Opinion: How have we gotten here? Mass Formation Psychosis, explained

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler shares clinical psychology professor Mattias Desmet’s theory about the societal conditions under which a population ends up willingly sacrificing their freedom.

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler shares clinical psychology professor Mattias Desmet’s theory about the societal conditions under which a population ends up willingly sacrificing their freedom 

Heidi Wetzler, administrator
Clark County Today 

I received the following comment recently from a reader in Africa, on a column I wrote a while back regarding natural immunity. It captures the essence of my daily inner dialogue.  

“Arguments from privileged countries. We in Africa have little access to vaccines, boosters, etc. The question we should be asking is, how is Africa managing? You people have already caused mayhem over Omicron. Our good doctors from South Africa have told us not to panic, but the rest of the world is in the highest panic mode yet … your countries’ have over 70% vaccinated, boosted etc. You should be at peace … you will die of fear.” 

Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com
Heidi Wetzler, administrator, ClarkCountyToday.com

As I sat with these ideas, coming from half a world away, I realized the privileged countries in the world are living a far different reality than the less privileged. Ironically, in America, we have limitless access to vaccines, and some of the most educated doctors and scientists in the world, yet the majority of our citizens are consumed with fear. But does the level of fear and now the level of governmental control really match the current threat of the virus and its variants? Why aren’t we jumping for joy that so far Omicron is looking to be more transmissible, but far less deadly? In theory, this variant could signal the end of the pandemic. Shouldn’t it be good news that many more people will likely develop a level of natural immunity from a less dangerous variant as we work toward the promised land of herd immunity? But this commenter is right … instead of optimism, what we have instead are increased calls for panic, lockdowns, passports, mandates and more. Why, you ask? Let me suggest a theory. 

Recently, I ran across the concept of mass formation, explained by Mattias Desmet, professor of clinical psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. He explains the societal conditions under which a population ends up willingly sacrificing their freedom. 

There are four basic conditions which need to be met in order for a society to be vulnerable to mass hypnosis. The first of which is a lack of societal bonding. It is easily argued that members of Western society struggled with loneliness long before the pandemic, and then with the ongoing lockdowns, isolation, and general fear of one another, this lack of community has continued to a dangerous degree.  

The second condition is met when the majority of people view their lives as being without purpose or meaning. A recent poll of young people in the UK revealed that 89 percent of those aged 16-29, “believe that their lives have no meaning or purpose.” Desmet also cites studies showing that half of all adults believe that their jobs are completely meaningless and are basically “sleepwalking” through their day.  

Free floating anxiety is the third condition for the rise of mass formation. A quick count of the number of anxiety/depression medications prescribed each year, confirms that there is no arguing the crushing levels of anxiety prevalent in our communities. 

And the fourth condition is high levels of frustration and aggression, with no discernible cause. If you spend any time driving or on social media these days, you will experience the open hostility present in the world today. 

I drive myself crazy trying to find logical reasons why the masses whole-heartedly accept everything that Dr. Fauci or other national and global health officials proclaim. The announcements can change with the wind, lack data to support, openly contradict what was said the day before, or include outright lies, but as long as they are echoed and supported in mainstream media, they are believed as truth. This is the result of mass formation psychosis. 

Society has been given somewhere to place their anxiety. Community has been formed around a seemingly heroic struggle against a common goal. Fighting this virus has given purpose to rudderless lives. And life has been given meaning through a global human connection, where there once was a void. Saving every life from dying of COVID is of paramount importance. All other psychological, economic, and social losses are unworthy of concern – blatantly selfish to contemplate.  

This psychological phenomenon explains why so many have bought into a clearly illogical narrative, and why they are willing to participate in the prescribed strategy — “even if it’s utterly absurd,” Desmet says. “The reason they buy into the narrative is because it leads to this new social bond,” he explains. “Science, logic and correctness have nothing to do with it.”  

Humans crave community and long for social bonds. Now that these connections have been forged, they are nearly impossible to break. Hypnotized people are unable to question the narrative being fed to them.  Take vaccinations in children 5-11 for example. There is absolutely no emergency for children. None. Yet, the FDA approved an Emergency Use Authorization vaccine for this age group. There are zero long term safety studies. But the masses eagerly line up to vaccinate their children. This doesn’t make any sense. This is reckless. There is no science to back this need up. But our leaders say it is vital. So, it must be.  

This group of people is deathly concerned with living outside of the fold. The need to virtuously comply and fit in trumps all else. It doesn’t matter that health organizations are ignoring the science of natural immunity. It doesn’t matter that the vaccine injured are being excluded from society along with the vaccine resistant. It doesn’t matter that neither the pharmaceutical companies nor the governmental authorities mandating these vaccines are responsible for any adverse effects recipients suffer.  Apparently, we all must be willing to die for the good of the group. We must be willing to sacrifice our children’s very lives, because being concerned about the safety of the vaccine is now considered immoral. It is abhorrent to die from the virus, but quite acceptable — even dare I suggest, honorable — to die from the vaccine.  

NY Times Editor, Carlos Tejeda died of a heart attack on December 17, less than 24 hours after getting the Moderna booster. He was 49. The NY Times story makes no mention of the coincidental timing of the booster. If given the full story, I’m afraid the hypnotized masses still wouldn’t even blink. The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, hosted by the CDC, now indicates over one million reactions from COVID vaccines. Funny how mainstream news outlets completely ignore these statistics. And the hypnotized firmly debunk all adverse events they come across as happenstance. The hypnosis is real. And thick.  

Desmet highlights the difference between a rising dictatorship and totalitarianism.  He suggests, “As a general rule, in a classic dictatorship, the dictator becomes milder and less aggressive once dissident voices, his opposition, are silenced. Once he has seized complete power, he doesn’t need to be aggressive anymore and can resort to other means to maintain control. 

In a totalitarian state, the exact opposite occurs. This is crucial for us to understand, because in a totalitarian society, once the opposition is silenced, that’s when the state commits its greatest and cruelest atrocities.” 

Clark County Today Administrator Heidi Wetzler shares clinical psychology professor Mattias Desmet’s theory about the societal conditions under which a population ends up willingly sacrificing their freedom.
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It has been obvious (and criminal) that for the last two years, dissenting ideas regarding COVID and the governing response have been perpetually silenced. This censorship is desperate and most unscientific. Since when is “the science” resolved? Since when is science unable to withstand questioning? Maybe it’s when the response isn’t about science at all. If the scientists were genuinely interested in keeping each of us safe from COVID, wouldn’t they be most interested in each of our antibody levels? Isn’t it perplexing how they say it is impossible to create an accurate antibody test? Why after two years are they pushing a one-size-fits-all vaccine with no accompanying measure of the real ticket to herd immunity — antibodies?  Have we had randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled studies for all of this mix and matching of boosters?  Is anyone questioning the criminalization of Ivermectin in America, while dozens of other countries are using it to greatly reduce death? Does anyone question why the unvaccinated are losing their jobs, but the vaccinated employees can still spread it? No, because the masses who are currently subject to Mass Formation Psychosis, simply comply. It is absolutely stunning to me the lack of questions being asked. And the vehemence with which the group defends the course of action. This group of people belongs to something now. And belonging is more important than searching for truth.  

At the end of the day, the global fight against COVID has brought an unbreakable bond between the members of a vulnerable group. Mass formation erases individuality. The virtuous fighters have now focused their virtuous fear and hatred on a group that is not under the spell. The unvaccinated are now the subject of intense disdain. The governor of Washington state recently called them domestic terrorists. And the masses likely agree.  Even though many unvaccinated are COVID recovered, have natural immunity and are completely safe to be around. No questions are being asked. All critical thinking is done for.  

I’m sure I’m not alone in my futile attempts to spread logic and common sense to person after person without ears to hear. There is simply no changing people’s minds with new statistics or information. What will it take to break this trance?  The answer at this point is personal loss. Each one will need to be personally affected by a vaccine/booster injury, or a loss of freedom they care about, or a loss of livelihood, in order to begin to turn the tide. But by then I imagine it will be too late. The totalitarian regime will be in full force and freedoms lost will never be regained.  

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    1. Brian Coll

      The YouTube video about Mass Formation by Prof Desmet starts in 2nd minute claiming he predicted in May 2020 that the virus was far less dangerous. He identified this using extensive modelling techniques on data published by Imperial College London. Google to find on their own site a statement that these claims are fake and they did not publish the data. Truth is nobody knew how bad the virus was then and still do not know effects of long COVID etc. The Prof is using mass formation techniques to fool people.

    2. Paul Francis

      Has everyone forgot that Bill Gates wants to rule the world so he can reduce the population. His mother was Margret Sanger and his father head of Planned Parenthood who both wanted reduced population of Earth. Where will you family fit in the Great Reset?

        1. Judianne2353

          I wouldn’t even think that highly of him. At best,he’s one of The View groupie, Omega twinkies created by the left wing terrified of and offended by everyone and everything community.

      1. Sally

        Brandon, either you are yet another one of the dumb asses described in the article, or you’re a paid troll working for the globalists. Either way, nobody here is falling for your “let’s pit one generation against the others” game. Either get a brain or go look for a real job.

      2. Jedi

        Good job, continue your generations mark by ungratefully looking down at all the others. It doesn’t take an expert to be a critic. Do something with your life other than complain about everyone else.

  1. Ryan

    Heidi I am so proud to be your friend thank you for putting this in the words I lack of you know I have always questioned everything that does not feel right now if I could just convince you to combine the spiritual indigenous beliefs with modern technology we could have the perfect harmonious society that our mother earth needs

        1. Riccotelaly

          There is a slow trickle. There is a significant group of fence sitters who can se the illogic. They may be silenced by a crazy spouse but anyone can see compliance only gets us in deeper.

          The vac injuries and deaths sadly are also our ally and they keep mounting.

          I have convinced 1 Covidian and nudged a fence sitter into reality.

          the article shows how a death by virus is unacceptable but death by vax is OK in the Covidian mind.

          death by fate is bad – genocide is good – if that is not mental illness then what is

          every virtue signaling Covidian receives the appropriate response – degenerate

          1. NoMoreHate

            Everyone keeps referring to these “vaccine deaths”. Has anyone (including the author) gone to the VAERS site that she referred to? Have you done your homework? Checked the data? There has been over 500 million doses given of the vaccine. Deaths reported after receiving a shot? 8576. Cardiac Arrest? 1121. That means if Uncle Joe, who lives in a nursing home and has a bad heart gets vaccinated and dies, it is still listed as a possible Covid Vaccine-related death. Just like out of the over 850,000 people who have died of COVID-related illness, some of them might have died anyway from something else when they got COVID. But in looking at those numbers, I would MUCH rather take my chance with the vaccine than Covid. Also, the unvaccinated have been hospitalized and dying at MUCH higher rates than for the unvaccinated. These statistics are easy to corroborate. I also believe the information about COVID changes every day, because new information is constantly being discovered. I believe hospitals. I believe doctors. I believe my oncologist, who is one of the best in the country, who saved my life by using experimental treatments. I believe in numbers. They speak for themselves.

          2. Brandon
            1. how do you know it is 850k deaths? Because they told you on TV?
            2. 10% max of the cases are recorded in VAERS
            3. How many people are still dying despite being quadruple “vaccinated”
      1. Chuck Littleton

        Heidi, I think your writing is trash and dangerous. I only have empathy that Clark Country posts your brainwashed garbage and more empathy for the editors of this junk. Go do something useful.

        1. Bill Meyer

          Chuck, did you actually read the article? To question the brainwashed is somehow being brainwashed? Think, please think. We should be embracing Omicron as an indicator that we can likely leave the darkness. Unfortunately, many seem to wish to hang on to the darkness.

