Letter: ‘Exercise your right to vote’

Washougal resident Anne Haller expresses her opinions about the Third Congressional District race

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com

Our Nov. 8th local election is high stakes. The candidates running to represent us in Washington DC, Marie Perez and Joe Kent, couldn’t be more different.

Anne Haller
Anne Haller

Perez is a small business owner with deep roots in SW Washington.  

Kent recently moved to our area from Portland so he could run for office.

Perez is a moderate concerned with healthcare costs, women’s rights, fair elections, and inflation.

Kent wants to defund the Department of Education, and significantly “change” Social Security.

Perez believes transparent government is vital and overturning Citizens’ United (which allows corporations and billionaires dark money into campaigns) is key.

Kent believes the 2020 election was stolen, the government created COVID, and promotes extreme conspiracies.

Perez is not connected to any DC politicians.

Kent is a Trump loyalist who says and does whatever he is told.

Vote for Perez – sensible US House Representative for SW Washington.

Anne Haller

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  1. Rob Anderson

    If Marie is a moderate, then I’m a former Egyptian Pharaoh… this is a typical Democrat trick. Like Obama, bring in a no name with little to no record so they can create a new narrative to fool voters. She’s a Leftist radical that will do nothing but what the party bosses tell her to do. Name a Democrat on the West Coast that is brave enough to be “moderate” or independent of the party bosses in substance?? There is few that talk a big game, but all are sold out to corporate and party HQ

    Marie is a Portland business owner posing as a SW Wash – R candidate. She spends more time in Portland… guaranteed.

    1. Susan

      Agreed! Maria or Kristina (or whatever her name is today) is not the person the dumbocrats would have you believe. She lives in “rural Skamania County” yet owns a business in Portland? Huh? You think she drives back ‘n forth every day? Heck no! That’s why she owns a home in Portland! And until she recently got caught, she was registered to vote in Portland and Oregon elections!

      Do you really want to elect an Oregonian, from Portland, to represent you?

      She is in waayyyyy over her head! Never having held an elected office before, and seeing her stumble ‘n fumble during the debates, she’ll be eaten alive by the big boys in Congress. She needs to be running for Clark Co. Council, not as a U.S. Congressional candidate.

      Vote for Kent!

      1. Crazy

        I am not a “dumbocrat” or a “democrat” but name calling is a great way to get you point across and convince people that you come from a place of intelligent thought.

  2. Wayde

    Perez is no moderate. She supports child mutilation without parental consent, open borders, $5 gas, getting us involved in endless foreign wars (ie Ukraine-Russia), and she is anti-Second Amendment. Vote for Joe Kent!

    1. Crazy

      Child mutilation?–do tell. I have not heard of her support for child mutilation. And you do not think we should be supporting Ukraine defend their territorial integrity from an authoritarian neighbor whose overarching goal is to remove the United States as a world power so it can assert more control over global affairs? That is a curious position. I hope we do not see how that might play out.


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