Opinion: We should be questioning the global suppression of early treatment options for COVID-19

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler shares what she believes is a medical tragedy that COVID-19 patients are not being treated immediately.

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler shares what she believes is a medical tragedy that COVID-19 patients are not being treated immediately

If you walked into your doctor’s office with a case of shingles, what do you think would happen? Would you be sent home and instructed to return when the pain was unbearable – or would you be treated on the spot?  While there is no cure for shingles, prompt treatment with prescription antiviral drugs can speed healing and reduce the risk of complications. 

Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com
Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com

What about viral pneumonia, viral hepatitis, or HIV/Aids? Same question. Would you be treated? The answer of course, is yes. These all have treatment protocols, to speed recovery and increase comfort, even though viruses don’t necessarily have “cures.”  Because viruses don’t respond to antibiotics, alternative treatments are important. And they all work best when started early.  So why do we have a fatal viral infection ravaging the world, with barely a mention of ambulatory treatment?

Millions of people have tested positive for COVID-19,  and are promptly sent home to quarantine and self-monitor their symptoms. No health care professional checks in on them. They are told to stay home and only come back if they are having trouble breathing. While I would imagine it is common knowledge in the medical community that early treatment for any ailment greatly improves the chance of a favorable outcome, why is there a virtual blackout of information surrounding the global conversation of early treatment protocol in order to AVOID hospitalization and death? Controlling the healthy with masks and social distancing and now vaccines, and then Herculean efforts involving the critically ill, have taken up all of the air, while the person in their first two weeks of the infection suffering at home is all but ignored by the medical community. 

Dr. Peter McCullough, vice chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, Texas, and the most prolifically published academic physician in his field of heart and kidneys in history, has testified several times lately that there is a shocking suppression of early treatment for COVID-19 in medical literature. A review of several of his communications resulted in this summary of his findings. He calls this effort to suppress any hope of treatment, extraordinary. All of the patients he sees are considered high risk, and with the sequenced multi-drug approach he uses, he has only lost two. When he extrapolates the data he has personally acquired through treating his own very ill patients, and calculates what that would mean for the death rate worldwide if a similar treatment protocol was adopted globally, an astonishing 85 percent of COVID-19 deaths could have been prevented. The key is that treatment must begin early in order to avoid hospitalization. And that is the opposite of what has happened and is continuing to happen.  

The treatment regimen includes 4-6 drugs taken in a specific time frame, starting with monoclonal antibodies, then antivirals, then anti-inflammatories, and then anticoagulants. It is recommended that anyone over 50 with at least one comorbidity begin this course of treatment immediately. Reduction of viral replication at the forefront of infection is key. There has been unconventional concern worldwide regarding the safety of certain therapeutics for this virus. In fact, in Australia doctors were threatened with a 6-month prison sentence if they dared to prescribe the antiviral, Hydroxychloroquine. This move is unprecedented. The use of Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 is off-label they said. But off-label use of older medicines for new uses occurs every day. In fact, 20 percent of all prescriptions in the U.S. are written for off-label uses when a doctor thinks a medicine will benefit a patient. Apparently, the list of what not to use is long and broad within the treatment recommendations. We are 16 months into this thing and as-of-yet, there are zero trials of multidrug therapies. There is no national or global panel of doctors in charge of early treatment protocol. Why? Maybe it’s because a vaccine is only allowed to be produced if there are no effective treatments.  

The conversation around building up one’s own immune system is also nearly nonexistent in medical and mainstream circles. A study conducted from March-June 2020 including 191,000 patients in the US found that Vitamin D deficiency increased the risk of acquiring COVID-19 by 54.5 percent. Additionally, 80 percent of people with COVID-19 didn’t have adequate levels of the vitamin in their blood. This is a wildly important piece of information that doctors should be shouting from the rooftops. Zinc is also critical as it helps block the virus from multiplying. An Adult Treatment Guide put out by Yale University cites “a lack of clinical data to support” the effectiveness of various vitamins and medicines. It is high time for the medical community to be implementing trials of all kinds and gathering such data. But the sole focus today seems to be on a one-size-fits-all vaccination campaign, instead of on strengthening one’s immune system and finding effective treatments. All of the eggs in the proverbial COVID-19 basket seem to be filled with only one treatment – the vaccine.  

Dr. McCullough testifies that there is no scientific rationale to vaccinate anyone under the age of 50. The individual risk outweighs the individual benefit. Also, there were several groups that were intentionally excluded from the Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson vaccine trials in 2020; COVID-19 recovered, suspected COVID-19 recovered, those with COVID-19 antibodies, pregnant women, and women of childbearing potential that couldn’t assure the use of contraceptives. Pregnant women as a rule of best medical practice are always discouraged from coming in contact with anything pathogenic. The COVID-19 vaccine produces a pathogenic protein. Why then, are pregnant women being given the shot? The existing scientific data simply does not ensure that it is safe for this group. My family is COVID-19 recovered. Why are we being encouraged to participate when our situation was not included in the clinical trial? Whether we want to believe it or not, COVID-19 recovered individuals are unknowingly signing up for a trial now if they receive the vaccine.  

Historically, those who contract and recover from a virus, have robust, complete and durable immunity. COVID-19 recovered, have actually been found to possess a terrific track record of freedom from reinfection. Moreover, SARS-coV-1, which emerged from China in 2002 is 79 percent similar to SARS-coV-2 (COVID-19), and most of those who contracted SARS-coV-1 still had immunity 17 years later. It is a false narrative at this point to suggest that there is significant concern that you can get it twice. While it is possible, it is now known that the chances are extremely low. On top of that those with natural immunity cannot acquire or spread it, as is a concern with those whose only immunity is from the vaccine. 

What we are witnessing now is tremendous coercion for everyone to receive this vaccine, no matter the individual risk/benefit analysis. This strategy is in direct opposition to The Nuremberg Code which doctors profess to uphold. The first tenet of this code begins as follows: 

1. The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. This means that the person involved should have legal capacity to give consent; should be so situated as to be able to exercise free power of choice, without the intervention of any element of force, fraud, deceit, duress, over-reaching, or other ulterior form of constraint or coercion; and should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. 


Simply put, each person gets to decide what happens to their body. We are witnessing all manner of coercion regarding the distribution of this vaccine. Free donuts, lottery-style winnings, reduced prison sentences, and pressure from Hollywood stars. The weird and wild list goes on and on. Schools are offering vaccine clinics around the world, some without requiring the consent of parents. There simply is no significant evidence that children are at risk of spreading or becoming sick or dying from this virus. To me, these actions are nothing short of criminal. 

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons have put out a guide to Home-Based COVID treatment. A copy can be found here. There are 35 treatment centers in Texas for early treatment of COVID and if you need help finding one near you, there is a link to a list within this guide. As a society, we need to be questioning the radical suppression of early treatment options for a potentially fatal virus. It simply makes no logical sense. 


    1. Billy Dobbs

      .you are absolutely 100% correct we need more like her that will stand up and speak the truth about all this stuff it’s getting ridiculous now they’re even wanting to pressure the military by threatening them to not get their pension if they refuse to be vaccinated that’s the craziest thing I have ever heard

    2. Liar Catcher

      Actually, it’s a very biased and inaccurate opinion piece. If this was fact it would be in the headlines. This is opinion and mostly wrong. Here’s one example: he said only two patients died and that extrapolates to a 85% survival rate. That means he only had 14 patients. That’s not a big enough group to base any on. Also, assuming they would all die without his treatment isn’t based on anything. High risk Covid patients don’t all die.

      1. bink

        It matches results in the more than 60 studies done. Uttar Pradesh State in India had a raging Delta outbreak, they stopped giving the vax to everyone, and gave ivermectin to all, and the death and hospitalizations went to almost zero. Japan had the same experience. The ‘health authorities’ and the mainstream media are controlled by the same monied interests, which is why this info is not in the headlines. It is not opinion, it is scientific fact, that goes against making billions on a vax that is worse than useless. If you took them, you will eventually figure this out.

      2. David E Paul

        Dear Liar Catcher; Please reevaluate and do a deep drive into the published literature that is being suppressed (my opinion from experience in trying finding the literature) that reveals a very different aspect to this virus. Additionally what of all those individuals that have not received treatment or their treatment has been put on hold for non-Covid diseases? Fortunately these Brave Highly Credentialed Doctors, such as Dr. McCullough, Dr. Bhattacharya, Dr. Atlas, Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance and many others too numerous to list are at the forefront to stop this Mass Formation Psychosis.

      3. bravefreedom

        You are not a physician and yet you feel so comfortable criticizing a person who is a physician quoting another physician. You have no standing to be critical of anyone.

  1. John Lifflander

    Extremely good article. Never before have we seen this type of government intrusion into our lives and it will only get worse if we don’t speak out and even demonstrate if needed. This dangerous so called vaccine is being pushed on every one and someday, maybe years from now, we may have a lot of sick people from it and find it is much worse than Covid. The lies are appalling, Melnick, the County Health person, just said it is not experimental when FDA says it is. There is no end to the lying – reminds me of my visit to communist countries where everyone is afraid that may say something that might get them arrested.

    1. Sylvie

      On July 6, 1885, Louis Pasteur and his colleagues injected the first of 14 daily doses of rabbit spinal cord suspensionscontaining progressively inactivated rabies virus into 9-year-old Joseph Meister, who had been severely bitten by a rabid dog 2 days before. This was the first time the vaccine was injected to an human, the rest is history!

        1. Jen

          We are told this shot is our only hope of survival. Get it and you won’t likely die of Covid and we can take off the masks except that vaccinated people spread Covid and die of it sstill.65% of the deaths in Israel from delta are vaccinated. At least Pasteur saved his patient when doctors now days cannot even try until people are so sick they can barely breath, even when research is showing treatment works.

          1. Marta

            What nonsense. We have not been told the vaccine is our only hope of survival. We’ve been told that most people survive Covid-19. We have been told that Covid-19 has long term consequences for a significant percentage of people. We’ve been told many people are at risk for severe disease, hospitalization or death which is demonstrated around the world on a daily basis, over 680,000 Americans have suffered and died alone and millions more around the world so far. We have been told that many survivors are left with debilitating and disabling consequences of this disease. We are back up to nearly 2 thousand Americans dying daily at this point. We’ve been told that historically vaccines end pandemics- examples -small pox, polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, measles etc. We’ve been told vaccination is the way to end this pandemic and put an end to the surging cases on Covid-19 that have wreaked havoc of our lives and on the lives of people around the world. We’ve been told that Scientific information on an evolving disease grows and changes as the disease replicates and mutates and that Science doesn’t have all the answers but the scientific community is working day and night to find answers, therapeutics and vaccines to keep up with the various emerging strains of SARS CoV2. And that is the truth.

          2. Greg

            Thank you for posting this. I’m really struggling with an anti-vaxxer friend and she will not give any credence at all to any conventional media and it FREAKS me out ! How bizarre that so many people can completely dismiss the link between flooded hospitals with unvaccinated people and the fact that NONE of us personally know anybody with anything more than slight side effects from the vaccine.

          3. Anzimee N Faubion

            re you sure they are flooded with Covid patients? How many hospital patients really do have Covid?
            How many were tested for Covid with the bogus PCR test? How many actually have seasonal flu?
            How many patients are there because they have had moderate to severe reactions to a covid vaccine?
            I have never known anyone who has had even a mild case of Covid 19, I personally have seen no evidence of Covid 19 being a real Pandemic. If it were a pandemic why would so many health care workers be losing their jobs? Why are there almost zero reports on the CDC website of seasonal Flu?
            Too many questions, too many lies, too much censorship to make me a believer.

          4. Liar Catcher

            You not knowing anyone who got Covid means nothing. Yes, nurses and doctors that refuse to take precautions to slow the spread of the virus are being fired. They are a risk to others. While it’s a bad time to lose staff, having misinformed and dangerous staff is worse.

          5. bink

            the same doctors and nurses worked the hospitals for a year before there was a vax. Your statement implies the only protection is a vax, when the Facts are that many of those professionals have natural immunity that is completely discounted.

          6. LAURA Ruotsalainen

            I know MANY that have either died or are debilitated by the vaccine. Just because you do not know someone doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Have you looked up the VAERS numbers? They are unbelievable and frightening! Thank God YOU are not a statistic of vaccine trauma. Many nurses are!!!

          7. S.D.

            misinformation much? You’re more likely to get struck by lightning 3 times then die from this vaccine.

            I’m a COVID frontline nurse and I don’t know a single nurse with “vaccine trauma” (whatever the hell that means) but I know many that have become sick and some have died from COVID.