          1. Laurie

            Bill, Chuck gets paid to write that. Don’t waste your time. Nothing that was written is “dangerous”. The only danger is a society that stops thinking, reasoning, & caring. Beautiful article! Great job Heidi! Please keep writing the truth.

        2. Chuckie Bozo

          Someone is a scared little half-man.

          You’ve been lied to — unlike many, you were too stupid to figure it out on your own and now you’re too afraid to confront your ego and admit you’re wrong.

          Cograts on being 8 years old for life, man.

          1. J Patriot

            Good thing we live a free country where we’re all allowed to have differing opinions without being bullied, stigmatized, or labeled as terrorists for! It’s hard to admit the reality we created for ourselves is not of truth. Jaymz and Chuck L., the funny & ironic thing is – you will end up cancelling yourselves & each other following this backwards swimming logic that the media drills constantly. Jump into the Auschwitz ovens willingly, like the Nazis said – it’s for the good of the children and the people. Read what actually happened and compare it to recent events. Fact alert, another irony to go along with many statements from Bill Gates, the inventor of the vaccine, and other “high level” people, world population reduction is at the forefront of the agenda – and the Nuremburg code that was designed to prevent genocide from ever happening again is in the process of being completely dismantled. For a refreshing change, enrich yourself with facts just for one second and read this article:

            I still love my country, regardless of how confused people are. After all, that is the beauty of having differing thoughts and opinions!

          2. Sue Hadley
            • J Patriot your comment is spot on. I love it. I was born during WW2 and was 16 years old the 1st time I was made aware of the atrocities that perpetrated by the Nazi regime. I saw a news reel showing General Eisenhower and others walking through the death camps. Since then, I have read everything I could find about this terrible period in time. It breaks my heart to see what is happening today and realize how people are living in fear that was created for the purpose of modern day annihilation by following the playback written by Saul Alensky. Hopefully this madness will run its course very soon and people will have learned something from it.
          3. Lisa wilson

            I think you will find it is YOU that is the sheep. To be blindly let my constant lies and propaganda for 2 years I can only assume because your too lazy to use discernment and do some research away from Google. Humanity is so stupid.

        3. J Patriot

          Chuck L., – as summarized at the end of the article – you may start to understand how you’re being misled by the very people that are making profits from these mandates while on your way to the OVEN, but by then it will be too late.

        4. Rob Mitchell

          Go find a critical thinking mind, and then come back with an intelligent response. Character assassination is not intelligent at all, but proves the point of the article!

          1. NoMoreHate

            If you are using critical thinking, have you checked the VAERS website and Heidi’s information regarding “over 1 million reactions to COVID vaccines”. If you had, you would see this is not true. You will see that there are only 753.000 reports, which include cheek biting, cleft lip, and many many many other unrelated symptoms. The majority of symptoms on that site are “Fatigue, changes in body temperature, pain at the injection site, headache, nausea.” The rest is drivel.
            You must check your facts in using critical thinking.

        5. Stein Tee

          You are the brainwashed, zombie this article describes to a tee. We know the truth, I have had the “virus” and survived, alas, thrived and so has my 80 year old mother!

          1. NoMoreHate

            Congratulations to both you and your mother! That’s wonderful news. I hope you did not get as sick as some of my unvaccinated friends. Many of whom are still suffering from health problems that did not exist before they got COVID.
            I’m just curious since you “know the truth”…what truths would you like to share with the families of the 927,000 people who have died of COVID in this country?

          2. Sarika

            Truth be told,if you live in America,all early treatments were suppressed,in countries like mine that had early treatments available,there is a good 95% recovery rate

        6. NoMoreHate

          Thank you for being brave enough to respond to this article. Which, of course, is filled with disinformation. She uses VAERS as a source, but obviously never even checked it. Heidi wrote: The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System, hosted by the CDC, now indicates over one million reactions from COVID vaccines. Funny how mainstream news outlets completely ignore these statistics.” They ignore it because it is UNTRUE. There have not been over a million adverse effects from the vaccine. Unless you call “chapped lips”, “daydreaming”, “Crying”, and “compulsive cheek biting” as an adverse reaction to the vaccine.

          Who is fact-checking her information???
          people…GO TO THE SOURCE YOURSELF. You will see that this is untrue. There has been 753,482 “events” listed. These include lab tests and things like ultrasound and biopsy. Also things like “Acne”!!!

          She also described Trumps legion of unquestioning followers to a T.

          I’m very sad that writing like this is considered “journalism”. I can’t stop shaking my head in disbelief.

  2. Molly

    Thank you so much Heidi, for expressing what I have been feeling From day one. Why is the world filled with so many sheep? It fills me with frustration. It should be a natural thing to always question everything, take nothing at face value. I feel it is because we are not encouraged to explore who we are, what is in us from the word go. Far from it. So much of our natural curiosity is squashed. Thank goodness people like you are speaking out.

    1. D Spatz

      Ironically, you are the biggest kind of sheep Molly. People in counties in the U.S. that voted heavily for Donald Trump are dying at three times the rate of people who live in communities that vote Democrat. That should tell you something. Darwin is working.

        1. Leaha

          Doesn’t ring true to me. The four conditions listed are questionable. I haven’t looked at Desmet’s research yet, but I find his theory, as presented here, weak.

        1. NoMoreHate

          I only see bullying and name calling of the people who express dissenting opinions to those supporting this article. It’s important to see both sides. But both sides should do so questioningly, not with hate but with logic and reason.

      1. Gerbil Powered

        That’s simply untrue, although I’m sure you get comfort from it. Think about why it makes you happy to believe that Trump voters are dying.

        Then look at the data instead of the headlines.

          1. Chuckie Bozo

            Its honestly very difficult to be more ‘sad’ than what you’re doing — projecting politics onto differing understandings of and exposures to extant data.

            The kicker in this case is that you’re agreeing with someone who is categorically incorrect in their implications AND is in a position where they should know better, being in the medical field.

            Alas, they do not know better because of the phenomenon outlined in the article; amusingly, the entire concept of which is totally lost on you.

        1. Chuckie Bozo

          Ah, a condescending nurse.

          Firstly, countries like Costa Rica and Nicaragua have fewer deaths than NYC alone, by a wide margin. They have been treating proactively with hydroxychloriquine for most of the pandemic. They were advised to do so by Wuhan doctors. You can find this information freely if you choose not to affirm your own ego.

          Secondly, why do you think there’s been a 40% rise in mortality rate for adults aged 18-64 — which are NOT covid related?? Do you think it’s possible that it has something to do with an experimental vaccine, which contains graphene hydroxide?


          Go back to school.

          1. Citizen 2

            Ridiculous. This is a classic example of how misinformation spreads and a large faction of society is fooled into believing nonsense. You can’t cite fewer deaths in NYC than CR or NI to try to prove your point. You are comparing apples to oranges. You would need to cite the death rates of each, as opposed to each of their total number of deaths. If you don’t understand why, then you probably shouldn’t continue repeating junk that you’ve been told or read online. And just so you know, NYC’s covid death rate is lower than NI and CR.

          2. Cortez

            ok, link or reference to this please. Recall, nursing home deaths in NY were ramped way up due to mismanagement in Spring 2020

          3. Citizen 2

            Find covid death rates per 100k pop in CR (145) and NI (1.52) here: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality

            You can find NYC’s covid death rate per 100k on this site as well. You just have to change the parameters of the graph. It’s 1.57. So it’s actually about the same as Nicaragua’s. When I commented, I thought NYC’s death rate was at 1.47. Regardless, Chuckie Bozo was promoting a false narrative predicated with misleading data.

        2. Citizen 2

          So bizarre to see this comment and so many others defending Heidi’s opinions and anecdotes as if they are established facts. The irony is palpable.

      2. Roger

        If Trump voters were actually dying at that rate, you would be happy. They aren’t. That’s why you are up in arms about forcing Trump voters to take the jab. You are pissed that your 3 shots have done nothing for you and you want others to experience the same worthlessness that your life has become.

      3. David Schmidt

        Trump voters tend to be older and since covid affects the elderly more then the young it makes sense that higher proportion of trump voters have died.

      4. M lee

        This is a total lie. liberal states are having no better results with their totalitarian rules than free states. You need to actually read the numbers

      5. Chuckie Bozo

        You do know that the 40% more people between 18-64 died in America this year — totally unrelated to covid. Do you think it’s possible the trial vaccine has adverse side effects?

        Further, the vaccinated are being infected more per Capita in countries like the UK and Israel.

        Both of the above are readily available information, unlike your incoherent fantasy about darwinism, you true sicko.

        Politics has nothing to do with objective data.

        P.S. I am a software engineer who voted for Trump and I assure you that I am much more intelligent than you are.

      6. J W

        People in counties in the U.S. that voted heavily for Donald Trump are dying at three times the rate of people who live in communities that vote Democrat.

        That is hilarious, I love when people make up multipliers like this.

      7. NoMoreHate

        The interesting thing about this article is that Heidi described Trump devotee’s to a T. In fact, I hope she does not mind me quoting from her article when describing the cult of Trump. I couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you Heidi!

  3. Bryan

    A well informed “truth seeker” a person that has never been confused about what is going down can still suffer from the mentioned maladies in the youtube and article..This is a phycological and spiritual war that can be lonely and depressing.Thank You Heidi!

  4. David Kay

    Heidi, Thanks for another great article! To comment on the words of the reader from Africa, “priviledged” countries have more money to be taken and are bigger targets of corruption by politicians, corporations, and MSM! To add to your list of questions, why are there no provided safe trash receptacles for used masks? I see so many in overflowing garbage cans and littered in parking lots! Where’s the science???

    Happy New Year to all! Be safe Clark County!

    1. Officedoug

      this one sided hysteria about the jab, follows the same narrative as the man made global warming hoaxers. They won’t use science because it is not supporting their narrative. The scientists that show that any global warming is normal earthly functioning, that we must adapt to, are ‘run out of town’.

  5. Melissa

    Great article! Thank you. Two takeaways from the Desmet video:

    1. I was so fascinated by the studies showing 25% of people are easily brainwashed, 25% of people can’t be brainwashed, and the remaining 50% follow the prevailing mood. The takeaway was that we 25%, who are not brainwashed, need to speak out as often as possible to wake up that reachable 50% in order to end the mass formation.
    2. Mask-wearing became the easy and visible symbol of shared sacrifice in the face of fear, chaos, and isolation.
      1. HBruce

        About 25% are true believers. 40% are fence sitters. The remainder are the dissidents. The dissidents are the once who can change the minds of the fence sitters thus preventing the true believers from dominating the culture.

      2. Melissa

        Offering verifiable facts; pointing out inconsistencies; using humor. The idea is that by giving voice in the public space to alternative ideas, we offer something for follower-types to latch on to. Many people don’t like to “make waves,” but if enough of us keep speaking up, then those people who don’t like to stand apart from the crowd can feel they have a crowd to fit in with.

