Keep on rioting for Trump!

Letter to the editor clarkcountytoday.comI was proud to see the millions of Americans who honored Donald Trump by rioting on President’s Day. I have no doubt that many are so blinded by their hatred that they don’t see how much the Trumpster benefits from the daily hysteria shown by the “resisters.’’

Obviously, many don’t understand the Electoral College. The U.S. is not, never has been and never will be a pure democracy. Another term for democracy is the “tyranny of the majority.’’ The world’s largest democracy, India, is famous for the caste system which still dominates the vast majority of Indian culture. Your rights are determined by who your parents are. Period.

We are a constitutional republic of 50 sovereign states. The constitution is the rule book which codifies and acknowledges your rights.  There is always a healthy struggle between the three federal branches and the states, but the answers are written down. Because our government has been ignoring their duty to enforce our laws for decades, there will regrettably be some turmoil as we rescue our Republic.

Enough states will never agree to change the system, so keep on rioting for Trump!

Richard Thomas

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