          8. Laura Ruotsalainen

            SAME! And yes we have nurses with vaccine injury. Pay attention. Your ignorance is glaring. Shame on you for this

          9. Max Power

            What should freak you out is the fact that they changed the definition of “vaccine” from “a product that confers immunity” to “a product that confers some protection from serious illness”. When you do that, you change the process by which vaccines normally end mass transmission of illness because each person vaccinated becomes immune, to a process that is essentially the same if everyone was unvaccinated in the first place, because you can still get sick and you can still transmit the virus at the same rate as the unvaccinated. Only now, you allegedly have “some protection” (you still may become seriously ill and die), therefore the virus may need to evolve if your “protection” makes it hard on the virus in the least bit. So you are actually the people who are causing it to mutate the most. And do you even know if the new definition “vaccine” protected you at all? Remember only 2% of unvaccinated people ever got seriously ill and died in the first place. So now you have taken an experimental vaccine that has a rather serious side effect list, ESPECIALLY in young people and frequently severe and permanent in young males (myocarditis and pericarditis) that only had less than a 2% chance of making you very ill in the first place. And oh, by the way, if the “vaccine” was SO SAFE and the side effects SO RARE (neither of which is true), why, praytell, did they ask the courts to allow them FIFTY FIVE YEARS before releasing their vaccine data? Because they are horrified of the data getting out to the masses, despite the fact that the government gave them 100% legal immunity. If their product was so safe and effective, why would they even need that? Anyway, you should go and look their first 500 pages up, because it got released. What’s in there isn’t good. You SHOULD be VERY SKEPTICAL of the mainstream media because I’ll bet they told you NONE of this. Look up the papers that are released, studies on efficacy, etc. The media is never going to report that stuff because some of the big media companies are owned by the same conglomerate as the drug companies. Now I’m going to be nice and get you started. Here are some of the pages that Pfizer fought so hard to prevent their release. https://phmpt.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/11/5.3.6-postmarketing-experience.pdf Remember, the negative data comes from the VAERS reporting system, but that can represent somewhere between 1/10th of side effects and 1/100th (or greater) of side effects, because they mostly don’t ever get reported, yes even when the vaccines cause death. Ask yourself why so many FIFA players have dropped dead or injured on the field after they were mass vaccinated. Ask yourself why the media pretends they can’t come up with a correlation and are calling it things like “Sudden Adult Death Syndrome” in men and “Broken Heart Syndrome” in women. Ask yourself what kind of evil organization would report an obvious vaccine/death correlation as a complete mystery.

          10. Bruce

            The flu had vaccines under the old definition, and it similarly incompletely offers protection. The definition was outdated before covid and the pandemic spurred the definition change.

          11. Petitto
            1. My co-worker is in the hospital with Guillain Barre Syndrome and doctors determined it was from her immunization. She is partially paralyzed and has had to retire from her job (causing a huge cut in pay).
            2. Friend received immunization and within 6 weeks started losing unbelievable amounts of hair- Not just globs in her hairbrush, but actual huge bald spot on top of her head. There were no pre-existing reasons for this to happen.
            3. TWO family members who are always “on top of their game” report constant fatigue, forgetfulness, and inability to concentrate. One is easily confused by basic directions.

            While I respect everyone’s reasons for getting the vaccine or not, we can’t say that we don’t know anyone that has had negative reactions.

          12. Beebop

            Oh here we go with the “polio” example. The polio pandemic was caused by pesticides and if you don’t accept this, you are in denial. It shouldn’t be used as the end all example because it was a lie.

          13. Born in Washington

            Bill Gates has successfully introduced polio with his vaxx into countries that had NEVER had a case of polio in their history. Also from the polio vaxxs from around 1960’s they have linked present day cancer DNA to those vaxx’s because the monkey’s had cancer. Y

          14. Max Power

            “We’ve been told that historically vaccines end pandemics- examples -small pox, polio, whooping cough, diphtheria, measles etc.” YES, but THOSE vaccines conferred IMMUNITY. The CDC just changed the definition of “vaccine” from “a product that confers immunity”, to “a product that confers “some protection from serious illness”. So, for any of those PREVIOUS outbreaks, you could reliably break the infection chain because you were conferring mass IMMUNITY on the population.
            Using the SARS/COVID-19 NEW DEFINITION “vaccine”, YOU ARE NOT CONFERRING IMMUNITY ON ANYONE AT ALL!!! Hence, “what we’ve been told about “immunized” people BEING JUST AS CONTAGIOUS. And currently 65% of the people dying in Israeli hospitals FROM COVID are “immunized”! So the “vaccine” DOES NOT CONFER IMMUNITY, DOES NOT PREVENT OR EVEN LOWER TRANSMISSION RATES, AND DOES NOT PREVENT DEATH, and if you take the Israeli data into account, IT MAY NOT EVEN REDUCE THE DEATH RATE!
            USE YOUR BRAIN! STOP REPEATING PROPAGANDA! IF THE “vaccine” WORKED TO CONFER IMMUNITY, SPREAD WOULD HAVE STOPPED AFTER THE VAST MAJORITY OF PEOPLE WERE “vaccinated”! There will not be a stop to the spread even after 95% are “vaccinated” because again, the “vaccine” DOES NOT CONFER IMMUNITY!!!
            You appear to have the ability to learn and absorb concepts because you were able to repeat how infection chains are broken when people receive vaccines that confer immunity. Now you need to think your way through that chain after you have changed the word “vaccine” from having the definition “product that confers immunity” to “product that confers some protection from serious illness”.
            Everything I have written here is 100% backed by scientific data. The CDC DID change that definition because the “vaccine” does not confer immunity. The CDC and the drug companies have reported that the “vaccine” does not make you less transmissible. The CDC and the drug companies admit that you may still die from COVID after you are “vaccinated”, even within 6 months of your booster. And the Israeli data indicates that MORE people are actually dying there vaccinated than not vaccinated! You are also causing mutations as much or more than the unvaccinated, because you can still carry and transmit the virus at the same rate as the unvaccinated!
            You can “vaccinate” everyone on Earth with this product and it will not end mass sickness for COVID-19. So stop blaming the unvaccinated and blame your government and the drug companies. Everything I have stated about the “vaccine” is true and admitted to by the government and the drug companies, because they published those facts first and I am simply repeating what they have said. Everything I said about how the “vaccine” cannot ever possibly work to end mass infection is also true, because the process by which vaccines usually end mass infection DEPENDS on the definition of “vaccine” being “a product that confers immunity” and thus prevents infection, mutation and transmission in vast numbers of the population. This “vaccine” that doesn’t have that definition CAN NEVER EVER EVER achieve that!!!

          15. Rick Stonebranch

            Good for you Marta! I am sick of these uninformed, non technical people whining about vaccinations and trying to turn public health into a political issue, which it most certainly is not and should never be.

          16. Jhs

            Vaccines end pandemics when they confer sterilizing immunity. These vaccines, as the director of the CDC has stated repeatedly, cannot do that. Thus they offer reduction in severe symptoms and to death to individuals who were previously at high risk, but they do not grant her an immunity or end or even significantly reduce circulating rates of virus.

            Your understanding of the facts is a little amiss. If you look at the trend of infectious disease across the entire 20th century, and not just the post vaccine era, it’s clear that vaccines contributed only the very tail end to the plummeting rates that began just before World War II, thanks to dramatically improved public and private hygiene, sanitation, antiseptics, and antibiotics. This can be seen even more clearly when one compares the infection curves of vaccine preventable diseases to those of diseases for which we still don’t have vaccines, including scarlet fever and typhus.

          17. Concerned Citizen

            The truth.. Part of it maybe, but the early treatment before hospitalisation would have save many of those from being hospitalised and/or dying. Where is that factored in? Its not, its being actively suppressed. And the vaccine didnt stop these deaths and hospitalisations did it? Its only 1% effective and has many extreme side effects including death. Its not the only way but its the only treatment that is being talked about as safe. Thats is NOT THE TRUTH!

          18. Liar Catcher

            No one said that. Yes, of course when nearly 100% of your population is vaccinated, most of the cases in the hospital and deaths will be vaccinated people. If more were unvaccinated there would be way more deaths.

        1. Diana

          First of all, that 9 year old boy didn’t get injected with a genetically modified protein ……Secondly this is the very first MRNA VACCINE TO EVER be given. Thirdly, Dr. Malone, who invented and owns the patent on this mRNA tech is even saying the CDC isn’t telling us everything and that he is opposed to mandating the vaccine and there I’m there is still too little data. So the rabbit vaccine story is nice but not comparable.

          1. Ken

            Diana…you are right about Dr. Robert Malone. I heard him say in one of his interviews that he “has concerns about the vaccines”. He said there are many serious side effects cases that are not being reported in the media, so people are getting a one-sided story about the vaccines. He also said the vaccines are experimental. He recommended the vaccine for the elderly, but not for younger people. He said many cases of inflammation of the heart have been reported in college-aged people. One of my close friends has been disabled since she got the vaccine in February when it was required by her employer. Sadly, Dr. Malone’s interviews and statements are heavily censored on social media and elsewhere. That should tell us something!

      1. Gromit07

        Unfortunately, even the creators of the mRNA protocol don’t call it a vaccine….. what we have now is gene therapy, not a vaccine and the method of testing with the qPCR test is also being over amplified and as such, produces tons of false positives or cases….. stop testing people that are asymptomatic and the cases will drop.

        The real reason IMHO that the medical establishment is against alternative medical treatment is there no money to be made…Why prescribe Ivermectin at $2.00 a pop whe. You ha e an $1500 vaccine?. The medical profession is funded by Big Pharma….but mark my words ….Pfizer and Merck will come up with their own cocktail of early treatment Meds …. Then and only then will the medical profession adopt alternatives to the vaccine.

        1. Diana

          100% agreed, money and power! They don’t care about the number
          of deaths… you think they care about my patients dying from cancer. When I have them a prescription I have to give a dang coupon card. And they still have thousand of dollars of co pays even if they carry a primary and a secondary insurance. They don’t care about the people. It’s supply and demand which = more profit

        2. Twise

          While I agree with your sentiment, there are currently no clinical studies that prove ivermectin is effective in treating Covid-19. And now, people are actually harming themselves, some have even died, from overdosing on it.

          1. Milly

            Story was a lie, put out by a locum doctor that hadn’t work at the hospital in months. In fact the hospital issued a statement saying they had not, or ever treated “horse wormer” overdoses and that no critical patientswere waiting or being prevented from receiving care.

          2. Cynthia Bertelson

            Not true. The overdose story was retracted. It seems to be working pretty well and if started early on works really well.

          3. Sara

            You are so pathetic in your pathetic statements- trying to discredit dr Malone and early treatment. What maddens!! To send people home until their symptoms worsen and to deny them treatment that actually works , because it’s ‘of label’ is criminal. Do you understand? It is CRIMINAL!!! Hope you are all brought to justice. All of you promoting such practices have blood on your hands.

          4. Mark

            I’ve used it. I was treated with it last month. It worked great. My brother was untreated and went to the ICU for 5 nights. I took Ivermectin and Azithromycin and symptoms subsided after the 3rd day of treatment. It works!!

          5. Max Power

            TWO HUNDRED FIFTY CONGRESSMEN TOOK THE IVERMCTIN COCKTAIL BECAUSE IT WORKS AND THEY WANT TO SURVIVE UNLIKE THE PLEBEANS. Hollywood takes the Ivermectin cocktail. No study will undertake the Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine treatment together properly with their cocktail drugs and apply them early in the infection process, which is where they work due to viral replicase interruption because that will put their “vaccine” scam out of business. And this pandemic literally saved one or two drug companies, whom various CDC and FDA personnel will now go onto head after they leave their government jobs. So everyone involved has every incentive to prevent honest studies of the early treatment cocktails, which they have indeed purposefully tested incorrectly. But we have SEVERAL doctors of note who took over 500 patients of high risk due to ill health and old age, treated them with one or the other cocktail, and each lost from zero to two patients. That’s a good enough study substitute for me (and for Congress). Meanwhile the corrupt studies only dosed the single drug by itself after people were already on ventilators and about to die, at which point their lungs were too damaged and the infection already spread throughout the tissue. Well the viral replicase interrupters can’t interrupt spread and thus be effective if the virus has already spread everywhere. That is exactly how they conducted those studies, because I read them myself, having a proper understanding of how the drugs were supposed to work. Anyone who understands the science who read those “studies” thought the same thing I did, “bullsh*t”.

          6. bravefreedom

            Ivermectin is one of THE most safest drugs on the planet having been prescribed over 3 billion times and being a noble prize winning drug. Where do you get these lies?

        3. S.D.

          “Why prescribe ivermectin”
          -Because it doesn’t work, and shows no promise in current trials.

          ”stop testing people that are asymptomatic and cases will drop”
          -people are not getting a stick up their nose and down their throats for funzies. If you look at the positivity rate, it’s obvious when there is a surge. It’s also obvious to me, since I care for the unvaccinated everyday in critical care and we don’t have beds available for your grandma with a heart attack.

        1. Max Power

          Yeah, less than 2% die! But these people who don’t die of vaccine induced clots or heart attacks of course give their “vaccine” which does not confer immunity, prevent infection, or prevent transmission, that had to have the definition of “vaccine” changed to qualify it, 100% credit to their survival of COVID. LOL!!!

          1. S.D.

            What are you talking about. There has been 3 deaths confirmed linked to the vaccine. 1 million (by next month) COVID deaths.

    2. Liar Catcher

      No, it is an incredibly biased and inaccurate article. Just because it aligns with your bias doesn’t make it good. So, he had 2 patients die. Then extrapolates that to a 85% survival rate. That means he only had like 14 patients. That’s not a big enough group to even consider basing anything on except maybe the need to do an actual valid test. Many more examples of bad science…

  2. Jamie Bradshaw

    Great article with well-thought out questions. I am sharing it with a long list of people who will find it encouraging and helpful.

    1. Charles Geraghty

      Notice how the “Fact Checkers” never answer the question about how early treatment is saving so many lives. How can the official response still be to go home and wait to get worse and then do the same in hospital with the mantra of ‘wait for the vaccine’. One can only conclude that there is a forced vaccine agenda at play here that is at complete odds with the Nuremberg code. Perhaps they’re in the process of developing an even more virulent strain in the Wuhan labs to be accidently released with the only saviour being another vaccine?

