Why should you watch? — Documentary director shares his thoughts

Healthy communication is key today, even in documentary filmmaking

VANCOUVER — Hello there! I’m so excited that you are reading and watching this! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Jacob. I am a reporter and filmmaker here at ClarkCountyToday.com. 

Today, I’m sharing with all of you, the ‘‘why’’ behind our original documentary series “Rocky Mountain” premiering next week on our site. As I am a lover of video and film, I thought my thoughts would be shared best in that medium. Again, thank you for watching, and have a great weekend!

“Rocky Mountain” is a documentary series about the story of Yacolt Mountain Quarry in Northern Clark County. Look for episodes one, two and three on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday next week, respectively. You will be able to find it for free on our Facebook, YouTube and our website, ClarkCountyToday.com

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