  6. Jeffrey Wolford

    Good Evening and Happy New Year to everyone!
    Im Jeffrey from Brooklyn, New York. Over what has almost been two years now, I have witnessed my families home since our departure from Germany in 1919, turn from a place and a culture that I was proud to be a part of turn Into a cesspool of pretentious, virtue signalling, hypocrites. Twice since the pandemic started, Ive been violently attacked, most recently because my asthma and occasional trouble breathing, forced me to remove my mask before I lost consciousness. At this time a “mask mafia” nut job attempted to punch me in face while I was down on one knee saying the words”I should kill you for not wearing a mask, your trying to kill me!” The city of New York has basically legalized mental illness, because you have to be insane to see a person struggling to breathe, taking a knee, and think its just fine fine to call them a murderer while trying to punch him…best part is when I swung back at him I noticed his “Defund the NYPD” t-shirt as he backpedalled yelling for the nearest NYPD officers in subway while claiming he was victim of a “unprovoked assault.” and “needed officer assistance.”
    To expand of the mass hypnosis theory, I believe this to be the fault of a liberal education system that does not teach kids to think critically, or provide the foundation of intellectual pursuit, rather one that indoctrinates to produce obedient slaves. Anytime here in New York where I have found myself punching holes in Covid protocols, Im met with the reply ” I don’t make the rules, Im just following orders.” The same ultra left liberals calling anyone who disagrees with them “Nazis” proudly uses the same argument that the Nazis unsuccessfully attempted at the Nuremberg Trials.
    Finally, the “self esteem” movement can not be overlooked. Its an oxymoron that liberals here champion, despite having shown no improvement in test scores or overall self esteem of kids.
    The 5 boroughs here in Nyc are home to the greatest wealth gap in all of the known world. The most liberal city in America, where the Manhattan elite claim to “look out for the little guy” and blame the rich for americas problems, is epitome of everything they claim to be against. Not to mention go to any upper west or east side neighborhood and you’ll notice that between the hours of 9-5 the “ethnic diversity” they champion is taking out the trash or playing nanny in the place of their parents. When the work day is done, the diversity gets on the subway back to Brooklyn, and those same liberal neighborhoods are entirely white. They love diversity when it mows their lawn and they can pay the guy less then minimum wage, but they won’t live next to anyone who isn’t affluent and white.
    At this point I know Im ranting and raving, I just don’t know what to do? One part of me says that I should leave and find or start a refuge for people like myself to live away from the disgusting element of liars and hypocrites that soils the very gift of life, while another part of me says that I can’t give up my home, and what my family earned through hard work and sacrifice, to the cowards and spineless, I have to fight back.
    Maybe this is the same question for all like minded Americans???
    Covid-19 could be looked back upon as the catalyst for action, and that action saves our Democracy from the evil that humanity can’t seem to shake. Covid-19 has exposed the hypocrisy of the ultra liberal left and proven that there is no longer a “moderate progressive.”
    In closing to anyone who may read this, we can not continue to watch, and we can’t just ignore it or pray it goes away. We MUST form a coalition, not one of politics or race, but one of truth, principal, we MUST be Americans again! Like our grandfathers who defeated the Axis powers that threatened our freedom and souls right to breathe, we MUST come together as brothers and sisters united for a cause greater then ourselves. ” It is better to die on your feet then live on your knees.”

    1. Atheena

      In your ranting, you came up with gems…when the workday is done diversity gets on the subway back to Brooklyn and element of liars and hypocrites that soils the very gift of life. Powerful. Thank-you for ranting.

    2. Leaha

      I suspect that you are viewing all liberals through the same lens. First, we are not all elites. We don’t all live in big cities and have extra income to spend on luxury items. I think some of our frustration, on both sides, is bc of what we see in media. There was a time when we all got along, even with different opinions. At one time we were more alike than not. And I think we still are. But we have been divided and with that, we’ve come to see each other as the enemy. But we should all be on the same side to fight the Real Elites in this country. The 1% they call them. The ones who do not want to participate fairly in our country, but expect average taxpayer to keep bailing them out, while they (1%) pay little to no taxes. That’s both parties. Just my thoughts.

      1. Arby

        According to the latest federal income tax data from the IRS, the top 50 percent of all taxpayers paid 97.1 percent of all individual income taxes, while the bottom 50 percent paid the remaining 2.9 percent in 2018.Nov 18, 2021

      1. M lee

        Fascism is just a form of leader driven socialism. Same social controls and complete lack of personal freedoms. The only side supporting the theft of personal freedoms is the left

      2. Jeremy Ritchey

        I admit, it takes balls as big as yours, to accuse others of not doing research while leaving a comment based in untruth.

        However, we’re not impressed with those balls.

      3. WhyGuy

        What’s actually funny is grasping onto artificial nomenclatures like “right” and “left” as they apply to totalitarian regimes. These designations don’t describe antipodal points along a line going one direction or the other – it’s more of a 360° continuum, like a circle. The further you go to the extreme in either direction, the closer one side gets to the other.

        Despite the fact that each would have vilified the other on political grounds, there is in fact very little difference in the “governance” espoused by Chairman Mao (“far left” = communist), versus that perpetrated by Adolf Hitler.

        1. Bengal Tiger

          So true. Hitler encouraged his people to recruit disaffected communists rather than wasting their time trying to recruit from the centre left or centre right. He knew that the communists’ way of thinking was closer to that of the Nazis, so the recruiters had less work to do in signing them up. To Hitler, the communists were almost allies. The liberals were the real enemy.

          Never mind the polarity, feel the authoritarianism.

      4. Maxie

        Nazi= National Socialist Workers Party. Joseph Goebbels wrote a book called “Why we are Socialists”. Sorry, but you are indoctrinated to believe that the Nazi’s were right wing because the were Nationalists. You are not educated, you are indoctrinated. But you won’t look it up, you will rely on propaganda that fits your agenda

      5. Maxie

        You are misguided. The left likes to refer to the Nazi’s as right wing in an effort to vilify the American right. If they can successfully do that, then you will disregard what the right is saying. They use the nationalism of the Nazi’s in order to do this. But nationalism is not inherently bad or good. Nazi is short for Nationalist Socialist Workers Party. Does that sound right wing? Hitler divided people much the same way today’s left does. Promising to take from those who have (in Germany, the Jews) and give to the working class. His chief propagandist, Joseph Goebbels, wrote a book entitled “Why We are Socialists”. Sorry pal, Nazi’s were more left than right.

    1. Herb

      Thank you for sharing this link. I watched the entire three hours this morning and then sent the link to my kids and asked them to do the same. I didn’t ask them to reach any conclusion…just to invest three hours in becoming aware of another perspective on this subject. I also asked them to share with others they care about if they thought seeing the same field from different seats was worth the three hours they invested.

      Something is very wrong and we seem to have lost interest in hearing a diversity of opinion on almost every challenge we face. If any of Dr. Malone’s questions are valid, there should be open minds, on every side of each issue, seeking answers. How did we get to a place simply asking questions has become subversive.

      if you feel Twitter did the right thing by removing Dr. Malone from their platform…simply to prevent his questions from being heard…I would welcome you helping me understand why you feel that way. Frankly, I do not remember when asking questions became contrary to the Public’s best interest…we used to hear all perspectives before taking sides. And why are there sides in this debate…we all want the same thing…COVID BEHIND US.

      Something is just not right and we should all be more curious than it appears we are. COVID will be a part of our lives for a long time…we need to learn to live with that and quit allowing it to divide us. Unfortunately, when it is no longer an effective wedge, there will be something else that clearly defines us as We and They. That is the part that we really need to cure and that takes open and honest communication..and curiosity.

      invest the time to hear view the podcast…you don’t need to buy what he is selling…just to understand what someone else thinks. Better informed never hurt anyone!

      1. Dably

        You have an excellent point about analyzing the test data…the ones that do not want any data shown aka…seal the phizer data for 55 years, are the ones trying to reduce the earths population with their poison jab. It has been my experience that hypnosis is real and once the suggestion has been accepted by the subconcious then nothing can change it by anyone other than the hypnotist.

  7. Rod Van Mechelen

    When Gov. Inslee issued his illegal mandate requiring state employees to get jabbed or get fired, as there was no testing option it was obvious that his mandate had nothing to do with the virus.

    Meanwhile, online celebrities, notably Joe Rogan, Aaron Rodgers and Tim Pool, all got sick with covid, and were quickly cured with a combination of monoclonal antibodies, azithromycin, ivermectin, zinc, HCQ, D3 and Vitamin C.

    As by early in the year it was also obvious that more people were dying from the jabs than the virus, following Inslee’s mandate my only rational choice was to decide how I would be forced from state service: termination, or retirement. I chose retirement.

    In their excellent Dark Horse podcast Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying have speculated about the purpose behind the lies, misinformation and Constitution-violating mandates, and have tried to find better reasons than profit or population reduction.

    Clif High is less willing to look for less evil motives and flat out states we are in a war. With hundreds of thousands dying, and millions suffering adverse reactions to the jabs, he expects a great die off in 2022. Martin Armstrong falls just short of expressing the same opinion.

    If, as Clif asserts, we are in a war, then virus is a missile and the spike protein is its warhead. But the virus proved weak against D3. The vaccine, which was patented in 2019, is a more effective missile than the virus. But to be effective, it has to be delivered directly to the target.

    Is this the reason behind the mandates?

    1. Wall

      You idiot, the mandates are to vaccinate the most amount of people so that we can minimize COVID cases, the only reason why this hasn’t worked yet is because morons like you aren’t getting vaccinated so when you catch COVID there’s a chance a mutation occurs (ie delta etc). It’s not about gov control it’s about not getting sick.

  8. jack young

    When the scamdemic first began I wondered why celebrities like Tom Hanks and basketball player Rudy Gobert that contracted this horrible killer virus recovered in a few days and were not interviewed to talk about their symptoms. I concluded they did not want the public to know it was no worse than a cold. Then I noticed highly acclaimed doctors that warned of the dangers of this untested vaccine were silenced. Aaron Rodgers said it best that science that cannot be trusted is propaganda. But like the writer the thing I did not understand the most is why so many people do not question anything about the narrative or the ineffectiveness of the vaccine they took. I have a better understanding of the people in the cult of covid now.

  9. CMahoney

    Spot on. Thank you for writing this. It will provide great comfort and relief to people who have been thinking and seeing this all along but couldn’t believe it was actually happening. The voice of reason in a world gone mad.

  10. vale

    alright i get what you’re saying but do you not understand that covid PERMANENTLY DAMAGES the lungs (and brains and hearts) of the healthy, even children’s?? Vaccinated kids have much more freedom because now they are not forced to hide from the disease because it will not permanently damage them

    1. Dennis

      Certainly we understand that, people do die from Covid – that is the ultimate in damage. But people’s bodies can be damaged by the vaccines and boosters, especially children. Why would any one take the chance with their children’s future health with a vaccine that has not been tested for a disease that they virtually no chance of dying from. You have to weight the risk / benefit and in this case the risks far outweigh the benefit.

    2. Leaha

      We will see more about Long Covid as time passes and we learn more about it. It’s real – some people suffer more damage than others. It’s possible some of the damage will not show up for years.

  11. Laura

    Thank you for this thoughtful essay. I would like to ask an honest question. What is to say that this could not have been written from the completely opposite perspective?

    For example, this is a re-wording of part of your last paragraph:

    I’m sure I’m not alone in my futile attempts to spread logic and common sense to person after person without ears to hear. There is simply no changing people’s minds with new statistics or information. What will it take to break this trance? The answer at this point is personal loss. Each one will need to be personally affected by a COVID death, or personal or relative’s battle with the lasting effects of COVID…

    Just as you have examples of vaccine injury, I have also seen examples of Long Covid, including individuals who have not regained their sense of taste/smell (peer reviewed study), or individuals who have had lasting detrimental effects (article here).

    There is a lot of information out there and we are living through a confusing time. How do we sort through the information? Just as you are sure you’re right, so am I.

    1. Patty

      I agree with Laura. People seem so polarized on this issue that they cannot even agree to disagree. You’re either right if you agree with me or you’re a hopeless fool incapable of critical thinking (and that goes for both sides).

      I work at a healthcare system (with medical students) so my perspective is informed by what I see happening there. The patient census is well tracked at each hospital; we know how many people in ICU are on vents. Right now the number of pediatric patients has increased dramatically; they, as well as adult patients being admitted for COVID, are nearly 100% unvaccinated. And I know many people who have suffered long-term COVID, or died of COVID, versus zero people being damaged by the vaccines.