      1. Max Power

        I think these accounts are bots or shills deployed or paid for by the drug companies or whoever else has an interest in mass vaccinating the population with a “vaccine” that does none of the things that vaccines were required to do by definition up until last year. Because the “vaccine” does not confer immunity, prevent illness, prevent transmission, or even prevent death, but DOES require virus mutation to make virus survival and spread easier, it would not matter if 100% of people on Earth get “vaccinated” because it will still infect and spread. So there is something deeply, deeply wrong here. The other scientists understand this just as well as I do. Yet they are pushing it anyway. And its not just about money or going to work for Pfizer after CDC and FDA, because there are only so many people who are gong to do that. No, there is something else going on. There is another reason why they are ALL pushing “vaccines” that aren’t vaccines, that by definition, can NEVER end the pandemic and are only making death rates slightly smaller. Why they are pushing it on age groups that absolutely do not need it and are killing far more young people from vax effects than would have died from the virus, like 300 times more. No one would do all of that without a reason.

    2. Jon

      FYI re incorrect factcheck info about supposed asymptomatic transmission – a German study on the CDC’s web site found: “The fact that we did not detect any laboratory-confirmed SARS-CoV-2 transmission from asymptomatic case-patients is in line with multiple studies.”

    3. Dave C.

      Dr. Peter McCullough doesn’t “seem to be a cardiologist.” He is a highly-published professor of Internal Mediciane at Texas A&M Medical School and Vice Chief of Internal Medicine at Baylor University Medical Center. He wrote one of the FIRST medical journal articles on early treatment for Covid-19, when physicians were struggling to find some way to treat the deadly disease.
      American Journal of Medicine “SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection”

      I’d suggest readers listen to the full interview of Dr. McCullough (over an hour) where he discusses success with early treatments as well as vaccines. He is vaccinated, but says that pregnant/nursing women and children should NOT get the mRNA vaccines (Moderna & Pfizer) due to the growning number of reported side effects.

      FULL INTERVIEW: Dr. Peter McCullough, MD MPHon Covid-19 treatments and vaccines.

      His main point is that the suppression of early treatment of Covid-19 by those in government and the media is ridiculous and has never been seen with any other medical condition. There are several drugs, procedures, and nutraceuticals that practicing physicians have found to be effective if Covid-19 patients are treated early. These include:

      -Hydroxychloroquine (please don’t start with the anti-Trump nonsnense, the use of the drug it isn’t in question anymore)
      -Azithromycin or Doxycyline

      -Monoclonal antibodies (e.g. Regeneron)
      -Convalescent plasma

      Immune Supportive Nutraceuticals:
      -Zinc (most important with the medications above)
      -Vitamin C
      -Vitamin D3

      1. Vicky Tang

        He’d also mentioned Fluvoxamine which is an SSRI antidepressant and Colchicine which is a drug treatment for gout He’d mentioned that Colchicine is at least 50% effective in preventing someone from getting COVID-19 and I know for a fact that people with gout on Colchicine did not get sick during the pandemic while being around COVID-19 patients in close quarters for at least an hour multiple times a day due to their professions despite everyone else around them got COVID-19. This was before they had the mask mandates at the hospitals. I remember being threatened at the hospital for disciplinary action during the pandemic for wearing masks and now they’re threatening us again for not getting a dangerous vaccine. I have no problem getting Novavax but since the government knows it’s safe so they’re giving them a hard time by citing all kinds of standard violations and withholding the funding and raw materials so they can’t produce the vaccine or get it approved. Meanwhile India, Canada, and Europe are ordering millions of doses from them already. Please explain this!

      2. Twise

        A personal and life-long friend who has a masters degree in Epidemiology, including viruses, from Johns Hopkins sent me this article when I inquired of Dr. McCullough. No offense intended, but I trust his expertise over your opinion on this matter. In addition, Dr. McCullough’s colleagues are wondering why he appears to have forgotten everything he ever learned in epidemiology and clinical medicine. Is it for the notoriety (hero worship status) and/or money?? Is he drinking heavily?? Senility? My friend thinks he should either be jailed for misleading the public or committed to an insane asylum (tongue in cheek humor of course)


        1. Max Power

          Shill. Stop lying! Why would your fictional epidemiologist friend support the mass “vaccination” of a populace using a drug that does not fit the definition of “vaccine” from one year ago, and therefore, cannot ever, by definition, end the pandemic, because it does not confer immunity, does not prevent infection, does not prevent mutation, does not guarantee the prevention of serious illness or death, and would have great difficulty even quantifying any reduction of illness or death whatsoever? I hope your 5.00 a post was worth it.

      3. Max Power

        Well said, well said. Meanwhile the “vaccine” does not confer immunity, does not prevent infection, does not prevent mutation, does not prevent transmission, does not guarantee the prevention of serious illness and does not guarantee the prevention of death. Heck, if you think about it, the “reduction” of serious illness or death, cannot even be verifiably quantified. But it is being administered to people who only 2 out of 100 were going to become seriously ill anyway, vaxxed or not. So the masses believe it works when they don’t get seriously ill. 98 believers out of every 100, right? And because the definition of “vaccine” had to be changed to qualify it for emergency usage, it cannot ever, by definition, ever stop the spread of this virus, Not ever, even with 100% vaccination. And they know this! That’s the crazy thing that tells me with 100% certainty that something else is going on.

      4. S.D.

        -He’s also debunked by heaps of research (on HCQ)…(and you are wrong…the evidence against HCQ is substantial at this point). Also, corticosteroids (solu-medrol) have more harm than good early in treatment. It is reserved for those who need oxygen and show pneumonia on CXR. Convalescent plasma is not in favor, research has shown no benefit, especially in the early stages.

        -He’ is being sued by Baylor because he’s spreading misinformation under their name

        -He’s has a restraining order against him from Baylor

        -He’s making money off the right– he’s a crook. He saw an opportunity and now he’s making money off you.

        -He took an oath to practice medicine based on the best evidence- but is ignoring that oath, causing harm

        -The board of medicine is now threatening to take away his MD license

    4. Paul King

      I look forward to the day when branding tendentious propaganda as “fact checking” ceases to work. I’m not tempted to critique it in much detail, but the linked article begins by “debunking” the claim that “[h]ealthy people younger than 50 do not need a Covid-19 vaccine” without citing a shred of evidence that healthy people younger than 50 are at any significant risk from Covid-19. We are given an unsubstantiated quote from an authority figure alleging the obviousness that healthy people under 50 should be vaccinated “because they can still be affected by the disease”: in a sane world this could only possibly be “obvious” were the dangers of vaccination itself minimal, which in this instance they patently are not,. I could very easily go on, but it would be healthy for anyone still at all disposed to trust anything claiming to be a “fact checker” to check out the meretriciousness of this one for themselves.

      1. Jo Anne Costello

        Exactly!!!! How can anyone defend the act of risking the health of their children for an experimental vaccine? I’m not anti-vax, but the argument for making healthy people get Covid shots “IN CASE” they “MIGHT POSSIBLY” spread it to Granny is preposterous! I’m all for the sick, elderly & any other adults who want to get the vaccine to do so. But I cannot understand why our government refuses to include those who have recovered with antibodies. Not to mention that we will never reach herd immunity as long as we get over 100,000 foreign nationals every single month (from 150 different countries) added to our ‘herd’.

      2. Twise

        Text from a friend who has a master’s degree in Epidemiology, including viruses, from Johns Hopkins:

        “Hey honey bunny – this Dr. McCullough WAS a fairly distinguished cardiologist, but lately he’s COMPLETELY lost his mind. My research suggests that he is likely doing it for several reasons, including the HUGE notoriety he has been getting on social media and on various recommended news outlets, claiming some sort of a “hero status” and personal worship among the far right wing. He is also getting a ton of money from appearances on television and the internet, from YouTube and other media sites for clicks, and from certain sponsors and the manufacturers of vitamins, supplements, ivermectin, remdesivir, and hydroxychloroquine. It could be that he is getting senile too, or maybe he’s drinking or getting high, but I can tell you one thing for sure … He is completely full of shit to the point where if he had blue eyes at one time, they are dark brown now, because he’s full of it all the way up to the top of his skull. The one thing was easiest to disprove that he says is treatment with hydroxychloroquine. There have been many clinical trials of hydroxychloroquine, with or without the similar drug chloroquine, azithromycin, and even placebo in the very early part of the pandemic. Now, of course, it is considered completely unethical to do a clinical trial for covid-19, which can cause death or lifelong great bodily harm, by using a placebo on the comparator arm. That would be like doing a cancer trial of a new drug and comparing it to saltwater injections for placebo. You just can’t do that, it’s basically manslaughter period. When you do a trial of a new cancer drug (side note from me – the author of this text has actually spent decades in a lab researching viruses that cause cancers) you don’t compare it to placebo, you compare it to the standard drug you use to treat that cancer, and see if there’s a difference in favor of the new drug. It’s kind of a weird case, you don’t often see this happen, that a very highly respected doctor with over 500 research papers published just forgets everything he ever learned in epidemiology and clinical medicine and starts spouting bullshit for money or notoriety. I believe the man should be jailed or put into a mental institution.😂

        Right before I texted you today, I was reading a summary of an extensive study of vaccine risks versus virus caused risks in 29 million people, who were all over 40 and had had at least one injection of a vaccine, and compared them to 1.8 million people who had been infected with the virus. That’s one hellacious sample, obviously. It didn’t matter which vaccine, although the new mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna are dramatically more effective than all the other ones, which are made using older vaccine technology, like whole inactivated, or fragmented radiated or chemically treated SARS virus, or virus that has had certain proteins cloned into an adenovirus vector and given with or without an adjuvant to boost its potency. Some are like many other vaccines made today, including a few of the COVID vaccine types. THE STUDY WAS VERY CONSISTENT WHEN COMPARED ACROSS ALL STUDY GROUPS, and in all cases, the vaccines safety and effectiveness just absolutely blew away the results for people who were unvaccinated. All vaccines, no matter how they are made or for what disease they’re intended to prevent, carry some risks. That is absolutely unavoidable.

        But for example, among every 10 million people who took the Astra Zeneca vaccine, there were 107 people who had a very low platelet count and got bad internal bleeding, or died of that bleeding, the risk of having the SAME problems from the COVID virus infection was over NINE TIMES AS HIGH. And while 66 out of 10 million vaccinated people got a serious blood clot or died of a blood clot, among 10 million people who got the virus, there were over 200 TIMES AS MANY who got a serious blood clot or died.

         Among the 10 million who got the Pfizer vaccine, like me, there were an extra 66 strokes, the rate from COVID 19TIMES as high from getting the virus. Among Pfizer vaccine recipients, like me, there
         was a very tiny increase in risk of having a stroke from getting the Pfizer vaccine, like I got – and by the way, I’m getting a third shot within the next couple of weeks.”

        If your credentials outrank his, please tell me more. I’ll wait.

        1. Sara

          Your “friend” is just as much as of an idiot as you are. It would be silly even to try to reason your nonsense. Conclusion of the scientific world we leave in nowadays is – “their Friends” matter but Dr Peter McCullough with an incredible record don’t!!! They truly think everyone in this world is to dumb. 😂 Fact checkers hey!! Just brilliant!

        2. Sharon Cooke

          IVM saves over 85% of ppl who take it early on. But Drs were directed to barely treat ppl and left them get sick at home with only zpak and maybe steroids and some eventually needed hospital and some died.. A disgrace of medical treatments, but the medical mafia caused it. The ppl know no matter what paid shills like you say.

          1. S.D.

            Disgusting accusation. Completely baseless. There is absolutely no data that shows IVM “saves” lives.

            You clearly have no medical education, it shows.

      3. Max Power

        I know right? But according to their own admissions, the vaccinated can still be affected by the illness!!! Because as they admit, it does not confer immunity or prevent infection, or prevent serious illness! Lol, WTF man?

    5. Jo Anne Costello

      Do you have any sort of medical or scientific background? Those of us who do, recognized that Fauci was lying early on. It’s outrageous that “fact checking” minions of social media think they know more than actual MD’s, nurses & researchers. I can’t even fathom how many lives could have been saved, had Covid not been politicized in such a manner. Hyper partisans use trigger words like “misinformation” & “disinformation”, even though they don’t have a clue about research or statistics.

      1. Michal

        How was Fauci lying early on?
        I won’t ask the counter question, how was trump not lying because the man clearly had not one iota of scientific literacy in his body.

        1. Free American

          To list the lies would take up to much space, so I’ll answer your question with a question, “how was Fauci NOT lying early on? And still doing so. Lab leak, mask, don’t mask, mask, vaccines, sarcastically, “covid vaccines are safe and effective” “safe and effective” “safe and effective” Bhaaaaaaa, Bhaaaaaaa. So safe and effective that they have to suppress the HUGE #’s of negative side-effects and deaths very soon after covid vax or months later. Oh and each negative side-effect or death just happens to be nearly the same, some adverse reaction with blood clots being the main root of the cause. Go take your covid vax, the fewer sheep like you left around, the easier it will be for us who love freedom to resist these globalist and take back our world and remain free.

      2. Twise

        Since the majority of medical doctors and researchers you speak of use words like “misinformation” in reference to Dr, McCullough’s blathering, what are you on about? Are the majority of doctors world-wide “hyper partisan” then? You need to adjust your conspiracy theory so it doesn’t so absurd.

        1. Keep It Real

          Talk to the hundreds of Covid Patients that were treated with Dr Peter McCullough protocols and successfully were cured of Covid (I know many of them)….when other people were sent home to get worse and then back in hospital to die.

    6. clk

      Thank you for posting this. There is also a article that debunks all he has said


      People need to hear truth. And I am so tired of people leveraging fear or their beliefs as a reason to not get a life saving measure. You hold the hand of 100s as they die alone as your in a hazmat suit and see how your opinion changes. Again thank you. C

      1. ticklemeelbow

        Because no author is associated with this article (unlike some of the others), here is the editor as stated at the bottom of the page, https://healthfeedback.org/editor/flora-teoh/. For the claims cited, the list of references is surprisingly short, and one of which has not been published/peer-reviewed. Since we can only establish authorship by the editor named, we can ask the obvious question; how many patients has she treated? Probably none since she is a PhD and makes no claim to medical practice. I would expect more information about her through her curriculum vitae which is missing from her biography.

