Letter: ‘The process for restoring an effective representative form of government is now about the healthy functioning of citizens’ minds on important matters’

Matt Garland states that Congresswoman Marie Gluesenkamp Perez is misusing federal funds by using taxpayer dollars to pay for her campaign mailers and that her town halls are really not public outreach town halls

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Knowing that Washington state, as well as the United States as a country, is just a little over a year away from holding a general election, this upcoming event has caused me to look at how skewed our reality is on the subject of a well-informed public.

Matt Garland
Matt Garland

Our representative for the 3rd Congressional District, Marie Glusenkamp Perez, for instance, is misusing federal funds by using taxpayer dollars to pay for her campaign mailers (The congressional franking privilege, which dates from 1775, allows members of Congress to transmit mail matter under their signature without postage). In addition, her town halls are really not public outreach town halls. They are scripted events meant to gather together activists under social issues, usually held on liberal college campuses.

The above is representative of a smug and elitist disposition seen in many Democrats. They believe their “majority” is a mandate to roll out unconstitutional laws that eliminate transparency in elections, reduce the ability of law enforcement to apprehend and arrest criminals, and promote (and support) radical transgender ideology.

I looked up the definition of democracy online, and the first definition that was shown was the following:

A system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

Another definition by another source:

Government by the people; a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under a free electoral system.

The above definitions are from a few sites. There are probably dozens if not hundreds of different descriptions and definitions of the word democracy out there.

The word democracy, however, does not describe the actual relationship between the citizens and the power they hold over their representative form of government.

With that, the mental space of the citizen is always assumed to be genuinely untainted and well informed. But that precious mind of the citizenry is not being filled with reality based information. Instead, we have to face many individuals who are everyday waking up with an inaccurate picture of reality. These individuals are potentially harming themselves or their fellow citizens when acting on false information.

By lacking essential critical thinking not only for day-to-day grind decisions, but when also required for voting, and civic participation, unaware citizens become easily controlled drones for special interests.

With recent events dating back to the Summer of 2020, it is very apparent that the aforementioned mental space of the citizen has not been treated fairly when it comes to information. This has resulted in citizens who are not motivated to act appropriately in civics, nor has it resulted in an adherence to fact based information in public discourse. The media has not only neglected their once highly valued and ethical role of investigating and reporting the truth, they have instead decided to be change-agents, activists and filters that distribute propaganda.

How can we, as citizens, go about our lives enjoying our freedoms, while a highly trained group of writers, investigators, radio and television producers ignore matters that may affect our immediate and long term lives?

The process for restoring an effective representative form of government is now about the healthy functioning of citizens’ minds on important matters. The blame for our manipulation, loss and decay related to the democratic functions and process of government, lay at the feet of the mainstream media, academia, woke corporations, and corrupt politicians.

Matt Garland

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  1. Stephen Mosier

    Very well said. I will add that those corrupt entities and organs of information Mr. Garland mentions, which produce the majority of the misinformation daily consumed by the minds of the body politic, will also be the same agents who now will use the high levels of misinformation as leverage to impose censorship against that same body politic. We will be allowed the hear what we are supposed to hear and not allowed to offer a contrary reply.

  2. Nike Ajax

    To work on the problem of UFO hysteria, in 1952 Bedell Smith convened a CIA group called the Psychological Strategy Board and gave them the job of putting together recommendations about ‘problems connected with unidentified flying objects’ for the National Security Council – the highest-ranking national security policy makers in the United States. Bedell Smith’s Psychological Strategy Board panel determined that the American public was far too sensitive to ‘hysterical mass behavior’ for the good of the nation. Furthermore, the board said, the public’s susceptibility to UFO belief was a national security threat, one that was increasing by the year. From a psychological standpoint, the public’s gullibility would likely prove ‘harmful to constituted authority’, meaning the central government might not hold. Any forthcoming UFO hoax by Stalin could engender the same kind of pandemonium that followed the radio broadcast of The War of the Worlds.”…….”The only way of countering what Bedell Smith was certain was the Russians’ ‘clever hostile propaganda’ was for the CIA to take covert action of its own. The Agency suggested that an educational campaign be put in place, one that would co-opt elements of the American ‘mass media such as television, motion pictures, and popular articles’. The CIA also suggested getting advertising executives, business clubs, and ‘even the Disney Corporation’ [involved] to get the message across.” Chapter 4, “Area 51”, by Annie Jacobsen © 2011

    Coincidently, a similar phenomenon of “hysterical mass behavior” occurred with the release of the movie “Men in Black”….., and it happened again when the government played us with the WuHan Flu bs and now the “balloon” bs….


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