      As for VAERS: It is working as it should. People can report ANYTHING on that system (like Wikipedia) regardless of whether it is true. And any death must be reported – if someone was hit by a car the day of their vaccination, it is initially counted as an adverse effect of the vaccine, even if it had nothing to do with it. This is why the Johnson & Johnson vaccine was paused. The actual rate of adverse effects is indeed very rare.

      The article questions why there have been no “randomized, double blind, placebo-controlled studies” of vaccines and boosters. And yet I see comments here that tout the use of hydrochloriquine and Ivermectin – and there have NEVER been long-term studies on the use or side effects of these treatments either!

      So can we pump the brakes on rhetoric? We have much to learn about this virus itself, let alone how to best treat it. We need more long-term studies on all possible solutions. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if we could communicate about this without trashing other people for their beliefs?

      1. Pt

        Initially I had thought the harmful effects of covid jab was fake news, to create a vax vs unvaxxed issue… But I now know of at least 5 people that got myocarditis 2 weeks after get vax… I also know someone who worked in a hospital in cardiology dept, seeing an alarming increase of young kids, mostly male, coming in with myocarditis … 2 weeks after getting the jab… So harmful effects of vax is real… for a virus that most have a 99.9x+% survival rate.. Here is a question… when someone is diagnosed with covid, what is treatment protocol? Stay home, isolate, wear a mask… period.. Nothing about vitamin D, C, Zinc, Quercitin, ivermectin, HCQ, monoclonal antibodies??? Nope, nothing. Why even get tested… Also, it has been reported that there have been ZERO deaths for individuals that have >50 vitamin D levels.. What is causing so much damage is hospital protocols.. People with bacterial pneumonia are not getting treatment.. if test positive for covid, they put them on Faucis Remdesvire, (which cause renal failure, distraction of kidneys)… Then they put them on a vent… 80% do not survive that protocol.

      2. HBruce

        There have been over 4 billion doses of Ivermectin given to the human population since it was released for public use in the 80’s. The WHO heralds it as a miracle drug for its safety and versatility and had significant reduced human suffering. So not sure where you are getting your information that there have not been any long term studies. Ivermectin prior to Covid was found to be effective against the Zika virus, malaria, TB, HIV and many other viral infections. Its certainly not unusual for drugs like Ivermectin to be repurposed for other uses after proven efficacy. It actually is on the FDA approved list for potential Covid remedies. HCQ was proven effective against the SARs virus in 2002 and Fauci even admitted as such. Actually the real reason to denying the efficacious treatments is because Big Pharma would be unable to get emergency use authorizations for any of their drugs for Covid if there were already effective treatments out there. Regarding the fact that you know now one who has had an adverse reaction to the vaccine I suppose if one closes their eyes and tries to believe there are no adverse reactions then that certainly is a belief that should not go unchallenged. I personally know two people who were perfectly healthy then got their Covid Vaccine and died. One was within 48 hours, the other was within one week.

      3. Vsu

        Patty and Laura, thank you for your very well-worded comments. I absolutely agree with both of you, as I spend many hours within the healthcare environment. And right now, the fact is that the unvaccinated are dying from COVID 6 times more than those who are vaccinated. I take issue with those who will not listen to actual facts, but believe their “proof” is total evidence that vaccinations are killing people. I will continue to receive my information from those who are day in and day out actually taking care of the overwhelming amount of sick people over-crowding our hospitals on a daily basis, as they are our strongest and most factual witnesses as to what is truly happening between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. Anyone arguing their personal knowledge is totally striking out as being believable in my reality. Thank you, Patty, for your sacrifice each day doing a job that many commenters have no clue about.

        1. Mirza

          Vsu, that is actually not true. You’re being duped along with many doctors. The reason you are saying that is because in the system the definition of unvaccinated changes. For example, if you get one dose and go to the hospital, the system categorizes you as unvaccinated. In fact, in Israel since they are pushing boosters, if you are double vaccinated and go to the hospital, you would be considered unvaccinated. By changing the goal post they can control the fake stats and narrative. This is why some doctors are saying unvaccinated are at the hospital when infact they were vaccinated.

          1. Vsu

            I don’t know where you receive your so-called facts, but absolutely disagree with you. I would ask that you please attach a factual link to your response. If you cannot to do so, your silence will be proof of your lack of factual knowledge of what you believe to be true.

      4. David Knight

        Yes much of what everyone says was “true” at some point over the last two years.
        This makes one thing abundantly clear: Tyranny is tyranny – and should not be tolerated by official “truth”- because truth can SEEM to change, but the results of some kinds of tyranny are forever.

      5. NoMoreHate

        THANK YOU For such an intelligent and well written response. I’ve spoken to other health care workers who say the same thing. So many deaths from unvaccinated patients. So much sadness. So much regret.
        i also agree on the studies of these other treatments. Why are people not worried about putting these unregulated “cures” into their bodies, yet they are afraid to get vaccinated by a well studied vaccine?
        What upsets me the most is the misinformation in this article stating there has been over a million adverse reactions to the COVID Vaccine, and she states her source, yet that source does not show what she stated.
        I wish we could all take a deep breath, and that people could share accurate information from reliable sources….the people working on the front lines. Can’t get much more reliable than that.
        thank you again.

    2. Patricia Phillips

      Janice Dean has suffered tremendous loss and she does not support mandates, lock downs, masking children or giving Vax and boosters to children. And Janice surely does not support this totalitarian and socialist agenda from this regime.

    3. Kris Aguilar

      This article could not be written from the opposite perspective…because it is about mass formation. Mass formation by definition is a tyranical government imposing edicts on 100% of the governed, and the breakdown of who complies. No government in the world has forced people NOT to get vaxed, NOT to stay home etc. The tyranny has been from one side since the get-go.

      I watched Dr. Desmet two weeks ago, and I was so happy to find a name for something I have pondered on for decades. Every time there is a weather emergency in my area, people who I know to be nasty, self-centered and lazy, band together to help their neighbors. They drop their rudeness and become friendly. As soon as the emergency is over, they revert to the regular personas. I’ve always wondered why they refused to be helpful and friendly 365 days a year. Dr. Desmet gave me the answer. The storm brought temporary meaning to their meaningless lives. It gave them a visable enemy to fight, but unfortunately for them, it was over all too soon. I was extremely irritated by all the mass formation after 9-11. I noticed it, but didn’t have a name for it back then. Thanks, Dr. Desmet!

      I did not buy into the Covid narative from day one. I’ve never worn a mask, never used hand sanitizer, even took a two month road trip to Mexico when supposedly it was one of the hardest hit countries at that time (Nov – Dec 2020). What I saw with my own eyes was 180 degrees different than what the US media were saying. I have not had a flu or a cold in ten years because I keep a permanent tan for vitamin D.

      1. Laura

        Your definition of Mass Formation is incorrect. Here are some links with the accurate definition: https://dictionary.apa.org/mass-psychology, https://www.alleydog.com/glossary/definition.php?term=Mass+Psychology

        Your second paragraph is very interesting. I agree with you that there are people who use such events to find meaning. It is so sad that far too many people don’t extend those same courtesies and kindnesses every day, no matter what!

        That kind of leads me to ask, if me wearing a mask, for example, helps stop any potential germs I have from spreading, is that not kindness to my fellow humans? If scientists show us evidence that you wearing a mask can slow the spread of a highly contagious, detrimental virus (https://www.pnas.org/content/118/4/e2014564118) that has killed millions of people around the world, wouldn’t it be kind of you to wear that mask to help others?

        I mean, so far, I have a pretty healthy immune system (knock on wood, right? haha), but I have family members who are immunocompromised. While I might be able to catch Covid and fight it off just like a common cold, my relatives might not be that lucky.

        That’s just not a chance I’m willing to take.

        1. Kris Aguilar

          This article is referring to Dr. Desmet theory of mass formation. I doubt that you have even watched one minute of any video interview he has given…because you don’t seem to know what HIS theory is. The link you add provided above is not about Dr. Desmet’s mass formation theory. Typical distraction tactic. The topic is Desmet’s OWN theory…in which totalitarian edicts by a tyranical government, cannot be separated from mass formation. Mass psychology that you referenced with your link, lacks the tyranical government aspect of Desmet’s mass formation.

    4. Wide Awake

      Most, if not the vast majority of “long covid” will be found to ultimately be psychosomatic. Mark my words, screen shot this post, it will be shown to be true – if real science is ever allowed back in to the public square.

  12. D Spatz

    How ironic that you’re flipping this theory around, when it aptly describes the behavior of COVID deniers everywhere, especially Trump supporters. In the U.S., conservative idiots continue to support an authoritarian party who continues to gaslight us about the pandemic, and tell obvious lies about the attempted coup of our legal 2020 election on Jan.6th.

    You people have absolutely no sense of self-awareness. It’s no surprise that conservatives/Republican voters in the U.S. are dying of COVID at three times the rate of sane people who don’t support con men like Donald Trump, and care about people other than themselves.

    Observing COVID restrictions and vaccine requirements is what responsible, caring people do to keep themselves and each other safe. They are minor inconveniences that will protect lives. In the U.S., we have vaccine mandates in order to attend public schools. It’s no big deal, and neither are COVID restrictions and requirements. Only right-wing snowflakes think they’re an existential threat to freedom.

    Why do you people insist on making it so? Do you not have excitement in your lives? Do you need to feel important? If you people had been alive during WWII, London would’ve been bombed to smithereens, as you shouted in outrage about your right to keep the lights on at night. Meanwhile, our hospitals are being overwhelmed and overrun by unvaccinated idiots. God help if you have a heart attack or have a car accident. You may die waiting for a hospital bed, because covidiots have taken them all. And that’s already happening, so it’s not hyperbole, it’s a fact.

    1. Smarg

      Are you stupid or just a traitor, son?

      This is about compliance and control, not health. Unconstitutional decrees should be resisted by any means necessary.

      1. Max

        No, It’s about millions of brainwashed adults shamefully displaying the kind of Oppositional Defiant Disorder you’d expect of a toddler.

    2. Mac

      There is almost nothing in your entire diatribe that is factually true. Pretty good sentence structure, grammar, and spelling, that’s about it. So congrats on that. Otherwise, stop lying.

      1. Lisa wilson

        Sorry you can’t see what is blatantly truth in front of your eyes but YOU are a product of mass formation. Good luck waking up to the lies. Before it’s too late.

    3. Herman Nelson

      conservatives/Republican voters in the U.S. are dying of COVID at three times the rate of sane people” – Link for the study because this sounds make believe…

  13. Kofi

    Thank you for adding your voice to in your own words “the futile attempt to spread logic and common sense” it’s well appreciated from some of us

  14. DJ35

    Great article, but Desmet doesn’t identify a source for the four conditions for mass hypnosis. The first – lack of social bonding – is a direct result of the deconstruction and disintegration of the traditional family. The remaining three stem from our cultural rejection of the Creator God The second – that lives “have no purpose or meaning” – is a consequence of decades of evolutionary indoctrination, that humans are only chemically re-arranged pond scum. The third and fourth – anxiety and aggression – find their source in the resulting spiritual vacuum left when we banished God from our hearts and minds and from all civic life, and replaced Him with pseudo-science. All these beliefs have been inculcated into generations of Americans by the education establishment and are now bearing their poisonous fruit.

    The Bible alone provides the efficacious cure for all these pathological social conditions.

  15. Tucker Pendleton

    Fabulous, fantastic, glorious, etc., etc.
    Clearly summed up our demise in a single article. And at the same time, without referencing how, our path to victory.

  16. Max

    Lots of misinformation here, and have to say that it’s impossible to ignore the ridiculous degree of inductive hyperbole required to infer totalitarian control (which ironically suggests a degree of mass psychosis has indeed taken place, only not in the population you suggest: take a look in the mirror).