        The Health Feedback site links to another site called Science Feedback that links to Climate Feedback which is a French non-profit established in 2016 through an Indiegogo campaign (https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/climate-feedback-a-guide-to-reliable-climate-news–2/#/). They are partnered with Facebook (go figure) and financially supported by a short list of funders & donors (https://sciencefeedback.co/partners-funders-donors/).

        As quoted on their site, “Science Feedback is paving the way for a new kind of fact-checking”. What does that mean exactly, is it scientifically objective (evidence-based) or ideologically subjective??? Their list of article reviews are repugnant in regard to thorough citation of scientific study and research before 2020, some of which have no citations at all.

        This took me 20 minutes to figure out! Thank you, clk. Please try again.

    7. Debra Goda

      I disagree. There is a lot more to the truth of this man-made in the lab virus. And there is treatment, many doctors will say they don’t treat COVID-19,WHY? There’s nothing said or offered to the public to be treated early covid patients with therapy drugs. What about early preventive care with diet and supplements. There’s many therapy drugs that have been affected in saving lives. Question, why is there so much push on getting the vaccine, vaccinating the globe?

        1. Sara

          Fantastic work Harriet!! Thank you! It is all well documented. The cancer called unelected psychopaths of Schwab’s WEF criminal and corruption has spread into all spheres of people’s life. The system is rotten. Corrupt to the core. Needs changing and now is the time. The responsible ones need to rot in jail. All of them!

      1. Twise

        Because millions of people have died in this pandemic??? That could have something to do with why they want people to get vaccinated, but what do I know?

    8. sdm

      Dr. Peter McCullough MD, MPH, Internist, Cardiologist, Epidemiologist, Professor of Medicine-Texas A&M College of Medicine, President -Cardio Renal Society of America, Editor & Chief -Cardio Renal Medicine Journal, Editor & Chief -Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, Senior Associate Editor of American Journal of Cardiology; Dr. McCullough considered among the world’s leading Experts on Covid 19, 46 Peer Reviewed Publications on Covid, &, Called to Testify by The United States Senate Committee Homeland Security & Gov Affairs 2020, Texas Senate Committee Health & Human Services 2021, Colorado General Assembly 2021, New Hampshire Senate 2021.

      Above Re: Dr. Peter McCullough MD, MPH are facts aka Support evidence to prove,True. I will skip the No Name Attached->@debunk link. Thanks!

    9. Michal

      I wonder when in the case of being personally faced with a serious illness like, say, cancer, these same folks would want someone who actually knew of the latest findings and studied cancer treating them, or someone far out of the field and an administrator whose ideas have been debunked??

    10. Achsel

      Dr McCullough is a doctor and medical professor. He has certainly never been debunked whatever the hell that means. And he is not Anti-vax. He is pro treatment early and has his own patient data to back it up, along with now hundreds of studies proving the benefit of some of these drugs. It’s like people want the worst, the gloom and doom, the vaccine is the only answer. It’s not and hasn’t been since the beginning. We are literally killing people by withholding these treatments. That is not just irresponsible it is criminal!

      1. Newms

        The fact you do not know what debunked means is hilarious. So I cannot take what you say and believe any of it. Let me give you a simpler word or two.. disproven or discredited. Yes he has been debunked. 1) his take on thinking no one under 50 needs a vaccine well that’s NOT TRUE 2) no one who is asymptomatic can infect others well that is NOT TRUE either. That’s some main ones. It’s like the guy is forgetting everything he’s learned like what someone has already mentioned. These conspiracies about vaccines and covid are doing more harm than good.

        1. Rick Ponto

          Even if you only wondered about 50 percent of what McCullough said, doesn’t that make you question what’s going on.
          I don’t think this guy just fell on his head. I do think individuals like him offer us something to think about and question and not just blindly follow, media, politicians and big pharma.

    11. Thankful Covid Recovered Patient
      • Do your research before you discount and defame someone. Dr. Peter McCollough is a highly credentialed cardioligist/internist/epidemiologist who has testified before Senate hearings. He has a podcast, The McCollough Report, containing valuable information for early treatment that is saving lives. My family followed it, recovered with no hospitalizations or death. Our family physician said to simply stay home, let me know if you have trouble breathing and then I can prescribe an inhaler. We chose the early onset treatment by Dr. McCollough instead. It is criminal that physicians aren’t doing anything except telling people to stay home and aren’t providing early onset treatment. It’s much easier to control a brush fire than to wait until its a raging forest fire. People are dying needlessly because of the suppression of information and by discrediting doctors who are helping people. The “debunking”as you call it, is merely a rejection of truth by those who are promoting an agenda. “Stop the spread” should apply to those who discredit and defame people, spreading disinformation– that can cost lives. Wake up!
      1. Lynn

        Well said. And yes!! Wake up! You’re being bamboozled by the top 1% of the wealthy in the world. They own all those large corporations, they own the mainstream media (follow the money) and they threaten scientists and doctors who want to tell the truth.

        All the treatments being marketed as COVID-19 “vaccines”, are still in Phase III clinical trials until 2023 and hence, qualify as a medical experiment. People taking these treatments are enrolled as test-subjects and are further unaware that the injections are not actual vaccines as they do not contain a virus but instead an experimental gene therapy.

        Numerous doctors, scientists, and medical experts are issuing dire warnings about the short and long-term effects of COVID-19 injections, including, but not limited to death, blood clots, infertility, miscarriages, Bell’s Palsy, cancer, inflammatory conditions, autoimmune disease, early-onset dementia, convulsions, anaphylaxis, inflammation of the heart, and antibody dependent enhancement leading to death; this includes children ages 12-17 years old.

        I’ll take the early treatment and develop natural antibodies please. Should be my choice to make. Many of those who are agreeing to the mandated jab are already having regrets and it all originated from the installation of fear and the promotion of hysteria and the unfortunate trust placed in our leaders and governments.

      2. Twise

        When Dr. McCullough can provide credible clinical study results that these drugs and supplements are actually effective, I’m onboard. But since no legitimate clinical studies have produced any evidence whatsoever to prove his damned claims, I’m not onboard. Especially since people are now overdosing on ivermectin in an effort to cure themselves…because of the irresponsible advice of people like Dr. McCullough.

        1. Keep It Real

          When something like Covid is ravaging….you don’t start clinical treatment trials…you treat each patient promptly with know effective many times before used treatments based on their symptoms. To send patients home empty handed…with easily treatable symptoms…just because they test positive on a test that is known for false positives is as close to murder as you can get.

          1. S.D.

            Yes, and when the clinical trials prove that it doesn’t work or does more harm than good, then you retract your statements.

    12. Lynn

      “Dr. Byram Bridle, a pro-vaccine Associate Professor on Viral Immunology at the University of Guelph, gives a terrifying warning of the harms of the experimental treatments in a new peer reviewed scientifically published research study21 on COVID-19 shots. The added Spike Protein to the “vaccine” gets into the blood, circulates through the blood in individuals over several days post-vaccination, it accumulates in the tissues such as the spleen, bone marrow, the liver, the adrenal glands, testes, and of great concern, it accumulates high concentrations into the ovaries. Dr. Bridle notes that they “have known for a long time that the Spike Protein is a pathogenic protein, it is a toxin, and can cause damage if it gets into blood circulation.” The study confirms the combination is causing clotting, neurological damage, bleeding, heart problems, etc. There is a high concentration of the Spike Protein getting into breast milk and reports of suckling infants developing bleeding disorders in the gastrointestinal tract. There are further warnings that this injection will render children infertile, and that people who have been vaccinated should NOT donate blood.”

    13. Lynn

      Dr. McCullough is an internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and Professor of Medicine at Texas A & M College of Medicine, Dallas, TX USA. Since the outset of the pandemic, Dr. McCullough has been a leader in the medical response to the COVID-19 disaster and has published “Pathophysiological Basis and Rationale for Early Outpatient Treatment of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) Infection” the first synthesis of sequenced multidrug treatment of ambulatory patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 in the American Journal of Medicine and subsequently updated in Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine. He has 40 peer-reviewed publications on the infection and has commented extensively on the medical response to the COVID-19 crisis in TheHill and on FOX NEWS Channel. On November 19, 2020, Dr. McCullough testified in the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs and throughout 2021 in the Texas Senate Committee on Health and Human Services, Colorado General Assembly, and New Hampshire Senate concerning many aspects of the pandemic response.
      Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, FACP, FACC, FAHA, FCRSA, FCCP, FNKF, FNLA
      Professor of Medicine, Texas A & M College of Medicine
      Board Certified Internist and Cardiologist
      President Cardiorenal Society of America
      Editor-in-Chief, Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
      Editor-in-Chief, Cardiorenal Medicine
      Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Cardiology
      For more information about Dr. McCullough, please visit: heartplace.com/dr-peter-a-mcculloughPeter A. McCullough, MD, MPH, FACP, FACC, FAHA, FCRSA, FCCP, FNKF, FNLA
      Professor of Medicine, Texas A & M College of Medicine
      Board Certified Internist and Cardiologist
      President Cardiorenal Society of America
      Editor-in-Chief, Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine
      Editor-in-Chief, Cardiorenal Medicine
      Senior Associate Editor, American Journal of Cardiology

      ** I think this guy has a ‘bit’ of knowledge and authority on the matter.

    14. Jennifer Freiburg

      Look at the high quality research studies that he uses as evidence to his claims before you carelessly and sheepishly follow efforts to discredit him.

    15. Twise

      No point in arguing with the tinfoil hat brigade who have evidently required superior knowledge to that of epidemiologists and virologists seemingly by some sort of supernatural osmosis. They “research!!!” smh. The majority of these people probably couldn’t pass a biology 101 class at the community college but they honestly believe they’re smarter than educated people who do actual research in a lab and continue to discover medical breakthroughs that save lives. I’ve never been so mortified in my life to identify as Conservative than right now – I have no desire whatsoever to be affiliated with these obstinate Neanderthals and their paranoid ABSURD conspiracy theories. Thanks, Trump! It’s like you’ve produced an over abundance of little mini-me’s for the world to laugh at and ridicule🤨

      1. Newms

        Yep tell me about it. Very nice to see someone out there who’s knowledgeable. I am surprised you call yourself conservative. I didn’t think there are people out there like yourself ! Thanks for attempting to give their heads a shake.

      2. Newms

        I am here because someone tried telling me this dr is very knowledgeable in covid treatments. I have been trying to say what you have said already with regards to ivermectin as a treatment.

      3. Keep It Real

        In Case you haven’t noticed…Virologists and Epidemiologists have a vested intetest in the end results preferred by their BigPharma financiers

    16. S.D.

      Yes, he is gaining wealth by promoting HCQ and appeasing the right. $$$$ he’s making money- more than he would as a legit physician. Pretty gross.

  3. Rachel Pozzesi

    Excellent article! Thank you so much for sharing this valuable and life-saving information!! Sharing with all my friends and family!

  4. Linda Herman

    John Hopkins has published a report on the failure of vaccines to elicit an antibody response in transplant/immunocompromised patients. This leaves a very high risk segment of the community extremely vulnerable. The NIH website lists places where they are distributing monoclonal antibodies, FDA approved treatments, however they have to be administered at an outpatient infusion clinic. Not one of the places listed in Portland knows anything about these infusions, I called all of them. My husband is a transplant patient with multiple comorbidities, our own transplant center said to call the CDC. This is crazy, we don’t have access to life saving FDA approved treatment? Why is this, who’s accountable?

    1. Heidi Wetzler

      Thank you for your comment. I highly encourage you to submit an opinion piece for publication from your personal experience. We need more voices asking these questions. Best, Heidi

    2. Shari

      Also transplanted in Portland, OR. I’ve been doing research on prophylactic nasal sprays which don’t yet have all the “required studies” for effectiveness, though the small studies show a huge benefit and early treatment option. There is one sold OTC in the USA. Do the research, you’ll find it.

    3. Debi Sinor

      WHO also shares that not enough testing has been done to determine efficacy of the RNA vaccines on immuno compromised individuals. My husband is not a transplant patient but on the same medication (Celcept) to treat another rare condition. I beieve all neurological conditions fall in the immuno compromised category. And the RNA vaccines are all that’s being offered in our area.

  5. Patricia Carlson

    I’m wondering how to contact treatment centers that offer early intervention for covid 19? There is reference to 35 centers in Texas. Are there any in WA? Are there telemedicine ways to access HCQ and AZM or DOXY at the beginning of infection. One of Dr. McCullough’s articles shows an early treatment pack given to patients in Brazil. Why is this not available here?

  6. Jon

    Excellent article. The disturbing suppression of cheap drug approaches to Covid is beyond suspicious. The battle has spread to India where the Mumbai-based Indian Bar Association has taken legal action against the WHO’s Dr Soumya Swaminathan of “Running a disinformation campaign against Ivermectin by deliberate suppression of effectiveness of drug Ivermectin as prophylaxis and for treatment of COVID-19.”

    1. Timothy C. Frey

      Jon, can you post the results of the Recovery trial for Hydroxychloroquine, and Azithromycin in the treatment of Covid 19? Thanks

  7. Millie

    What a wonderful article representing Dr. McCullough’s great love for people and his awesome knowledge in caring so skillfully for his patients. Top of his field!

