Letter: ‘Heidi St. John needs to drop out’

Ridgefield resident Erin Van Natta believes that the vote in the 3rd Congressional District is being split between conservative candidates

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

Heidi St. John claims to be running for Congress to take on Jaime Herrera Beutler and the political establishment. However, her campaign tactics are reminiscent of the deceptive strategies employed by many corrupt politicians in D.C.

Erin Van Natta
Erin Van Natta

St. John agreed to drop out of the race if she did not receive President Trump’s endorsement. Joe Kent received the endorsement, yet Heidi St. John has since refused to drop out. Instead, she has resorted to slanderous attacks on his campaign.

These attacks only benefit Jamie Herrera Beutler. A recent Trafalgar poll has Joe Kent in the lead among Republicans but in second place overall. Washington has a “Jungle Primary” which means the two candidates with the most votes move on to the general election – regardless of party affiliation. Heidi is splitting the vote among Republicans who wish to see Jaimie ousted from office which benefits the political establishment.

Joe Kent is the leader in individual campaign donations, is endorsed by President Trump, and is consistently the first-place contender among Republicans. If Heidi St. John genuinely wants Jamie Herrera Beutler out of office, then she should honor her word, drop out, and support Joe Kent.

Heidi claims she cannot drop out because Joe Kent is a “Bernie Bro” and a socialist. These claims are demonstrably untrue. Joe Kent voted for Bernie in a primary election because he believed Bernie Sanders was the weakest Democrat. This is a strategy known as “Operation Chaos” which was coined by Rush Limbaugh.

St. John’s ads feature Joe Kent agreeing with Bernie Sanders in a post on Twitter. If this is indicative of socialism, then President Trump was a “socialist.” He agreed with Bernie on a few choice issues, such as onshoring manufacturing, securing fair trade deals, and restricting low-skilled immigration. Joe Kent is by far the most conservative candidate in this race, yet he is still willing to work with the other side of the aisle to serve the American people. People can hear Joe Kent’s response to Heidi St. John’s ad campaign on his website.

Erin Van Natta


  1. Rhonda Gibson

    I disagree, some of the things Joe says doesn’t do it for me. I think Trump endorsed to soon. Joe isn’t even from around here. Oregon? What does he know about southwest Washington voters? I think he should drop out.

      1. David Knight

        What…20 years ago? Come to think of it 38 years ago – I was too.

        But seriously nobody needs to drop out. The PEOPLE need to drop IN… to the grange hall in April and PHYSICALLY vote for a first and second choice. The winner of THAT poll will be the one everyone will know can win without splitting the vote.

        1. Rob Amderson

          Well said. The issue is who’s going to fight and represent for Clark County and the WA-3. Let them duke it out… that’s what primaries are for. I’m sure by primaries things will become clearer.

      2. Lorinda

        Heidi St John has lived in washington state for over two decades. She had been a part of the community, active and in varipus forms of leadership specializingin education freedom. Your claim she is fromOregon is not accurate.joe was a resident in oregon up until not long before he decided to run as a republican in this race.

      1. Jan B

        Also are Conservative concerns different in Clark County than Oregon, let alone the rest of the USA? I’ll go ahead and answer – NO! Clearly being from Clark County doesn’t make a candidate worthy of a vote – if that’s the case we can all vote for JHB.

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  2. Kerry

    I’m not so sure Heidi is interested in ousting Jaime Herrera Beutler. At a rally for school choice in Olympia she told me to my face “there are worse things in the world than reelecting Jaime Herrera Beutler” I didn’t respond but I kept thinking like what? A democrat what’s the difference?

    1. Jan B

      You’re not the first person I’ve heard that from. This sentiment she appears to have is very alarming! Perhaps she’s benefiting financially for her business by staying in the race?

      1. David Knight

        Heidi St. John gave up her home to support a home school resource center. You know the only reason I knew that is because the Kent research team discovered what a poor credit risk she was because of it. But it is Heidi who is throwing mud? That mud throwing greedy homeless Heidi St. John.

      2. Terry Busch

        How is the weather in Texas?
        Heidi is In it to win! She has been called to do this. She is honest and running on her strength and gifts given to her by God.
        She doesn’t need a job. She has one.
        Anyone that would disparage her and her Christian business by saying such a thing knows nothing about her BUSINESS. rescuing kids from the Marxist public schools. This is a good thing.
        You should be ashamed.

    2. David Knight

      Every two years there are worse things in the world than reelecting Jaime Herrera Beutler. They are called democrats. A quick list of the things they support will remind you that there are a few things you will lose in that lock step march.

  3. BoLee

    I agree with the Jungle Primary statements in this OpEd. I don’t know which challenger it should be, but Republicans need to coalesce around one of them soon! JHB had 23% and 22% in the two recent Trafalgar polls (Nov 21 and Feb 22). The Dem candidate is polling in the 30s now, so one of the two Jungle Primary winners will be the Dem. The Republican challenger will need more than 22-23% of the primary vote to squeeze JHB out.

    1. David Knight

      Your strategy is correct, but your trust in polls is misdirected.

      Jamie is wildly unpopular in the GOP even with those of us only moderately happy with Trump. The impeachment vote was beyond the pale. She still has a LOT of influence among the voters however. Negative influence. She is directing you who to vote for by attacking Joe Kent and using Heidi St. John’s ad verbage.
      She is anointing Joe Kent. She is telling us how to vote against her.

