make decisions about my health. Working to make money is a human right regardless of your decision to get the jab or not!

    9. Ell

      You’d be wrong anyways! At least were I come from, We have the right to refuse unsafe work most of the time without being fired! no consequences for refusing! Also not once has a boss ever asked to see medical records or vaccine cards! As far as Im concerned, its a human right to choose what we do with our health, as well as it not interfering with oyr right to work, unless it’s interfering with our ability to work. Fir example being sick requires time off, breaking both arms makes it impossible to work in a place where you need to use your arms! being highly addicted to drugs and going into work high would rightfully cone with the consequences of being fired!
      Telling someone the gave to inject something they dont want to inject is completely unacceptable!

      1. juliespehar

        Ell, good on your company not hassling about shot cards, etc. In what state do you reside, Florida, Montana, Texas?

    10. Carrie Reimer

      “Make a decision, live with it. But stop whining”.
      Getting vaccinated is like playing Russian roulette. 5 out of 6 chambers don’t have a bullet in them. The only way you can get a job to support your family and keep a roof over your children’s heads is if you put the gun to your head and pull the trigger.
      Stop whining and make a choice, the odds are in your favor that you won’t get the bullet, and if you do, oh well, there’s consequences to every choice we make.

    11. Barb

      Nope. My job has never required me to inject anything in my body. They never asked what vaccines I was given prior to employment.

  3. RCxyz

    Remember, for the most part, government decisions are based on the overall good of the population (not the individual good). So, if they believe the general population is better served with the vaccine (even though some will be be negatively impacted or even killed by it), that will be the govt decision. Overachievers and people who assert individual rights don’t really fit in well with the socialist govt system. With that being said, I am vaccinated and will even get the booster jab when it comes out. IMHO, if someone is over 18 and not vaccinated, they must be crazy.

    1. Louette Madison

      Check out Michael Yeardon, the former chief scientist for Pfizer and listen to his story before you decide to move forward! Find him on Rumble or any alternative to YouTube
      also find… Dr Bryan Bridal, Dr Robert Malone, Dr Sucharit Bhakdi, Dr Ryan Cole and frontline doctors on Rumble! It will be very eye opening! Blessings to you and your search for truth

        1. Jenson

          Are you absolutely sure they are posting false information? Are you just listening to the fact checkers who say that about everyone who posts information they disagree with.

        2. BK12

          Are you freaking kidding me??!! R.W. Malone created mRNA for Pfizer and the moderna shot not to mention he has 7 patents on “REAL” vaccines. Look up his website before you think YOU know everything. Maybe it will open your eyes a little!!!!

        3. Lily Powell


    2. Jen

      I mean, telling people to eat MyPlate and non-fat was based on terrible science that’s been proven wrong for decades…but big beneficial gov still promotes it out of love? NO. They promote it out of money. The government is not your friend, and definitely cares naught for you or benefit. IMHO, anyone who thinks the government is their friend is most definitely crazy and uninformed.

    3. RN with autonomous thinking

      Well…good job! You’re exactly what the “government” needs. A person who believes what they tell you to say and do. Brainwashed is a real thing. Ignorance is simply not knowing better. Stupidity is not knowing and not truly searching to know the truth. Can’t fix stupid. Sorry.

    4. Ang

      😂 or maybe they trust God more than a Big Pharma corporation who will profit off of their sickness…go watch some more tell lie vision…Lord help you. Fr 🙏

    5. Dayna

      You are oblivious if you think the government has you or any other persons best interest in mind. In the end it is all about the all mighty dollar and population reduction.
      When the very inventor of mRNA technology says that it is DANGEROUS and unsafe to use it as a “vaccine”, along with some of the lead virologists for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies… Those are the people to listen to, they KNOW what they are talking about. Do your due diligence and research.

    6. Ann

      We are not in a socialist government in the US. Our government is a constitutional Republic. The rights of the individual matter here.

      1. Merowem

        Maybe historically. But that notion is quickly eroding. If enough people don’t stand up for what you just asserted, the socialist left will have their way and turn the tide completely against individual rights. Rigged elections, other behind-the scenes power plays to take away those just and fair constitutional rights.

    7. Angelika Dumanski

      Sorry to tell you,,,but Im not crazy….its hate you are promoting,,and that is not fair…everyone has the right to be vaxxed or not to be vaxxed,,whats it to you? Im not you..I have my own will and can choose. Im not a hater of anyone, To be kind to everyone will promote healing to others…To say someone is crazy,Is not appropriate in any language…I see people hating each other because this vaccine is made maditory ,and if your not vaxxed you cant do certain things…There will be a back lash on this,,because that is hate breading hate . One can see it happening,,,,We need to change our attitude on this, or things will get out of hand as they already are…

      1. Bobbie

        That’s part of the design…divide and conquer. This is the greatest evil since the holocaust. Globalists have rationalized this purge and orchestrated the collapse of the society of man. God have mercy on us.

    8. BK12

      FYI it’s not an “ACTUAL” vaccine because if it was an “ACTUAL” vaccine then you wouldn’t still be able to GET IT or SPREAD IT!!! The Rona shot is like a flu shot where it just makes YOUR symptoms less if YOU get the shot. It only protects YOU so yes it IS an individual’s right to get it or not. It’s not a vaccine so it is not for anyone else to decide what I or ANYONE else puts in their body period!!!!

  4. Ang

    I feel it would put more legitimacy to your opinion, and also be more helpful, if you actually cited your sources for the things you’ve read which dispute what the government is saying. Otherwise it just sounds like you’re perpetuating fear mongering.

    1. Sue

      Sources are cited all the time proving exactly what she is saying…but they are either censored or people are to afraid to believe them. It would make no difference to someone who believes the jab is 100% safe if you provided them with the 100s of the professional peer reviewed scientific papers that DO exist. Children Health Defense NEVER publishes anything without citing factual and scientific data, yet they have been blocked from FB for spreading misinformation.(I guess anything that doesn’t support the current narrative, including peer reviewed medical studies are now “misinformation”). Not saying this article still shouldn’t include the sources..just pointing out it would make no difference.