    Now, as regards the disgraceful Fact Checkers: paid deceivers that they are, who MUST be Fact-Checked themselves…please, anyone who is about to be led astray by these Judas’ characters, this is what you may wish to do…do a little dive and search their names or the name of their website and trace who funds them. Since when do we need some fact-checking entity to tell us what to believe?? Can we not make our own analysis of material we read??

    I just did a search into a so-called fact-checking website called healthfeedback.org. This fact checking site has attempted to sour people from listening to Dr. McCullough. Yet, when you do a search on the person who wrote the article you find out this:


    Do your own research folks. Beware of anyone and anything called Fact Checker!

    1. Norma

      Gateway Pundit? You might want to do some research on them. Leftie publication (snark) Forbes says, “The Gateway Pundit, a far right news website which wouldn’t comment for this story, pushes a daily deluge of false, misleading or fake stories to a conservative audience eager to believe them—with much of the misinformation focused on the election, Covid-19 and the vaccine rollout, according to a new analysis by the Center for Countering Digital Hate.”

  8. Dave C.

    Here is the link to the AAPS “The Guide to Home-Based Covid Treatment” that Dr. Peter McCullough was the consulting editor on. It also has other info links at the end.


    I heard Dr. McCullough on the radio today and he said that there are some updated technical medical journal articles that have recently been published (June 2021) on his recommended drugs for EARLY Covid treatment – that is, right after an initial positive test, primarily in those over age 50. So doctors have access to this information, but he said that patients must be very assertive to find a doctor that will use these drugs.

    Though he is vaccinated himself, he also expressed significant concerns about giving the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines to pregnant/nursing women or to children. It was not clear to me about whether he thinks the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is significantly safer (though it uses a somewhat different method that has been used before in a few other vaccines). There have also been rare blood clots reported in the J&J vaccine with women under age 40, but it seems there are more reported side effects in all groups with the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines. In any case, Dr. McCullough said that the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are brand-new experimental technogy, and carry significant risk of migration of the Covid spike protein around the body, which could cause toxic effects.

    Personally, I am waiting for the final approval of the Novavax vaccine (good clinical trials results just announced). It uses only an inactivated version of the Covid spike protein and an immune system booster, more like a traditional vaccine. It should have much less chance of serious side effects than the other three vaccines – which “instruct” cells of the body to produce the spike protein. It may be available in August/September – but no word yet. Several news articles about this if you search news for Novavax vaccine.

    I’d suggest reading up on all of the vaccines and how they work with a Net search for articles and videos. You can search on:
    vaccines + Johnson & Johnson + Moderna + Novavax + spike protein.

    There is also a good YouTube video here from a doctor particularly on the Novavax vaccine:


  9. Dave C.

    Regarding the concerns expressed by Dr. McCullough on the mRNA vaccines (Moderna & Pfizer):

    Many news sites this week have reported that the Novavax vaccine has just passed all its clinical trials and may be available in August/September. It is a traditional vaccine.

    New York Times Novavax article:

    Below is a link to a long, detailed YouTube video where a physician (popular YouTuber “DrBeen”) explains the Novavax vaccine in detail and why it may be MUCH safer (lower possibility of side affects) option than the current three vaccines. Novavax just uses a nanoparticle with the inactivated spike protein itself plus an immune system booster – no mRNA, no viral vector, no entry of material into the cells at all. Dr. Been uses lots of good drawings and diagrams.


  10. Jo Anne Costello

    When Dr. Fauci testified in Congress, he admitted that only ~30% of his staff at NIH were vaccinated. It’s important to note that much of the information uncovered in his emails hadn’t been published yet. We should all be alarmed at the content. We read his professional position on the ineffectiveness of cloth & paper masks, the communications with Zuckerberg on what scientific info would be “permitted” on social media, the shady misdirection of Wuhan lab leak possibility, *comments on the use of cheap & effective treatments and preventative measures like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloriquin and supplements – which weren’t being discussed or studied*, etc….
    WHY are vaccines still being pushed on healthy children, in light of the potential for injury and death? COVID-19 has killed approximately 300 Americans under the age of 18 – a minuscule percentage.

  11. Sylvie

    Doctors want to give pills that infected people can take conveniently at home when symptoms first appear. Toward that end, the Biden administration announced in June that it would spend more than $3 billion on a program aimed at developing next-generation antiviral therapies—not just for COVID but also for other viruses that pose a future threat.” 

    “The Biden administration has already committed to purchasing 1.7 million courses of molnupiravir, should it be authorized for use. 

    1. Ssw

      Ivermectin is the precursor to Molnupiravir. Merck is ihe original manufacturer of Ivermectin. They have the formulation for it. But its patent expired in 1996. The organisation (including WHO, FDA, CDC, NIH) does not endorse IVM for off-label use to treat Covid-19 patients or as a prophylacis citing the lack of in-depth, peer reviewed clinical trials for its safety & efficacy. ( We should cite the same reason for rejecting the mRNA vaccines). However since its discovery of its ability to inhibit the virus’ multiplication in vitro, its use as early as May 2020 has spread to at least 30> countries notably in the poorer ones. The treatment using IVM includes taking together with zinc, Vit C, Vit D & selenium. Go to http://www.flccc.net headed by De Pierre Kory for a comprehensive info on IVM. Merck, the WHO, FDA & co has the truth to why they want to wait for Molnupiravir & not endorese the extremely cheap & easily available IVM that could have severely dimished the hospitalisations & deaths.

      1. Achsel

        Except Ivermectin has been on the marketv40 years and used around the world. A safety study found 75 reports of adverse events in the entire world over 40 years. That’s a better safety record than aspirin!

  12. Mick Stephens

    Wonderful article. The question as to why no governments are providing early treatment methods is reprehensible and stinks of a hidden agenda

    1. Bob

      Shame on you for not referencing the author of that article…. a Singapore woman who works for the gates foundation. Not exactly a reliable source. Anybody with a working brain cell can clearly see the conflict of interest.

    2. Bob

      Compare Dr. McCullough, the leading specialist in his field, more highly decorated and published than even your sainted Fauci, with some random “fact checker” msm presstitute directly involved with the gates foundation. Now ask yourself, who are you going to trust? The qualified doctor? Or the gates foundation flunkie who wants to protect her bosses investment? Conflict of interest! Hello… You really should know the word “fact checker” is a meaningless media term of private for profit institutions claiming zero authority to back their claims, and in no way are held accountable for the slander they are the prime movers for. Fact checkers are nothing more than soviet censorship and it is all sponsored by the very same corporate interests profiting off this medical experiment on an unwitting humanity.

      1. Jack Burton

        So, to be clear, you are claiming that a cardiologist is better qualified to determine the best way to handle an infectious disease than an immunologist? I mean McCullough’s publications are undoubtedly impressive in his chosen field of cardiology, but I feel like the “sainted” Dr. Fauci may have more relevant knowledge and experience as an immunologist and the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for the last 37 years. The again, some people may choose to call an electrician when a pipe bursts in their house. Someone on this discussion should be ashamed, but I’m not sure it is clk.

  13. The Commonwealth of Israel

                                        (having Seven Heads and Ten Horns)

    In Scripture we read: “… at that time you were without Christ, being aliens from the Commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the Covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world,” (Ephesians 2:12).

    Post Office Box 144
    GREEN BAY, WISCONSIN 54305-0144

  14. Pamel.averill@gmail.com

    We need our medical field to stand up and fight for the truth to be told. I and my family all had Covid19 and didn’t even know we have it except for taste, diarrhea and fatigue. Our antibodies are the strongest vaccine you can have. Please help spread the truth!!!

    1. Twise

      Lucky you – but what about the 620k Americans who have died from covid? I guess their antibodies didn’t kick in for some reason – THATS WHY THERE IS NOW A VACCINE TO HELP PEOPLE STAY ALIVE. smh

      1. Sharon Cooke

        Many cd have been saved at home with early treatment with IVM or Hydrochloroquine but Drs were dictated to not treat except with zpack and maybe steroids. Many ended in hospital due to lack of early treatments which make all the difference. A disgrace to the medical field. Govts fault. They only cared about vaccination.

  15. victor Wiedemann Sr

    no government has any medical training. They should never ever interfere with The Doctors who have spent their lives working with patients. Any government that interferes with the medial treatments prescribed by qualified physicians need to be prosecuted as nothing less then murders. They need to be taken out and shot or hung. all of those thugs.

  16. MrsT

    So very helpful, thank you. And I agree- we live in Montana and we don’t hear of anything how to quickly help with initial onset of Covid19. There’s so much fear and people pushing people, kids too to get vaccinated. We have quite a number of low-income families on state medical assistance in our state and I am very concerned that especially these groups won’t be informed at all about how to help treat Covid-19 at the early stages. I do hope many get to see this article.

  17. David C Dahlke

    The proverbial fox protecting the hen house. In other words, government is covering for vaccine manufacturers. Makes one wonder how much kickback is being funneled into the pockets of politicians and Fauci.

  18. Francisco el Callejero

    The sorry state of science literacy, how it has had a serious negative contribution to the pandemic, and what you can do about it, by being a vaccine advocate (credits to Shawn Otto and Ed Nirenberg): #VaccinesWork #vaccines #tweetatrician #pediatrics #pediatrician

    The rise of QAnon and the antivaxxers has been a decades-old thing, and all the conditions necessary for the explosion of antivax content came together in 2020. Antivaxxers go way, way, back, even back to the invention of the idea of vaccines. 

    Ever since there was science, science had a little bit of political power – why? Because anybody with enough dedication to the science could do it. If you were poor, but could earn a scholarship to school, that would make you instantly on the same playing field as the rich Swiss expat child able to go to the most expensive private schools. That is the reason why, political people, who are intent on fighting for their vested financial interests, are spending, and always have spent, lots of money to fight scientists. Apart from when science gets things wrong, scientists’ most serious failure is the overall lack of ability to advertise quite as well as someone like an Evangelist preacher, or Donald Trump’s TV shows. So, when big oil, or big tobacco, want to protect their financial interests – they pay politicians and lobbyists to help them do their bidding, and that politician is paid back by more terms in office. The geeky scientist is left out in the dust. They have fought this fight so well, that the quality of science literacy in the United States has steadily declined for the last fifty years, and therefore, normal American civilians have been left to fall prey to the most charismatic voice they hear on TV. A failure of science literacy is profitable to certain 
    sectors of big business – which is why they perpetuate it. That science literacy is especially poor when their science teacher gave them a bad experience in high school. Our true enemies are the politicians and rich lobbyists who sow doubt against hard working scientists, instead of fueling society’s rise to better science literacy. 

    Ever since there were people, there were people who:
    – were opposed to authority
    – were opposed to science 
    – were opposed to the somewhat reductionist way of thinking associated with science
    – valued political preferences over science 
    – valued religious teachings above science 

    But you know what? Science and religion absolutely can coexist. There are plenty of religious scientists and religious healthcare workers. 

    Have you ever heard of a biochemist knocking down the doors of the churches, or an astronomer yelling in the streets that he found something new about Jupiter? I’ve never heard of such a thing. Have you heard a religious person do this? All the time. 

    The scientific method, invented gradually over the ages, essentially preaches that you can discover anything eventually, if you dedicate yourself to only observable evidence, and make hypotheses that you can either support or refute. That’s all it is. Nothing mysterious or scary about it. The best way to NOT be scared about what you don’t know is to dedicate yourself to learning about it, using the scientific method. This is the most timeless human invention in the history of human inventions. No other organism has been observed performing the scientific method on Earth. It literally produced our entire modern world. The scientific method is SO important because human senses suck. Just one example – we can only see a narrow band of radiation in the Universe, the band of visible light. But there are Radio waves, microwave, Xrays, and Gamma rays – nobody can see them, but they form one of the many cornerstones of modern technology. Without mastery of Xrays, we would not have much of modern medical diagnostic imaging. Nobody denies Xrays because they can’t see them – and yet we still have germ theory deniers, COVID deniers… I could go on and on. 

    Dedication to the scientific method sadly would be gradually lost over the next few hundred years of world history. 

    In the days of Edward Jenner, you still had plenty of antivaxxers around, but because news traveled by horseback, they were relegated to the realm of small secret societies scattered from place to place. They could not unify because the communications network was not as developed. We could not count them because there were no consistent written records. 

    Fast forward to 1940-1970s America, then you see the rise of the Evangelical preacher, and the attitude that “Christians are being persecuted”. I have no clue why that community feels persecuted by scientific discovery, other than to say that maybe they don’t like to hear views contrary to their world view. At the same time, an attitude of postmodernism was being taught all over the country, whose most serious flaw was to preach that the scientific method is “just another way to view the world”, which was equally as valid as getting all your science out of the Bible. TV was just getting started, so you had to still send snail mail and make phonecalls to coordinate with your other conspiracy theorists across the country. This was faster than messenger by horseback, but still slow. People were yelling about things like the Cutter incident (rightfully), and this was about the time when the VAERS system and the American vaccine court system was invented to help “vaccine injured” families. People still believed conspiracy theories, but could not coordinate. Remember those people who had to protect their vested financial interests? They were still paying money to protect themselves pretty continuously, and the level of science literacy in America was still steadily going down. The lengths politicians were willing to go to protect disasters such as Superfund sites, antibiotic scandals, the Tuskegee syphilis disaster, the Jeffrey Wigand / big tobacco scandal, oil spill disasters, and the opioid scandal, were essentially infinite. If you had enough money to pay for publicity to cover something up as a big businessman, it would be made a reality. This conversely led to a somewhat rational distrust of big business/ big pharma – which is one of the foundation stones of the antivax community. Remember though – the scientists didn’t do that by themselves, the authors of these scandals were the businessmen. Scientists did make mistakes – but many of the laws governing medical innovation in the modern era are there precisely BECAUSE of the mistakes of the 1940s-1980s. The laws healthcare workers have to adhere to are in place to protect the consumer. 

