Letter: Mom of 5 – ‘Please vote for our kids’

Michelle Carroll and her family. Photo courtesy Michelle Carroll
Michelle Carroll and her family. Photo courtesy Michelle Carroll

Ridgefield resident Michelle Carroll offers her support for the Ridgefield school bond in the April 23 special election

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There is an upcoming vote in the city of Ridgefield, and I urge you with all my being to go out and please vote for our kids and the needed classroom space. Your vote counts!

Michelle Carroll
Michelle Carroll

I am a mother of 5 kids (ages) 15,12,12,5, & 3, four of which are in the Ridgefield School District currently. I have a freshman, two 6th graders and a kindergartener. I have watched Ridgefield’s growth over the last eight years that we have lived here in this amazing city. And while growth is uncomfortable, it is unstoppable. I love this town and everything it stands for. That is why I am voting Yes for Proposition 10 and Proposition 11.

In the last eight years, I have seen this farm town move towards a more urban landscape, while this is sad as the era of farming and sprawling land is being pushed out, it is not ending. This is still a beautiful town, and I am proud to live here.

My hope is that people will look further into the needs of our children. There are those who want to preach that we need to “budget better” or “cut other places.” This simply isn’t an option in the state of Washington as the ONLY (by law) way to build a school is to bond (Bond-Levy FAQs.pdf (wasa-oly.org). Education is also not the place to pinch pennies and give the bare minimum. We have been doing that and there is no more space at the schools.

Our kids deserve the best education we can possibly give. I would gladly pay the proposed amount to further the next generation of people. To make them the best people they can be. Then hopefully they can grow up and help make some needed changes at the state level. I would urge you to get out there and make your voice heard. Please, if you have a child in the school district this is a need – not a want. Please vote yes for Proposition 10 and Proposition 11.

Michelle Carroll

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  1. Susan

    Am not a resident in Ridgefield, but this Mom seems to have bought into the idea that more money solves all problems. “More, more, more!” says the school district. Yea, right.

    How’s the test scores for Ridgefield, when compared to national stats?

    Where’s the accountability for the money that the district has already been given? Even here, in CCT, there has been recent coverage of suspect money-management.

    The idea of throwing more and more money to schools is an outdated concept. Increased levies/bonds/etc. all need to be looked at with a critical eye.

    Sorry, Mom, but just because you have multiple kids in school, and you want this or want that, doesn’t necessarily mean that the public must cough up even more money for schools. Remember, that money that the “public” is coughing up is money taken from peoples’ pockets. Pockets from which groceries, gasoline, electric, and other bills are paid.

    1. Carol

      I totally agree with Susan. Throwing money at these failing schools is not the answer. This mom should try homeschooling her children. They would get a better education.

  2. Fox

    When Ridgefield designs schools that cost 56% more than Vancouver, you can bet they can be better with their finances. Asking people to invest an extra $1,000 a year (not including increases to maintenance costs) is a bit extreme when the Elementary is only 18% over capacity.

    In down economies, people make drastic cuts and don’t get 18% salary raises like our teachers do paid by us. Maybe lower the Levy by 50 cents and then you can have a 50 cents Bond per $1,000.

    1. Sally

      Oh, how I would love for you to share your job and your impact on your community. Oh wait… probably none. Unlike you, our teachers are raising and teaching the kids of our community, oftentimes when their own parents aren’t. They deserve far more than an 18% raise.

      And again– no sources for your claims. Everything you say should be discredited. You clearly have enough time to spout off reasons to not vote for our kids and our community- surely you have a bit more time to source where your outrageous claims come from.

      1. Citizen Infinity

        Sally we get it. You blindly believe more money will solve everything. You relentlessly keep asking for sources yet have provided nothing of value to the conversation(s) anywhere yourself. So let’s see your sources. Everything you say should be discredited because the only thing you bring to any conversation is emotion and feelings.

        Sources have been provided to all your troll replies across multiple comment sections already, but apparently that’s not enough for you.

        The gig is up. We get it. You don’t like THE FACTS, you just like your facts.

        Why does a k through 4th grade school need a lighted turf field? Or a gymnasium that belongs on a college campus?

  3. Citizen Infinity

    5 kids? How are you possibly affording that?

    You should have no problem then paying for x5 the average non child household. Right?

    Seems fair doesn’t it?


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