  17. Peter

    Heidi, thank you for your article. My wife and I were just talking about this very issue of mass hypnosis and segregating individuals who are declaring the truth from those that are more easily controlled. This was done in the Chinese Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and by the Nazis in World War II. However, I have concluded that the global respiratory pandemic was part of a plan that was developed by the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board (GPMB), which was co-convened by WHO and the World Bank in 2016 (https://www.gpmb.org/about-us). Please read on to learn more about the “Ultimate Objectives” of the GPMB that is found in their first annual report issued in September 2019 (interesting timing).

    Please ask Dr. Fauci about his role as a member of the Global 
    Preparedness Monitoring Board. I have not heard anyone in Congress or the 
    media ask him about his role and was COVID-19 a deliberate release to 
    accomplish their “Ultimate Objectives”. 

    In September, 2019, the Global Preparedness Monitoring Board issued their 
    first annual report: 
    https://www.gpmb.org/annual-reports/overview/item/2019-a-world-at-risk. The 
    EMERGENCIES” (page 7 -10) and calls on political leaders around the world 
    to take action. Each of the seven calls for action states what leaders must 
    do and the progress indicators by September 2020. 

    The seventh action item, “International Coordination Mechanisms”, has the 
    following “Ultimate Objectives” page 39: “There is no ambiguity or 
    delay in the United Nations systemwide response to a global health emergency. 
    There are clear rules, roles and responsibilities, along with a designated 
    leader, empowered with the authority to coordinate across the system and 
    experienced in leading a global response through regular simulations or 
    actual events. WHO can rapidly mobilize countries and partners early in an 
    outbreak or health emergency.” 

    They state on page 39 that one of the “Progress indicator(s) by September 
    2020” is “ The United Nations (including WHO) conducts at least two 
    systemwide training and simulation exercises, including one covering the 
    deliberate release of a lethal respiratory pathogen.” It seems very strange 
    to me that this report was issued in September 2019 and within a few months 
    the world was dealing with COVID-19, a lethal respiratory pathogen. 

    The report also sites the “binding obligations under the International 
    Health Regulations (IHR (2005), pages 7, 18, 19, 21, 23, 24, that require 
    countries to implement specific procedures, policies, etc. It also state on 
    page 19 that “Each country has identified an IHR focal point to manage 
    IHR-related reporting requirements in keeping with their commitments under 
    the IHR (2005).” I researched the IHR (2005) on the NIH website: 
    https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7569658/ and on the WHO website: 
    https://www.who.int/ipcs/publications/wha/ihr_resolution.pdf and 
    I also learned that the CDC is is involved in the implementation of IHR 

    I also learned that The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) has 
    assumed the lead role in carrying out the reporting requirements for IHR 
    (2005). The Health and Human Services’ Secretary’s Operations Center 
    (SOC) is the National Focal Point responsible for reporting events to WHO. 
    https://www.phe.gov/preparedness/responders/soc/Pages/default.aspx . If that 
    is the case and the SOC is responsible IHR Focal Point, why has Dr. Fauci 
    taken a prominent role in communicating and making policy regarding the 
    handling of the pandemic. 

    Most of the attention to how and where did the pandemic originate versus was 
    it a planned pandemic. Based upon the Global Preparedness Monitoring 
    Board’s report, it was a “simulation” of a global respiratory pandemic. 
    I believe this is the smoking gun that should be pursued and we should find 
    out how these agencies got the power and authority to commit the U.S. to IHR 
    (2005) and any of the requirements associated with this “binding 

    1. FjB

      That’s funny, I just tried to look up your links and four of them no longer exist: “the web address is incorrect”, “the file has been moved or deleted.
      In 2020, we migrated our web content to a new system so some older content may no longer be available online or at the same place.” or “something went wrong”.
      Mmmm… More stuff that magically and conveniently disappears!

  18. David Grenier

    There’s a step missing between society becoming willing to give up their rights and totalitarianism: The peoples’ government must be willing to seize power. Western “democracies” around the world have been revealed by the pandemic as dangerous threats to freedom.

    Also, concerning the mass vaccination of people by age group: “Authorization for use in (insert age group here)” is not the same thing as “medically indicated.” Authorizing any medication for use by people in an age group merely means that it is available for administration to them if its use is medically indicated for any particular individual. It does not mean that a medication should be administered to everyone in the age group.

      1. Bee

        She meant SPOT on (meaning “correctly said”), not spit on. And you madam, cannot seem to make a cogent response, only an insulting one. Sad 😞

        1. NoMoreHate

          “Spat” is the past tense of the verb “spit”. She was absolutely correct in using the word “spat”. @UppityNegress was commenting on a silly post with intelligence and wit.

  19. TNDoc

    Excellent article. As a physician I am appalled by the so called medical experts making recommendations based on their opinions and politics. I has COVID-19 last year and got the vaccine this past year due to my age and before the efficacy of natural immunity was established. I wii NOT do a booster due to no real evidence of need

  20. Terence Gain

    The Germans in the 1930s did not suffer from lack of social bonding. In fact they were united in their hatred for and demonization of Jews. The first condition is a preference for principals over principles, coupled with not knowing the difference. The second condition is acceptance of bullshit as wisdom. The third condition is not understanding the importance of free speech. The fourth condition is Fauci, Obama, Trudeau, CNN, CBC, Fascistbook, NYT, WP, Dorsey, the Clintons etc.

    1. WhyGuy

      As you’ve said – the Germans had a very adept propaganda minister in the person of Joseph Goebbels. One of his most famous maxims was: “If you tell a big enough lie and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

      In the place of Goebbels, the current regime has an entire coordinated cabal (Fauci, Head of NIH, Head of CDC, Head of WHO, President Biden and administration minions, etc) with a huge, complicit microphone in the form of the legacy media, who everyone is beginning to notice speak with a single, unquestioning voice (CNN, NBC, ABC, CBS, Reuters, AP, the Atlantic, NYT, Washington Post, Time, Newsweek, Rolling Stone, etc).

      Welcome the Fourth Reich, I guess.

  21. Zachary

    Really really good article. The part about an emptiness in someone’s life being turned into a form of mob mentality really makes sense to me, as what else would they live for? What purpose would they have?

  22. Chuck Littleton

    Heidi, I think your writing is trash and dangerous. I only have empathy that Clark Country posts your brainwashed garbage and more empathy for the editors of this junk. Go do something useful

    1. Bee

      You already said this (see the exact same comment above). At least get some new material – oh, I don’t know — like statistics, articles, etc. to back up your criticism. Oh that’s right – people like you only enjoy insulting those who disagree – Heaven forbid you should actually have respectful discussion. Sad just sad.

  23. Technocolored

    Another possibility:

    2 Thessalonians 2:11 (KJV)
    11And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie.

  24. Dominic LaRosa

    mass formation psychosis has a very high diverse propensity like peronal truth against reality or whole truths which are general and same for all which has a derivative runoff of all the nightmare fear mongering totalitarianism people talk about. your freedom on paper can actually become the biggest prison and jail

  25. Steve

    Thank you for posting this. It is fascinating and does help me better understand what is going on. I am not an anti-vaxxer, I was recently vaccinated for tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis a, and Japanese encephalitis. I am also not a political extremist. I am simply an educated person who likes to understand and question things, and I feel very uncomfortable blindly accepting what I am told to accept.

    I have noticed on social media that any opinion which is not 100% “mainstream” is intolerable. As an example, I saw a discussion where someone said he will not get vaccinated as his body already knows how to recognise the virus due to a previous covid infection. He was shouted at by everyone and then permanently banned. But I thought the whole point of getting vaccinated was to teach your body how to recognise a new infection, so if you’ve already been infected by covid then surely no vaccination is necessary, or at least, it should be a personal decision. I think this example showed how “joining the club” (if you’re not with us, you’re against us!) has overtaken rational thinking. People have found their religion and non-believers are not tolerated.

    I live in a country with vaccine mandates. If you’re unvaccinated it becomes difficult to do anything. If the government can prove the vaccines are definitely safe long term, or at least adverse long term reactions are exceptionally rare, then they would at least have some sort of argument, but the long term safety data is currently 100% unknown. So how is it right to force people to take a potentially dangerous medicine? It is incredible we have reached this point, and beyond mad that we aren’t really allowed discuss it.

    Thanks again for the article.

    1. FjB

      I agree totally. I’m not against all vaccines, but I want to make a decision that I see as the best one for me personally. And I want that to be the case for everyone else. The derogatory and inflammatory term “anti-vaxxer” is used with venom against anyone who would actually be classed as that, as well as anyone who just questions, states alternate views, or even points to studies or data to back up a point of view (and I do realise that data can be selected to back up any argument, which is why you look at a number of sources), just wants people to have freedom of choice, or are against the way a government is behaving: the bashing over the head by government leaders – and backed up by so much of the media – that there is no way other than vaccines, plus the removal of information from the internet, has created a divided society that has largely lost the ability to have (properly) informed and rational discussion.
      All the vaccines in circulation are still experimental on adults, and now the squeeze is on to force children into the same experiment regardless, even when the WHO says “There are currently no efficacy or safety data for children below the age of 12 years. Until such data are available, individuals below 12 years of age should not be routinely vaccinated.” Sadly, though, parents don’t seem to take this into account and are happy for their children to be experimented on.


  26. Tucker Pendleton

    Ignore the trolls and naysayers. If you agree with the article, say so in your own terms but don’t give the brainwashed a wink or nod. That’s the point of the article. Let them wallow in their pathetic little minds. It makes them crazier than they already are.
    The battle to resolve this is yet to come. And I’m sure it won’t be a battle of words.

  27. SoS

    You know how a square is also a rectangle, but a rectangle is not a square? In the US, with few exceptions (the most notable being black Americans who refuse the jab because of the history of experimentation on their race in Tuskegee), I suspect that the jabbed are a mix of the left (hugely) and right (mainly comprised of elderly and the coerced), but the unjabbed are mainly comprised of the right.

    I see the under-60 voluntarily jabbed as people who refuse to believe in evil – IN THIS FORM; who refuse to believe that people in high positions of power in our government and agencies that were formed to protect us, the people, would knowingly and willfully do harm to us. The others are wiser, period.

  28. Michael B

    I happened upon this article after googling “mass formation psychosis”, it is excellently written and super thought provoking… Then again, I’m not ‘hypnotized’. Nice job!!

  29. Gabby

    Great article! This as a condition that has now been pushed into focus with the Joe Rogan/Dr. Robert Malone interview in Spotify. What mystifies me as why a minority of us seem to be completely immune to this even though the prerequisite conditions have been met?

  30. Sherrie Griffin

    Absolutely correct. Why don’t people learn about immunity and how a true vaccine is developed. Get some medical knowledge so they understand the truth

  31. Dan Stefancic

    Clearly, this planet is an asylum. Whether we’re held hostage by stockpiles of nuclear weapons or threats of oppression for refusing to be vaccinated, makes no difference in the outcome. Majority of the population has found comfort in slavery because it guarantees the next meal and life goes on. The powers that be see that clearly. That’s why the former US president George Bush called the majority “useless eaters”. How many times have we heard that there are too many people on this planet, and that we are the cause of a climate change. Purging Earth of the majority of the population can be perceived as a moral act. Majority will agree. Majority will be terminated prematurely. This is a definition of collective insanity.

  32. Kanji Nakatsu

    There are groups out there that understand the irrationality of Western governments- see canadiancovidcarealliance.org. With the encouraging vitamin D sufficiency and early treatment, we should have been out of this at least a year ago, even without vaccines.

  33. Brandon Won

    Ok. Right. If you believe this nonsense then you are part of the problem. Hilarious. You are an easy mark. This is why Trump loves the uneducated.

  34. natn

    americans are physically and mentally lazy. why think when the tv will tell you what to do?
    why take vitamins and exercise outside when you can sit on your sofa and stare at you phone? why remember anything when you can ask alexa? why research info when facebook has everything you need to know? americans are fat, lazy ignorant slobs! that is the reason for our downfall!

