Letter: Congresswoman ‘is not working for the interests of the people in her district’

Third Congressional District candidate Joe Kent offers his opinion on a recent vote by U.S. Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez impacting veterans.
Joe Kent. File photo.

Third Congressional District candidate Joe Kent offers his opinion on a recent vote by U.S. Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez impacting veterans

Joe Kent
Third Congressional District candidate

U.S. Rep. Marie Gluesenkamp Perez recently voted with every Democrat against a bill to fully fund the Veterans Administration, making it clear that she is comfortable with denying wounded U.S. Military veterans and the children of those killed in the service of our nation without compensation or medical care. 

When we send our troops off to war, the American people promise that we will take care of them and their families if they are wounded or killed. Marie and every Democrat broke that sacred promise. She claimed the bill did not include enough funding, but it allocated $10 billion more than the Biden Administration requested for VA spending. Marie previously stated she supported fully funding the VA, but that was a lie.

Adding insult to injury, Marie has continued to vote to keep our troops involved in endless wars overseas. Earlier this year, she voted against removing U.S. Armed Forces from Syria, and later a U.S. Military helicopter crashed in Syria and 22 service members were injured. 

Marie’s voting record is clear: She is willing to send our troops off to fight and die but is not willing to compensate our troops for the cost of the wars she votes for but has never served in.

Marie also voted against repealing Biden’s pistol brace ban, a policy that affects thousands of disabled veterans who rely on stabilizing pistol braces. Marie wants to brand disabled veterans felons for simply owning a pistol brace. 

This is hypocrisy at its most outrageous: Marie votes to deprive veterans of medical care and access to firearms while voting to keep them involved in wars overseas.

Marie routinely claims I do not know what it is like to “work for a living.” I enlisted in the U.S. military at age 18 and served over 20 years in Special Forces and deployed to combat in the Middle East 11 times for our nation. Marie’s life experience is limited to attending Reed College, an elite liberal private university that costs $60 thousand in tuition per year and masquerading in her husband’s coveralls.

She is not working for the interests of the people in her district — she is working for her donors. Marie takes corporate PAC money routed through other PACs. She is co-chair of the Blue Dog coalition, and the Blue Dog PAC accepts contributions from defense contractors like Raytheon Technologies.

Marie is working for special interests and D.C. elites, not the thousands of veterans in her district who rely on the VA for healthcare. I support fully funding the VA, expanding access to Tricare, and strengthening Congressional oversight of the VA system. As someone who receives my healthcare from the VA and Tricare, I understand the importance of ensuring our nation’s veterans have access to quality healthcare.

For more information, go to JoeKentforCongress.com.

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  1. Mike S

    Other publications have a fact-checker. CCT should do the same. Or even (and this is probably asking too much) have MGP write a rebuttal. And publish it in full.
    And BTW, we still don’t know what Joe does for a living, do we?

    1. Ken Vance, Editor

      I point out that this is a letter to the editor. It offers the opinion, commentary and perspectives of the writer. You are free to agree, disagree, disregard, ignore or challenge any claims as you feel is appropriate. I have to wonder if it is truly a fact checker that you seek, or perhaps a censor as so many other news outlets employ. CCT exists as a result of that exact mentality. MGP is welcome to submit her own comments whenever she feels compelled.

  2. John Lopez

    This ‘opinion’ piece is just crazy!! Joe kent is spreading lies and nonsense. This is the guy who can’t even admit Trump lost!
    The ‘Congresswoman’ is doing an amazing job!

  3. Carl Koss

    Joe Kent is just a sore loser like his hero indicted DJT and makes absolutely no sense. If I paid any attention to him, I would fact check everyuthing that comes from his mouth. MGP is doing a great job in congress representing the needs of SW Wasington. She has my full support.

  4. sa

    Not one commenter seems concerned with funding for the VA.
    It is not so much as what college was attended, but more about whether our officials really have our back.
    Official (and public) voting records reveal the importance of the stars and the true color of the officials’ stripes.
    Let us all “season” our words prior to typing knee jerk comments. It really lets people know you truly thought about it prior to posting.

  5. TJ

    As I have posted previously on other articles, people should do some research before forming their opinions. If you look at all the facts candidate bashing did work last time, for MGP and her huge influx of money from PAC funds and rich Trump/Kent haters.
    As far as a MGP rebuttal goes it does seem strange she hasn’t responded to any of these articles. The editor posted she is free to do so.
    If you want Joe Kent’s work history all you need to do is click the link at the end of the article.
    When people talk about the amazingly great job MGP is doing I wish they would give examples. Personally I would way rather support someone who supports veterans instead of antifa/blm rioters.

    1. Wolfie

      Thanks, TJ. I agree. As I have stated in other comments, MGP did exactly as many of us knew she would- said one thing during campaigning then once in the pen with the big dogs, fell in line and voted just how they wanted her to. She didn’t vote for the VA funding because it wasn’t ‘enough’. So none is better then some? To your point, research what she has voted for- many many things she said she was against. But that is an ‘amazing job’ right?

      1. sa

        Terrific! I’m sure some folks are going to scoff at your comment on MGP and feel you didn’t provide examples.
        I feel that your point was for those peeps to get off social media and do “research” for themselves. Then, produce an informed response instead of a shout. Research may provide more than information, it may very well provide enlightenment. Kudos!


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