Letter: ‘Who would vote to oppose tolls on a replacement Interstate Bridge (also light rail)?’

Portland resident Jim Karlock contacted area candidates and reports their positions on the Interstate Bridge replacement project

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Two important issues, tolls and light rail have received little attention during this election. So I have prepared a guide to which candidates oppose tolls and oppose light rail and which ones support tolls and support light rail.

Jim Karlock
Jim Karlock

Who would vote to oppose tolls on a replacement Interstate Bridge (also light rail)?

Here is a guide to candidates that oppose (or support) tolls and light rail. Candidates were emailed a request to pledge to oppose tolls and to oppose light rail before the primary. After the primary, attempts were made to contact the winners that had not returned the pledges, in person at public events. A few ratings were based on answers given on television appearances.

Candidates that have promised to oppose both tolls and light rail:

CD 3  U.S. Representative,  Joe Kent, R

LD 18 Pos 2, Greg Cheney, R

LD 20 Pos 2, Ed Orcutt, R

LD 49 Pos 1, Park Llafet, R

LD 49 Pos 2, Jeremy Baker, R

County Councilor No. 2, Michelle Belkot

County Councilor No. 5, Don Benton

Candidates that have said they support tolls or light rail:

CD 3 U.S. Representative, Marie Gluesenkamp Perez, D, Supports tolls & Light Rail

LD 17 Pos. 1, Terri Niles, D, Supports light rail

LD17 Pos 2, Joe Kear,  D, Supports light rail & tolls if project killer

LD 18 Pos 1, John Zingale, D, Supports  Tolls & Light Rail

LD 18 Pos 2, Duncan Camacho, D, Favors Tolls, Refused answer on light rail

Here are the candidates that ignored our email request or refused to take a stand on tolls and light rail:

LD17 Pos. 1, Kevin Waters, R

LD17 Pos  2, Paul Harris,  R

LD 18 Pos 1, Stephanie McClintock, R

LD 20 Pos 1, Peter Abbarno, R

LD 49 Pos 1, Sharon Wylie, D

LD 49 Pos 2, Monica Jurado Stonier  D

County Councilor No. 1, Hector Hinojosa & Glen Yung

County Councilor No. 2, Chartisha Roberts

County Councilor No. 5, Sue Marshall

More details are at http://www.no-tolls.com/pledge.html

Jim Karlock

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