    You then fast forward to the 1990s and the current age – the key missing ingredient to the disinformation explosion was the Internet. When a small, but loud minority, are able to curate well paid, 24/7 media, with slick internet websites, Facebook webpages, and Twitter feeds with antivax content – and you pair that with a COVID pandemic lockdown – people with no science literacy, are reading scary things, getting more anxious, messing with their mental health, and preying on their deepest fears with the assistance of folks with no moral standards. With all those ingredients mixed together, you get the modern QAnon/ antivax explosion. When you feel like there is nothing you can do to control a worldwide pandemic from an enemy you can’t see, and you perhaps come from a rural town, you put on your battle gear in the middle of some rural town and protest with your firearms (forgetting that you can’t shoot a virus). When you are a single mom trying to hold the family together, and you go home and you have a computer, but you don’t have the science literacy to know what is correct, you may become a Qanon member or staunch antivax activist, if you don’t have a strong voice of reason and reliable information in your household (which in itself is a serious health disparity). In 2020, all the ingredients required to form a disinformation explosion were present at the same time, and just like Voldemort rising from a cauldron, it only needed a staunchly anti-science government to light the fire. The mirage of conservative vs liberal science is just that – a mirage. Science has plenty of folks from all political leanings. With the implicit assent of the highest levels of power, quacks of all stripes like Del Bigtree and RFK were handed the platform that they had been waiting for, for decades.

    Here’s what normal folks can do to fight back against the massive tide of disinformation: 

    1. All our social circles added together are bigger than the antivaxxers social circles. We can all leverage our little social circles to beat out the antivaxxer social circles. 
    2. Share stories of healthcare workers being normal people. Most of us don’t have the time, brainpower, or inclination to author a conspiracy, we already spend enough time doing prior authorizations. Researchers spend most of their time getting their grants rejected; even excellent laboratories get 90% of their grant funding proposals rejected sometimes. 
    3. Formal vaccination informed consent is available at every visit. If you require the most detailed informed consent all the way down to the clinical trials and the package inserts, prepare your healthcare worker for this. It is doable but will take time. Physicians don’t have long appointments to give every single patient this opportunity not because they like it that way, rather its because corporate pressure forces it to be that way. Other times, other families just want the highlights, and thats fine too. 
    4. There are very few rational reasons to be antivax. One example of a rational reason is to have a severe immunocompromise determined by a physician, that is a contraindication to live vaccines. An example of a well done, superlative vaccine investigation is the story of discovering antibody dependent enhancement for Dengvaxia. 
    5. You too can be a vaccine activist (and in turn, advocate for the health of kids) – but remember your audience is those people on the fence. The extreme antivaxxers may come and reconcile with you eventually, but don’t hold your breath. You can be most effective for those families searching for reliable information. You can start for free – just use your social media platform. 
    6. The burden of proof is on an antivaxxer to prove his or her point – not on you to refute her point. 
    7. It is more productive to spread strong information than to directly fight the antivaxxers. Leave that work to the social media companies and advocate that they continue to do so. Report any staunch antivax pages that you see. 
    8. Understand the credentials of the person you are interacting with when digesting vaccine information – is it a pediatrician, or some random person you met on Instagram? If I as a pediatrician wanted to learn how to fly, I would most definitely attend flight school, not learn from some lad living in his mom’s basement with a flight simulator. If I had no medical knowledge, I would most definitely seek out a mainstream pediatrician to ask about vaccines. 
    9. When antivaxxers claim they aren’t out to profit – look behind the smoke and mirrors. Del Bigtree is actually selling bricks to pave his ranch so he can walk over your name. Sherri Tenpenny is selling 6 week $600 courses to teach you how to be a persuasive antivaxxer. If she gets 400 students per class session, she earns in 6 weeks as much money as a full-time new physician earns in a year. They most definitely grift. 
    10. I as a pediatrician have yet to find any antivaxxer with a solid understanding of the pediatrics, immunology, infectious disease, epidemiology, or virology that they claim to fight against. They are really advertising that they were asleep through ALL their middle school and HS science courses. Would you like to see a pediatrician who was asleep during his pediatrics training? I wouldn’t. All of us mainstream pediatricians are happy to give you medical information at the level of detail that you are comfortable with, but you just have to prepare to use more than one appointment if you require intricate, detailed explanations. 
    11. Remember vaccine advocacy is in the end about your personal health and safety and the health and safety of those around you. We as healthcare workers want everybody to live as free as possible from the landmines of vaccine preventable infectious disease.

      1. Elena

        You really read all of that, written by a studied pediatrician, and still came back with that? I’m just flabbergasted. I honestly don’t get it. It’s so disheartening. 😞

  19. Francisco el Callejero

    Here’s a closer look at the article that likely started the hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin debate. I want to spend some time analyzing research so that the guests on this forum can see how mainstream physicians think in real life. The article is: https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.05.28.21258012v1

    The authors hail from the St Barnabas Medical Center and the Smith Center for Infectious Diseases, which are two reasonably strong healthcare institutions in the United States state of New Jersey. 

    I’m going to illustrate how to decipher one of these articles. Because scientific language is necessarily very precise much like legal language, this essay is necessarily going to be a bit wordy as I use lots of analogies to explain everything I want to explain. My goal is to – show folks the reasons why the HCQ/Azithromycin movement is based upon the scientific version of quicksand. 

    The first couple of things to notice are – this study happened during the first two months of the pandemic, so there were necessarily fewer patients and therefore fewer data to work with. They had to pick an experimental design that had a compromise between rigorous and quick – fewer patients were available and at the time, few hard data were available on how to treat COVID other than perhaps oxygen, looking for bacterial infections, intubation, and steroids (which in the beginning were not yet shown to be effective). The authors picked an observational study. What does that mean? Read on. 

    As we look at the very top of the article, they explicitly state that the article is a preprint. This means that the article was technically published, but had not undergone extensive peer review that was par for the course before the pandemic. Journalists were explicitly told not to grab these articles and portray them as bombshell news – but they did anyway. What these articles are very good at doing is- guiding future brainstorming ideas on how to create strong clinical trials, which actually happened – clinicaltrials.gov does contain very well done ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine trials in progress. On to the levels of evidence. 

    The highest levels of evidence are randomized controlled clinical trials and meta-analyses of these randomized controlled clinical trials. Why does this exist? After you get above the complexity of lab bench chemical reactions, there start to be things called confounding variables, placebo effect, and nocebo effect. 

    This expression means that apart from Thing 1 influencing Thing 2, there is another hidden Thing 3 in the background that is either difficult to detect or otherwise not directly observable. A real life example of this is the example of the alien trying to figure out why humans get drunk. If one day aliens arrived from Sagittarius, and they discovered the novel human behavior of getting sloshed, maybe they will decide to make an experiment. They get one lad to drink whisky, one lad to drink wine, one lad to drink beer, and one lad to drink gin. They discover that all the lads get drunk, and when they think it through, they discover that the drinks all have water in common. Then the aliens excitedly decide that water makes you drunk. Now we obviously know that this is the wrong conclusion right? If the aliens had also included a group that drank water, and compared it to the other experimental groups, they would have came to the correct conclusion that it is indeed alcohol that makes you drunk. This principle applies in a big way to scientific studies. How? If you wanted to determine whether a vaccine caused a heart attack, it would be very, very important of you to determine if the patient previously had heart disease before getting that vaccine. There is no vaccine on the planet that gives heart artery blockages to humans, but immune reactions can be powerful enough to exacerbate the ones that are already there in rare cases. 

    On the placebo effect – there is a curious human effect that says even if you take a sugar pill (meaning a pill containing nothing of medicinal value), some of the time, you will get better. It is imperative that a new medicine that you want to try, does better than the sugar pill – otherwise why not just prescribe sugar to everyone? The way that new medical trials work is that they have to prove their medicine is better than doing nothing. 

    On to the nocebo effect – there is another curious human effect that says even if you take a sugar pill, and you are told ahead of time that there may be side effects, you might experience side effect regardless of the fact that the pill initially given was sugar. The side effects may be real to you, and you might be having genuine suffering, but the initial substance that was given was something inert. Trials must also take this into consideration. A big place where this happens is in people dropping out of trials due to side effects. But why would someone drop out of a vaccine trial if plain water was injected into their shoulder? Trials must consider this rate of people dropping out. 

    What is the most basic way that you ensure that you as the study designer, don’t fall prey to these eternal research design vices? Randomization. You assign all your patients randomly to the placebo group, randomly to the treatment group, and in that way, all the confounding variables, even future unknown ones, are distributed equally in your sugar water group and your medical group so you know they aren’t messing around with your results. In this particular article they decided they didn’t have the time to do this so they picked an observational study, which essentially means they watched how patients behave during their treatment regiment to see if a medicine in question was useful, without rigorously controlling for confounding variables. 

    Back to the article – this is from 1 hospital in New Jersey, and they looked at the sickest of the sick – 255 people who were ill enough to need a machine to support their breathing. First big red flag to interpreting the data – 201/255 patients died prior to the study completion regardless of the medicine that was given to them. This is purely a statement of what a bad player COVID was. The medicines they examined were tocilizumab, convalescent plasma (plasma from those recovered from COVID, and hydroxychloroquine). This analysis will focus on the HCQ part – and 224/255 received this medicine. The rationale of why to use this drug at all was an older lab bench study that says if you got concentrations of HCQ high enough, they would inhibit viral replication. So at this point, your interpretation of the data should be – around 80% of the patients got hydroxychloroquine, AND around 80% of the patients died. This should be another red flag. Yet, the article authors claim that HCQ improved survival. Your next question should be – it increased survival, compared to which benchmark? 

    When you read further, you see that the study authors define better survival as… compared to patients who were already on hydroxychloroquine to begin with for other medical reasons (such as lupus). They set a treatment dose of HCQ as larger than 3 grams, and a treatment dose of azithromycin as larger than 1 g. Their big claim that is now tightly wrapped into the identity of conservative pundits and fringe physicians is – that 37 of the patients, when analyzed using this comparison, had an almost 200% improved survival rate. First off, there is no historical clinical trial that has changed practice based upon 37 patients. Second – 18 of the 37 patients on which this comparison was based, died as well. If the groups had been more evenly organized, the different in survival may have vanished. This is something that is never explored on Fox News, Bitchute, or any of those other websites that extolls the virtues of hydroxychloroquine. 

    Remember what we said about randomization? Right off the bat, the study groups were not relatively equal in their medical comorbidities. The group that was more likely to survive was already younger and had less medical problems from the outset. This is one of the serious problems of the observational study design. 

    Reading further – you find that the study also quotes that 83% of the group who survived had NOT returned to their prior functional status. This drives home the point that, killing is not the only bad thing that COVID can do to you. It can profoundly affect your daily life. Only 3.5% of the original 255 patients went home OFF oxygen, WITHOUT difficulties with activities of daily living, and WITHOUT any hits to the brain. This again drives home how bad COVID can be. Again, this is something that is never explored on Fox News, Bitchute, or any of those other websites that extolls the virtues of hydroxychloroquine. 

    Reading into the hydroxychloroquine dose further – they said that a 3g dose or higher of hydroxychloroquine dose was considered a treatment dose. This dose specifically, is cumulative. This sets the study up for something called “immortal time bias” (https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/2776315). What this essentially means is that you need for an experimental patient to survive long enough for you to measure the outcome that you want to measure. The net effect of such a problem is that you overestimate the benefit that a certain treatment can offer a population. In some circles this is known as survivorship bias. A very basic example of immortal time bias is – if you take a group of patients who were admitted to intensive care and offer them tea and biscuits, you might find that the group offered tea and biscuits do better. But – of course they were going to do better! They were not so ill that they could not drink the tea and biscuits. The sicker patients were not alive long enough to receive the tea and biscuits, so you couldn’t test it on them. This is a serious problem with this well cited, but ultimately flawed study. I don’t think the study authors had malicious intent when making this study design – they probably were making do with what was available at the time. However, a proper researcher needs to take all these things into account. Ms Wetzler does not, and Dr Mccullough might be a strong cardiologist, but a pandemic is not a free pass to conduct shoddy research. He more than anybody else should know strong research was done to create all the treatments used in modern day cardiology. Why did he abandon his dedication to solid research just during the pandemic?

  20. Francisco el Callejero

    The group above 50, and especially above 60, have the highest risk of getting COVID disease (and the risk is even worse when you take other health problems into account). Dr McCullough is completely wrong when he says that those in the 50s don’t need vaccination. There are proper clinical trials going on done in a rigorous time-tested fashion, and these exist on clinicaltrials.gov.

  21. Francisco el Callejero

    #vaccineswork #vaccinesafetyadvocate #science #VaccinesSaveLives #COVID19 #PublicHealth #expertise #immunity #immunology #biochemistry #vaccinationday2021
    Growing data are showing that prior recovery from COVID infection is shaky in giving you immunity against COVID delta. 

