Letter: ‘What happens when the day comes that we ourselves need care?’

Vancouver resident Vicki Bickford expresses her appreciation for the WA Cares program

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Vicki Bickford
Vicki Bickford

I’ve always been a caregiver. As a single mom raising three boys, I had the sole responsibility of caring for them when they were little. We think about caring for children a lot. But what happens when the day comes that we ourselves need care?

Eventually it’s bound to happen to all of us if we live long enough. As a home care aide, I’ve cared for people with cancer, Alzheimer’s, and people with disabilities. Now I’m getting close to retirement. I have aggressive arthritis and I struggle to do many things I used to take for granted like walking up the stairs. I know that with age this will only get worse and someday I will need help with daily tasks like grocery shopping, bathing, and moving around the house.

That’s why I’m thankful that we have three wonderful state legislators – Senator Annette Cleveland and Representatives Sharon Wylie and Monica Jurado Stonier who support the WA Cares program. Because of this program I will be able to pay a home care aide to help me when the time comes and replace my stairs with a ramp. WA Cares will give me the freedom to age with dignity in my own home.

Vicki Bickford

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K.J. Hinton
9 days ago

How sad that she actually believes this income tax scam will make any significant difference.

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