Letter: ‘Why isn’t anyone talking about the rights of disabled vets and people that have health conditions?’

Vancouver resident Jalloul Jedidi discusses his belief that mandatory mask signage fails to address those with medical exemptions

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Jalloul Jedidi
Jalloul Jedidi

I am currently a resident of Washington state. I am a disabled combat veteran, with two combat tours to Iraq and a purple heart. I am currently deemed disabled by the VA and Social Security. I have several medical conditions that make it very difficult for me to wear a mask. 

I believe the mandatory mask signs posted everywhere are illegal. Please let me explain why. People forgot that a mask is not only for self protection, but also to protect people like myself suffering from several medical conditions and cannot wear masks. All the signs that I see mention mandatory masks, but say nothing about people with disabilities that are not able to wear masks. So, if it is constitutionally acceptable to wear masks and post signs all over the place about it, is it also OK to throw my ADA rights in the trash after sacrificing so much for our country?

Why isn’t anyone talking about the rights of disabled vets and people that have health conditions? Is it because it’s an inconvenience to address such issues? Or, is it just currently irrelevant? 

I can’t tell you how many times I walked into a store and was challenged by shoppers on why I’m not wearing a mask. Even when I’m practicing the 6-feet distancing. It’s becoming a very hostile environment for people like me. I think it would make things a little better for people like myself, if verbiage about medical exemption was also added to these signs. Either that, or I’m gonna stop leaving the house altogether and see how that will affect my mental and physical health. 

Thanks for reading.

Jalloul Jedidi


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