  35. Alan Wright

    Interesting explanation, I too have been trying to understand why people have been wiling to accept obvious contradictions (vaccinating people with low risk of disease from covid: children and those with acquired immunity).
    Questioning policy and having an opinion is derided and rather than a factual critique you are asked “are you an antivaxer”. I am vaxinated because I did a cost benefit analysis based on my individual situation.
    If it is selfish to not want to take a vaccine or booster because of the load it may place on the medical system is it then selfish to drink alcohol, overeat, refuse to exercise, eat meat, go out in the sun without sunscreen. The list is endless.
    Can we rely on experts without applying our own critical thinking? I would say no simply because public health experts are judging what is best for a population, it may not be in an individual ‘s interest to follow such advice, and arguably not in societies interest either. Is it selfish to get vaccinated when you are at low risk when people at high risk in undeveloped countries do not have access ?

  36. Mike Redler

    I’ve rarely come across an opinion piece that filters and misrepresents the issues so effectively. Fauci and the CDC may not get it right all the time but, the reason they’re followed so closely is because there are few representatives of the scientific community that adheres to scientific consensus under such a bright light – a consensus that changes with discovery. You represent those changes as arbitrary and allude to incompetence and even political motives which isn’t helpful. Further, the principles you discuss are better demonstrated by events like Michigan’s popular anti-mask uprising in 2020 made worse by the efforts of Donald Trump (not a scientist) who fueled the fire and openly resisted public health mandates.Examples like that are conspicuously missing from your piece. Ironically, your narrative contributes to the conditions of which you warn readers. You do so in the name of “freedom” – freedom no longer enjoyed by some, because of a failure (your failure) to appreciate temporary restrictions necessary for public health. They’re not new. History bears out that they are actually necessary for the long-term prosperity of any free society.It’s highly deceptive to exploit a narrow interpretation of professor Desmet’s theory to make your position look more convincing. This piece makes you part of the problem.

  37. Doug Hines

    This psychological phenomenon explains why so many have bought into a clearly illogical narrative, and why they are willing to participate in the prescribed strategy — “even if it’s utterly absurd,” Desmet says.”

    This illogical societal mass hysteria is nothing new. In Colonial America, fourteen women and six men died as a result of the hysteria surrounding the Salem witch trials of 1692-93.

  38. Jan

    Well said. It’s about time someone started saying what they think. I tried myself but everything gets deleted in the UK. I had a massive reaction to the AstraZeneca vaccination and I wanted to warn others but sadly there is a blackout with all media about vaccination side effects. Everywhere I turned I hit a brick wall. I also wanted to warn people that I’d noticed in the media in the area I live in 6 male children had had massive heart attacks and died after playing sports at school all under age of 16 all had the vaccinations in the last 14 days. In my life time I can’t remember one child dropping dead at school let alone six. Studies have shown that in young males it can cause enlargement of the heart and other conditions. If it is undiagnosed it will lead to a heart attack with physical excise or stress.
    since I’ve been vaccinated I’ve never been so ill every gland in my body is so swollen and I get every virus. I’m cold and clammy and soaked in the night. My doctors recommended that I have no more vaccinations, he told me nobody will force me, but they keep insisting I need the vaccine because I’m vulnerable. But what I don’t understand my young son was ill with covid in 2020 and I nursed him and yet I didn’t get it. Then he got it again seven months later and I nursed him again because of the high fevers that lasted three weeks. Again I did tests all the way through and I never tested positive. Yet my nurse told me that if I got covid I’d end up on intensive care ward, I was terrified. That is when I started questioning everything about covid. If it was so infectious why didn’t I get it been so vulnerable or even my partner test positive?
    Even after my son had recovered his tests were still positive both PCR and Flow tests. It took over five months to get a negative result and we were told not to test him anymore otherwise he wouldn’t be allowed back in college. He missed so such time from his studies.

  39. Bill J

    We all know what will happen if the insanity doesn’t stop. Prep, prep, prep. And pray a lot, too. Preparation and prayer are our best tools. By preparation, I mean fully supplied with survival gear and fully armed.

  40. Jim

    Freedom will win out. It is inevitable. It’s the weak-minded who give in to this psychosis; and it’s the weak-minded who give the powerful their power. Who will they control after the vaccine, and its neverending boosters, have made the weak-minded the minority?

  41. Christopher Fontes

    It’s quite obvious that the original and secondary writer, come from healthy stock and didn’t suffer severe asthma in childhood. Kids don’t wash there hands because they lack activated medial prefrontal cortex it pains me to not see a good article it took a chance on this website Clark county. it showed up in my feed I said use the force trust the algorithm and I clicked- y’all need better editors. Science. what people read when they see the words Mass formation and then scan the article most likely not paying attention to it completely you’re giving them a sense that the world’s going crazy on top of the world actually you know teetering a Little bit from a microbe. Kids don’t wash their hands, did you? Have you really stopped to think what we’re turning them into psychologically? Briefly mentioning sheltering in and being isolated, locked in and then cutting back to this fear mongering and then the inaccuracy on freaking everything it’s amazing you made money from this clickbait where’s the real information where is the meat on the bones this is fast food and not good fast food at that. You say kids have nothing to worry about funny kids are immuno suppressed in general because their immune systems are still growing hence the reason for a necessity just for safety’s sake alone and common sense… Nothing to worry about- this isn’t chickenpox. I’m sure if you search YouTube for last year’s inside the ICU of Italy’s emergency room you tell me those sounds from the people wheezing and dying sound like nothing, have a nice day.


  42. RightStuff1944

    We have a government that wants to control every aspect of our lives, but won’t accept responsibility when something goes wrong while being our nanny.

  43. Jane Smith

    Thank you for saying this. I could not agree more. The woke are asleep and they sadly don’t realize it. Covid vaccine almost killed my cousin and there was no need for out since he successfully made it through Covid, but his job forced him. Here is no logic behind any of this.

  44. Walt Lynn

    I am strongly impressed with Heidi’s article. In view of the quality of the comments I would like to ask a question. It is my understanding that the very young have virtually no risk of becoming infected with or without the jab. Therefore the jab offers them no meaningful protection except it might mitigate severity of the disease IF infection does occur. However, what are the odds that IF an unjabed child does become infected that they could infect someone else. I think this is the main concern of those who insist that the young get vaccinated.

    1. John T

      Hi Walt, I can’t speak to the odds of an unvaccinated child infecting another individual. However, I will state that my opinion is that it is unconscionable that a child ever be given an experimental substance to protect another human being from illness. This isn’t what vaccines are intended to do. Vaccines are intended to protect the person that took the vaccine. Children should never be used as human shields.

  45. Anne

    Kudos to the author! You nailed it. Unfortunately most people will reject what you say because (to quote Mark Twain) – it is easier to fool a person than to convince them that they have been fooled. None of the people that took the vaccine want to believe they have been duped, so they will double down on their position.

  46. WhyGuy

    So simply and succinctly put, Heidi. Thank you. Those of us with backgrounds in science have been asking many of these same questions for close to two years now, with no good answers. Some of the most fundamental principles of basic science are being flat-out ignored by those who, in the same breath, exhort us to “just follow the science.” Their definition of “science” though, is unquestioned, and by their own definition unquestionable. That is not science – that is the definition of propaganda.

  47. Schnozy

    The lets go Brandon chanting is another version of this. 25/25/50. The 50% on college campus were so easily swung from pro Democrat to lets go Brandon.

  48. sh4dow

    I find it very likely that this issue affects both sides of the political divide.

    The vaxxers proclaim the pandemic to be far worse than it is, and paint the vaccine as a magical cure against all evil.
    The anti-vaxxers deny the existence of the virus, or spread absurd conspiracies about mind control chips (or similar) in the vaccine, making it their THING to be afraid of.

    In reality covid is a somewhat dangerous pandemic that will lead to many more deaths, but is still clearly insufficient cause for the lockdowns etc. we have been experiencing. And while the vaccine isn’t a wonder drug and doesn’t really affect the spread of the virus, it can still significantly reduce the risk complications when getting infected, and is probably a useful measure for many (not that this justifies forced inoculations).

    That both sides have views that are obviously (for someone unaffiliated) distant from reality reinforces the view that there is a big enemy – the vaxxers see the other side deny the existence of the covid virus, and conclude they are crazy and dangerous (they spread the Doom Virus), the anti-vaxxers are being targeted for their unwillingness to try out an experimental medicine and clearly see the vaxxers as a grave threat to their personal freedom.

    And while the vaxxers are currently the more immediate threat to our society, by virtue of being in power and able to actually implement their directives as law, the anti-vaxxers would be just as dangerous if allowed to claim power.

    So the big question is, whether or not we will find a way to end/disrupt the mass psychosis of both sides, or whether we will soon find ourselves in a totalitarian state/world that might eventually even exceed the Nazi regime in total suffering caused.

    1. Mom

      I like how you’re trying to see a middle ground here. The thing is though, I don’t think the anti-vaxxers would be just as dangerous – as that side would not be canceling opposing view points, nor would it be making mandates that infringe on personal liberty. It’s not just about political power, but about social media / news outlets / money power too.

      Part of mass formation psychosis is following a dictator who promises to make things better, but you must be obedient to all the things. You can’t question anything. Those who disagree get cancelled.

      This is why some many people are comparing this to post WW2 Germany. We look at the Germans and we think oh we would never do that. Their world had just been completely rocked, coming off WW1 destruction and the tanking of their economy. There was a lot of anxiety and fear. They wanted someone to follow and who would solve all their problems. They followed the orders without questioning, and those who did – were cancelled. That’s how all dictators work. Read about North Korea, stalin/russia, etc. Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  49. JGoodman

    ESTABLISHED legally binding international laws categorically prohibit MANDATORY medical treatment- injections of any type are most certainly medical treatment. As a licensed medical provider for 24 years I know that TREATMENT WITHOUT INFORMED CONSENT is a VIOLATION of Human Rights. This is a bottom line fact – or was until the COVID19 Conspirators decided to act as if it is not relevant. They should be on trial for the genocidal crimes they have perpetrated.

    Article 6 – Consent 

    1. Any preventive, diagnostic and therapeutic medical intervention is only to be carried out with the prior, free and informed consent of the person concerned, based on adequate information. The consent should, where appropriate, be express and may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without disadvantage or prejudice. 

    2. Scientific research should only be carried out with the prior, free, express and informed consent of the person concerned. The information should be adequate, provided in a comprehensible form and should include modalities for withdrawal of consent. Consent may be withdrawn by the person concerned at any time and for any reason without any disadvantage or prejudice. Exceptions to this principle should be made only in accordance with ethical and legal standards adopted by States, consistent with the principles and provisions set out in this Declaration, in particular in Article 27, and international human rights law. 

    3. In appropriate cases of research carried out on a group of persons or a community, additional agreement of the legal representatives of the group or community concerned may be sought. In no case should a collective community agreement or the consent of a community leader or other authority substitute for an individual’s informed consent. “


    If a person questions such a strong statement- I advise reading the evidence which has been written into these two books:

    The Real Anthony Fauci https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B08X5YWRRP

    Covid 19 and the Global Predators

  50. C.L.

    THANK YOU FOR WRITING THIS! It seems most journalists are part of the mass psychosis; it is so refreshing to see someone reporting rational, irrefutable truth. This is EXACTLY where this country, and so many others, have gone to.