      1. Vanessa Amundson

        It’s always interesting to hear the pro-mandate crowd bleating about citing sources, but they never do it themselves. The story from the CDC et al has been the same. They say the science is settled but we never actually see it. And I can promise you it’s not because the CDC is being censored by Big Tech. If they are so confident on their position on masks, vax, etc, let’s see the unrefuted evidence. (Hint: it’s because there isn’t any)

      2. Sam Berman

        It would make a difference to me. But lets not confuse this for a researched article. This is an opinion piece full of logical fallacies. It would never pass for a factual article.

      3. Ang

        That’s the truth, I am constantly banned across social media for posting anything they consider against their narrative.
        War is here…ppl may wanna get ready. If that scares ppl, too bad, ppl being scared doesn’t stop it from being true and it’s better to be prepared than scared. Js.

    2. RN with autonomous thinking

      Or. You can actually do your own research through the “back doors” of the internet. You can question whether what you believe is true or not. If you truly have no clue where to start, maybe get on telegram and look. Some is BS, but there is information with links to the sites that will show you beyond a doubt that the government has, to sat the least, not been forthcoming with the truth.

    3. Amanda

      On fb I sited the cdc to back my statement. Fb blocked it saying my comment was spam. They dont want us to see that what they say doesnt match the data on their site.

      1. Carrie Reimer

        I had a heart attack after getting the Pfizer jab. I started a fb group asking if others had severe reactions to the vaccine. I wasn’t spreading any information. I only wanted to provide a place where people could share their experience, support each other and compare notes.
        I had thousands of people join in a couple of days and immediately received a warning from FB that if I continued to post “false” information I would be shut down. Within another day, all posts and comments had to be authorized by me but FB was removing them as FB saw fit. They would deny a post as partially false, and say the information wasn’t verified or proven. That doesn’t make it false. Such as VAERS numbers. The information from the VAERS official site was deemed “false”.
        I finally just walked away from it and let someone else take it over. I spent a day in FB jail and came back to 110 posts to authorize and 20 that had been deemed conspiracy posts and removed.
        Yeah, tell me again we are getting honest figures on who has suffered adverse effect and how many people have died.
        I don’t even know why people are arguing that everyone has to get vaccinated when we have solid, real time evidence it isn’t providing protection.
        It would be easier to risk my life by getting my 2nd jab if I saw that it was working. But why would I go through risking another heart attack for something that isn’t working? How stupid would I be?

  5. Jen Holbrook

    I love this! People are not researching the side effects-deaths that are not being talked about on the news! I resigned from my kitchen job at the school. Not going to work for a company that will stand behind this. I hope others walk as well. Sad day that it has come to

    1. RN with autonomous thinking

      Agreed. They’re going for the teachers, for crying out loud, we cannot afford to lose them. And Healthcare workers, it’s just such a strong no for many of us, for those who think outside the box. Truly wondering and saddened at what the next few years will show from this pandemic experiment on humanity.

        1. Wesley Coburn

          One of my teachers died from Covid! I actually know MANY unvaccinated that have died from Covid. I do not know of a single issue from all of the people I know that got the vaccine. Time for thy head to come out of thy rump Sam!

          1. Lily Powell

            You don’t know many people do you ! Your teacher did not get any treatment ,, and she was either over weight or had another health issue to boot ! Most people never die ” of ” COVID ! , But the doctors and hospital are not allowed to give them any kind of early treatment when they begin to have any symptoms !! Ever wonder why that would happen ,?
            If you came down with the flu , you would be given all sorts of treatments ! Why not do the same for those who have symptoms of this virus !? Instead they tell everyone to go home , until their lips turn blue and they can’t breath !! Honey that’s just criminal !!

        2. Lily Powell


  6. a schafer

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Ms Wetzler for having the courage to voice what so many of us are experiencing, and for what medical professionals are being silenced. And THANK YOU to Clark County Today for having the courage to print it!
    I feel for those who have lost loved ones due to the virus; of course this is sad, and for them, devastating. And I’m close to several friends and associates who have. Each member of my family has had COVID-19, so historical science would suggest that we are each more healthy and likely to be immune to further exposure, and more apt to adapt to any variants. However, we, too, are being threatened by our government for not taking their vaccine: my wife will lose her job if she doesn’t get vaccinated–and has been threatened to be fired if she even says anything negative about it. My kids can’t travel. My church patrons are now divided. My employment future is unclear.
    I agree with EVERYTHING Ms Wetzler stated in this article. What is happening is wrong! I believe the government is trying to help in its own way, is trying to stem the spread, is possibly doing what it thinks is best. But politicians are not health care professionals. Lead virologists who are pro-vaccine are speaking out against these manufactured vaccines because, as Ms Wetzler stated, not only are they proving ineffective, but may be worse for us than the virus! They are toxic to our bodies. There have been documented awful side effects and death. They can harm us long-term. The mRNA will be passed on to our children. Etc, etc.
    I, too, am pro-vaccine…where it makes sense. This one doesn’t. Yes, the public needs to be able to see all the real medical data, so each individual can make their own informed decision. Some will choose to be vaccinated and some will choose to not. And the virus will still spread for a time then die out because our bodies will be resistant.
    I shouldn’t lose my job, travel status, or freedom because I eat well, exercise everyday, and overcome illness without being hospitalized.

    1. juliespehar

      Are you and your wife in healthcare or another field? I read that TI is mandating the shots for all their employees; TI builds commercial electronics, and isn’t a defense contractor.

  7. Mary

    If enough folks refuse in schools and medical facilities, the money lost will freak out government. They like their money. We must stand up and be counted.

    Like Hitler, Providence medical facilities plan to make unvaxxed wear a special badge, to identify them. Like Hitler labeled the Jews with a yellow star. Do not accept this, stand up and do not let them turn our country into that!

    Write all elected politicians.

    Sign the petition going around.

    Refuse to let the guilt uou, shame you, or force you into something you do not want.

        1. Wesley Coburn

          I had 25+ vaccines injected from the time I was born until I graduated high school. The Covid vaccine WILL be added to the list and none of you bone-heads will have the power to stop it!

