Letter: ‘I am frightened by the possibility that council members could vote to ban mask mandates’

Vancouver resident Kelsey Richter shares that she is ‘deeply concerned about not only the safety concerns that would result in banning mask/vaccine mandates but what it would mean for the functioning of our community’

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com 

On February 1st, it is my understanding that the Clark County Council will be voting on banning mask/vaccine mandates for our county. I am a mother. I am a school psychologist. I am a citizen. I am frightened by the possibility that council members could vote to ban mask mandates.

Kelsey Richter
Kelsey Richter

As a mother, as an educator and as a citizen of Clark County I am deeply concerned about not only the safety concerns that would result in banning mask/vaccine mandates but what it would mean for the functioning of our community.

Here is where we are at in the schools. We are threadbare. Vancouver Public Schools is already sending middle and high schools into a rotation of remote learning because they don’t have enough bus drivers to drive students to school. If masks are not mandated we are jeopardizing the health of our school staff. When we do that, they have to stay home. What happens when too many staff have to stay home? Schools close for in person learning, enter remote learning.

What happens when we go into remote learning? Kids stay home. What happens when kids stay home? Parents stay home.

Schools have been working relentlessly to keep the children of our community safe and in person. With this recent surge in COVID-19 cases schools are NOT fully staffed. There are next to no substitutes available to cover for us when we are ill. Educators who are healthy are working overtime to keep our schools open for in-person learning. We struggle daily to appropriately staff our classrooms across Clark County. We are hanging on, but for how long?

When our schools go into remote learning or shut down, that means our families are scrambling to find care for their children, they are missing work, missing pay, and missing the opportunity to contribute to our economy.

I am pleading with our Clark County Council to vote NO. Vote NO to clear the way for health care services. Vote NO to keep our students in person at school. Vote NO to keep our families at work, earning wages. Vote NO to show that in Clark County we put people first!

Actions you can take:

Submit a statement to the members of the council: https://clark.wa.gov/councilors/write-councilor

Give public comment or sign up to give testimony at the meeting Feb. 1st @ 6PM:



Kelsey Richter

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  1. Spicy Ginger

    It’s been recently proven (once again, though any of us with two sticks to rub together in our brains could’ve already told you…) that masks are detrimental to child development and social skills. And this woman, who is afraid of people’s faces, is a SCHOOL PSYCOLOGIST. Vancouver, we can do better for our children by hiring educated people for our school districts, don’t you think?

    1. Edward

      Imagine if you will, that there is a 99.9% chance you won’t poop your pants, but you’re convinced to wear diapers just in case.

      Now imagine you believe you must wear those diapers to prevent your neighbors from pooping their pants.

      Welcome to the 2022 world of Democrat Dementia.

  2. Kirk

    Vaxine mandates for Covid are immoral. The .gov should not be able to mandate that anyone get the jab!!! As for masks, they are more detrimental for kids than they help! At least masks aren’t permanent like the vax is!

  3. Rob Anderson

    This is a clear attempt to misdirect people regarding the petition/ordinance, which apparently Mrs Richter hasn’t read. It’s to ban ALL MANDATES THAT DISCRIMINATE against ones health status, etc. This would not ban masks nor is there language to do so. The only way mask mandates would be banned is if they discriminate one group over another, which we had last year when unvaccinated were required to mask and vaccinated were not.
    This is a blatant attempt by the school unions, probably organized by them, to misinform the public. Sad.
    read the proposed ordinance for yourself and you decide https://www.clarkcountygroup.com/read-the-ordinance

    1. Scott Hooper

      I read it, and it is clear to me how this will be used to break any mandate.

      Nonetheless, the whole text is just anti-COVID Safety rhetoric. I understand the view of those like its author, but I don’t think such views are majority in Clark County.

  4. M. Jelineo

    Kelsey Richte, MASKS Don’t Work, can you not see the Mass Psychosis. As a Psychologist you should know MASKING was a way they DeHumanized people, then they were able to control them. If you feel so WARM AND FUZZY and Safe in your mask fine. We don’t live in Nazi Germany, Communist China, or Soviet Russia. We live in America and as I had said at one of the board meetings to a Teacher “MASKING KIDS IS CHILD ABUSE. I am for them to Pass and Consider Stopping the Mandates in Clark County. The Only Reason why VPS is pushing the Mask is that they took all that Federal Money under what’s called ESSER Funds, which they need to return and return immediately. You need to WAKE THE HELL UP and Rely on GOD, not the Government.

  5. Melissa

    Are you suggesting that bus drivers and teachers aren’t currently wearing their masks, and that is why they are getting covid? Or are you suggesting that bus drivers and teachers are getting covid because their masks are not effective?

