Letter: ‘This is a critical election’

La Center resident Jason Granneman offers his support for John Horch in the race for sheriff

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

Jason Granneman
Jason Granneman

This is a critical election. I ask you to support John Horch for reasons of experience, character and ability. All critical qualities to be the CEO of a multi million dollar entity. Yes, the Sheriff’s Office is just that, a multi million dollar organization with hundreds of employees. 

We need a sheriff who can function in this environment with capacity to make critical decisions on day one. One who serves the entire community absent of political bias and agendas. Experience, leadership, and understanding of what the job of sheriff entails.

Thank you and stay safe.

Jason Granneman
La Center

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  1. We The Peoiple Vote RED

    I Support REY Reynolds Not John Horch, because Horch wants the Title, Power, and Money and thinks people haven’t dug Deep into his past… I want someone that stands and supports the Washington State Constitution and the United States Constitution and will bring LAW AND ORDER BACK TO CLARK COUNTY… That Man is Rey Reynolds.

  2. Mike Ogden

    Ray Reynolds is getting my vote because Clark County needs new leadership. The homeless camps and crime are a product of Horschs failed policies.

    …and we don’t reward failure with promotion.

  3. We The Peoiple Vote RED

    Jason are you hoping to get that Promotion if your Boss gets Elected, You should let people know you work for the CCSO as a Deputy… that is what I had heard.



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