Opinion: Clark County Sheriff candidate Rey Reynolds responds to claim that he is leaning toward a ‘Constitutional sheriff movement’

Rey Reynolds
Rey Reynolds

Reynolds shares his belief that a sheriff ‘has no duties to governmental agencies or political influence, but solely to the people’

Rey Reynolds
Clark County Sheriff candidate

Last weekend, in a published report, writer Ann Donnelly claimed that I, Rey Reynolds, Clark County Sheriff candidate, am leaning toward a “Constitutional sheriff movement.” It’s disturbing that Miss Donnelly would unashamedly say these things to smear my name and defile my stance. 

Let me be VERY clear: EVERY sheriff is (or at least should be) a “constitutional sheriff.” 

Elected sheriffs are accountable directly to the Constitution (United States and Washington state, in this case) and to the people. She/he is elected to safeguard the rights of the people and exercise the powers that the public has entrusted to him or her. That’s not a “movement” as Ms. Donnelly suggests – that’s a fact of the position. 

I could rebut just about every sentence in her editorial, but instead, I will leave it to this: I, like Martin Luther King, Jr., believe that any law that strips a person of basic human dignity is unjust. Like King said, “Any unjust law is no law at all.” 

That said, there are some laws with which I do not agree, and yet I must uphold as a current officer (and I would have to uphold as sheriff). 

There are still more laws – such as I-1639 – that are being legally challenged as unconstitutional. With multiple pending lawsuits, it would not only be irresponsible to enforce such a law but would also violate the sacred trust between the community and its sheriff, much like what happened in Plessy vs. Ferguson. It was 122 years after his Constitutional rights were blatantly violated due to an unjust and racist law that Homer Plessy was finally pardoned. 

The sheriff IS the ultimate law enforcement authority in a county – whether Miss Donnelly likes it or not – because the electorate places him or her there. She/he has no duties to governmental agencies or political influence, but solely to the people. If their sheriff will not stand up and protect the community from unjust laws, to whom can they turn when in need of protection?  

Rey Reynolds is running against John Horch in the race for Clark County Sheriff in the Nov. 8 general election.


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  1. blank

    Rey you are so right. I knew from the sheriff debate that you would be true to your word and to Clark County. You are going to be fantastic in your new job. Thank you.

  2. blank

    In these turbulent times we need a real leader. Rey is that person. Mr. Horsch will only tweak around the edges of what has become the status quo for Clark County. Go meet, listen to Rey Reynolds. You can feel his dedication and passion for our community. He has real ideas, real solutions, he is the real deal.

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    Myrna Leija

    Thank you, Rey Reynolds for your response to Ann Donnelly. I appreciate your passion and dedication to the people of Clark County!

  4. blank

    The people who have an issue with a sheriff upholding his OATH OF OFFICE are the ones that need to go live in Venezuela, including, but not limited to Ms. Donnally. Take Inslee with you when you leave please, us Vancouverites do NOT NEED YOU HERE!!!! We are fed up and disgusted with your bull—- reporting/laws.

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    John Campbell

    Rey Reynolds equates a law I-1639, that passed with 59% public approval of the voters in 2018, putting in place common sense fire arms laws with Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) where the Supreme Court upheld “separate but equal” as the law of the land. Really? One law dares to up the age of purchasing automatic fire arms in an attempt to save lives the other is a stain on the USA which was never repealed but ruled unconstitutional with 1954 Brown v. Board of Education and civil rights legislation in 1965, etc. I hardly think I-1639 is an “unjust law” as Reynolds would leave you to believe. Bring up MLK name and views as part of his response to Donnelly’s column is twisting his actions and philosophy. I prefer a Sheriff who follows the laws. John Campbell Camas

  6. blank

    The position of sheriff is a mighty one and our household is backing Rey. Strong, dignified and defender of the constitution- both at the state level and the over all country level. We need this so badly. Inslee has ignored the constitution and held this state down like a tyrant. It is beyond time for change.


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