    One of the most important articles showing this – https://www.nature.com/articles/s41586-021-03777-9

    The technique used in this article is to gather convalescent sera (meaning antibodies gained after infection) from a few groups of people. They then tested whether or not the antibodies are effective in binding up 4 variants of COVID, including COVID delta. The most important column is the one where they compared the ability of people who recovered from COVID to generate antibodies , to the ability of people who were vaccinated against COVID to generate antibodies against COVID. The folks who recovered from COVID naturally had antibodies down near the limit of detection of the test (meaning as low as the machine can detect), while people who were vaccinated had a statistically significantly higher antibody response for COVID delta. They also tested the ability of monoclonal antibodies (lab produced antibodies) in neutralizing delta – and single antibodies had a little trouble binding up COVID delta (which is why antibody producers are turning to combinations of two antibodies). 
    Strength of study – this measured antibody responses in real people. Limitation – its smaller number and lack of examination of T cell responses leaves cellular immunity not directly examined. How do we begin to partially address this? Combine this data with the much misinterpreted Cleveland Clinic study at https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.06.01.21258176v3 

    What they did was to examine 52238 folks working at Cleveland Clinic, and sort out what happened to the cohort who was vaccinated vs unvaccinated in their ability to contract COVID. The completely unvaccinated group incurred the most COVID cases, whereas the vaccinated and previously recovered group incurred the least COVID cases. This is illustrated in the tagged graph. I will repeat – this does not mean don’t get vaccinated, the conclusion of the article was to prioritize vaccinating those who have never had COVID disease. The strength of this study was the large numbers, and the main weakness of the study is that it was completed before detection of COVID variants was mainstream. I repeat – this study does not say “don’t get vaccinated”, it says that vaccinations can be prioritized to the completely unvaccinated and unrecovered during the pre-COVID variant era. 

    Now we try to directly answer the question – does COVID delta increase the risk of reinfection in those who recovered from COVID before? Due to possibly less potent antibodies, and waning immunity – the country that does the most variant tracking has found that it probably does increase the risk of reinfection (https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1005395/23_July_2021_Risk_assessment_for_SARS-CoV-2_variant_Delta.pdf). 

    In summary – COVID delta is a bad player. Get vaccinated to protect yourself. Are people showing up in the hospital who are fully vaccinated? Yes. If we hypothetically vaccinated the entire population, *all* hospitalized COVID patients would be previously vaccinated. However, the data so far show that COVID reinfection in the vaccinated is largely causing mild disease, which was the whole goal of vaccination in the first place – to either protect you entirely or protect you from serious decompensation and intensive care unit level care. 

  22. Reggie

    Wait, one thing I seriously don’t agree with: the idea that hospitals themselves are in part responsible for witholding proper early treatment. The hospitals have been stuffed to the gills with people who are very ill and/or straight up dying, to the point where yes, people who are still fairly well despite contracting cannot get very direct care for a relatively new disease. You cannot make a reasonable argument that the staff of any hospital worth its salt are not doing all they can right now. I hope these SMDT treatments are effective and safe and get larger trials(all I’ve read so far seem more like pilot studies, I hope the sample sizes can increase in later review), but I don’t see evidence of suppression, I see a very stressed system that cannot attend to everyone right now.

  23. Clint E

    How is this information helping anyone? Debunked scientific claims, snake-oil peddling, and the promise of salvation with prayer. Are we not learning lessons from the last year? Let’s continue to make excuses, spread lies and myths, and bank on conspiracy theories. Meanwhile, good people are dying, and economic recovery is delayed. If you want to do something useful get the vaccine. The only solid evidence we have of anything that works is the effectiveness of the stabby-jabby. Or, don’t get the shot, and continue to be a part of what is clearly becoming the “Red Scourge/Red Purge”.

  24. Margaret Nelson


    1. Ted

      Weak – he left Baylor in Feb. you make it seem like he never was at Baylor. In addition, he refutes going around claiming that he is still at Baylor. Why would he do this? This info would still be a part of his resume.

  25. Carol

    I have learned when a nurse asked about treatment options at Tampa General: they give no meds – only oxygen if needed and then a ventilator if you get worse. No other meds that would help such as hydrochloriquine or other such options. We know when given early on, meds such as hydrochloriquine can save. My sister in law died because they allowed her to get beyond control and would not give hydro. At Mayo when asked for it. Because Fauci said no to hydro. He is a killer of truth and realty. Time for change!

  26. Rubicon

    Are these medical clinics in Vancouver even aware of the thousands of people across the US/Elsewhere who have “come down with the virus” even though they were already vaxxed? And how is that being diagnosed when the CDC is abandoning in December the very faulty PCR test? Nothing seems to add up here except that Big Pharma is making billions of $$$s.

  27. Richard Ryen

    In the information that I have gathered, I have come to the same conclusion on COVID 19. It is all about the vaccines. I was threatened to be removed by force if I didn’t comply with their mandates. Please keep up sending out information that will get to ordinary citizens so we can be kept well informed. I expect your youtube channel and facebook account will be suspended, what will your alternatives be? How can I get a copy of your video about the vaccines so I can share it? Thanks for all you do! Rick

  28. Sherry Herron

    Why is it that this physician has all the answers to early treatment, but his OWN practice states be will treat POST-Covid individuals. Makes no sense. Why isn’t he treating them if he feels they should be treated by other doctors?

  29. Vonu

    If you present with shingles, you’ll be given the vaccine and sent home to suffer.
    The solution to shingles is the same a for all other virally triggered autoimmune diseases, nurture your immune system instead of hamstringing it with more challenges.

  30. Dana Terrell

    Thank you for listing the categories of medications that Dr. McCullough has researched. However, your statement that there is no evidence of children getting COVID or dying from it is false. Family friend’s 16 year old daughter got COVID in January in San Diego. She was a super-healthy cheerleader. She had to be hospitalized, but came home and all were happy and relieved. Then next day they found her dead in bed. The medical examiner revealed she had the British covariant. It was known to attack the heart. Had they known she had that variant, they could have applied effective treatment, known in Britain. As it was, the virus infected and overwhelmed her heart overnight.

  31. Jo-El TENBRINK

    Hello again .I had the Hong-Kong flu in 1972 at 6 r old we almost dead.woke up parlz from left side down mo 8 th nervy in left ear was base like stroke but now I have RA from miscarriage no DNC got infection candida. In to death bead. Had baby to save my live. 2004 .doing RA shot, pills you name it but after get hit by house full of mold my RA won’t slow down.but been around covin people but I have haven’t but was told I have aud body? Then say your Tcell are problem you will dead 15 min of taking covin 19 the protein in shot kill Tcell abs hurt your DNA and it will kill me
    If no RA I be fine wh I stopped taking flu 20yr after bring kick like dog then no more but govt doctor should know shot covin is killing people it must be stopped why can’t the study get rid of RA othet Because it all about money. Help fight this usa and docy asap


  32. JLMatt

    I’m more concerned we will be losing benefits we have like health insurance premiums increasing for unvaxxed or them not paying if you are hospitalized.
    No Medicare or social security problems down the line etc. Already in the works. Since the vaccine is about power and control who knows what’s to come.
    We are living in the new lawless loss of rights era.
    I believe we are in a Science Fiction movie that never ends.

  33. Mary Black

    Most can’t get supportive care. My parents were told go to the ER if your O2 gets below 90 and they couldn’t even get in to be seen until their symptoms were gone and after being quarantined in a Drs office setting. They were given a list of OTC vitamins to take. 

    A single steroid shot and a short round of antibiotics for those who are seen isn’t enough. That’s what I received. I had to beg for breathing treatments. 

    If you are seeing the same results with the protocol they are using, it’s obviously beyond time to think outside the box. 

    Has anyone been given Budesonide and albuterol? It was what gave me the relief my lungs needed. Very cheap and FDA approved medications.

    We lost our Dad to Covid on 8/15. And our mom just came home from the hospital on 8/16. No one should have to go through what they have. He was part of the Covid relief team for TEEX and the State of Texas. He believed in helping everyone. We need more people in Government to start thinking about the people. Not their pockets. 

  34. dick

    What if one or more of these treatments kill you. Who do you sue? If you are too stupid to get vaccinated – you certainly wouldn’t want to undergo treatments with even less data on safety and effectiveness. Put all antifaxers in a big room and let Darwin sort it out.

    1. Achsel

      Hydroxychloroquine is sold over the counter in most countries outside the US. It’s been around nearly 70 years and is considered essential and safe by WHO. It’s approved for use in pregnant and lactating women and babies. Ivermectin 40 years and they found 75 reports of adverse event reports world wide over 40 years.
      Both have better safety profiles than aspirin!
      Your concerns are unfounded. It’s the vaccine killing and maiming tens of thousands and we still dont know long term effects.

  35. Lucinda Tyrrell

    I am not anti-vax, however, I too think that assisting patients early with protocols that give them the best chance to fight and recover seems to have taken a back seat in a world in panic amidst misinformation and misunderstanding. I appreciate hearing about aids to recovery that I can use. I work in allied health in NSW and it is mandatory to have the flu vaccine. It will become mandatory to have covid very soon. I would rather have not had either. However, I also have responsibilities to vulnerable clients. Thank you for sharing these strategies. For the seriously compromised in hospital I think this might be promising – https://www.asahi.com/ajw/articles/14350603

  36. Lucinda Tyrrell

    I think part of the issue is that many people do NOT have this. “”should have sufficient knowledge and comprehension of the elements of the subject matter involved as to enable him to make an understanding and enlightened decision. “” so we see (2019):

    Unintentional poisoning deaths

    At least 800 people may have died around the world because of coronavirus-related misinformation in the first three months of this year, researchers say.
    A study published in the American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene also estimates that about 5,800 people were admitted to hospital as a result of false information on social media.
    Many died from drinking methanol or alcohol-based cleaning products.
    They wrongly believing the products to be a cure for the virus.

    I understand that the medical system in the US differs from that in many other parts of the world and the costs of treatment appear exorbitant.

    I think there is a place for both natural treatments/healing aids, and for mainstream Western medicine which has also made advances that can improve our lives.

    I understand people’s biases affect their stance (including my own). Drs are not immune from that.

    I understand it is difficult to filter through all of the information that is out there.

    This dr presents a considered approach https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6Thfq47Hfvs

  37. Alli

    Thank you this is spot on! Send this to the Governor of FL please… also, please look at the use of Ivermectin, so many reports say this not only cures, it helps avoidance of the virus.

  38. DaQuan Lyon

    Stop lying! This doctor no longer works for Baylor. Also, he’s a cardiologist – not a virus researcher or epidemiologist. Stop pretending to have info – in reality, you have no data or studies, just gullible people looking for easy answers.

    Just what we need – an opinion pice from someone with zero medical background, quoting someone who is not an expert about his data that doesn’t exist.

  39. Flackfizer

    It’s because countries are EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN BY CONTRACT to promote ANYTHING besides the vaccines, even if it works better. Here’s an excerpt from the article linked below that breaks down these contracts.

    “If you were wondering why Ivermectin was suppressed, it is because the agreement that countries had with Pfizer does not allow them to escape their contract, which states that even if a drug will be found to treat COVID-19, the contract cannot be voided.”


  40. Bill

    Thank you Heidi for speaking up about this issue. Early treatment always gives the best outcomes. Why for only this disease are patients sent home without treatment to wait until they’re deathly ill? The policymakers, our government health agencies are deeply conflicted by investments in the industries they regulate, and often by holding patents on the very products they regulate. Vaccine stakeholders have a conflict of interest and a motive to suppress effective treatments for this disease. It has now been suggested that criticism of the pharmaceutical industry and of Covid policies is a terrorism threat; that is the degree to which the stakeholders are intent on suppressing information about effective treatments.



  42. Cheryl Groves

    According to the CDC, the “experts” and everyone else, including Gates and all those who practiced the “pandemic” long before it happened in all its scenarios in NYC, the “FACTS” have changed multiple times over the last year and a half. I don’t believe anything that is being said by them anymore. Especially after suppressing all the medical professionals who spoke out and were threatened on the steps of D.C. There is an agenda behind the suppression of the truth and the withholding of vital treatment. Did anyone else notice how the flu “magically and mystically” disappeared this year? Hm? Didn’t hear of anyone dying of the flu. The Emperor is still naked as a jay bird and no amount of screeching to try and force me to roll up my sleeve and bend my knee to him is going to convince me that he is Lord and that he is not naked, blind and impoverished before Yah. If I die, I will die fully human, without my DNA being polluted or modified by that concoction they are trying to mandate against my will.

  43. Jenny Emert

    Still have concerns with early treatments that were developed or tested using aborted fetal tissue. Is there any treatment out there that doesn’t have this concern?

  44. judith carts

    I agree with everything in this article from what I had previously read. I am a retired family physician and have tried to convince many people not to get the vaccination, especially after having the natural infection. But I live in a senior community and encounter many scoffers and even irritable people who confront me about not wearing a mask and getting the vaccine(after acquiring the infection in Feb). So the big gorilla in the room is the misinformation causing unreasonable fear, especially among seniors. Fear trumps logic anytime!

  45. Twise

    To apply logic. . .If there were clinical trials proving hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin actually make a difference in treating covid, the majority of researchers and doctors would sing their praises. But there are NO CREDIBLE CLINICAL STUDIES to substantiate that these drugs are successful. And now, people are harming themselves – some have even died – from overdosing on ivermectin.

    Hopefully someday soon, some brilliant person in a lab will indeed discover a legitimate early treatment for covid, complete with verifiable science to back it up. Until then, I find it downright irresponsible of anyone pushing the falsehood that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloraquine can fight covid. smh

  46. Brad

    Your a miracle, 100 percent correct, music to my ears,, tears are dropping from my eyes to hear someone in the media in Clark County speaking truth to power,,I could listen to you for hours ….Your my hero…
    Brad Mart

  47. Lynn

    While I agree that treatment should be more readily available, I don’t think ppl should be self medicating. The problem is, or has been that docs don’t want to see you if you’re Covid + and therefore you can’t get the treatments. Covid tests can initially be negative and possibly too late for early intervention when you show up positive. The lack of medical support and intervention is what is leading ppl to buying cow pills at feed stores. I think what needs to happen is ppl need to become informed and assertive with their docs and insist on the treatments when they first notice symptoms. There is an antiviral for the flu yet I don’t know how readily available or prescribed it is.