    Also, if the County Council bans mask mandates, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a mask. It just means that people get to choose whether they wear a mask or not. It might seem scary to you at first, but you will get used to it. And it won’t make any difference in transmission. As your letter suggests, students, teachers, and bus drivers are already getting covid…while wearing their masks.

  6. Rachel Bosell

    So glad this has been brought to my attention. I am in FULL support to end mask mandates, and well, all mandates in Clark County. Set our children free. There are HUNDREDS of medical and scientific studies confirming that masks do not stop the spread of viruses, and can be harmful in many ways. It is well past time to end these measures for our children, and for every citizen.

  7. Ladsgo Brandon

    The title of your article perfectly illustrates why you have the OPINION that you do. You being frightened has clouded your ability to think rationally and clearly. You’ve made many unscientific assumptions, and used your fear as the proof that they are true. Masks don’t work, and the data is clear on that. But, if you believe they do, wear one. If your concerned because I’m not wearing one, wear 2. Clearly, the vaccines don’t work either, but I’ll defend your right to get one. Keep yourself as safe as you can, and I’ll do the same for myself. And please, quit wearing the mask over your eyes, do some research, and use some critical thinking skills.

  8. John Smith

    I’m not the only one that walks through a grocery store each week looking down on all the clowns wearing their muzzles.

    Not sure what happened to my country but I wish it would stop.

  9. Jen

    unfortunately, only an N-95 rated mask or similarly rated mask, that actually fits the face of a person (this is difficult to find for a child’s small face) will actually help in eliminated some transmission rates. However, the pieces of fabric in a cloth mask, or even a regular paper mask, does not do the trick. It would be fair to say that if our county continues to enforce the mandate, that there should be a FREE supply of N-95 masks, (both adult and child size masks) to be given out daily to ALL people going into public spaces — To afford a properly fit N-95 mask that has to be disposed of and a new one worn replenished daily, is a privilege, that most people cannot afford. If you aren’t wearing a proper mask that actually works to eliminate transmission, then there is no point in wearing a mask at all, and the mandate should be void, due to the psychological cognitive issues that go along with mask wearing for children. If the benefit of the mask cannot outweigh the mental health risks then this should not be something forced upon our children or our community. If a person actually has the privilege to pay for an N-95 mask each day (which it is recommended that it even gets switched out throughout the day), then those that are privileged enough to afford this, should wear them for their own health concerns. Anyone can wear a mask if they want to, but their regular cloth and paper masks are not doing any good, and possibly doing more harm than good.

    1. M. Jelineo

      I support masks and all covid related stuff to go away. DO NOT Encourage this School Psychologist period, she should know better, she and everyone else that are parents, grandparents, Uncles and Aunts that Masking Kids is a Form of Child Abuse, it is literally like a kidnapper putting their hand or hands over the mouth of their victim to stop them from Yelling “HELP”. The mini initiative would give you the FREEDOM to choose to wear a mask or not and get the vaccine or not.

  10. Matty

    Letter from Kelsey doesn’t read like a medical professional. It reads like a fear based anecdotal tale of virus transmission from a 7th grader, who heard this information 3rd hand. Kelsey! Whoever doesn’t get sick… will! All these people who have had Covid have either gotten it before or after their vaccine and always while wearing a mask, even in their cars. No data proves your point. With such a transmissible virus. Worry about therapeutics not blaming someone for not doing the thing that has been proven to matter the least. If these things worked. Would we be better off than states that don’t mandate masks? Look at the data Kelsey, explain in another poorly written op-ed why it is that there is no discernible difference in case loads from a mask mandated state to non mandated. I can’t believe your a psychologist, you couldn’t talk a child into eating a candy. Don’t try and change my mind, you’ll only cement what I already knew. Fear is blind to truth.

  11. ekranoplan

    Masks historically used in Slavery

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  12. Sivispace

    Let me get this straight. Studies prove that masks are essentially ineffective. Remind me again why are we ordered to wear ineffective masks when we don’t have COVID? Why do we have to wear masked with this virus but not influenza? And why are people so unwilling to have an honest discussion of this issue?

    1. K. W.

      It’s beyond me! I don’t know either! And the whole test ONLY if you’re unvaxxed to attend events is beyond unintelligent, as well. They need to drop all the mask mandates and testing mandates, too. People should attend, at there own risk, same as it had always been prior to Covid. It boggles my mind! Especially, when I ask vaccinated people who they think are spreading the virus at indoor (or even outdoor) events where we unvaccinated provide proof of negative Covid tests but the vaxxed just wave their vax cards to attend? and their answer is the people with FAKE cards and FAKE tests! Like they literally cannot admit that the shots neither stop transmission nor stop contraction of the virus! Sure, there are some fake cards and some fake negative tests but no where near enough of either to account for the sky rocketing spread of Covid amongst fully vaccinated people! Sigh. I just hope all the tyranny ENDS SOON and people just stop complying and go back to regular life FOR REAL! Ugh!