          1. Lily Powell

            Ah , well you should know this old saying … ” STUPID IS , AS STUPID DOES “!! By the way all those other vaccines didn’t kill or sicken people ! Any time in the past , if that happened , they would pull that stuff off the shelf !! TRUTH and FACT ! But not this one ! Not this time !? Ever wonder why !? Of course not your lefty group don’t ever ” THINK ” you just obey ! Without a thought in the world !! We have had many viruses in the past , and many were much worse then this , and it didn’t only effect old or sick or fat ! They got everyone ! , And yes many old sick or otherwise informed died ! No vaccine was made ! Nope !! But what is different about this one !? Nothing really , it’s not so much as this virus , but their end goal !? Control ! It’s all about control ! Of course MONEY IS EXTRA , AND GREAT !!! A BONUS ! BUT GLOBAL CONTROL IS THE ISSUE HERE ! NEW WORLD ORDER , ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT ! THE USA MUST BE BROUGHT DOWN FIRST OF ALL !! STUPID AMERICANS AND THEIR LOVE OF FREEDOM ! GUNS !! OH NO THAT MUST STOP ! SO SCARE THEM WITH A BIG FAT LIE ! ( not all deaths are virus related , but hell put them down as that anyway ! We need numbers !) NOW FORCE THEN TO SIT HIDING INDOORS , FORCE THEM TO COMPLY ! VACCINES FEAR WORKS GREAT FOR THAT ! NOW TAKE AWAY THEIR FREEDOMS ONE BY ONE ! FLOOD THEIR COUNTRY WITH NEW PEOPLE TO CHANGE DEMOGRAPHICS ! PLEASE DO NOT QUESTION AUTHORITY ANY MORE NO FREEDOMS OF THOUGHT ANY MORE ! WE MUST ALL AGREE WITH GOVERNMENT ! NO LONGER OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE OR BY THE PEOPLE ! THATS DEAD AND OVER !! OBEY COMPLY DUMB DOWN CHILDREN NO ONE READS ANY MORE ! WHY READ !

      1. Lily Powell

        And exactly what do ” YOU ” know about Hitler , and the makings of that war , the terrible things that were done !? How old are you !? I bet your under fifty for sure ! So you know nothing about WWII , or the FACT our own government as well as Great Britain was financing Hitler as well !? We had out own little Nazi club right here in the good old USA !! we didn’t even know about this problem of the Jews til the end of the WAR !!! oops ! Missed that one too didn’t you !? They didn’t teach that in school !

  8. waymire

    Thank you. There are additional issues as well. The federal government has paid over 7 billion dollars and counting of taxpayer money for these vaccines. Vaccines that do not prevent infection or spread. Now they are mandating a booster of a vaccine that didn’t work with no changes to the formula. Follow the money. The CDC removed the only regulations that did anything to prevent spread, even though there was no confirmed immunity IRL environment for the vaccine, they caused this outbreak. They were not enough.. we need continuous testing and mandatory quarantine of all sick, exposed, and everyone entering the country to control the spread which the US refuses to do.. but at least it was something. There is no “herd immunity” to a mutating virus with animal and human hosts. The only hope is to stop the spread, and stop the mutations that come with it. The current trend of forced vaccination is discriminatory and predatory, I can’t believe I’m seeing these draconian measures happening in my lifetime in the USA. My family is at high risk for serious illness or death from a syndrome even the CDC has admitted is linked to the vaccines.. and they refuse to admit the majority of the issues/deaths resultant from it so that tells you just how high the risk is. This syndrome destroyed my father, he lived only five years after acquiring it, if you could call his condition “living”. My exhusband had the same condition.. so my children, who already have confirmed allergies to other drugs and one of which almost died from a childhood vaccine as an infant, have a double risk. This condition has a 7% death rate, a 22% intubation rate, and up to 60% cannot walk after six months of recovery.. much higher risk than the virus. We are far from the only ones with such risk factors. Yet I have to live in fear of losing my job for refusing to risk my life for a vaccine that doesn’t work, and be criticized, harassed, questioned, and discriminated against in society. As if it’s not hard enough living and working in a pandemic where every person you come in contact with could mean not only your death but that of your family. My adult son is in the same position….and he has an even higher risk not only from immune reaction to the vaccine, but the confirmed risk of heart inflammation for his sex/age, AND a preexisting kidney malformation which would mean his death if clotting was present.

    1. RN with autonomous thinking

      Great response! I have a friend in the medical field who’s a young mom. Took both Pfizer jabs. Two month later legs dropped, numb. She couldn’t move. They found lesions in her spine and brain. Sudden onset. Not gradual. They ruled out MS. Now 6 months later are pushing that it’s MS. She had a “weird” experience during her recent MRI and realized she still had her rings on. Made me wonder if the graphene (think that’s what it’s called) in the jab is magnetic like shown in the videos. If so, I’m wondering where those tiny particles moved to during the MRI. creepy. And sad.

      1. Elisa

        Me and my daughter both work in the medical field she has so far got the first Pfizer jab due to she is a single mother and our work is mandating. Since just getting her first jab which was 2 weeks ago she has been filling tingling and numbness in her arms and legs. Scared for her to take the second and what might be next.

    2. juliespehar

      What in the shots aggravate the syndrome?

      Y’all are a clear example to the power-hungry @#$&’s in government, of folks who medically canNOT get the shots.

      1. waymire

        I’m not entirely sure other than the intense cascade immune response. Per the CDC the confirmed cases after vaccination were Janssen (J&J) 100, Moderna 162, Pfizer-BioNTech 190, as of June. Of the 100 cases from the J&J vaccine 95% were hospitalized, 1 died, 10 required mechanical ventilation. 24 reported bilateral paralysis, 12 reported unilateral paralysis and palsy. July 12, 2021: Authorized EUA Fact Sheets were
        updated to include new information about GBS
        EUA Fact Sheet for Healthcare Providers Administering Vaccine (Vaccination Providers)
        5 WARNINGS AND PRECAUTIONS Subsection ‘5.3 Guillain-Barré Syndrome’ including the following information was added:
        Reports of adverse events following use of the COVID-19 Vaccine under
        emergency use authorization suggest an increased risk of Guillain-Barré syndrome during
        the 42 days following vaccination.

