Letter: Vicki Kraft ‘has shown she has the skillset, experience and personal values’

Vancouver resident Gary Meier offers his thoughts on the incumbent candidate in the 17th Legislative District

Gary A. Meier
Gary A. Meier

I encourage Clark County voters to support the re-election of Vicki Kraft to the 17th Legislative District in Washington state.  Vicki has shown she has the skillset, experience and personal values to represent the District in a professional and competent manner:

  • Vicki knows the challenges and needs of business owners and employees operating in a small business environment.
  • Vicki has worked with and provided grant-writing support to nonprofit organizations.
  • Vicki understands the need to moderate taxes and the influence of tax burdens on our well-being.
  • Vicki has worked in a bi-partisan manner toward a goal of preventing sex-trafficking in Washington State.
  • Vicki supports “NO” to tolls for crossing bridges between Oregon and Washington.  She also supports a 3rd bridge option for reducing traffic congestion and improving commuting time.
  • Vicki understands that citizens of Clark County have little-to-no representation in legislation coming out of Oregon and that we must be diligent in addressing cross-border issues for Clark County citizens working in Oregon.
  • Vicki lives by a set of personal values of integrity, ethics, and faith that we can be proud of.

Gary A. Meier
Lifecycle Solutions

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