  51. David H

    Sadly I think you can change Fauci and mainstream media to Trump/Fox News and have the same be true….
    “I drive myself crazy trying to find logical reasons why the masses whole-heartedly accept everything that Dr. Fauci or other national and global health officials proclaim. The announcements can change with the wind, lack data to support, openly contradict what was said the day before, or include outright lies, but as long as they are echoed and supported in mainstream media, they are believed as truth. This is the result of mass formation psychosis”
    There seems to be no middle ground anymore

  52. John T

    Thank you for your well articulated article. We are truly in dark times. However, there is a growing awareness and understanding of the insanity being cast upon our world right now. I think things will get darker, but we will reach a critical mass of positive change. Those in positions of leadership and authority will be held accountable. Only then can we heal our wounds.

  53. Sue

    Thank you Heidi, I was beginning to think everyone had gone crazy. Thank you for your bravery to speak with timeless wisdom and truth. May more people stand up to the brain washed masses and criminal leaders. I too copied your article to share with others, in the event it becomes censored. Bless you.

  54. Marcus Sims

    Heidi, I appreciate your thoughtful development of the ideas about mass formation. I have heard several interviews with Prof.Desmet and it is an important perspective he brings.
    I believe there is a typo when you write about the injuries reported to VAERS – they are not at 100,000, but are actually approaching 1 million.

  55. Z’da

    Heidi, W2G 👏🏼 on a well written article, unfortunately the vast majority fell right into the COVID-19 trance, not questioning mainstream narrative.

    Everything you have written I’ve been saying and you’ve done an excellent job capturing the sentiments of the other side

    Tis so criminal for Gates, Fauci, Big Pharma, Big SM platform censorship, Hospitals, Mass Media and Governments who continue 2 spew out nonsense and Forcing people to be vaccinated

    I’ve read that COVID-19 test with a CT, cycle threshold of 17 is contagious, however CDC and WHO increased CT score to ~43 initially and later decreased to ~34. That means someone with a flu or regular cold will fall into Positive test case, basically, flu + common cold were lumped into the COVID-19 test, thus inflating the case count

    An Iranian Virologist said that 70% of their cases are flu and common cold and the rest is COVID-19

    When mass media started pushing the narrative that school cases are up, I immediately knew that they were instilling fear, making parents feel that they need to save their kids and will do whatever it takes. I also told many that soon we will hear vax are safe for kids … about a week later, our gov’t announced a vax for ages 4+ 😢😭

    I’m in Canada and we’re heading into another lockdown. Is our gov’t so ignorant not to see that their COVID-19 Protocol has not worked since March 2020?? This country has ceased to be a democracy as they want everyone vaxxed, creating social divide and ostracizing those who don’t follow their vax mandate

    The majority are vaxxed and they are not even questioning why another lockdown… this is madness!!

    The issue is, people who are scared 😱 have given agency over their bodies and their thinking faculties over to the gov’t and have become loyal followers 🐑 🐑

    There are so many errors WHO and CDC made earlier in the pandemic, however most peeps don’t take time to research to find truth, rather, Tis easier to outsource your thinking and listen to mass media; after all, the brain uses ~ 20% cognitive resources and why waste that energy to think when they can expend that energy 2 binge watching Netflix?? 🤪😂

    This is such a sad situation and the lies and manipulation still continues 😱

  56. Keith

    You covered it all so well. Not long ago I saw a comment made by a vaccinated lady saying she would not want a unvaccinated medical person working on her. Now we have our governments saying that medical staff who are testing positive can still work because they are needed. Mean while unvaccinated healthy employees are sitting at one because they were put on unpaid leave for refusing to be vaccinated. Still no one asks vital questions like if the vaccine is so good what do you have to fear from the unvaccinated. If vaccine passports were the answer to keep things running and allow people to get back to enjoying the things they like to do why are businesses that only allowed vaccinated people in such as sporting events and restaurants being shut down.

  57. Trevor Hall

    I watched the interview you spoke about with Desmet, it explained so many things. I forwarded it onto a few (vaccinated) friends and they dismissed it point blank.

  58. Bernard Refault

    Thank you so much Heidi. Excellent article that I hope will educate and motivate those who are still dizzy from the barrage of fear tactics and falsehoods, to seek the truth on the many levels, that ultimately are about Our Freedom” , as Americans, and citizens of Earth. This is a time to take care of ourselves and loved ones physically, mentally and emotionally by keeping company with the wise (to become wise) and abstaining from foolish and reckless pursuits and thinking; undiscerned obedience to questionable mandates, commands and pressures that endanger life itself. If you are wondering what I am saying, read the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Slowly and carefully make your decisions on the present circumstances based on its precepts. If you have been convinced that being an American is bad, then be a good American and uphold the parts that give you the freedom to be a good and loyal patriot. If you believe that the “Great Reset” (New World Oder) will solve the worlds problems, then go for it, and let me know how it’s working for you, if you are one of the chosen to survive it’s inception! I know, that was unkind, but this is not a time to be easily persuaded by those who say they are there to help you. You are responsible for you. Nobody is as responsible for you as you are. Keep company with the wise and you will become wise. Keep company with fools and you will be ruined!

  59. Mr Smart

    At 68, and in fairly decent health, how come after two years of this mysterious virus, I’ve not personally experienced anything?
    And, knowing plenty of people, nobody I know has, either.
    Plus, a cashier in my local supermarket (I live in a big city) told me that her whole church congregation (300+) was tested, and not one person had this so-called virus, nor got sick from it.
    Odd, ya think?
    With that said, I call BS on this fake plague, and see it as a fear/control tool related to the evil government, big pharma, and healthcare.
    FEAR….. that’s all it is about….. keeping you in FEAR.

  60. Cobby

    You’re definitely not alone mate. I am from Ghana, & medically, I’m supposed to be “sickle cell – SC”. I had covid back in July in which I nearly lost my life but by God’s grace, I survived. I haven’t taken any vaccine yet & a month ago, I wasn’t well & I felt the same symptoms as the first time I got covid, only that this time, it wasn’t as serious as the first time. I believe my immune system did most of the fighting with the help of “vitamin C+zinc & some antibiotics”. I didn’t break down & I was able to do my normal stuff.

  61. Donald Hennen

    It would seem that our society, being less religious than before is particularly vulnerable to this phenomenon.
    1) Loneliness is a precondition, and people of faith have fellowship with coreligionists and know that they’re never completely alone while God is present.
    2) Meaninglessness is harder to feel when you know that the creator of the universe also created you. You are meant.
    3) Free floating anxiety strikes me as a symptom of meaninglessness. A person with meaning might be anxious, but I expect that he knows what he is anxious about.
    4) High levels of frustration and aggression build on each other. When someone pushes you, you push back in self defense. The person who pushed first now thinks you’re picking on him, because he thinks he had a right to push you. All this would have been prevented if the pushy brat hadn’t pushed, because acting out aggression was against his religion in the first place.

    I also think that it’s harder to set up a false messiah, after the preconditions are met, if you already have a real messiah.


    The wheels have fallen off the narrative. The mRNA injections were supposed to protect. They did not. Millions must now feel as if they have been betrayed by a Plandemic that favored Big Box Stores over Bars, Churches, Gyms: many of which have not gone bankrupt. So the big question going through people’s mind right now is: what is the point of the vaccine? The point is to push everyone to get them so they can implement global vaccine passports which would relegate everyone on planet Earth to the status of a “lab rat” slave on a Global Plantation. That is why we must rise up against this insanely false narrative. 

    Updated. Watch the video of Anderson Cooper suggesting they force the elderly to get the vaccine by with holding their SS checks. It is getting insane, Please share widely and subscribe to my newsletter. In this essay I explain how the “forced vaccine narrative” is being rejected throughout the US and the world. The wheel’s are falling off of the “Plandemic Propaganda Train” and literally millions, throughout the planet, are gathering to protest the forced vaccinations, lockdowns and vaccine passports. Of course many are not aware this is happening because Globalist Corporate Media has refused to cover these massive protests which have been going on since August 2020. In that time — the last 16 months — literally tens of millions have taken to the streets throughout the planet. Even Tucker Carlson has failed to cover these protests in any significant depth.

    2022: The Year Global Protests Against Forced Vaccination and Vaccine Passports Must Ignite
    Beginning in January 2022 the good people of planet Earth must take to the streets to bring an end to forced vaccinations and vaccine passports
    Opinion: How have we gotten here? Mass Formation Psychosis, explained
    Posted by Heidi WetzlerDate: Tuesday, December 28, 2021
    The World Health Organization (WHO) has released a proposal backed by two major globalist organizations that serves as a blueprint for governments to implement a worldwide vaccine passport verification system.

  63. John

    “I drive myself crazy trying to find logical reasons why the masses whole-heartedly accept everything that DONALD TRUMP proclaims. The announcements can change with the wind, lack data to support, openly contradict what was said the day before, or include outright lies, but as long as they are echoed and supported in CONSERVATIVE media, they are believed as truth. This is the result of mass formation psychosis.”

  64. AUDREY Cannon

    Every single dictator from Hitler to Stalin have incorporated all of this . My students often ask how could the German people allow the mass extermination of the Jews and others…well now we know.

  65. Ryan leslie

    I relate to this article in so many ways its almost creepy how people in my family will defend this vaccine no what and not listen to literally anything that challenges their views. Great article it speaks for so many normal intelligent people. I feel like if you challenge any vaccine issues you get labeled as a conspiracy theorist which is just rediculous.

    1. Mr Smart

      I agree with you.
      The “sheeple effect” in society has long been known, and nurtured continuously by such things as advertising, fads, beauty products, automobiles, products of all kinds.
      That old saying: “Keeping up with the Jones’s” is a reality.
      Once you succumb to the same thing that attracts and mesmerizes a lot of society, you’ve then lost your own natural-born freedoms.
      You’ve lost your individuality.
      The only thing left is your own DNA, and that is something this evil vaccine wants to take from you.

  66. Doc Stan

    I needed this discussion to see first hand the effects of the mass delusion mentioned in this article and elsewhere. Those who oppose this in the comments section prove that what is being said is true. This is a totally sensible and coherent article. It is factual and informative. I am going to use it to try to help spread the message to those who are not totally under the influence of this mass formation hypnosis. It is fascinating to live through, but terrifying. If someone would have asked me 3 years ago if this could be done in the U.S. I would have said it couldn’t be done. I would have said both democrats and republicans cherish their constitutional rights here in America. I would have been wrong. We are susceptible to mind control, propaganda, and mass hysteria to our own demise. I am saddened to say that I think the American way has been traded for a communist totalitarian state.

  67. Noell

    Thank you for writing this!!! It makes me feel good to know we who can see what is happening are not alone. ❤️ I think creating division between common people is a big part of this as well so I want to find a way to communicate that will create bridges not walls. Dividing people is THE way they do what they do. How can we help create bridges? I really want to help.

  68. BigVanVader

    Great article, but the truth is no one should ever have been afraid this so called pandemic. We knew very early on that it was mainly senior citizens with multiple comorbidities that were being affected, the same people who are also affected by every other respiratory virus and illness because their immune systems are teetering on the edge. If the past two years hasn’t made people question the rationale they never will. “Fear is the mind killer.” (Frank Herbert, Dune)

  69. Jeanne Stewart

    Fear, converted to blind, unquestioing, obedience. We had better pull our head out of our behind before it’s too late. And “unlady like” is the least of the problems. Jeanne Stewart.

  70. Amanda

    Stunning to me also the lack of questions being asked. We in Ireland are about to vaccinate healthy 5-12 year olds. It amazes me that parents do not want to know
    1.why their kids are getting vaccines that we are told do not work against omicrom,
    2how many shots will be needed?
    3 How will it affect the overall immune system?
    4What are the risks from the vaccine?
    I am reminded of images of Jewish mothers putting their children on trains in Europe in 1945 and unmarried mothers here in Ireland a few decades later handing their newborns to the nuns to make sure they were looked after. Have we learnt nothing from History?It is a source of bewilderment to me that well meaning parents in 2022 would put their children on board a train without knowing the duration or the destination. A pharmaceutical train and I challenge the widely accepted use of the word “vaccine” as itimplies safety and efficacy, vaccinations have been a terrific advance of medical science . The definition of vaccination has been altered to include these current injections. Parents would be far more questioning were they called “injections”.
    Great article, very interesting and thank you for a balanced perspective.

