Letter: Interstate Bridge Replacement team’s Modified Locally Preferred Alternative ‘will be downtown Vancouver’s concrete death shroud’

Bob Ortblad appeals to members of the Vancouver City Council not to endorse the LPA on July 11

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Vancouver City Council:

Bob Ortblad
Bob Ortblad

On July 11, please do not endorse the Interstate Bridge Replacement team’s “Modified Locally Preferred Alternative” (LPA). It will be downtown Vancouver’s concrete death shroud. 

The LPA will create an Embarcadero Freeway/Alaskan Way Viaduct through the heart of Vancouver.  Like the infamous Cross Bronx Expressway, the LPA will divide the city with noise, pollution, and cause urban decay.  The LPA will be the steepest (4 percent) and most dangerous of all interstate bridges. The LPA’s 100-foot climb will be extremely difficult for cyclists and walkers.

The Columbia River at Vancouver is 27 feet deep with 200 feet of soft river bottom. An immersed tunnel is a better solution; safer, less grade, less cost, less environmental impact, and is faster to permit and build with local labor.

Bob Ortblad MSCE, MBA

@BOrtblad see Twitter for more details

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  1. Margaret

    This document was submitted to the Interstate Bridge Replacement Bi-state WA/OR legislative committee by Bob Ortblad and includes graphics showing the IBR plan for a tall bridge vs a tunnel. The IBR team is recommending only one option for the states to consider, an I-5 replacement tall bridge with costly light rail. Far less costly buses and vans for public transit can share a lane with other vehicles, saving $ MILLIONS and making the most of the limited space and $ available.
    More than one option should be duly considered for the crossing type, and the transit.

  2. Mary

    The citizens using the bridge have voted it down several times. We need a third bridge if the goal is to reduce traffic, which it is not. Anyone reading the numerous articles/ letters by John Ley know that it is all about light rail. Now the coast guard says it needs the bridge 178 feet. How long before Cantwell and company put pressure on the coast guard to change the requirement?

    The 18th legislative district needs to vote John Ley for their representative. Clark County needs him in Olympia to fight this obscene waste of tax dollars.


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