  9. the collector

    those who mandate should be held liable. plain and simple. If you believe in the vac, put your money behind your stance or just shut up

    1. Michele

      Then those that don’t vaccinate or mask should be held liable for those they infect since they made no effort to Prosthedontics health of others. You can’t have it both ways.

      1. Vanessa Amundson

        Well except with a virus spread by aerosol, there’s no way to ascertain where a person acquired the virus. And the CDC has already acknowledged that the vax doesn’t actually stop transmission. So there’s that.

        1. Morticia

          And those silly masks everyone wears don’t do squat. Anyone actually trained in the use of PPE knows that. Virtue signalling at best.

      2. Lisa

        The vaccinated can still spread Covid. You would have a hard time proving where you became infected. And to her point about smokers, let’s just go ahead and hold every one of them financially responsible for all cancers. But why stop there, let’s hold the nut industry and everyone who consumes them in public, serves them in restaurants or uses them in food products liable for anaphylactic allergic reactions? Besides, the vaccinated are protected, right?

      3. RN with autonomous thinking

        The vaccinated are also spreading it exactly the same as the unvaccinated. Only difference is some of the vaxxed are not very sick so think it’s allergies and are still around everyone spreading it.

        1. Kathy

          That’s exactly what I’ve been saying! Vaxxed with mild symptoms don’t realize it’s covid and are out living their lives, spreading it. I believe this is why CDC changed their stance on masks for vaxxed – they realized they were spreading it more, but would never have the balls to admit why.

          1. Lily Powell


        2. Bobbie

          well..before you assert yhat the vaxxed are not getting very sick, please read the findings reported from Israel. They are reporting that vaxxed are filling up the ICU. Please study ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement). Vaccines are putting pressure on the virus to mutate. Appears vaxxed patients are more severely affected by their bout with Covid-19 than if they confronted their illness as unvaxxed. But hey, upside, (sarc) hospitals are making loads of money doing multiple tests on patients having adverse reactions to the jab/s. And, Cuomo (NY), NJ, MA, PA, MI, and CA helped trim the burden on the Soc Sec and pension payouts by putting infected individuals in care facilities housing elderly citizens/s. Evil.

      4. Dayna

        It’s been proven that the vaccinated are “super spreaders” of the virus.. Because of being vaccinated during the height of a pandemic it has created a larger pandemic and faster rate of viral mutations. Who should be held accountable for that?

      5. Katie

        Both the vaccinated and the unvaccinated would have to be held liable since both parties can transmit Covid. And, since there is still no definitive proof that the vaccinated viral load is to a lesser extent than the unvaccinated viral load–guess you are sh*t outta luck on your lawsuit. Oh, and apparently, you can have it both ways when it comes to Covid–with or without the vaccine.

      6. Elisa

        As someone not vaccinated I am still wearing my mask a lot of people have fear. But just a reminder being vaccinated doesn’t keep me from spreading it or you from getting it.

      7. Daniil

        You must be working for them or lacking simple logic. Did you read the article? Vaccinated still spread the illness, and masks don’t do anything accept a visual aspect to induce fear.

      8. Notasheep

        I believe the vaccinated people can infect people just as much as unvaccinated. Show me your fact sheet on this statistic.

      9. Lily Powell

        What about the one who get that vax and then get that virus again ? The vax doesn’t work get more and more and more …. How many more !? How is that a good thing !? To many vax, and your immune system stops working ! Truth ! Then what ?

  10. AJM

    Spot on!

    The unvaccinated are the “bad guys” because we choose our own health to fight this virus. If I am to die from Covid, so be it. If I am to die from flu, so be it. My choice.
    Are you abetted person than me if you smoke, eat McDonald’s everyday and sit on a couch…as long as you get this vaccine?
    If so, good job, way to be a better person.
    You go ahead and take that hospital bed over me. After all you deserve it more because you got the shot right?
    I choose a healthy-ish lifestyle. I choose to working hard to be healthy…for years. But, I’m still the bad guy. Everyone wants the Mohican pill or shot because it’s easier, and shoot if the government says to do it…better trust them.

    Billions spent on pushing the vaccine agenda. Zero spent on adverse affects…strange.

    No logic. My faith in human intelligence is gone. Gone.

    1. Cyd

      Yes your choice if you did but the problem isn’t that you for it’s that those you come in contact with die. Government is to stop one person from harming another. If you’re going to quarantine and not get vaccinated or wear masks so be it. But no one else should suggest from your refusal.

      1. Vanessa Amundson

        The CDC has already acknowledged that the vax doesn’t stop transmission. That alone shoots down the “do it for your neighbor” virtue-signalling.

      2. Carrie Reimer

        But if you are vaccinated what does it matter if I am vaccinated? You are protected, you are the smart one. You got vaccinated so you are protected. Right? Isn’t that why you got the vaccine? To be protected? So how on earth can me not being vaccinated harm you?
        Oh, right, the vaccine doesn’t work, because vaccinated people can still carry the virus, spread the virus and get the virus. BUT, if you are vaccinated you won’t die of the virus. Oh right, vaccinated people ARE dying of the virus.
        But I am going to jump into line and get a shot of something (because it isn’t a vaccine) and take the chance of God knows what kind of side effects down the road, because …….. there’s a really good reason I’m sure. Oh right! Because someone told me too.
        Yeah ok.