  71. Luke

    Truth. Such valid points across the board. The level of confusion many people have about Covid from the media is astonishing. Science: the intentional restrictions on very well known, safe and effective treatments like ivermectin and monoclonal antibodies is reason to be ashamed at multiple levels of medicine and policy. Most importantly, people need to come together and be good to one another, being open to looking at real data and making smart informed decisions for themselves with short and long term strategy in mind. Without undue fear principally from the media and goverment’s intentionally misleading drumbeat. And policy of mandates for shots that have demonstrably questionable health risk/benefit outcomes based on both scientific studies and real world outcomes, need to be uniformly illegal. Along with this, we need significant strides toward media honesty and transparency, which helps all of us to do and be good. Blessing to all. Love and respect.

  72. Tommy Rad

    My oldest brother who is 73, after screaming at me for a few minutes on a Skype Call, hasn’t spoken to me in almost 8 months because I won’t wear a mask, won’t get jabbed, and have defend the use of Ivermectin, among other contrarian issues surrounding the “pandemic.” I put quotes around the word pandemic because by the legal, medical definition of the word, C-19 is not now, nor has ever been, a pandemic. Granted, I can be a tad pedantic about language but, without a sturdy tether, anchored to an immovable definition, language… the glue of a culture disintegrates and society follows suit.

    This is the latest development in an ongoing metamorphosis my brother is going through. Approximately 5 years ago he went full SJW. One of his signals of virtue was, he sent me an email containing an old photo of our parents from 1950. A black & white picture of my mom and dad at some park in Los Angeles, dressed to the nines, cigarette smoke wafting, big proud smiles, holding a new baby boy… my brother. On the Skype Call that followed, instead of admiring their youth, or their love of cool clothes, the picture of himself (my brother) as a 2 week old, cradled in the loving arms of his mother, he was flipping out, screaming about how irresponsible they were by smoking while holding a baby.

    I attempted to communicate to him a mental picture about how unfair it is to judge someone based on something they innocently did more than 70 years ago by comparing it to today’s standards. Like laying a piece of tracing paper of the “zeitgeist of today” over a moment in time from yesteryear. Then sitting back and in great anger, judging them because the lines don’t match up.

    Mass Formation Psychosis is real, even if the AP Fact Checkers say it’s just a “poorly thought out” theory. (emphasis mine)

  73. Sean Muir

    I’ve been a HS teacher for 33 years. What you describe is exactly the development of teens through the years. Great article. I will have my students read it.

  74. Kraig Smyth

    As long as we’re talking mass psychosis, let’s back out from this article’s focus just a bit and understand some basic observations of science. All species’ have a natural development in a natural habitat and an “evolutionary trajectory”. Take a species out of its natural habitat and things don’t work. The delusion and psychosis of contemporary society is that it lives in a (government mandated) system that doesn’t recognize the (natural)system that it’s in. If you know anything about natural science you can easily deduce that this is going to have a catastrophic effect on many aspects of species especially a species with thinking capacity like the human species. There’s really no way to get around that fundamental disconnect. Everything else could be considered collateral damage resulting from this fundamental disconnect. The human species has a long way to go to get back where it’s supposed to be. BUT, at least that endeavor is embracing challenge vs denying it- and there’s a comfort in that.

    1. peter currie

      Absolutely – and I say this as decidedly not a Trump fan.

      What astonished me was his enemy was clearly the FBI/CIA – Trump haters I’d say but look at whom is attacking

      The would gloss over Biden’s record and the deep state as saviours

      True mental illness

  75. Tami

    When every media source available to the masses expounds the same facts against one single individual opinion, I believe in mass formation psychology. This is a wonderfully refreshing piece.

  76. Gregory ABK

    I want to thank you for expressing all these ideas and information. It cannot be expressed how important it is to speak the truth no matter how uncomfortable it makes the terrified. We either cater to the terrified and desperate, and allow their fear to create the world, or we insist on the truth as we see it, and require the world to evolve in accordance. I applaud your courage and intelligence.

  77. Brian Monsma

    +You capitalize mass formation psychosis as if it were a real thing and warrants a proper noun. It’s not. It’s a theory in social psychology given an inflammatory dramatic name by Dr. Desmet for polemical impact. Enough with the psycho-babble pseudoscience. Just stop. — Brian R. Monsma, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist

  78. Matthew

    If the vaccine works, then the vaccinated have nothing to fear from the unvaccinated. If they are concerned about the unvaccinated overwhelming the healthcare system, then the unvaccinated should not go to government run healthcare facilities. Other than that, there should be no mandates or restrictions, because the unvaccinated are choosing to take that risk, and the vaccinated shouldn’t be afraid of the unvaccinated if they truly believe the vaccine works.

  79. Bob S

    Mass Formation Psychosis is bunk science made up by one self-proclaimed ‘expert’ and then glommed onto by a bunch of other pseudo-science hacks as a convenient explanation for why they can’t convince people through lies and misinformation. No other serious psychiatrist or mental health expert will give Prof. Desmet’s hypothesis the time of day.

  80. Bob

    the medical profession is subsumed with mass formation. Covid is imminently treatable, yet the vast majority of doctors refuse to treat, I have never seen anything like this before in my 30 years of practice. it is literally astounding.

  81. Kit

    I wonder if YOU had sat at YOUR mother’s bedside in a hospice facility, holding her hand and wishing you had more time with her, watching her breathing getting more and more labored, would you still think it’s a minor inconvenience?

    If people in the PNW had been taking the threat more seriously, maybe I would still have my mom. My neighbor might still have his son. My coworker might still have his wife. All of these people were lost before Christmas 2020.

    You have a choice to get vaccinated, to observe social distancing, to wear a mask. You have a choice to protect people around you who are immunocompromised — people who are being treated for cancer, for example.

    Instead of focusing on how the Government is trying to steal your rights and undermine Democracy, would you at least consider that you have the ability to help other humans?

    Here’s where you show your true colors: are you railing against the unfairness of it all and refusing to acknowledge that yes, some people are afraid (maybe for good reason, maybe not), or are you willing to look at the bigger picture and how you fit in? YOU are not the center of the universe.

    If we spent more energy on getting along and understanding others’ perspectives, this wouldn’t be the big political oil spill we see today.

    I’m just asking you to consider if you’re not being a little selfish, and could you maybe think about others who are not as lucky as you are.

    Vaccines and masks won’t bring my mom back. But if they can prevent someone else’s mom from a gasping, frightening death, I don’t mind the inconvenience.

  82. Sylvia

    Thank you for sharing this fantastic article. It is indeed enlightening!
    It is refreshing to read of theories or hypotheses or opinions that differ from those that are historically adopted as ‘gospel truth’. People who are willing and able to think beyond the constraints of a box contribute to change and development and growth. Without them the world would have had no electricity, no cars, no airplanes, etc, etc.
    Refusal to let go of the status quo in every aspect of life is dogmatic; a sign of cognitive inflexibility.
    Fear is the best weapon to ensure compliance, obedience, servility. It was used most effectively by the Nazi regime to subdue and control people. Mass formation psychosis describes the symptoms very well indeed. The fact that it is currently not part of the ‘established’ language of behavioural science, certainly does not in any way imply that it is inaccurate. For a very long time psychiatrists would diagnose a mental condition without even looking at the actual organ, ie the human brain.
    It begs the question: if you do not look, you cannot see what is happening inside the organ in question, so what is the basis of your diagnosis???
    Many have since actively used various brain imaging, eg CT, fMRI, SPECT, etc.
    The current ‘plan’demic succeeded by inducing fear. Those who succumb to it, obey and comply. Those who do not, are actually using their ability to think rationally, they ask questions, and express opinions. That is surely normal!
    Open discussion should be encouraged in a democratic society. Unless, of course, there are things that are covered up!
    If vaccines are truly ‘perfectly safe and effective’, then the unvaccinated do not pose any threat to the vaccinated.
    Those who object to the mRNA vaccines may not be anti-vaxxers at all – but they do protect their right to freely choose what goes inside their bodies.
    Death and injury related to vaccines have occurred. Whilst those may be in the minority, they have a tragic impact and must not be dismissed so casually. One such event is one too many; particularly if it happened to you or a loved one!
    Please try to develop more tolerance towards those whose beliefs or values or opinions do not conform to yours.
    We each have our own unique individuality – but we do, after all, share the same universe.

  83. Scott Hooper

    “Mass Formation” looks like the best explanation I’ve seen for why Republicans have elected people who consistently rob them of their money, jobs and dignity for a generation now.

    If you’re interested in discussion, if the “ears that won’t hear” bothers you, post one or two claims or questions and let’s discuss in comments. But every of your posts has so many things that need discussion, it’s just not possible. VAERS might be a good topic; I see is woefully misunderstood often, and it would be in all our interests to clear that up, for e.g.

  84. Sheryll

    Because we have a governor who believes in fauci!! But,then again,he’s lies about winning in votes!!inslee and his followers have been lying so long,in their mind-set,they believe their telling the truth!! And what can we do when most of those lies are already on potent,antidepressants?
    Hell,look at the judicial system workers!! They haven’t seen the real world,of washington state,since they started hiring all the californians,35 years ago!! Partners in crime!! But then again,that’s so long ago,everyone forgets!! Not Me🇺🇲

  85. Doctrin39

    The official framing of the mass formation “phenomenon” is misleading and wrong.

    The false hope-addicted psychologists and their acolytes want you to believe this is “just some temporary occasional” madness by the masses that has been going on since only the 20th century when it is but a spike of a CHRONIC madness going on for aeons with “civilized” people — The 2 Married Pink Elephants in the Room

    One of these mainstream psychologists who have been spreading this whitewashed reality, Dr. Desmet, also fails to see that the Covid Psyop is a TOTALLY deliberate ploy because he doesn’t think it’s ALL intentionally sinister. This makes him witting or unwitting controlled opposition.

    Worst of all, perhaps, the mass formation/mass psychosis notion frames the problem as the public being a mere unaccountable non-culpable victim in this phenomenon. Nothing could be further from the truth…

  86. Kathy

    Does this theory explain why far right conservatives believe without evidence lies about Trump winning, lies about teachers grooming children, outrageous comments by FOX news white nationalists and the many other examples of bearing false witness?

  87. mat

    Yeah is sad and tough been on the outer. Like to point out never is just a human concept not a thing. Give it a few hundred years at most.

  88. Amelia

    Regarding Vaers reporting of vaccine injury/death. If you were convinced enough to actually receive the vaccine, do you really think you would relate your event to it? Everyone in the hospital agreed to be vaccinated. So unless you have Covid, they will not report your event. They do not say to an individual who is healthy but having stroke symptoms, did you just get vaccinated? Oh, maybe this is caused from the vaccine? They say do they have Covid? No? Then this is a natural unexpected event. He has myocarditis, an enlarged heart, stroke symptoms, facial paralysis… from natural unrelated causes. She died in her sleep, she died from an embolism, she had a SILENT heart attack. Weird, another 19-64yr old “natural death”. Never will they admit it’s from the vaccine. Unless you do. Or someone in your family. And then they say prove it. So, the Vaers reports are low because no vaccinated person is going to admit or see the correlation and report it. And if you are dead, and you are relying on vaccinated hospital staff to report that you died from the vaccine.. Not going to happen.

  89. Kit Collins

    Just came across this article in searching about Mattias Desmet. Great article. So nice to see that it is from my home state of WA. I just wish more people in WA would read and consider this.


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