Letter: Cascade Park residents want to keep four lanes of traffic on McGillivray Blvd.

Vancouver resident Jim McConnell shares his thoughts on planning committee’s assessment of McGillivray Blvd.

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My wife and I fell in love with McGillivray Blvd. when we moved to Vancouver 40 years ago. After becoming empty nesters, we found a wonderful home on the boulevard where we planned to spend the rest of our lives.

Jim McConnell

We enjoy the median, the two lanes of traffic each way, and watching the bikers, joggers, and cars all moving safely together.

I understand that the planning committee is considering a major transformation by making McGillivray one lane each way and eliminating parking on the boulevard. How will that affect those in the middle of large blocks? Where will friends park?

Many residents in Cascade Park use cars to get where they need to go. We travel to places the bus does not go. I often see 4 or 5 on a bus that could hold 50. Why? Because people can’t get to their destination by bus and if they could, it would take hours longer. Does the committee not value our time?

The planning committee held a meeting in our neighborhood in February. Every one of my neighbors with whom I spoke thought it was important to keep all four lanes of traffic on McGillivray.

Planners who don’t live in our beautifully planned neighborhood are forcing their vision and will on how we should live. Millions of our tax dollars will be spent to destroy one of the greatest assets of living in Cascade Park while greatly inconveniencing most residents if the changes above are made. Please do not ruin our neighborhood with these changes.

Jim McConnell

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  1. Margaret

    I too notice how few riders there are on the 40′ CTRAN buses, running mostly empty much of the time it seems. An older lady I met who lived in Cascade Park explained that she used to take the bus, when there was a bus-stop a few blocks from her house. They closed that bus stop and moved it to Mill Plain, many blocks away, so she stopped using the bus.
    Indeed, the street parking on McGillivray is key to all those who live on the boulevard, for moving in and out, any deliveries, visitors, contractors who come to work on a home or yard etc. I hope you can circulate a petition to let planners and decision makers know about what adverse impacts the planners vision for your neighborhood would bring.


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