Letter: Citizen activist ‘is nothing less than an asset to us all’

Vancouver resident NC Zepeda responds to Jan. 3 letter to the editor by Wynn Grcich

Editor’s note: Opinions expressed in this letter to the editor are those of the author alone and do not reflect the editorial position of ClarkCountyToday.com.

During 2020-2022, I was able to attend very few Vancouver City Council meetings c/o and with Ms. Wynn Grcich (Jan. 3 letter to the editor) … I only spoke at one … Having met, known (slightly) and witnessed Ms. Whitaker’s and Ms. Elbron’s behavior at various club meetings and other functions, I found them both, though good of heart, to be inappropriate and disrespectful, fairly often, toward those in governmental (and lesser) positions. Let’s just say “fervent” with their points of view. Not ashamed to know them, but (during those times of disrespectfulness), embarrassed for them non the less.

NC Zepeda
NC Zepeda

It seems such a royal shame, that the Vancouver City Council has allowed the “fear” of Ms. Elbon and Ms. Whitaker, and anyone else who has acted as they did, to feel comfortable removing our public rights! It’s gonna happen in Clark County as well! Come on, be brave! DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN! DO SOMETHING!

That being said, I have something to say about Ms. Wynn Grcich. What a powerhouse of knowledge, fervor and experience! Personally, I am not known for either my verbal eloquence, nor my abilities at being succinct. (On top of that, like most people, I complain, but don’t do much toward solving problems/issues, outside of my own.) However, despite my sometimes thick skull, Wynn’s “teachings” ARE trickling in! Anyway, she is most known for her Activism (Google her over the last 10-15 years, here in Clark County and The San Francisco Bay area); her Intelligence, knowledge, fierce determination, loyalty, perseverance, compassion, patience, honesty and tact. She LITERALLY spends the MAJORITY of her time researching pertinent local and global issues; meeting with local politicians, governmental administrators, public servants, etc., to “call them out, pressure, and/or encourage” them to take responsibility for said issues having to do with their places in office … printing and passing out flyers (local/global issues), encouraging the public to become involved in getting things done. She does so much more! Were she to ever run for political office (don’t worry, she’s not) I WOULD VOTE FOR HER!

My point regarding Ms. Grcich, has been not so much praise for her, as trying to inform readers, this formidable “Lady Warrior” is all about “WE THE PEOPLE” and (whenever and whatever she speaks out about), SHOULD TRULY BE PAID ATTENTION TO!! She is nothing less than an asset to us all!

Thank you for reading.

NC Zepeda

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16 days ago

Well said NC! Wynn is taking up a lot of slack for the people that don’t do anything. Most people won’t even listen or read her flyers let alone speak out to the “public servants”. Thank You Wynn!

15 days ago

Wonderful article! Wynn dedicates her time to educating people on very important issues. She meets with people in leadership roles locally and is now being exposed at state level. She is making things happen to benefit us all and our environment. Clean drinking water is just one issue she is passionate about. There are so many issues to address and she exposes them all. She sticks to the facts and backs up her research. She gets her point across in a very eloquent manner. I hope others will follow her very effective method. It’s more than disappointing we no longer have a voice at the community forums. It speaks volumes that Vancouver City Council doesn’t want to hear the communities input on important matters. A few people continually made it difficult to conduct meetings and one of these people has announced she is suing the city. Where does this money come from if she wins? Why of course the people! How ironic! The tax payers suffer the consequences all the way around.

Concerned Clark County Resident
Concerned Clark County Resident
8 days ago
Reply to  Sue

You put it SO MUCH more eloquently than I!! Thank you!!

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