Letter: ‘Dirty politics is alive and well in the 3rd Congressional District’

Vancouver resident Julia Dawn Seaver shares her perspective on the Congressional race

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Dirty politics is alive and well in the 3rd Congressional District. Three lie-filled smear pieces against his opponent, disillusioned former volunteers, an unpaid vendor invoice, and now the lie that Joe Kent’s campaign asked Heidi St. John to debate numerous times and was turned down.  St. John’s campaign manager, Lisa D’Andrea, confirmed that their first debate request was on September 30th through a text message.  Still, the lie continues.

Julia Dawn Seaver
Julia Dawn Seaver

If that wasn’t enough, there’s the fact Kent was a registered Democrat until last year, and spouts Democrat sounding talking points, like limiting property rights for individuals and corporations, $10K per child tax credits, making the rich “pay their fair share,” and actually said, “We cannot let the permanent ruling elite rig the system against the average citizen and not intervene because we are loyal to this idea of a free market/free trade.”  Not be loyal to the idea of a free market?  I can’t vote for someone with these ideas just because he puts an R after his name.

I get it.  People like military service and Mr. Kent deserves our deep gratitude for his service and the sacrifices he and his wife made.  But that doesn’t mean he should, or even could, represent people in an area he doesn’t know.  Mr. Kent moved to Washington just seven months before filing to run and waited a year to switch his car tabs and license. He still maintains his home in the D.C. area where he lived while in the military and working for the CIA.  He used his D.C. connections to get articles, TV appearances, and ultimately, the Trump endorsement.

Interesting thing, the way people have put so much emphasis on the Trump endorsement, especially since in the November 2020 election in Clark County, there were five other Republicans who captured more votes in their races than Trump did in his.  Regardless, my vote will not be determined by someone in Florida, D.C., or anywhere else.

My vote will be going to the candidate whose party affiliation has never been in question since she first canvassed for Ronald Reagan with her grandfather; the one who’s raised her family here, started businesses here, and has been active in our community.  Heidi’s been speaking for us in D.C., in Olympia, and at local school board and library board meetings for years.  She embraces traditional Republican values, knows the Constitution, is a fierce defender of the 1st and 2nd amendments, and a proponent of a small federal government.  She is a gifted speaker and leader who knows how to educate, inspire, and motivate others to action.    Heidi knows us.  She is one of us. She will shine in Congress and be a powerful voice for the people of CD 3.

Julia Dawn Seaver


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    Bob Larimer

    The writer’s candidate thought she would get President Trump’s endorsement and publicly committed, along with her opposing candidates, that she would support whomever Trump endorsed and drop out of the race to support the endorsed candidate.
    When Joe Kent got the endorsement instead, she suddenly changed her mind and now makes excuses for breaking a promise she made to an in-person crowd and viewers.
    That’s not just dirty politics, it is dishonesty.
    Don’t we already get enough of that from Jaime?

    I support Joe Kent to represent us in Congress.


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    John Dsvinsky

    It’s not uncommon to keep a house after you move out. I own four in Lincoln city OR but don’t live there. I know some people struggle to pay their mortgages though…

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    Heidi St. John represents MODERN Republican values — not traditional. Her belligerent tactics, inconsistencies, and refusal to see beyond the tip of her nose are a nod to the current obsession with the importance of self and personal freedoms, not about good policy or effecting real change. She isn’t even consistent with Biblical Truths which teach us to embrace the marginalized, love our enemy, and die to ourselves daily. She’s a loaded, loose cannon and a represents real danger if elected.

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      I’ve followed Heidi for years. I’ve read MomStrong, done the study, & started a study at our church using it. I’ve done her scripture writing challenges, listened to her podcasts, and even written her with questions that she’s answered. I’m not someone who hasn’t taken the time to really see her. And I 100% stand by my aforementioned comment.

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    K.J. Hinton

    Here’s what I know:

    I know that St. John is no more prepared to be in Congress than she is to perform an abdominal resection. Her issues and her campaign to date are more suited to the state House than to the US Capitol.

    I know that she’s a hard core union supporter.

    I know that she pledged to quit the race if she didn’t get Trump’s endorsement. She was obviously lying.

    And then, failing, to keep her word, turns around and trashes the man whose very endorsement she personally assured me she WOULD get and that she, with equal desperation, wanted so very badly.

    Hypocrite, much?

    I know that we’re cursed with politicians who make pledges, get elected, and then forget all about them. I’m not, for example, interested in electing another “Gas Tax” Rivers who pledged to oppose any gas tax or tab fee increases to get elected, only to shaft us with the biggest gas tax increases in this state’s history… and then made excuses to justify her decision to lie.

    Which is precisely and absolutely what St. John has done and no doubt will do again.

    I know my Spaniel is more knowledgeable about the Federal issues confronting us that Congress actually addresses than St. John, who, for example, likely can’t tell the difference between Alpo and Aleppo. (As most reading this likely can’t.)

    Any time any candidate or incumbent is held accountable for what they say or do, there auto response is “dirty politics” and they have their surrogates come out and write letters like this, a letter carefully scrutinized by the campaign before it was sent.

    I’ve worked more campaigns than either Seaver or St. John, who I had literally never heard of until she announced for Congress can even dream of. I know this crap when I see it. I know how the game is played, no matter how badly they play it. And it’s clear that St. John is just as much into “dirty politics” as those she and her surrogates are accusing.

    Their hypocrisy reeks. And it provides zero reason to vote for her, but a huge reason to vote against her, another in the growing list of reasons.

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      Terry Busch

      Joe lies. Heidi will not did not. She THE candidate from CD-3.

      Joe moved here for the job a Progressive. With absolutely ZERO experience in the private sector.
      No business, no Job, NO HISTORY!
      A completely STRANGER to our communities and A REGISTERD VOTING DEMOCRAT LAST YEAR!
      There is more MUCH more.


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