Letter: ‘I am in full support of Brett Simpson for Clark County auditor’

Vancouver resident Michael Jelineo shares his thoughts on the race for Clark County auditor

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

These days we need transparency, whether it’s our elections, or other business that is conducted in Clark County by County officials. Greg Kimsey has been the Clark County auditor for 24 years and he has been slacking in job performance for the last several years. He hinders transparency when it comes to our elections and helps find ways for candidates to cheat, or he disqualifies a candidate at the last-minute nullifying the votes of thousands! Yet, he’s allowed others to do similar things and still have their name on the ballot and their votes counted.

Michael Jelineo
Michael Jelineo

Recently it was reported that Mr. Kimsey had confirmed two weeks prior to take part in the Clark County Republican Women’s Auditor Debate between himself and newcomer Brett Simpson. But at the last minute he decided to bail and not participate because he said it was going to be a biased debate because the CCRW endorsed his opponent. It appears that he doesn’t want to receive scrutiny by the public for his bad decisions these last few years and the covering up of stuff that is happening in the Auditor’s Office.

We need change in Clark County and return to true transparency when it comes to elections and election integrity. Brett Simpson would be that change to help stop the fraudulent election issues we currently have. I would also like to see Brett bring back the old voting system we had when I had started school as a kid. I know when I was in elementary school, they would send us home early on voting day and they’d set up voting machines in the school library. People would come to vote in person. I never got to experience it, but I would love to now that I am older. If you want to find out more about Brett Simpson and his campaign, visit his website Simpson4auditor.com and watch his video series, you will be impressed! Please vote for Brett on November 8, 2022, and let’s bring back confidence in our elections.

Michael Jelineo

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