      Please help make her irrelevant. Vote in-person at a grange hall in April for the candidate of your choice: Vicki Caldwell Kraft, Heidi St. John, or yes even Joe Kent. We will need volunteers for this effort.

      1. Bo Lee

        Thanks, please post info on the grange hall event. JHB has a ton of name recognition. If she can’t poll over 23% as the incumbent, she is very vulnerable!

  4. Lew Waters

    It’s 2010 all over again.

    Back then it was demanded all drop out for JHB.

    How’d that work out for you?

    As for Kent, y’all better look real close at him or risk jumping out of the frying pan and into the fire.

  5. Terry Busch

    Interesting that she does not provide one example of a Conservative Constitutional action plan in Joe’s platform.
    Nor does site the examples of Joe Kent’s Burnie quotes and Biden policies on his campaign web site. Example.. $10,000 per child tax credits. Even Lars Larsons radar went off on that one! He said “Are you sure about that” if you have 5 kids you get $50,000!
    Serious red flag.
    And this, confiscation of private property, Redistribution of wealth and my favorite the Marxist Democrat montra of tax the rich. Heidi is a Constitutional teacher among other subjects. She is smart, she is correct, Joe’s policies are Socalist.

    Joe filed as Republican candidate a few of months after he moved to Clark County. But left the Oregon plates on his car for much longer.. he has his priorities.

    Then came the endorsement question. A select few knew of Joe’s voteing history. I believe it was a set up.
    He publically lied about his 10 year Democrat voting history and registration in Multnomah County Or. He still denies it. He is on the record, on video saying

    “I’ve always been a Republican Always voted Republican”
    He was on stage in Centralia speaking to folks learning about the candidates and the unknown Oregonian. Most of them now support Heidistjohnforcongress.com

    We found out that he voted for Burnie Sanders 6 months after Burnie dropped out of the race and endorsed Joe Biden. So his revisionist excuse does not match up with the political record.

    He has be forced to admit his Sanders vote, but refuses to address the speech where he declared that he has ‘
    “Always been a Republican and always voted Republican”

    Now the Joe campaign or “Propaganda mill”.
    Joe’s campaign spread viccous lies about Heidi even before the surprise dropout “question” They released a despicable package of lies to the media and Donald Trump.

    They continue to smear her and attack her character, and even disparage her and her Christian business. This is NOT who we want in Our district. He is not from CD-3 or for CD-3. Joe, is for Joe and his destination is his home near Wa DC.
    Not Washington State or CD-3.

    Donald Trump endorsed Mitch McConnell and other candidate that turned out to be “Rinos”
    When asked about it Trump said,
    You win some and you loose some.

    I believe that Donald J Trump, had he known who Joe really is, would not have endorsed him.
    Donald Trump made a big mistake here and Heidi St John knows it all too well!
    So do I.

    1. Jon Van Natta

      You are speaking from emotion. Emotion is never the right path. Religion, in particular, is not good for the constitution of the USA. Conservatives who spout religion, are not true conservatives. Thus, your candidate is not a true conservative.

      1. Jennifer L Heine-Withee

        Joe’s history as a democrat, his socialist policies and his lies about Heidi that have never been retracted. Those are facts. Here’s another lie, in the voter’s guide Joe claims to volunteer at his church. Joe goes to my church. I’ve seen him usher once. I even asked members of the church staff if he volunteers and the answer is no. I’m sorry but that doesn’t constitute volunteering.

    2. Jennifer L Heine-Withee

      I’ve known Heidi personally for the last 4 years. She’s been fighting for our families and our children longer than Joe has lived here. He lied about Heidi and has never retracted any of it. And here’s a new lie, in the voter’s guide he claims to volunteer for his church. Joe goes to my church. He started attending right after the first candidate forum. I’ve seen him usher ONCE at church and his attendance is sporatick.

  6. Kcrum

    Drop out Heidi! When I heard Heidi address a large room of Republicans all she focused on was homeschooling. Her ads attacking Joe Kent are a huge turn off and I’m not interested in someone like her representing us. I’d rather have someone who has fought for our country for 20 years and lost his wife for this country. I’ve given both equal opportunity and heard them out but Joe is the only one that can beat Jaimie. Do us all a favor and get out!

  7. sandy white

    Heidi is a “glory hound”, she likes the limelight and like our present US Rep. Herrera, whom I have known for years, she will focus on what is best for her, not her constituents.
    There’s something about the “limelight” these two like…they are centerstage and they, themselves and their reputations are what spurs them on…not the needs or wants of their constituents. Heidi will be just like Jaime…she will stop being “for the people of the 3rd Congressional District and will fall…she won’t be able to help herself because the “glory” will be too much of a draw…
    I am voting for Joe Kent. He can succeed, but you know, people of the 3rd Congressional District, pray for this man that he will not succomb to the “glory” of the job…it is powerful and if all you people who are writing in about who you are going to vote for, well PRAY for that person…Joe Kent has been to war…we need a warrior in this position and it is neither of the women that have their eye on this job!
    Heidi should drop out and Jaime should go home and take care of her children…she has not been the best person for this job. IT IS TIME FOR A REAL CHANGE…Give Joe the vote, we need him in WASHINGTON DC!


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