    2. Carrie

      I beleive your body, your choice….with that being said my husband and I are vaccinated, he is over 50, I’m 49 with a auto immune disease so we thought it in our best interest to get vaccinated not only for ourselves but for our loved ones and other, now my 14 yr old son on the other hand will not be getting vaccinated, for one he is a healthy, non obese 14 yr old kid, the facts say his risk are extremely low, as for him transferring it, we keep a close eye on him, if at any time he shows any signs I will keep him isolated, and at home until we can confirm or deny covid but the risk for his age group and my age group are extreamly different, that being said if there is only one bed left at the hospital, you and I are the same age, and I chose to get vaccinated not only for myself but for others, you bet your ass I should get that bed before you, I risked my life getting vaccinated to save myself and others, where you have decided not to vaccinate to get to a heard immunity and so yeah I do think I deserve that bed over you….you have decided your healthy lifestyle will save you….great, good for you, but I’m not sure how your healthy lifestyle is going to save somebody else. The problem with your line of thinking is yes your healthy lifestyle is great, I commend you for choosing it, but I have chosen to vaccinate so that I can help save others so yeah I think that bed should go to me before you…..I wasnt just thinking of myself when I got vaccinated, it was a choice for myself and others with the information we have and what was recommended and still is, I’m not saying you cant get the virus or spread it, but my chances are better of not getting as ill and at the time I got the vaccine we beleived it was to help not transfer the virus even if today we know that’s not true, but at the time that was the information we had and so I wanted to protect others, you on the other hand were only thinking about your healthy lifestyle and how it would protect you, and you only….which like I said, good for you, i hope it works, your body your choice, but because i was going with the information we had at the time and trying to protect others…..yeah, I should get that bed before you, I was actually trying to help even with the little information we had, I wanted to do as much as possible to protect others, I couldnt live with the fact if I unintentionally harmed another human being…..that was my choice, and today knowing what we know now, I still stand behind it, because at the time it was what we thought and I was willing to do what ever I could to save people, so I hope if you and i end up at the hospital at the same time, and there is only one bed…..and if it comes down to it, they return the favor, and help me, as I was willing to help them with the information we had.

      1. Molly Charchol

        Truly caring about others and loving ❤ our community goes a lot farther than just taking a vaccine. Truly loving someone is Giving them the bed even if we think they don’t Deserve it. What you wrote is confusing 😕 because you stated how you care about others and that you risked your life by taking the vaccine…..but then repeatedly said that you better be the one to get life saving treatments….and that “Un Vaxxed” don’t deserve a bed. I will not get vaccinated and I don’t take any vaccines, but if I was sick in the hospital and it was either you or I to get the Last bed…..I’d give it to You, even though you’ve done nothing to deserve it More than me.

        1. Carrie Reimer

          Carrie, that’s very noble of you. What a good person you are. I too got the vaccine, against my gut instincts that told me not to but I wanted to do my part!
          I regretted my decision within days as I got sicker and weaker and when I was crawling on my living room floor to reach my phone so I could call 911 after collapsing from my heart stopping and breaking my ankle.
          As I was making the 911 operator promise to tell my son my last words were, “Tell my son I love him.”
          Believe me I was regretted my decision. But when I looked on the net and discovered that they had known about the Pfizer vaccine causing heart failure in 2020 and not said anything. And when I spoke about my experience I was called names, told, too bad, but don’t talk negative about vaccines because someone might not get the vaccine if they hear your story. When I heard from numerous doctors that yes they had heard the vaccine caused heart problems. When 3 people on my fb page alone, commented someone they knew had heart issues after the vaccine. I started to get angry. If anyone deserves special treatment it is people like me who did the right thing and are paying a hefty price for it. But no, they are shoved in a corner and told to shut up. So what if they will never work again have to get months or years of rehab or a family loses a loved one. As long as you get your bed in the hospital because you are such a Saint.

          1. Guest

            You’re mad at the wrong people. You got played and mad at everyone else because you thought you did the right thing. Sorry you were mislead and dealing with adverse side effects but ultimately that was your choice to make.
            The people that don’t want to take the vaccine actually want stories like yours to be shared and this data to be shared.
            Your government and Big Tech are censoring it.
            I hope you find healing.

      2. Lily Powell

        Too bad the facts do not support you view so much for you idea ! Facts do not change because of why’s you want to believe ! That the unfortunate truth your kind just do not want to face ! Life sucks and soon enough your still going to die ! As everyone else but crazy billionaires like Soros who can buy stuff that’s supposed to keep their ugly old bodies alive longer !? But why would anyone want to stay on this awful earth we have made for ourselves ! With evil all over the place and all of it is great and ok by everyone else !? Cause it’s fun !? No one wants to be kind ! You got insane stupid woke crap everywhere ! ? Stupid is what everyone WANTS to be ! Who is a boy !? No one ! Who is a girl ? No one !? What is that anyway !? PEDOPHILES want to be legal it’s natural now they say !? So there is nothing immoral anymore or wrong any more ! God is dead they say ! Or never was ! Family of mommy and daddy is wrong no children is better abortion up to and past birth is great !! Is anything wrong !? Nope ! What is bad is now good , and what is good is now bad !! Yeah , that’s the ticket !! That’s perfect !! That’s world we cannot afford ! Rent is too high , food cost is out of sight ! Gas is as well ! But we need to live longer ? Who can afford that !? Here comes another virus to wipe out old fat sick people ! And that along with abortion , should make everyone in this world happy ! The GLOBALIST Soros Oh and mostly the population control people ! Then only the rich can afford to be alive ! We who might be left will be here to take care of the wealthiest needs ! We will be the labor and they will feed off of what we do for them ! That’s the world they want ! Yep !!

  11. Jennifer

    Thank you! Words that so many are thinking and so many more people need to hear! Thank you for being brave enough to share your thoughts and make them into a respectable article that begs the question.

  12. Michele

    The fact that you don’t site your sources makes this article lack credibility. Also, I am guessing you are not an epidemiologist or infectious disease specialist? If employers should be held liable for the rare and even rarer serious adverse side affects, then shouldn’t the unvaccinated be held liable for those who they infect with COVID and consequently die?

    1. RN with autonomous thinking

      Let me guess. You believe in checking things through “fact checkers” or another type of site that will tell you this or that is fake. Look on FB who their checkers are and it will lead you to ppl in the open society funded by George Soros.

    2. Lily Powell

      Death and side effects are NOT RARE ! that’s where you and dumb people like you are so terribly wrong ! And that In itself is just awful ! And the real tragedy today ! The truth is hidden by the very government you voted for ! Why is that so difficult for people like you to understand ? Never in the history of any country has a drug or treatment or vaccine caused so much death and terrible side effects , and the government , and health officials turn a blind eye and hide these facts and out right lie about it , for what good reason !? There is NO GOOD REASON FOR IT ! YOU PROVE TO ALL OF US , THAT THIS IS THE RIGHT WAY TO HANDLE THIS CRAZY SITUATION !? AND WHEN HAS THIS BEHAVIOR EVER HAPPENED BEFORE IN HISTORY !? NO WHERE AND NOT EVER BEFORE !!! TRUTH , AND FACT !

