Letter: ‘With Marie, we will take a bold step forward’

Third Congressional District Lynne Treat offers her thoughts on the Congressional race

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Lynne Treat
Lynne Treat

Marie Glusenkamp Perez is the candidate for Congress in our district. She clearly best represents the wants and needs of the residents in our region. She stands for, among other things, increased funding for public education, job training, and health care for all our citizens. 

Her opponent, on the other hand, promises to gut funding for all of these things. With Marie, we will take a bold step forward, as opposed to a step backward if we vote for her opponent. From where I sit, Marie Glusenkamp Perez is the clear and rational choice for representative in our district.

Lynne Treat

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  1. Susan

    Maria or Kristina (or whatever her name is today) is not the person the dumbocrats would have you believe. She lives in “rural Skamania County” yet owns a business in Portland? Huh? You think she drives back ‘n forth every day? Heck no! That’s why she owns a home in Portland! And until she recently got caught, she was registered to vote in Portland and Oregon elections!

    Do you really want to elect an Oregonian, from Portland, to represent you?

    She is in waayyyyy over her head! Never having held an elected office before, and seeing her stumble ‘n fumble during the debates, she’ll be eaten alive by the big boys in Congress. She needs to be running for Clark Co. Council, not as a U.S. Congressional candidate.

    Vote for Kent!

  2. Wayde

    Marie is an extreme leftist on every issue. She is obsessed with getting us into a conflict with Russia. She is not a moderate as she claims. Joe Kent is the only viable candidate for WA-03.


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