Letter: Chief Scott Sorenson offers a ‘thank you’ to Fire District 3 voters

Chief says approval of fire levy lid lift a few years ago has allowed Fire District 3 to keep up with increasing call volumes

April 25, 2019

Scott Sorenson
Scott Sorenson

I wanted to thank our community for approving a fire levy lid lift a few years ago. Call volumes have been increasing an average of five percent per year. Thanks to your support, we are able to keep up with the 9-1-1 calls.

By way of reminder, Fire District 3 serves 40,000 people in unincorporated north Clark County, including the City of Battle Ground. We provide emergency services to city residents through a contract. While city residents did not vote on the lid lift, the amount people pay in the city and fire district for emergency services is the same.

The lid lift helped us hire additional staffing, and replace outdated apparatus and equipment to respond to calls. We have taken delivery of a new ladder truck, which helps to maintain our community’s insurance rating. We also will have replacement brush trucks, which are important during wildland fire season.

We cannot save lives and property without your help. Your continued support is sincerely appreciated.

Thank you,

Chief Scott Sorenson
Clark County Fire District 3

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