    1. RN with autonomous thinking

      That’s the first I’ve heard that. But I wonder how responsible. Like an order of fries per victim or millions to support disability or death. Interesting.

    2. Kathy

      They changed that shortly after they came out with it. That statement is no longer true, unfortunately. They caved. No one is responsible or liable but you, if you choose to take the risk (as long as it’s still a choice).

  13. Sivispace

    You are so right. Medical care must be consented to after the patient is fully informed of the risks and benefits. No government officer has the right to impose medicine on anyone. Full disclosure, I got the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because it is not based on MRNA. I don’t care to have my genes manipulated.

  14. Susan

    Wow. This is a first for me. You need to regroup your personal thoughts and rants to what you need to get across in an accurate manor. I was reading the article and could see all the various sides without issue. UNTIL I read. “the truth is elusive. To this I say, 78 percent of those that have been hospitalized with Covid-19 are overweight or obese. As many as 95% of those who die are obese. So before we blame the unvaccinated for hogging up all the hospital bed space, let’s blame the obese. But that’s not appropriate to mention.”
    So yes, I am overweight and healthy. And WTF does the available bed space have to do with whether or not you choose to get a shot ??
    Wow. You have a serious chip on your shoulder for overweight/obese people. What made you put that drivel into this.? Your facts are coming from some other universe on this.. You should apologize to the public for this added unneeded rant. Or better yet remove it from an otherwise almost well written article.

    1. Michael b.

      what she said is that instead of blaming unavailability of hospital resources (beds) on the unvacinated (and false statement, based on statistics on both recent hospital data and covid hospitalization rates), a greater correlation can be drawn to hospitalization/death to obesity than to vacinated/ unvacinated. it is the “must not be spoken” behind the reason that “communities of color” are impacted greater by the covid-19 virus.

      (for example see https://www.statista.com/statistics/207436/overweight-and-obesity-rates-for-adults-by-ethnicity/)

    2. Over the mindless zombies !

      Oh my….. They aren’t the one with the chip on their shoulder at all!!!!! You need to get a grip. Are you that oblivious, that you don’t understand that is one of the many comparisons they could make . See it only takes people like this, people who forgot what common sense is., And react before they actually think. You serious have some issues huh. …….

  15. Shaaron

    She is saying what I have said from the beggining…. If I die from the virus… so be it! But at least, It is giving my body a chance to naturally, more healthy build ammunity,

  16. Sunny Moxley

    Very well written. Thank you for presenting this perspective. We need people like you to share other data than is being currently reported.

  17. Alise

    I got emotional reading this because it’s exactly what I would say if give. The opportunity to state my opinion publicly. This was perfectly written and filled with so many imperative points . I feel like my body my choice has never been more real for me. I decide what is best for me and all my complicated medical history , and everyone deserves that choice be it for or against the vaccine. Thank you for bringing light to this side of the argument and standing up for the ones deemed “ selfish and unintelligent “.

  18. Carter

    Love that the people in here refuting this article, and claiming Heidi didn’t take the time to cite sources, couldn’t be bothered to cite sources in their 150 word comebacks. Im certain the words “government told me to” don’t count. Also, the argument that an employer making you wear a uniform is somehow comparable to forcing you to inject an untested vaccine into your body is asinine…we live in an alternate universe…

    1. Hmmmm

      Ahahah “i know what I’m saying is completely made up, but because you aren’t citing a source to prove me wrong, that makes it a FACT!”

  19. Patrice Fairbanks

    One of my son’s friends died in her sleep from a blood clot, 2 days after receiving the vaccine. She was a very healthy, marathon runner, age 45 with NO known other health issues. Another of his friends also died from a blood clot within a few days of having the vaccine. She did have other health issues, but none terminal nor deemed to be fatal.

  20. Mike

    Heidi, we need a strong voice. Your article is clear and persuasive. A fight is here, but I’m afraid a violent revolt is coming. I’m a Firefighter, we have seen the sick, a majority of us in the field have the same reservations. We know this isn’t about or kids or those who could die. It’s bigger and we really need to stop this. The violence will come when they take away our careers then mandate our kids. Please keep writing about our concerns, so we can get good information to those not on the front lines.

    1. Lori

      My concern too Mike. Not only will firefighters police or other public servants including those who take care of Covid patients will opt to be dismissed from their jobs in lieu of taking the “vaccine”. I am a retired RN that would have to walk if I was still employed. I am very concerned we will lose our best nurses respiratory therapist and even physician should this “vaccine” be mandatory. Then where will we be. Hospitals are already maxed out of beds and employees are exhausted. What would happen even if inly 1/3 of hospital staff do as I would do…walk! God help us all!

    2. Tracy

      When you said “ the violence will come “ I thought about somehyng the Holy Spirit told me regarding this whole vaccine issue & that’s “ powder keg “.

  21. Jane

    Good article. My only comment is that the number of deaths listed in VAERS at time of publication was over 12,000, not 6,000.

  22. Dee

    I too agree with the statements made in this article. Why are we being forced to get a vaccine for something we’ve already had?

  23. A Erman

    Wish the article would have links to case studies and lawsuits. Would be more credible if it has more links to MORE INFORMATION FROM OTHER SOURCES.

  24. Blake

    Great article. I’ve been talking these same statistics to my co workers for months and they look at me like I’m crazy. Then they recite someone’s Facebook post about why the vaccine makes sense. No data, no research. All of us should have the freedom to decide whether or not we’d like to get the vaccine. There should be no scrutiny in the decision either way. Thank you for speaking up.

  25. RN with autonomous thinking

    Wow! You covered it all! Excellent job and I agree completely with your article! Shock to see it was allowed to be posted in what appears to be the nations change to communism. Thank you for putting this out there! ❤️

  26. Cee Cee

    Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!! This is absolutely the best thing I’ve read in days. Keep fighting, People! If they get away with taking are medical freedoms, what’s next? This is a slippery slope!

  27. Little Red Hen

    I asked my doctor for an antibody test and he refused to send in the request. He did however, ask me no less than 10 times to be vaccinated.

    1. juliespehar

      IgG and IgM antibody combo test using blood from fingertip poke are available for $25 at Kroger Health + pharmacy.
      T-cell test from T-Detect is more, not sure of exact cost.