  13. Scarlet Karson

    She might be a mother and a school shrink but she’s not medically credentialed in any way and she is not a scientist; her opinions on mask mandates are not directed or informed by science and data, they are driven by pure fear and obsession with a preconceived narrative regarding efficacy of masking that is not reflected in measurable reality. This woman has emotionally regressed and is using masks in the same way small children use “security blankets” and teddy bears as talismans.

    Masks do not work to stop transmission of viruses. There is no benefit to using them. There is measurable harm done by mandating them, especially to children, everything from hygiene issues to compromised socialization. The real physical and mental harm caused by forcing people to wear these ridiculous masks far outweighs any perceived benefit of using them as talismans.

    She also seems to forget she isn’t in charge of what other people do with their bodies. She can wear her talisman all she likes for the rest of her life if that’s what she wants, but she needs to leave the rest of us alone.

  14. Scott Hooper

    The Author makes a valid point: if we upset the mask mandates, we may end up sending kids home again for remote learning which, I’m sure you will all agree, is much harder on our children than simply wearing a mask.

    Omicron spreads so much faster than previous variants, and we already have a spike in cases in our schools. It’s not time to let up on safety, but to push ahead, wisely.

    1. Wolfie

      Everytime, the Inslee bot comes out to comment. This woman is driven by CNN and MSM. .masks do not work and they are more harmful then good! Do something else!!!

    2. Valerie A

      Omicron is already on its way out. This is the insider info from.the front lines. Here’s your next bit of info, in case you don’t want to do ANY RESEARCH WHATSOEVER:the mask mandates won’t stop it. They obviously haven’t, have they? We have them in place and EVERYONE STILL GOT IT! Why is this so hard to understand?

  15. RCxyz

    It has been shown many times that mask mandates don’t work. The reasons they do not work are 1) some people still will not wear a mask 2) most cloth masks are not effective 3) many do not wear the masks correctly 4) even the properly worn correct mask types are not 100% effective. So, in the end, the mask mandate becomes meaningless. The mask is really more of a psychological thing to make some people feel safe. I still wear one when going into stores since the store has the right to require a mask on their property.

  16. K. W.

    Boy oh boy oh boy !!!! I sincerely hope that they vote NO to ALL mandates! Half of the staff shortages are from FIRING unvaxxed people! I have ZERO sympathy for ANY business or school that is FORCING the shots onto people. Do NOT vax the kids either!!!!!

  17. Kain

    Kelsey Richter is clearly in need of a better psychologist than she is herself.

    I homeschool but feel bad for people who don’t have a choice but to subject their kids to these mentally defective leftists that are infesting our public education system.

    The masks don’t work. The vaccines don’t work. The only reason they push this nonsense is eventually to institute a vax passport/ social credit passport system like commie China. They want to tie all your life to this and it will be the absolute death of freedom.

  18. Valerie A

    No surprise that you’re an ‘educator’, and no surprise that you’ve failed to educate yourself as well as our children. As a frontline medical worker, I would gladly go without a mask and help 100 patients with my whole face. Which is exactly what we did in the early days of the ‘pandemic’ before we started masking. Haven’t you heard the news? With Omicron, all bets are off. Everyone will get it, if you haven’t already, and a mask isn’t going to keep you from getting it. The masks don’t work now, and never did. While you were happily on your couch binging Netflix and ordering Doordash ESSENTIAL WORKERS were keeping the country running. Now, all we’re asking you to do is leave us alone and let us live our lives how we see fit. By all means, keep wearing a mask for the rest of your life. Make your own children stupider and stupider and more emotionally and socially stunted. Some of us believe in freedom of choice. We’ll choose to live our lives in freedom and without fear, breathing fresh air, seeing each other’s faces, smiling, laughing, talking, interacting the way humans have since the beginning of time. We’ll live with joy. You can live in bondage. Omicron is already on the downward slope. It’ll be over by the end of February. It’s time to release your fears.

  19. TIB Diagnostics

    I’m not the only one that walks through a grocery store each week looking down on all the clowns wearing their muzzles.
    Not sure what happened to my country but I wish it would stop.

  20. David Kay

    The Jab is a clinical experiment and the Mask is now a social experiment and obviously, neither are working! If you choose to be a lab rat go for it, but don’t tell me that I have to join you. Afterall, you are protected….right 🙂

  21. Joseph Fanning

    Just stop wearing it. Nobody enforces it in stores anymore.
    Fred Meyer has a sign that says “Masks highly recommended”, not required..
    This will not end until level headed, clear thinking people take a stand. It is time to act and no longer be a silent majority!


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