  48. Jenny Sheldon-Cooper

    Thank you for this article. I agree. Have heard Dr McCullough talk about it on other sites. So sad that the authorities are not listening. We are losing the war and big pharma is laughing all the way to the bank.

  49. R. Sawyer

    Between Trump Derangement Syndrome, Groupthink, Corporate Medicine and Stakeholders expecting to make money off of tragedy, there is a lot that went wrong in this whole COVID disaster. And unfortunately, there’s too much at stake for the truth to come out.
    It would be honest to look at the real cause and contributing factors for the 660,000 plus deaths in our country. Thank you Ms. Wetzler and Dr. Peter McCullough to practice real medicine and using rational thought in solving the biggest health care problem of the past two years.

  50. Judy

    How do we find doctors that will provide early treatments? How do we get states to allow for early treatment drugs such as ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and monoclonal antibodies treatments?

  51. Chuck Hill

    In my youth, after we had measles, mumps, chickenpox, etc., the long-held opinion of “the science” was that there was no need for the vaccine. As a person who had COVID before the vaccine was available to me, I have to question how COVID has changed this science.
    I see no studies except for the one from Cleveland Clinic that clearly indicated that natural immunity following the disease is far superior to a vaccine. Does the government downplay the results of any such studies or cut off research to any group that comes up with a result that does not fit their narrative?

  52. Greg

    Get the word out, Uttar Pradesh in India conquered Covid with Ivermectin, Vitamin D3, Zinc. Also, tylenol, Vitamin C, but Ivermectin is the real deal, cheap and effective. So if drug companies are suppressing treatment to push costly vaccines which would never stop being needed, should they not face criminal charges?

  53. Rubicon

    Meantime, India is discounting the use of Western Made “vaccines” and is using Ivermetin.
    It’s proving to be very successful.
    Iceland wants nothing more to do with Pfizer’s vaccine considering the huge coverage (online) of clotting problems.
    Spain and some of the Nordic countries are moving away from all these vaccines.

  54. LAURA Ruotsalainen

    This is 100% accurate and exactly why the death toll is so high!! It is malfeasance all the way to the top! Thank you for the excellent writing and bringing awareness to this issue that everyone should be talking about!! Keep talking!!!

  55. Rob Aldridge

    Thank You! Well said, well written! Yes and the FDA, CDC, politicians, many Drs, giant pharma corporations all have 0 positive input on how to treat someone just starting a covid19 infection.

  56. Pat Martin

    This is antivaxx mis-information lifted right out Dr. McCullough and company. McCullough has been kicked out of the university hospital where he was a faculty member and physician.

  57. Carolyn

    Remember we having been fighting a pandemic not just the virus but 90% of the time we are trying to protect ourselves against hateful, illegal, criminal monsters. Their names? They are the people spreading lies about the virus, infecting as many people as they can, treating vaccinated people by harassing and threatening violence. These people are: The Trump Republican Party. Like minded Republicans who have done NOTHING to help any person, says the dying [almost a million people ] is a hoax. They attack and try to destroy our democracy but most of rioters are collecting welfare, food stamps, SSI, food stamps and disability pay. They wouldn’t survive if they couldn’t live off the government!

  58. Chase

    You couldn’t have worded this better. Although as you’ve said it will take all of us to fight this fight. Unfortunately there are some many that are in tune with the fake news media. They will wake up as soon as the truth behind this vaccine is revealed. It will be a day for them. Free medicine spell trouble. Iv been poor all my life. I know what is free and what is not. History tell me this is something terrible but only time will spill it. Thanks for your article. Well said.

  59. Marvin Sandnes

    I began study of the deaths in Oregon in Mar. 2020, began studying virus and treatments in April and bought Ivermectin and more echinacea and have suppressed viral replication in my family for the bast 17 months, successfully. 2 colds and 2 cases of what we suspected were covid but did not seek tests. 77, 57, 13 and we’re confident we can cope with viral infections without further help from medical practice.

  60. Marvin Sandnes

    Started in Mar. 20 studying Oregon deaths, they study treatments and acquired Ivermectin and Echinacea and we’ve been successful in stopping viral replication in 4 instances in 16 months in 3 people 77, 51, 13. We don’t need medical practice.

  61. George Boling

    I have no expertise in the matter but as a carrier of the genetic disease alpha antitrypsin I have been informed a little about the immune system. When something turns on your immune system your body begins to fight the foreign invader. When the job is done your immune system begins to attack your own body. Your body then has mechanisms to turn your immune system off. If these mechanisms don’t work you can end up with serious problems. As I understand the new vaccine it turns on your immune system with nothing to fight and your body then begins an attack on its own self. If you have areas of weakness damage is done before your body can turn the immune system off resulting in the variety of symptoms that people incur including death. The healthier you are the less effect on you and the more benefit you get from the vaccine but if you have a healthy system the less you need the vaccine.

    1. Jubie

      Such is not the case, sadly. There are plenty of doctors who’ve reported working to save supposedly young, healthy people in their 20s-40s, to no avail. Our immune systems can be quickly overwhelmed when we do not have natural immunity to something like COVID-19. And who of us, unless we’re actively being treated for any comorbidities, knows what lies beneath our outer layers?

      1. George Boling

        That is true supposedly heathy people are dyeing from this disease but supposedly heathy people are dying from the vaccine also. When they say the benefits outweigh the consequences they acknowledge that some people are paying a price to benefit others.

  62. Jubie

    Your missive fails to take into account how quickly our healthcare system was & continues to be overwhelmed by this virus & the sheer numbers of people being infected & having active symptoms. The very nature of this virus is like the flu & how many know what to do in those first critical hours & days of flu infection? Because there are rapid treatments for flu, too, but how many get to a place where they can be administered that treatment which may arrest the progression of the flu? You know what they do? They go get OTC drugs & go to bed. Did you read about the first people who were flown back to America as COVID hit? Those passengers who weren’t ill recalled seeing people “drop like flies”.

    What “doctor” -especially one at Baylor- would say something as ignorant as “there is no scientific rationale to vaccinate anyone under the age of 50.”??? Have you ever left the USA? Ever been to a 3rd world country where diseases we haven’t even heard about run rampant? I was born in & spent most of my formative years overseas & am happy that I was subjected to routine yearly or bi-annual vaccinations. I never contracted polio, cholera, yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis, smallpox, or any number of other killer viruses which could have killed me in short order.

    COVID-19 was allowed to spread here in America because of an ineffectual government apparatus that spread its own misinformation, discouraged the wearing of masks when they knew that this virus had become aerosolized & did everything to ensure that it spread and rapidly. Now you tell me why that was. You seem to want to point to those who were not intimately involved in seeing our country get out from under this morass. If their treatment protocols were/are so effective, why haven’t they been more widely used?

    You’re fanning the hallucinatory flames of “THE GOVERNMENT’S TRYING TO KILL US!” paranoia, and look where it’s gotten us. Shame on you, pandering to the crazies who understand as little as you do about how to deal with a real pandemic.

  63. George Boling

    The US Supreme Court will now here arguments as to employer mandates should be voided. As a part of these arguments it needs to pointed out that the US Senate voted against these mandates. Since President Biden bypassed the Legislature to make these mandates one branch of the legislature is all it should take to invalidate them. If this could be set as a precedent by the court for all executive orders and mandates the balance of power in our government could be restored.

  64. George Boling

    Fauci says Jesse Watters should be fired. He says he has done nothing but try to keep people safe. He doesn’t bother to mention in his effort to keep them safe he has destroyed financial stability for a lot of them. They were not given a choice as to what was best for them. A large number of people have suffered far worse consequences than what he was in his opinion keeping them safe from. A one sided narrative he wants Jesse Watters fired. How many people want him fired for what he has done to them. Jesse Watters was trying to tap into their pain because at present there is no alternative but to continue to accept the abuse that is destroying their lives. Get vaccinated is the only answer they are given and when that doesn’t work they are asked to be vaccinated again. No improvement in returning to there livelihood. The full economic damage is far from over. Many will never recover.

  65. Rose

    Great article. I really need to find a doctor that will say, stay home and dont come here if you are sick. Go to the hospital. This is sickening and says a lot.

  66. David E Paul

    If Doctors are only allowed to provide treatment using only Approved Treatment Protocols from “Experts and Expert Organizations” I pose the question are the Doctors? — Doctors? or just technicians?

  67. Lilian Engel

    This is very very interesting article bringing to light facts hidden under a smoke screen, for instance, that the vaccine is not an immunization. Especially disturbing in the beginning about not treating people and instead sending them home until the symptoms are worse. So absurd yet we went along with it not knowing better. Now with all the changes in rules about wearing masks, isolation times to 5 days and young children suddenly being eligible for the shot. Does provoke a lot of questions and who is benefiting?

  68. Rose m

    No one but me thought it was odd when my doctor would not see me after the health department called me and said, stay home, take Tylenol and avoid the hospital. Nurses saying whatever you do, don’t come to the hospital, you will not leave alive.

  69. Janice

    I self-treated a case of shingles with immediate usage of a full dose of vitamin C, E and zinc 3 times a day and echinacea and goldenseal in tincture form twice per day. The results were immediate with obvious healing taking place within 8 hours, and it was completely gone within 4-5 days.

  70. Melissa Martin

    Finally, a newspaper person is speaking out with the truth about COVID-19. This article needs to be published in every newspaper in America and around the world.
    Melissa Martin

  71. Farm girl

    I was fired by CCPH for asking this very question! Why as Public Health are we not talking about early treatment or post exposure prophylactics? Good nasal and oral hygiene, ivermectin, supplements? Our director said we are: masking, gloves and distancing was his answer!!
    As a nurse, I actually wanted to help educate those exposed… not just tell them to go home, isolate, lose income and potentially get worse! I felt we could have an arsenal of early treatments in our homes, ready and a list of supplements to take and things to avoid or do…
    when the vaccines rolled out, it seemed we focused where we should; on those most as risk… but then it kept going… and then contradictory information started coming out for those vaccinated which set up division and confusion. The reason I was told? We needed to give people a carrot to entice them to vaccinate! It was like giving your kid candy if he brushes his teeth! It didn’t make sense.

    I’ve asked my doctor that should I get COVID-19, what would she recommend I do? Would she treat me? Her response? There is no treatment!!!! Get vaccinated, I did! Wow! So clearly I don’t need a doctor if they won’t help me.
    Vaccine or not, there should always be a focus on developing an early treatment! Now that the vaccine s have proven to be worthless, early treatment is and always has been the key.

    Shame on our healthcare systems for being so poorly prepared and unwilling to try… and rather just sitting on the sidelines doing nothing waiting for a vaccine that would clearly not had any long term safety studies! Who in their right mind would want that unless at high risk?

  72. Scott Hooper

    If you look at the death rates from COVID, within a single variant-centric wave, or across waves, you can see that the percentage who die is going down. Omicron does not count as it is inherently less virulent, but the others were all roughly equally deadly.

    This happens because treatment protocols have improved radically as scientists and doctors have learned how to better defeat it.

    Treatments are always being vetted, re-studied, tested. When they are not effective, they are dropped. When one proves to be effective, it is adopted. If you look at the drugs (steroids’, antibiotics to prevent opportunistic infection, etc.) used for standard treatment, none of them are more profitable for the pharmaceutical companies than the drugs that are rejected. The “use or don’t use” decision is really a solid medical one, and not part of some conspiracy.

    So, there is a lot of effort going on to find treatments, it is constant. It seems though, after the pandemic became a political tool, some media are claiming otherwise, leaving people to believe our scientific/medical establishment isn’t doing enough, but they really are doing a great job.

    Take just ivermectin. There have been a dozen studies, and the result is similar in nearly all. Here is one from just yesterday:


    On this we agree: EVERY person gets to decide what happens to their body, period, even when it offends others. But I approve of the coercion because so far as the studies have shown, everybody who is vaccinated has a lower chance of dying or suffering COVID complications (heart, lung, kidney, brain damage; reproductive problems; mental health problems; increased cardiovascular disease risk, …). Now that we know vaccinated people are only marginally less likely to catch the virus or spread it, I think the “protect the community” argument is useless, but the fact that the vaccine is far less risky than the disease is not.

  73. Sean

    Amazing reading the now misinformation from the left….that was the supposed wisdom only 12 or so months ago. Now stories showing the benefits of alternative protocols still blocked by healthcare officials are spilling over and or avoided by those who are religious in their beliefs about the virtues of the vaccines and being vaccinated. If you were skeptical of a vaccine that routinely failed the historical definition of a vaccine, had side effects, and was pushed on Americans so hard, your probably now seeing vindication in your worry’s. It’s not that your seeing those who would vehemently castigate those reluctant to get vaccinated, are voicing their regret, but the fact that those jackals are now silent, or still holding onto their disinformation in contrast to the deluge of new information about how poor this vaccine works, or how things like spikes in all cause mortality for those who have been vaccinated. I’m personally glad I waited and decided not to get vaccinated. Irony of irony, is that, I actually got covid at the beginning of the year….from get this, a multiple vaccinated person, at the same time several other multiple vaccinated friends of mine also got it at the same time I did. I weathered the illness as good, if not better than the others, despite them being 25-30 years younger. This pandemic was a test of the dangers of mass psychosis, and what the despicable power mad, out of touch leadership of our ruling class and what they can get away with. I think folks are waking up, but it can’t happen fast enough.

    1. Wolfie

      And our governor continues to cling to his emergency powers. The article today about how morticians are finding more and more ‘strange’ blood clots in COVID vaccinated patients. Hmmmmm….


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