    2. Notasheep

      I did the same asking for an antibody test. And my doctor told me to get my paperwork in order because I was likely going to die if I don’t get vaccinated. I have spent the last 18 months working at home, been exposed to numerous positive Covid-19 individuals, not worn a mask, not taken the flu shot ever, never had the flu after a serious bout in 1975. I an over 60 and now have been mandated to take the vaccine or be terminated for insubordination with no compensation after 28 years with the company.

  28. {private elite cabal member}

    Keep arguing!
    That way we can keep devaluing the dollar, suppressing precious metals, becoming more profitable than ever online by closing small businesses, create tons of inflation to steal from your social security (you’re so dumb!!), continue charging you more for your “bad” credit because you’re always 2 days late paying your overdue minimum payment (don’t check how much you actually pay by doing this…shhh), and so much more!
    Keep it up! You’re doing great!

  29. Who wants to know?

    This is probably one of the worst written arguments I’ve ever read… doesn’t even matter whether I agree with this or not, there are so many bad comparisons in this article that I was cringing the whole time. I would think that someone would have edited this?

    1. dudzdigital

      “Worst written arguments” and “so many bad comparisons,” you say, but you never stated your own contra-argument. Not even one.

      1. Who wants to know?
        1. there are too many to know where to start
        2. almost all of the same arguments I would make are already in the comments, so I wasn’t planning to add to it. I’m just surprised that something so poorly written with such flimsy logic got published. Hopefully next time they will do a better editing job.
  30. Joseph Joe

    in countries with lower obesity rates like Japan(3% obese) death rates from covid are 10x lower. Americans have been warned about susceptibility to disease when overweight or obese yet people continue to eat fried chicken, french fries and sugary drinks at chick fila. Why wont the government mandate what type of food we eat or that people be forced to drink green drinks everyday..no one would stand for that bc it would be a serious human rights violation. But they have no problem mandating vaccines..

  31. Joanna Strain

    I live in a small community in Utah (approx. 3,000 population). We had a very mild response to the C19 virus in 2020, but many seniors went out and got vaccinated as soon as it was available. 20 people in my neighborhood congregation of 350 people, who were vaccinated, got Covid and 3 of them were hospitalized. I know of only one who got covid that was unvaccinated. Our hospital staff of vaccinated employees has had many come down with Covid. I also know several who have had very unpleasant reactions to the biologic injection. I will never be convinced it is safe and according to Pfiser and Moderna their efficacy is very low that is why the need for the booster. Thanks for this article.

  32. Sarah Mueller

    This is a succinct and brilliant overview of the mass amount of research and information that has been suppressed the last year and a half. Thank you for your boldness and exposing truth. This is how we protect Americans from coercion by healthcare professionals who have only considered one narrative that concludes the experimental injection is their only hope. Early treatment must be offered and the vaccine given only with truly informed consent of what we know and don’t know about potential short and long term consequences.
    Sarah Mueller, MN, RN

  33. Michael J Morgan

    Bravo Heidi, these are all the things I have been thinking but have not been able to find anyone to explain them so precisely. Thank you!

  34. Michael J Morgan

    Yea I feel really confident about taking the jab when they censor all negative information about it so thoroughly.

  35. Elle Freed

    I guess you are betting you life on it. Good luck with that, this is why the hospitals are full and the ambulance is not coming for hours!

  36. Elle Freed

    lol it costs the government $39 to vaccinate someone, but the monoclonial treatment start at $2,500. Big Pharma is sponsoring this opinion piece! Fools!

  37. Becky Bova

    Vaccines have not been out long enough to know what the long term side effects are. It takes year to develop vaccines. Yet people walk like sheep to the shot factory and stick out their arms. FEAR!!

  38. karim ders

    Great article. I would encourage the writer to use sources whenever numbers or other research are quoted as this will only strengthen the point.

  39. Jim foote

    Thank you for sharing your perspective. And I agree. For me this has nothing to do with the flu or vaccine but taking the freedom informed consent. The reports say the hospitals are being overrun yet we’re going to fire 20/30% of healthcare workers who choose not to take the vaccine. When we begin to force people to take medical treatment or your be fired from you job that crosses the line.

  40. John Miller

    You ask a lot of great questions. The lack of discussion from the pro-vax crowd about the issues you raise adds to a nagging suspicion that we’re not getting the full picture. How selfish of you to ask questions.

  41. Tina Benton

    I agree! This is a civil rights issue. I just resigned from teaching. I am not going to wear a mask into this third year!!! And I am not at high risk for covid and not getting the vaccine. If there is a class action lawsuit starting, I would join

  42. Babcock

    When I google Heidi Wetzler, all I see is that she is an opinion writer, no medical credentials, no position at a medical institution. She appears to be nothing more than an anti-vaxer spreading false narritives while watching nearly 650,000 die of this disease. Sad.

  43. David N Alexander

    there is absolutely NO WAY I would submit to this trash. I have valid medical conditions that my cardiologist supports. Give mine to any idiot that buys the “official story”

  44. jeanne hay

    First of all this is my husband’s FB account and he has been vaccinated. He reminds me often that “You need to get vaccinated.” We have agreed to disagree about this.The politicians, media, medical and pharmaceutical corporations continue their rants and he believes them. I am a retired ICU RN who worked from 1989 – 2016 in the ICUs during H1N1, SARS and MERS outbreaks; and every year through the October to March flu season here on the Gulf Coast. I didn’t take the ‘flu’ vaccine until it was mandated by my employer. I never got the flu.(Mild symptoms of flu with 1st ‘flu’ vaccine) I am not vaccinated for Covid. I haven’t gotten the flu vaccine in the last 6 years.I support this article, and have also researched the development of the vaccine; I’m watching, reading and waiting. I am chastised, or treated like an unwashed, stubborn or stupid person who doesn’t trust the government; deemed ridiculous and resistant to global healing if I explain why I am not getting vaccinated. It is very reassuring to see others speaking out and asking these questions. I hope and pray more people begin to understand why we say no. The hardest thing is being censured by my own close family members. I don’t trust the developers of the virus. I don’t trust the makers of the vaccine. Follow the money. Why the big push for more vaccinations? Follow the expiration dates. I am a faithful person. I also believe I have ‘natural immunity’ and am daily grateful for good health. I also wear my mask in public, keep 6 feet away from people, wash and sanitize my hands. This has worked for me by the grace of God. I do trust in him.Thank you for providing a forum to express my opinions. No one else except my step-daughter listens to or agrees with me. So, I remain silent.

