Letter: ‘We are fortunate Wyman has such extensive experience’

Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey offers his support to Secretary of State Kim Wyman in November general election

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Greg Kimsey, Vancouver
Greg Kimsey, Vancouver

I encourage voters to re-elect Secretary of State Kim Wyman. 

Wyman has 27 years of elections administration experience and is one of the nation’s experts in protecting election systems from cyber security threats. Wyman has been endorsed by 45 current and former county auditors, the former King County Elections manager and Oregon’s former Democratic Secretary of State Phil Keisling. 

We are fortunate Wyman has such extensive experience. 

In 2006, California voters elected a legislator without any elections administration experience as secretary of state. In 2014, after she served almost eight years, Pew Trusts ranked California’s election system 49th of 50. 

Greg Kimsey