    1. Katie

      Much respect to you. We have this same war brewing among our relatives. Seems almost to be politically driven, too, as in the more liberal members are also the pro-vax in our family. They are also somewhat agnostic and fans of things like CNN. Not saying it is this way anywhere else–but it sure is in our tribe. This is causing all sorts of friction, but makes it easier to stay the heck away from each other, too. Thankfully, my hubby is of a mind that what he does is not necessarily going to be the same as what I choose to do so we have never tried to persuade one another one way or the other as far as the vaccination is concerned. That has to be tough and I admire you greatly for not going off on him other than to allude to that maybe he is starting to drink the Kool-Aid. I have 38 years with my guy and although we have had some serious debates( started our marriage as a democrat married to a republican–it happens) we managed to put our differences aside. Sounds like you are in this balancing act as well. We have two daughters, both in the medical field and both having to make some gut wrenching decisions on what they want to do considering the mandate. I know whatever decision each of them makes is the right one for them and none of my business. When I am harassed by anyone over my stance on the vaccine mandates, I always ask some questions of the person pushing the vaccine. The first one is this one; If upper respiratory disease and particularly Pneumonia, is the cause of death in most Covid cases, why aren’t Pneumonia vaccinations being mandated instead? I mean, isn’t that one of the leading causes of death in Covid? And so that someone does not come in and try to discount this query, I will cite my source from a article that reads in part:” A Kaiser Permanente study showed that one type of pneumonia vaccine, the PCV13 vaccine, may affect the course of COVID-19 for some older adult patients. The study was published in The Journal of Infectious Diseases.”(Kaiser Permanente 3/21) BTW–both daughters could have written almost identical responses very similar to your own on their thoughts about the various vaccinations for Covid. They also do their parts in distancing, sanitizing and masking up. And they are both of a mind that since the vaccination does not stop the spread of Covid, we should continue practicing those things. Those at a higher risk of death from Covid(since there does seem to be several studies showing said risk groups) can be vaccinated if they choose–as it should be. I have found, personally, that the worst offenders of super spreading events in our area are the vaccinated. Still out, gathering in large groups, partying, filling up the local Casino and being downright rude when told they still have to mask up when in public. My unvaccinated friends are social distancing and staying home still, whenever they can, to avoid the throng of people out there thinking their vaccinations make them obsolete where Covid is concerned.

  45. Chad

    This opinion piece was frustrating to read, but I read it.

    Given the bulk of the comments, I’ll be in the minority for having issues.

    As I read it, you asked who is to blame for adverse affects and then careen into any number of tangents, leaving the original question as merely a smokescreen headline. Im interested in hearing who/what bears responsibility with a mandated vaccine, and in what cases.

    my focus is keeping people from feeling pain they did not need to face. It is protecting us from something that does not discriminate on gender, creed nor ideology.

    how many do you know who have gotten sick? How many became very sick? How many died? Of those who technically “survived”, how many are left with effects that may linger the rest of their lives? How many have had amputations, for example?

    for those adverse reactions to the vaccines, as there appear to be some, including possible deaths, how many do you know?

    I am no fan of the pharmaceutical industry but neither must all their motives be seen as profit driven or insidious. When you see or hear an ad for a medication, notice how many times possible side effects include death. In your opinion piece you mention that the chance of an adverse reaction must be zero. Given our society’s acceptance of a certain degree of risk, wouldn’t that also apply to vaccines?

  46. Michelle

    I was diagnosed with COVID-19 on December 2, 2020, I am unvaccinated and have decided to get regular tests for antibodies and on Friday aug 20 I tested Positive for IGG from Covid 19. I get tested at Ichor in Calgary Alberta for 65 bucks. I agree with this article on why are they not testing people that Have had Covid I would roll my sleeve up for a blood test as often as they like if they want to prove how long my natural immunity will last, but I’m not willing to take that vaccine! I am also diabetic asthmatic and have a liver condition. When I had Covid at no point did I feel I had to go to the hospital (lucky me). I don’t understand why they are not testing for natural immunity!

  47. Cathy Carlson

    Well said and all true in my opinon. There isn’t transparency. Earlier today someone posted a question, “Do more women have problem with the vaccines than men?” One person replying said “My 21 year old son died days after the vaccine” then another in the same thread said “My 20 year old son almost died and his heart is the size of a football”. What are the odds?

  48. Hmmmm

    Astounded at how many people think it’s perfectly fine for the consequence of your choice to be that you lose your life, but losing your job is just too much. That’s a bizarre thought process.

    1. Katie

      Maybe it is because they know their 1.8% chance of losing their lives due to Covid is far less than the 100% prospect of losing their job if they do not follow the mandate. Not bizarre at all–simple logistics.

  49. charlie

    Can you provide the case number for the “Recently there was a lawsuit filed against the federal government accusing the government of covering up the fact that 45,000 people have died within the first three days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine” and provide the state that this was filed in please?

    1. Heidi Wetzler

      Ohio-based Attorney Thomas Renz was one of several speakers this past weekend at a conference in Anaheim, California, where he announced that with the help of America’s Frontline Doctors, he was filing a federal lawsuit in Alabama based on a “sworn declaration, under threat of perjury,” from an alleged whistleblower who claims to have inside knowledge of a cover-up of reported deaths filed with the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), which is operated by the CDC.

      I don’t have the case number at my fingertips, but will work to find it for you.

  50. Lee Gaswint

    Heidi, This encompasses everything that has been on my mind. But you have the ability to put it all together and put it into words perfectly. Very well said

  51. Lee Gaswint

    And why is it I can watch pharmaceutical commercials all day long and every one of them give the side-effects. EXCEPT when they advertise the vaccine?
    perhaps this is the reason they have not given it full FDA approval. Because then they might be required by law to show the side-effects? Just a question 🙋‍♂️

  52. CJC